Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I read Ian Wrights column today in the Sun this morning. He is saying he is concerned that Arsenal are turning into a stepping stone for wannabe greats and is a place where world-class players are no longer happy to see out their careers.

I understand Wrighty's concerns. It has (in the past) crossed my mind that maybe Arsenal are turning into a bigger version of West Ham. It seems at times that players are using Arsenal as a stepping stone. They come young and under Le Bosse's guidence flourish into great players before leaving.

But then again look at the world-class players who have left in recent years, I think that Wenger has released players at the right time in their careers. So Wrighty can't really say that Arsenal are used as a stepping stone for bigger and better things.

We saw the best of Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg and Pires. Can their current clubs say they have? Le Boss has an uncanny knack of releasing players at the right time. He has been proved right time and time again.

Wrighty also says that if any Arsenal fan told him they expect Arsenal to finish in the top four he believes they are thinking with their heart and not their head! RUBBISH Wrighty! Come on man.

I honestly believe that we will be fighting for the title this season not for fourth place. I think we will be up there with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool not Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City for the last Champions League spot.

Flamini and Hleb are good players but not great players. They can be replaced, in fact Hleb already has been. I liked Flamini but there is no doubt in my mind that he will be doing to Milan in four years the same as he did to us and Marseille. Leaving for more money. Probably in Spain somewhere.

I agree with Wrighty that a signing of intent is necessary, it would be a boost to the squad and us Gooners. We could do with the "wow" factor instead the usual "who's that?" although i'm sure Sagna and Dudu would quite rightly disagree with that!

We have been written off in the past more times than I care to remember but have always come back stronger. I feel the same this season. I was worried about the lack of players coming in (and venting it on here!) but the dead-line isn't until August 31st.

I believe that Le Boss will bring in the players we need to be strong enough. So I've decided I not going to panic anymore, yet.

But one things for certain, I don't think Arsenal are a stepping stone for players, do you?

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

Totally agree Wrighty...

and the people who think Arsenal won't finish in top four next season can suck my balls

Anonymous said...

Great article,

I sometimes question whether Ian Wright is still a Gooner as he claims he is.

Jungle said...

Top top read mate.

I enjoyed that. We were lucky to see the best of Henry and Vieira and I wont forget the memories.

Players like Hleb and Flamini are mercenrys, they dont love the game only the green!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Wrighty. I am afraid Wright has become a joke and what he has against Arsenal I don't know. First he advise his kid to go and rot in Chelski's reserves rather than come to Arsenal (I bet Shaun is really thanking his dad for that). Then he comes up with stupid comments like this.

Wrighty7 said...

I love Wrighty. As a kid he was my fave player, but I wonder whether sometimes he is a little bitter at Arsene for selling him for the same reasons I've posted today.

We saw the best of him and I'll always love him and what he did for Arsenal but Wrighty man come on!

nono762 said...

Good article mate,

On the other hand it would be nice to have some testimonial games for legends finishing their careers at arsenal instead of cashing in on them. Only Adams and Bergkamp in recent memory. would have loved to go watch one for TH14 or Viera.

Anonymous said...

its not a question of whether we will finish in the top 4! and wrighty isnt the same guy i idolised as a youngster. i know people who have come into contact with him over recent times and hes supposed 2b a big headed idiot. plus his son steals from hardworking people who earn pittence compared to his football salary. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=554273&&cc=5739 its disgusting. i dont care what hes got to say.

Wrighty7 said...

Good shout Nono762,

I'd love to see Henry and Vieira get the goodbye they deserve.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wrighty's a Dein man - Myles, The Mail, The Telegraph, Wrighty-all Dein doommongers. "We need stars", "kids are no good", "we're falling behind" - blah, bleeding blah.
I think last year wrighty reckoned we'd come 10th and now because dribblymcnoscore and the Flamster have gone he concludes we'll drop atleast 15 points from last season's tally. Yeah wright...

nono762 said...


a) please tell me Henry is not going to sign for Utd!!!!

b) when did the Telegraph decide they were going to try ruin us this summer?

Anonymous said...

Ian Wright is, was, and always will be all about Ian Wright. He's on Talksport with that no good - Arsenal hating - ponce Adrian someone or other... Man, he must need the money to work that prick. Fact is Wrighty was never really Arsenal.

Wrighty7 said...

Henry will NEVER sign for Man Utd

Anonymous said...

every season we're in crisis
wrighty can stick to entertainment.
his football tips are consistently wrong. he should spend his time apologising to his son for runing his career with crap fotball advice rather than offering more

Dave said...

Having Listened to wrighty on talksport over the last few months, I'm starting to wonder if he has not been pulled under the influence of Mr Dein, going on about what a poor job the current board are doing and how we need Dein back coupled with the Russian's Money to give Wenger the funds he needs to help us keep in contention.
If Wrighty was such a supporter of the club, why did he come out publicly and tell Shaun to go to Chelsea as they will be the club winning the trophy's.
I am actually starting to take the "Arsenal is my club" Wrighty with a pinch of salt recently.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty writes a column to earn his money at the moment (along with presenting crappy tv and standing by whilst a friend of his beats the crap out of a traffic warden!!!).

"Arsenal are going bust and all Gooners are goona support the spuds says Highbury legend" will lead to far more discussion about Wrighty than "Arsenal will challenge for the title after spending less cash than anyone else"

-Mr Scooch

Anonymous said...

Yes its all media conspiracy set up by Dein.

What have you lot been smoking?

The current board have shafted us and you people stuck in your Stockholm syndrome want some more?

Adebayor and Cesc are the central components of the team. BOTH are on the considering leaving. Blame it on the press! Its all exaggeration.

Unbelievable! Go back and bury your heads in the sand!

Connolly's agent said...

We'll be in the top 4. No doubt about it. Our first team is still very strong (though better with an experienced replacement for Flamini). The question is whether we've got a strong enough squad to win the league.

We failed last time because our players got tired and injured, and we didn't have suitable replacements. We had to switch Toure to RB to fill in for Sagna, and we had a mediocre Senderos as CB. We had van Persie out and Eduardo injured. We had Rosicky out and Hleb and Flamini too tired to perform at their best. And we didn't have enough experienced replacements to cope with that.

Does anyone really think that's changed? At the end of the year, the consensus was that we needed two signings to give us the squad depth to compete for the title. Right now, we've lost two first teamers and replaced one. We still need three signings to have sufficient squad depth. But we're not going buy anyone experienced. We're going to hope that Denilson and Song are good enough. Are they?

I don't know, but I'd be a hell of a lot happier if Wenger would bring in a Yaya Toure.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11.11-

If you're gonna post a comment about Arsenal then at least have a knowledge of the team.

Ade wanted more cash so said he wanted to leave. Cesc has come out and denied all knowledge of what was reported in Marca.

The board haven't shafted us at all. Yes we may not have the available cash that a lot of the other clubs have, but that is due to the fact that 2 years ago we moved into one of the best stadia in Britain.

Yes, we'd all love massive new signings. But that's not happened in the past under Wenger and is unlikely to happen at the moment.

And how has Stokholm Syndrome got anything to do with the way the Board runs the club? Would you rather have someone like Usmanov come in and take over, paying himself massive dividends, than the current board???


-Mr Scooch

Anonymous said...

AND YOU PREFER a man who describes himself a a stock market shark living in Switzerland running the club? How is Fiszman any better than Usmanov. Except that Usmanov has more money.

No new players. 3 of our main team leaders (RVP, Cesc and Adebayor) saying openly that they will leave if they don't get wage rises and my Arsenal turned into a property company at a time of housing market crash. Chump do your homework. Oh right its a media created conspiracy. Everyone hates Arsenal. Edelman wasn't fired because of financial mismanagement. Its all in media mind!


Anonymous said...

Great Read Wrighty. It's an awesome article. I've had multiple orgasms savouring every word.

... What else do you you keep saying to yourself? Ah Yes:

I totally agree with you Wrighty. Top post Wrighty.

BTW. Why should Vieira and Henry get a testimonial? They deserted us and the ONLY difference between them and Hleb is a 2 year age difference. The time served becomes irrelevant if a player jumps ship for pieces of 8.

Anonymous said...


AND RvP???

I welcome your comments.

But not when you're telling everyone that they're blinkered due to YOUR difference of opinion!!!

So you think that there's no difference between Fiszman and Usmanov??? How about how they made their money??? Or how about their different views on claiming company dividends rather than ploughing money back into the club???

No new players??? Except the £20m we've spent so far (with potentially 2-3 new players coming).

And Arsenal turned into a property company??? Building a new stadium and turning the old one into apartments to earn more cash doesn't make us a property company per se. It adds (or will do soon) money over a period of time.

I'm not one of these people who believe that the current board can do no wrong. And as I've already said I'd love to see some new signings. But if you are an Arsenal fan and have been for longer than five minutes then you'll know the way we have worked since Arsene came!!!

Now support the club or, as you obviously like dirty Russian money so much, why not go and support the Chav$.


-Mr Scooch

Anonymous said...

I actually owned a few shares in Arsenal in 90s. And attended the AGMS.

You are very naive Scooch.

I know exactly who runs the club and what is going on. You kids are so gullible. So easily done in by the spin. Nina Bracewell-Smith has approached Usmanov to sell. Everyone now understands the game of quick buck 'Fiszman'.

Cesc, RVP and Adebayor have all issued wage ultimatums to the board. Its an open story to the journos. Arsene Wenger has not denied the NOTW article. Those were his quotes. Arsenal's business plan was nothing but a weak property based shell. Thats why Edelman was fired.

Anonymous said...

HENRY14 will obviosly never leave for utd ... If he comes back to england he will sign with Everton or some team that is not in the top 4 ... and if he does, Arsenal fans should be happy for him ...

Anonymous said...

So.... Cesc's and RvP's wage demands??? Where have these been reported??? Or is this part of your "inside information" due to your 90's share portfolio???

It seems that most of the things you have written have been news on the more "imaginative" sites around the internet, only slightly more wrong!!!

To call me naive due to the fact that I don't share your views seems to me very narrow minded.

And how is Fiszman after a quick buck??? Surely if that were the case he'd have sold to Usmanov straight away???

MeteorMonster said...

Yes Wrighty7, I agree with all you have said except for one thing. While August 31st is the transfer deadline, the pre-season training camps are most important for getting the team organized and playing as a cohesive unit. Most late signings will not contribute meaningfully until January unless they are superstars.

I know, Sagna was an exception, but fullback and GK are probably the easiest positions to fill in the short term without affecting team cohesiveness.

Wrighty7 said...


I agree mate. I would prefer the signings to have already been made but they haven't and the window is open until that date.

We need the RIGHT signings and allow time for this.

real gooner said...

To be fair to Ian Wright I think he did have some valid points. Ok last season we perfromed decent in the leauge but just didnt have that killer instinct when needed. Its gonna be 5 years no trophy soon and good players are leaving us and we dont dont seem to be replacing them withtop names like we should. To be honest with our current squad we wont win the league, you've got Man U looking to add Berbatov to their double winning side while we are simply doing F all in transfer market. We did well last season and for long periods over succeeded expectations, dont be suprised if we dont finish in the top 4 this year, its been coming over the past three seasons, and with the current state of the squad, with ady-bye greedy and the leavers, we may just be coming into the a place that has been on the back of our minds for a few seasons now. We need some big signings...

real gooner said...

And as for Ian Wright, He will always be an Arsenal Legend and I will always salute what he has done for the club. You cant berate him for speaking his mind, he is a pundit and will tell it how he's see's it, unlike some of us unrational thinkers who hope and think everything will be ok when the season starts! We have been loosingour quality players for years and not replacing them!!

Anonymous said...

I´ve been a fan since the 60s and I´m appalled by you young lot berating my Arsenal when I´m happier than ever to be supporting this club.

Real Gooner you should change your user name because you´re clearly no "Real Gooner". A proper fan have experienced enough or love the club enough to understand what the club is trying to do. We should applaud the club for staying true to its values and not paying silly money to players after one good season.

I´d rather we sell every mercenary than letting them hold the club to ransom every summer.

The only player I´d be gutted to see leaving would be Cesc.

Come back when Arsenal have gone a decade without winning a trophy let alone 3-4 years, (if you´re still around that is) then at least you can have something to moan about.

Anonymous said...

hey wrighty7, give a listen to your idol the real wrighty. his view is sound and he's more a goona than all of us. remember the real ian wright. if this article is aimed to light a fire under our high-born imbecilic board before they ruin the club, so be it. blind loyalty is more blind than loyal, and pollyanna gibberish which ignores real issues which should be snuffed out before real problems emerge hurts the club and hurts us all. that said i say we finish third in epl, no trophies with current squad.