Monday, 4 May 2009

Blinding Arshavin chant!

I don't need to tell people not to leave silly comments do I? Hope not.

Many thanks to Mr Lawless.

Keep it Goonerish.............


james said...

Thats crap!

heres what it should be:

Arshavin vin vin
hes our russian goal machine
Arshavin vin vin
hes better than robbie keane
from the red
to the white
to the arsenal beat tonight
hes not big, but hes hard
and he shits on frank lampard

Anonymous said...

I heard a better one.
Sung to Boney em Rusputin


And to shaba ranks mr loverman


Wrighty7 said...

There's no need to say its crap is there? I think its brilliant to see two little Gooners singing their hearts out.

Anonymous said...

This is the chant....

he came from russia to london
andre andre
he came from zenit to arsenal
andre andre
he gets the ball he scores a goal
he gets assists for the Arsenal
and its andre arshavin arsenals 23

la la la la la......

irish gooner said...

afta da l'pool game i think it should be... he scores with his left, he scores with his riight, that boy arshavin makes ronaldo look shite!!!

Anonymous said...

He Came to us when Flamini left Andrei Andrei
He scored more goals then Alex Hleb Andrei Andrei
He scores from the left, he scored from the right, he makes Torres look fucking shite.. ANDREI ARSHAVIN ARSENALS 23 LA LA LA LA

Anonymous said...

like when kanu scored for us we chanted "kanuuuuuuu"

when arshavin scores and does his trademark away celebration "ssshhhh" to the home support we should chant Arrsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhavin !!

Anonymous said...

he comes from Leningrad
he makes us very glad!

Anonymous said...

Arshavin is russian pig!!!

Paul said...

How about this:-

To the Spiderman theme:-

Arshavin, Arshavin does whatever a striker man can,

Is he quick, yes he is, can he strike, you bet he can.

Watch out, Arsha is the Arsenal man.

Fredrik said...

My favourite is:

The cannon proved he is a gun,
Andrei, Andrei,
now he lives in North London,
Andrei, Andrei,
He'll pass to left, he'll pass to right,
He makes the scousers look like sh*te,
Andrei Arshavin Arsenals 23!

Melody: Eduardo song.

Anonymous said...

Arsh arsh Arshavin
Better than that pikey keane
He scored the goals that silenced the kop.

(Rasputin tune)

(c) 2009

Anonymous said...

Ar - Ar - Arshavin's over from the Russian scene
Another Arsenal legend is born
Ar - Ar - Arshavin Russia's greatest goal machine
And now at Arsenal he'll carry on


Anonymous said...

to the tune of the copa cobana:

His name is Andrei,
Andrei Arshavin,
He's Arsenal we're lucky to have him!

His name is Andreiiii
Andrei Arshaaaavin!!

weg said...

As we went down to the Emirates to pray
Watching for the Owl to play
And who should score
Oh Andrey Arshavin, show us the way!

Firingblanks said...

(to the Robin Hood tune)
Arshavin, Arshavin riding through the glen.
Arshavin Arshavin with his band of men.
Feared by the scum.
Loved by the reds.
Arshavinnnnnnnn, Arshavinnnnnnn.

James Dunmore said...

To the ABBA song...
(Dermot O'leary sang it on soccer AM last saturday)

Andre Arshavin, best player Russia's seen, and he plays for Ars-enal.

Simple, yet affective !

Anonymous said...

this is the best to eduardo chant

he turned the yidos down did he andrey andrey
he wears the number 23 andrey andrey
he scored 4 goals on merseyside
u'd luve to have him in your side
andrey arshavin na na na na na

tell me what you think

Anonymous said...

this is an awsome song

Anonymous said...

this is an awsome song

D. Ackie said...

he's 5foot 4, he's 5 foot 4444, we've got arshavin FUCK adebayor (repeat)

Anonymous said...

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