Saturday, 9 May 2009

Yes it was "A F***ing Disgrace" Mr Drogba

Deary deary me. Did you see Mr Drogba the other night? Screaming and shouting abuse at the poor camera. I thought I'd tuned in to a Gordon Ramsey show!

I have to say I agree with Drogba though, it was a disgrace. It was disgraceful the way he kept rolling around the floor like he had been shot by a sniper.

The man must be six foot two, built like a rhino yet the slightest touch and over he goes. The embarrassing part is the way he dives and then acts like a baby trying to get out of his pram.

The problem is Chelsea parked the yellow bus in front of their goal in the first leg desperate to keep a clean sheet. Good, they got that. But the lack of ambition bit them straight on the arse because they couldn't keep a clean sheet at home.

Now they will blame the ref who in truth, had a shocker. Chelsea should have had at least a couple of penalties but people are forgetting that Éric Abidal shouldn't have been sent off. That kind of levels it out for me.

Yes Didier, it is frustrating. But you can't do that. Mind you, you do play for Chelsea. You'll probably get away with it!

Could you imagine the uproar if Nicklas Bendtner had walked up to the camera, pissed as a fart, with his pants down, screaming and shouting at the camera? The media would have a field day.

William Gallas sits on the pitch, emotional after just seeing his side, the team he captains, lose their way in the title race. He sees a friend and team-mate have his leg snapped in two and he gets destroyed for it?

What is worse in the heat of the moment? Sitting down or telling a camera its a fucking disgrace?
You tell me.

But no. Excuses were made for Drogba. He was emotional. Gallas on the other hand is a raving lunatic who just murdered eight puppies live on Sky.

Can you see the difference here? Thats the fucking disgrace.

Now I don't portray Adebayor in the best of light on here. But could you imagine if his mum would gone out shop-lifting dog food. It would be front page news for about six months. Andy Gray would even have an opinion on it. John Terry, England captain supreme, old dear did it but its alright. He is England captain.

That's a fucking disgrace. And I'll tell a fucking camera that too.

Keep it Goonerish.......................


Anonymous said...

at least his got passion , unlike someone whos always saying "next year son , next year"

fair play to him, wrong thing to say at the time, but right to have a care about it and not whimper away and say nothing to the fans except "were getting better,next year etc etc , blah blah , yawn, ego getting bigger , myself getting stubborner"

Anonymous said...

i wonder what he would of said if he was dropped from the starting line up and put on the bench for the fa cup?

on no i didnt happen , because his manager is tactially sane and his team is half decent

Wrighty7 said...

Drogba has passion??

Passion for rolling around on the floor maybe!

Anonymous said...

None of your team have the bolox to complain,you just roll over.

RobM said...

Got to love all the Chelsea fans who rush to defend the indefensible.

It's alright lads, we already know your team has no class at all. You don't need to keep proving it over and over.

pozdny said...


Wrighty7 said...

Roll over?

Thats Drogba's speciality! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

im not a chelsea fan, im an arsenal one, who wants a change, a decent team and one that plays with heart, surely you must remember a arsenal side that played with passion and heart dont you?, theyve not always played like they have this season, they were once a good side, until someone forgot to take the kids back from work experience and done it on the cheap

Anonymous said...

and besides rather have my side winning something , instead of playing inexperience kids , then managerial moaning that theyre not experienced yet and planning to buy not 4 not 5 , yes 2! players in to replace the countless many that left on frees.

rather have no class at all instead of no experiences and excuses

Anonymous said...

Go support Chelsea then

Anonymous said...

try telling that to the arsenal fans that left after 60 mins on tuesday

at least they know theres a problem

dont all cry when we havent signed no one experience and half decent in the transfer windows and when its exactly the same end of next season

hang on with villa buying players and man city spending money and hate to say it even spurs spending money and probably improving , we may be lucky to finish in the top 6.

dont say i didnt warn ya

as stubborn as wenger

GoonerP said...

I rather win nothing than be like Chelsea.

Where they be without their billionaire?

They wouldn't even exist!

Anonymous said...

bullshit bullshit you know noting about football. fuck arsenal

Anonymous said...

What's all that moaning about not winning trophees.
I'm an Arsenal fan for 30 years now and i"ve known times when we didn't winnen anything for 7 or 9 years.
Still I stayed a fan. I'm an Arsenal fan becouse of The Arsenal its self, not because of the trophees.

Walter, an Arsenal fan somewhere in Flanders (Belgium)

Anonymous said...

I think the referee on the Chelsea - Barca game was alright, Chelsea were wasting time from the first minute just like teams like Bolton, Blackburn and Hull do when they come to the Emirates.

Cech strolling around taking 30 seconds for every goal kick, Bosingwa for every throw in and Drogba rolling around and taking more than minutes in total himself. I found it hilarious when Yaya Toure tackled him in the box and he wanted a penalty... even with all the dishonesty knowing he cheated he would take the win ( don't know how Yaya was not good enough for Wenger?!). Funny how quickly they start taking all their kicks and throws when they're losing, remember Hull in the FA cup???

I am from Eastern Europe myself and hate when players roll around and waste time and cheat, that's why I watch the premiership, although Ronaldo and Drogba (used to be Eboue but he is reformed lol). What I'm trying to say is that the referee did not allow the match to be decided by an accidental handball, freekick or whatever but he let the better 'footballing' team win without him himself making the deciding decision. That's what matters in the end.

Even with 10 men they sat back like Hull City, as for what happened afterwards, that was a fucking disgrace, the poor ref, who yes made a mistake sending Abidal off but the Chelsea players were so upset about that and I'm sure Abidal will thank Drogba for him standing up for him.

I like to see some 'Snooker style' honesty in football like Arshavin did, although it was a penalty, cos even though he touched the ball it was still in front of him to shoot but was brought down, just like Fletcher did on Fabregas. I don't want to win in a dishonest way, I want to win cos I'm better! No ref no nothing, just better!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the long post but I just hate the way some teams play so defensively... even with world class players and then blame the ref... Win at all costs even if you have to cheat your way there...

they're lucky they didn't have the Italian we had...

Anonymous said...

The author says:"people are forgetting that Éric Abidal shouldn't have been sent off. That kind of levels it out for me."

However, Abidal himself(who should be in the know about the matter) has clearly said in the press that he fouled Anelka deliberately to stop the score going to 2-0 and got himself sent off for the good of his team.

Wrighty7 said...

Where has Abidel said that?

He was in tears the last I heard!

Anonymous said...

Here is the full quote. It can be found on several sites, including Teamtalk:

Abidal admits to bringing Anelka down in CL semi-final
08.05.09 | Andrew Slevison

Makeshift Barcelona centre-back Eric Abidal has admitted to bringing down Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka in an incident that produced a red card in Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final.

Abidal was being used in central defence in the absence of Carlos Puyol and said that although Anelka seemed to go down easily in the second-half challenge, he admitted to bringing down his compatriot.

“I was defending against Nico [Anelka], but as I was the last defender and the referee thought I fouled him, dismissing me is normal,” Abidal said.

“If I let Nico run towards goal then he scores the second one and it is over, so we can say it is a good foul. I sacrificed myself. It is always disappointing to reach the final without being able to feature.”

Anonymous said...

For those who say Chelsea have no class.....just look at the picture at the top of the page. Now that was showing a lot of class wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Here is just one of many links to Abidal's admission.

Shows the comments by the author of this Wrighty7 page to be the uninformed, malicious and deceptive nonsense we should expect.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Apparently the long link does not reproduce in full in this window.

Should be readily findable on their site.

Anonymous said...

After the half time, luck did seem to favour Chelsea when Eric Abidal was sent off for a tackle that he never did on Nicholas Anelka. In the interview, Abidal said that it was Anelka who pushed him instead! The incident happened in the 66th minute when Anelka and Abidal where running hard to get to the ball which was near the Barca penalty box, Anelka went down in a rather theatrical manner, which the Ref thought was a clear penalty. It was a decision that was unfair and unjust, a decision that could have sent Barca back home packing

Anonymous said...

Rubbish. Anelka was clear. His leg was brushed from the side, causing it to be pushed over behind his other leg. Are you so biased as to even deny Abidal's own admission of guilt??? Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty7 for someone who is supposed to hate Chelsea, you do go on about Chelsea allot don't you? Sure you don't secretly love Chelsea? Sure you wouldn't wanna roll around on the grass with Drogba? Seems that way to me. If I was you, i'd worry about my own team, you were crap against Man U, it didn't seem you had plan to beat them at all, you just rolled over for them and that to me is a true disgrace. Hmmm 5 season's and how many cups was it? Oh yeah NONE!Big club? Yeah you keep telling yourself that loser.

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha! Drogba aint my type mate!

The reason I'm going on about Chelsea is because, if you look at the fixture list, we play you tomorrow.

Ta la

JoJo said...

Anon 16:01, if Arsenal aren't a big club as you think, then Chelsea most certainly aren't either. You can't be accused of short memory since you go back 5 years but before that which london club has had the most success? Exactly. As for losing in the semi, it doesn't matter how you lose, a loss is a loss. If Chelsea played so much more greater than Arsenal then how come then aren't playing United?
Wrighty I think you definitely make a good point in comparing Drogba's tirade and Gallas sit in. Both are equally disgraceful IMO but one is laughed at and made light off while the other like you said is made to be the reason Arsenal didn't win the title. Nothing to do with the fact then that Arsenal were winning 2-1 when Clichy conceded a last minute pen.

Anonymous said...

yes ig club. one of the biggest in the world, more than 100 years of history and we didn't need an abramovic to win 2 titles out of 3 so thanks. and don't say f*cking s****

Anonymous said...

You can't say that you wouldn't of been a little frustated if you were denied 4 pens, 2 of them being stone wall can you? The way Drogba reacted was disgraceful, but you'd have to be a robot not to show any emotion after such a poor performance from the ref in such an important game. You think if that ref would of denied you 4 pens against Manure that Fabregas would just been like "oh that's ok" yeah fucking right mate! That ref deserves a slap.

Anonymous said...

Well, here we go again, same old Drogba, same old Chelski. Diving, rolling around, the ball hits the man in the shoulder after being nudged in the back, and he goes down holding his face, it's up there with Rivaldo vs Turkey in the 2002 world cup (i think it was 2002 anyway) My point being, it is inexcuseable. Lampard said Drogba did it coz he was passionate, Zola said it was heat of the moment. I'm a passionate fella, but fuckin hell that should never be seen near a football pitch. What Drogba did was awful, 1 definite penalty, pique's handball, fair dooze thats a given (or not lol) but there's no excuse for his actions. It serves Chelsea right, Barca were the only team to play football for the whole game, in both legs, Chelsea sat back, time wasted in both legs, it's amazing how quick they shifted there arses when Iniesta hit that sweet sweet strike. They deserved it because they went for broke, Chelsea brought on a right-back for a striker, instead of throwing another striker on to kill the game off. If they went for it, they could have done it. Beautiful football beat the old fashioned "Graham's Gunners" 1-0 win that died when he got found out takin bungs. Ballack should be done for sexual harrassment, it looked like he was gonna rape that ref at the end, something has to be done, it's about time not only UEFA, but FIFA promoted their "Respect" campaign properly, hit them hard, not in their bottomless pit-like pockets. Bans have to be handed out, simple as. I'd say the same if my beloved gunners did the same. It's not about having passion, passion is a controlled emotion, that was just total and utter psychopathic.
Wrighty, nice 1 once again.
Gunner #1

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've EVER enjoyed a non-Arsenal goal more than Iniesta's equalizer! IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!
Laughed my fucking arse off!
Ashley Cole crying? FANTASTIC!!!!
Ballack's Monkey Chase? BEST TV IN YEARS!!!!
Please keep posting your comments Chavs - everyone makes me laugh more!
Classless Wankers!

Anonymous said...

This is to people that want multiple signings and wenger out...

Shut the F$%$ up and think before you speak.

every team wants to win something every year not just us and if you cant see the bigger picture on what wenger wants to do then your morons.

hes on to something which will make us the greatess club in the world one day so have patience and support the team or else

shut it!

Mayank said...

your funniest article to date man..and factual too..keep up the good work..

Anonymous said...

Er... talking of history, Chelsea were actually the very first English club to qualify for the European Cup.
As for the game the other night, I saw two teams play perhaps the cleanest semi-final I have ever seen. Despite the appalling refereeing and the tension of the game, their was not one serious foul. Even after dubious decisions against them, the Chelsea players showed no sign of malice towards their opponents – just strong, disciplined organisation and effort. Any ire was directed solely at an extremely and obviously incompetent referee and, had any club suffered such decisions in a match of such significance, they would have protested too.
In an effort to inflame the after-game events, the press (and people here) conveniently neglect to recognise that over the 90 minutes, this was a game devoid of mean-spiritedness. I prefer to congratulate the players of both sides and save any anger for the dire official who imposed a result of his own making on the game.

Anonymous said...

No mean-spiritedness in the game??? I'd call Drogba diving throughout and holding his face and limping off everything that is disgusting about Chelsea that they've allowed that to continue every season he has been at the club.

I think the whole world is happy chelsea are out, they are everything that stinks in the game. Dodgy money, back-hand deals, zero history, despised players, and figureheads like Kenyon, Drogba, Mourinho, Ashley Cole, etc that are rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

The game finished. A spectator (which Drogba was at the final whistle) then told the ref what he thought of him. Big deal. So what? I'm not sure what interest anyone would have in who says what to whom when the game is over. It's all a lot of rubbish. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone has forgotten that Barca should have had a penalty in the first leg when Henry was pulled down in the box, but I don't recall any Barca players chasing the ref down the pitch or shouting into the camera...

PS. I pissed myself laughing when the chavs lost. And John Cleese says theres is no good comedy on TV these days!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

i think anon 17.24 speaks 4 all of us cuz it was so fucking funny

Anonymous said...

"I think the whole world is happy chelsea are out, they are everything that stinks in the game."

That's exactly the point. So long as they lose, everyone is happy. You're right. And it doesn't matter if they are cheated out of a game, so long as they lose it. Let's face it, you are DELIGHTED to see the ref get it wrong, if it goes against Chelsea. Your pleasure comes from seeing rivals lose, not from the game of football per se.
If you had a choice of seeing Man Utd or Chelsea play the finest game ever to win the trophy, or see them lose in a bad game, you'd prefer the latter. And you talk of others being examples of those who stink out the game.
Football isn't your passion. Just cheap one-upmanship. And rather than boast of your own team's achievements, of which there are presently and recently none, all you have left is the dubious freedom to gloat at the misfortunes of others.
Very sad case.

Anonymous said...

.....I was so depressed Tuesday 10pm......
.....I was so happy Wednesday 10pm........
Thanks Chavs, your tears were so sweeeeeeet!

Anonymous said...

You'll have a further opportunity to cheer Chelsea's opposition when they meet Everton in the Cup Final.

After all, what better things have Arsenal fans to do that day? Their season will already have finished and their own players will probably be in bed snoring.
So get some beers in lads, put your feet up on the sofa and gloat while one of the teams that did better than your own team this season gets beaten in the FA Cup Final. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Absolutly right..drogba must be the most well trained dog in the world..he dives on command and on touch..a very perspective dog I must say..fucking loon he is built like a gorilla..

Anonymous said...

i knw its funny because its chelski but at least didier shows fight unlike arsenal. Most blatant cheating i've seen,if you check his record against arsenal WRIGHTY 7 you wouldnt write this pointless blog.

Anonymous said...

AN 21:02 Is that you joppa? fe fi fo fum i smell a

Anonymous said...

I am and Die Heart Arsenal fan who hates Chelsea in many ways but the thing that happened on that day was unbelievable. I felt bad for Chelsea and I can completely understand the way Drogba and all other Chelsea players acted. Imagine urself in that position what u will do? I will support chelsea in this case.

Uefa should manage not good referees in a match they should manage great referees

The same thing happened in Arsenal vs manutd bad refereeing

mattafc said...

all these fucking chavs keep going on about these penalties they were robbed of - what about arsenal last year???? not only did we have just about the most clear cut penalty in the first leg denied, we also got given a penalty against us which wasnt even a foul with 5mins to go. at least iniestas goal was valid, unlike liverpools 3rd last year - their 4th would never have been scored and arsenal would have gone through. yet such a big fucking deal gets made about chelsea.

point made.

lp said...

Wrighty, good articles mate and i have to agree with you. What if Cesc did that? i bet that f*king Brown on the news straight away.
Well guess what Brown, Hull lost today and that's a disgrace..

Danish Gooner said...

I would much rather have a stark raving lunatic like Drogba in my side then a lazy,apoplectic,smug cunt like Adebayor.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the blogger. IF same actions done by Arsenal players, Arsenal FC/ the players/ even the fans MUST BE SCOLDED/BLAMED/LAUGHED AT/ PIN-POINTED AT!!!

i think people tend to do this ---
the media/ the non-gunner fans, they just hate Arsenal.

I still remeber last year, when the ref CONSISTENTLY made decisions that were AGAINST Arsenal in the quarterfinals with liverpool as well!!!!!!
come on, NO MEDIA/ OTHER FANS even cared about this. as long as an English team go through. they dont care. what a shame.

fair play. im not an english, i dont care whether an English team goes through or not. i urge every one to think about this. DONT think yourself as if you are justice because you guys are not, you guys make me sick.

ref rules the game, football is like that, basketball is like that, every sports competition is like that. Dont you guys know it? DONT MOAN about it.

oh btw as hiddink himself said after world cup 2002, when the south koreans cheated to knock Spain out(obviously no one remebers, because it isnt about England), he told the Spaniards to reflect upon their own performances instead of blaiming the refs. haha but hiddink is now blaming the ref!!!!!! that's soo f**king ironic. *what goes round comes around* for chelsea, they have won games because of the refs, like allowing offside goals, given unnessecary penalty kicks.

I have enough. you guys got to think before you scold me. you guys hold prejustice towards different teams. i dont see there's any point in saying the blogger has problem.
the blogger DID actually link this post to Aresnal.
Think before you say something, please!
If you still DONT know how this post link to Arsenal, read once more than!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

RE mattafc
you are right!!!!!!
oh my god i have enough.
haha this is what English media is all about... complete injustice!!!

Anonymous said...

Even if CSKA Chel$kij got a penaliy or two it's NOT written in stone they would score.
They got what they deserved!
UEFA must remove this cancer tumor from next years CL!
Chel$kij is a F#*#*#* disgrace for british football!

Anonymous said...

that was the most pathetic whinge of an article i've ever read and I'm an Arsenal fan. We're clearly not good enough and should stop making excuses. And how can a red card even up 3 penalties. Chelsea were robbed and as a supporter of English football, we should back that up as the same thing could have easily happened to us.

Anonymous said...

As I posted yesterday, Arsenal just roll over.

Anonymous said...

Ian Wrong go write about your piss poor side,actually write about the 4-1 stuffing,knocking you out of the FA cup,write about the last time you sorry lot won anything and leave the blues alone cos blue is the colour

Anonymous said...

Next season’s team will look remarkably different from the team that we have seen through this year.

This year you’ll remember we

* Finished 4th in the EPL contrary to all predictions which had us in free fall (remember the “should Wenger go if we don’t make the Europa League)
* Got to the semi-final of the Euro Cup and the FA Cup
* Went 21 games unbeaten
* Beat the EPL record and our own club record for minutes at home without conceding a goal
* Our ladies team won the treble including winning the league for the 6th successive year on the last day of the seas, and the FA Cup for the fourth successive year - a fair way to say goodbye to Vic - not least after several senior profile players abandoned ship and went to play pro football in America.
* Our Academy team won the league by so many points it was embarrassing for everyone else. The kids are also in the Youth Cup Final, and look like they will win the north/south league play off.
Next season the team will be quite different. It looks like we will have five players who are either new, or played very limited football this year for us… Eduardo, Rosicky, Arshavin will all appear more, while we will have two new players, a midfielder and a defender. Effectively almost half a new team.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the poster right above me; we will get in players from the start of the season which we didn't have before this season - withouth signing anyone. Add this to two good players in this summer and we will be fine.

Speaking of Drobga, he would fall down even if you tapped your television.

Anonymous said...

Good points being made. Fans talk like we have £200,000,000 sitting in a bank account waiting to be spent but Arsene refuses to spend it because if he doesn't he'll inherit it when he retires. It's pathetic!!!

2006 Champions League Final, first in the clubs history and we were unlucky to lose it.

2008 But for terrible luck with injuries we would have won the Premiership.

2009 FA and CL semi-finals

Arsene the majority of us know you are doing a great job on a limited budget...You nearly won us the league last season and when luck finally turns on Arsenal's side I'm sure we'll be success again. Your a genius. The man gets no credit for doing an amazing job with a limited budget. Wake up you ignorant people before it's too late!!!

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