Friday, 15 May 2009

Please say this is just a sick rumour!

It's not often that I feel physically sick. It normally takes around ten lagers, two aftershocks, six shots of tequila and a doner kebab to make me throw my guts up.

Today I felt sick for a totally different reason. I heard a sick rumour. No, it wasn't that Elton John is my real Dad or it wasn't that Robbie Keane is a distant cousin of mine. It wasn't far off though.

I read a rumor that Arsenal were preparing a summer bid for Diego Forlan. Now I don't know what is worse. The fact that Arsenal are 'apparently' weighing up a bid for him or the fact that the fee is around the £32m mark............

Sorry, I nearly fainted there.

I couldn't give a shit that he feels he has unfinished business with the Premiership. If that is the case then let some mugs like Manchester City sign him.

I also couldn't give a shit that he has 'resurrected' his career in Spain. Let him stay there then and keep on resurrecting as much as he wants!

As much as I want to see some new additions to the squad, and I don't mean Rosicky, Diego Forlan is not the answer. Unless it's his supremely talented nephew who was named after him.

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

i would personally like to see the addition of yaya toure and hangeland!
as long as the rest of the squad can stay fit we stand a chance for silverware next season!

what do you think wrighty? what r our chances of winning the league next season?

CescIsGenius said...

Couldn't agree more Wrighty. I've seen this rumour for the last couple of days and just can't believe it.

Even if Wenger goes after some experienced proven players, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Forlan isn't a 'Proven' player.

I'd much rather have Huntelaar, Dzeko, even santa cruz over Forlan.

I'd prefer Huntelaar to over all of them and think we could get him for 12 - 14 mil given that Real are gonna be clearing house. He's a class act for club and country.

Tevye Markson said...

Yes he would be a risk, however he has proven to be one of the best finishers in the world. 32 Million is a joke though. Something like 15 Million might be reasonable but i don't see Wenger spending that much when we have Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela and Walcott. Would prefer to see him spend money on a quality partner for Fabregas. Chelsea have Lampard and Essien who are superb as well as Ballack, Obi Mikel, Deco whereas we have Fabregas and then Song, Denilson and Diaby + Ramsey so i don't think we're lacking strength in debt there but we could do with an Essien of our own. Someone like Aquilani could be worth a shout. It really depends on whose available. I'm not that keen on Veloso or Yaya Toure but they might be the only options if they are options themselves!

Anonymous said...

team for next season:-


sagna hangeland gallas clichy

yaya toure

fabregas nasri

walcott adebayor arshavin

van persie, eduardo, bendner, song, vela, rosicky, eboue, denilson, fabianski, k.toure,

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Arsene Wenger would A.) sign a 30 year old striker when we have Vela, Eduardo, Arshavin and Walcott as back up and B.) Pay more than 30 million for ANY player

CescIsGenius said...

Everyone please stop with Yaya.

He's not coming here (why would he, he's a regular for Barca??)

I agree we need a partner for Cesc, but Yaya is not it (apparently neither is Inler, his agent said he was staying in Italy)

Wrighty7 said...

I honestly believe that Arsenal need to sell one player and sign three.

Sell Adebayor, bring in someone who offers something different; Tevez??

Sign a defender who can cope with long balls in the box and we need a partner for Cesc.

They need to be experienced too.

Fuck this "If I sign someone I kill Song, Denilson, Diaby" shit.

Do whats best for Arsenal. You never know, Song, Denilson and Diaby may improve by learning from someone who is world class already!

Wrighty7 said...


How do you feel about Xabi Alonso?

I love that player and would cream my pants if he signed for Arsenal!

CescIsGenius said...


I absolutely LOVE Alonso, I was sooooo excited over the possibility of him signing last year. If he had, that prolly would have pushed us up over the top and at least contended for the league this year.

I can't imagine Benitez really still thinking of getting rid of him for Berry. I like Berry, but he couldn't get into Spain's squad (even if he were spanish).

Alonso has great vision and can control the middle and cover the back 4, he'd fit in right away w/ Cesc!

Anonymous said...

Adebayor leaving is quite likely but being replaced with tevez or forlan? not a chance. Its possible that the transfer rumour linking us to the 6'2 Zenit striker might have a little more substance behind it seeing as we are on excellent terms with the Russian club and also Pavel is Arshavin's bud. I'm hoping he'l sign Lescott because he's resilient,quick, good in the air and can also play at fullback when required. Perfect for a high defensive line like Arsenal's.

Anonymous said...

team for next year or fuk it!


sagna hangelnad gallas clichy

alonso fabregas

walcott nasri arshavin


van persie, eduardo, rosicky, vela, bendner, k.toure, djoure, song, denilson, eboue, gibbs, traore, ramsey.

title winning team anyone???

Wrighty7 said...

Sorry I didn't answer the question earlier!

Yes, Arsenal can win the league next season but we need to add to the squad!

Anonymous said...

as if thats not enough i heard some rumours that we are also looking at Khalid Boularouz

Anonymous said...

my team for next year would be as follows!


sagna jagielka gallas clichy

walcott inler fabregas arshavin


subs: van persie, bendner, vela, nasri, rosicky, song, toure!

Westchester_Gooner said...

Xabi Alonso would be a perfect fit. If we can get him, we should do our best.

I know this is a bit extreme, but what about selling Adebayor, then using those proceeds plus Van Persie for Zlatan. I understand Mourinho rates RvP very high, and Zlatan would be better than Torres in the PL. Can you imagine a 4:5:1 with Alonso, Fab, Nasri, Walcott, and Arshavin in midfield and Zlatan up front.

It may be pie in the sky but dare to dream

Anonymous said...


yaya toure

2/3 of the above have to be signed for us to stand a real chance of winning something next season!

Anonymous said...


There as requested.

Relax mate! It will never happen. NEVER EVER HAPPEN!

I'll go you one better. We will not buy any strikers this summer. I'm fairly sure that one tall one is on the way out but the incoming deliveries will be all defensive in nature(and hopefully tall as well)
as for the guy who is willing to offer Van Persie plus cash for so dickhead in Italy. You need a chair broken over your head son!

Eduardo Arshavin and RVP will be doing some raping of defences next season and don't you forget it!

Irish Gunner.

KingKolo said...

@ Wrighty 7

Do you think Wenger is only sell Adebayor to Chelsea because Ancelotti is rumoured to be going to Chelsea.

If we do sell Adebayor to Chelsea, the we should ask for Anelka + £7m-£10m, seeing as Anelka is Valued at £15m and Adebayor is in the £25m-£30m bracket.

In Defence midfield we can all forget about Alonso leaving Liverpool. We need to start looking at a more realistic option like Gareth Barry.

In Defence, i would like to see Lescott or Hangerlaand. They are both realistic targets, as we can guarantee them CL. I personally believe Lescott is more of a Wenger player.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a chance of us paying that money for him but why would you be unhappy at getting Forlan? He is banging them in in spain!
As for Adebayor, get him sold to anyone who will have him. I would take Alonso or Barry, either would do the job. Yaya would be PERFECT but realistically he won't leave Barca. Hangeland will be ideal for us at the back. Lescott aswel, both would be ideal!
Just 3 more players and rid of Adebayor and we would be up there again!
I think Wenger has finally realised his mistakes and i look forward to seeing that in the transfer window!

Anonymous said...

HAHA Robin for Zlatan? Care to stop dreaming? If i'm not mistaken i believe it was robin who rescued our season during January and February when Cesc was out either scoring or assisting every arsenal goal.

james said...

We need a John Terry type of Defender at CB and i definitely feel Steven Taylor from Newcastle United definitely fits the bill.I would not buy Alonso, why fans would like him to come only Gods knows but in my opinion Cesc and Alonso won't work in the team. The two are to similar plus we need much more of a dominant force in the CM and Alonso isn't you cant really say Alonso is a DM because he's not and thats what's really needed in the team, to be honest i would rather Mascherano who is a better DM than Alonso. We definitely need a winger, we havent got one out and out winger in the squad which i belive is terrible and i really like the look of Afellay from PSV and i know AW does like the player and has had scouts watch him play last season.A striker is needed and i want a Drogba type of player and i belive Bafetimbi Gomis from ST Eteienne would be good. AW said yesterday hes not going for big signings and this is a striker who we could get at a good price and i do think hes got the ingredients to be up there with the best.

CescIsGenius said...

I wouldn't take Zlatan if he was given to us by Jose!

And who really thinks Wenger or Gazidis would pay the asking price for Berry??

I don't rate Berry in the same league as Alonso.

I'd love to see Forlan go to City though. He won't do well in England and I'd love to see City shell out the asking price for someone that doesn't perform.

Wrighty7 said...


If Ade leaves in the summer I doubt he will join Chelsea.

The papers have put 1+1 and come up with 3.

It is only because Chelsea are linked with Ancelotti that Ade i linked with Chelsea.

Pritpal said...

if thats true i'll be just as sick as you wrighty... but i am showing hints of satisfaction if chelsea bid 30m for adebayor like the papers say. but there is no point of letting adebayor go if we aren't going to buy a quality striker, someone proven, someone with talent and most likely someone who can get the 30 goals ade got last season. that is the main thing we've lacked this time as well as a solid defence. not many strikers who can fit in this category, but no point in getting 30m if hes only gonna spend half it, i want the full 30m spent.... NOT ON DIEGO FORLAN THO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We all know what's required, but does le boss ?
Alonso is not the answer, great player yes, but we need a strong physical holding player, who has heart, determination and leadership qualities. Him and Cesc will not work. Alonso does well at Liverpool cos they have a decent defence and have Maschareno screening.
Barry would be an ideal signing, proven at international and Premiership level, a leader, English and quality, hardly a risky signing.
The team needs major surgery, but if we're gonna spend some money, lets get the central midfield right first.
We aint been the same since we let PV4 go, many have tried and failed, Flamster was the real deal, but it weren't to be.

If possible, Shawcross would be a good signing, young, strong, and cheap, or perhaps Lescott/Richards or Hangelaand. they'd all jump at the chance to join us, we are the Arsenal.

A new signing is defo required just to give us a lift and give the team and us some optimism....


Anonymous said...

We need to build a triangle of players which are the two centre halves and defensive midfielder. I would sign Hangeland and Lescott as the two centre halves and Yaya or even Flamini as the DM sorted

Anonymous said...

No chance on Forlan.
Adebayor (Togonator? More like Wankernator!) will be sold to the highest bidder and Wenger will NOT buy another striker but defensive players - yes its true. He will then give Arshavin the Bergkamp role behind either RVP, NikkiB, or Eduardo.
The surprise summer sale might be Diaby to Lyon.

Joppa Road said...

there is no way this could possibly be true. I would rather keep Ade and Bendtner than that toss pot. I have to admit to being a little puzzled by this rumour but the way Wenger has acted this season you never know.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that we shouldn't sign Forlan (and certainly not for the money quoted), I cannot believe the complete and utter ignorance of this blog in dismissing him off hand.

Wrighty, if you took five minutes to come out of your little 'premier league iz da bestest league in da whole world lolz' bubble, you'd know that aside from consistantly pushing for the golden boot in Spain near enough every season, Diego Forlan is one of the most clinical finishers on the continent both in and outside the box and plays for one of the most free flowing attacking sides in La Liga where he regualarly shows his talent.

For whatever reason, he didn't seem to settle at United but he is without a shadow of a doubt a world class striker and if you watched any Spanish football you would actually know this.

Wrighty7 said...

Hello Joppa!

Wrighty7 said...

All I know is Forlan maybe suited to the Spanish league but he isn't to the Premiership!

Anonymous said...

May I just add -
Rare from a Gooner - but seeing that orange cunt go down this weekend will be sweeeeeeeeeet!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wrighty i really think u shouldn't read sites like tribalfootball for ur football news....

it is impossible for wenger to sign a 29 yr old who flopped in the EPL with utd..

personally i hope we get yaya, chiellini, and zarate :D

Joppa Road said...

hi mate, what you got planned for the blog through the summer?

I am going to be controvertial (spelling) and say I want signings yes but only if they are English / British. Just my opinion.

lp said...

Wrighty, i think that would be a false rumour. I don't think AW will spend that much. He said that he's not going to spend big for player this summer transfer.

What we need is to boost our defence because it's been shocking this season, too many error. With the attacking side, i think we'll be alrite as long as there's no injury to our key player.

One question though, why AW not playing Arshavin against Chelsea for both games, fa cup and league? Does Roman has to do with his contract for not playing against the blues? i just got this feeling something smell fishy

Anonymous said...

Wenger has already said this season that no strikers will be brought which in my opinion is a good move. i would like to see Ade leave though coz he just hasnt performed this season yet wenger is still compelled to play him. we have more than enough players that are either strickers or can become strickers if need be so he should definately leave the club. CESC NEEDS A PARTNER! i used to think that alonso would be an ideal signing, but now i am tending to go against this (why would he leave a club that have done so well in the title race?) i think that Gareth Barry would be a better signing. he is a true English work horse who will sew the team together, get forward when needed, link with the defence and also allow cesc to run forward into the space that he prefers. Finally in defence i personally believe that toure and gallas should and will leave this summer. if wenger wanted a future john terry type player then i think that he should sign Steven Taylor from newcastle. if he wanted a player with passion for the club then boyhood arsenal supporter Micah Richards would be his man. if he wanted a work horse in the back row then you cant go far wrong with Phil Jagielka or even Lescott. i think that a combination of any of these players would work out well but wenger must spend the money that he will get if he sells adebayor wisely.

Anonymous said...

to Ip

i think arshavin probably didnt play those games because Hiddink knows Arsharvin too well and he knows how he moves around the pitch and could tell a defender everything needed to shut him out of a game

Anonymous said...

Only Wenger knows what he wants, This audacious inflated price is a joke, probably a invitation to Man city to start bidding at that price.

I think, this summer Arsene will sign 5 players, but 1 or 2 silvestre type players to add experience to the team and help the youngsters, maybe another soon to be wonderkid and 2 unkowns who will be superb but hope im wrong and we just splash the cash on ready made stars.

I also think, that 09-10 we will win something, along with bendter becoming a major player for arsenal, along with song and possibly whoever we sign.

Anonymous said...

"Wenger will sign 5 players"LOL no chance. will be lucky if will get 2

danish gooner said...

it is just a rumour,wenger wont be that thick,how about Megson quoting 20 mil for Gary Cahill??? I would rather have some disease ridden ladyboy go down on me then spend 2 pound fifty on Gary Cahill.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Senderos up front than Adebayor. Haven't hated a player this much since Eddie Mcgoldrick! Fucking Useless Lazy Wanker!

lp said...

@ anon22:46

you probably right but i still thinks that Arshavin can beat the blues by setting up or score the goals and it is just a bit coincidence that those 2 games he either injured or fell sick.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty you must have banged your head pretty hard before you wrote this load of tosh FORLAN how about not a pray so calm down it is quite funny though

Marko said...

First off we all know for a fact that no strikers will be bought this summer unless one leaves. Right. And if one does leave it's highly likely that it would be Adebayor cause he's not feeling the love anymore and Wenger may cash in on this and the fact that perhaps his heart isn't in it anymore. And while Forlan is playing super since he left Utd I don't think he's a natural replacement for Ade, he's more an Eduardo replacement. The only players I think that could replace Ade in my opinion are Dzeko of Wolfsburg or Gomez of Stuttgart. Both big, powerful and fast enough and are certainly better finishers than Adebayor too, much more natural.

And no more of this we should sign David Villa. He's a great player but he's too small and he's more of a Van Persie or Arshavin a second striker. He can't lead the line in the Premiership.

Anonymous said...

team for next season should be this :


sagna toure hangerland clichy

walcott cesc yaya nasri

arshavin eduardo

Jack said...

wenger is not going to splash out 30 mill on a striker that is past it. from his past 'rash' spending tactics i would be very suprised if he did. a lot of the stories that come out at this time of year are to make headlines. a top scoring striker in la liga is bound to make his way onto the jounalists hot list of players arsenal should buy - not necessarily players we want or need. a 'cool' striker in front of goal would see us well, but i feel we have that in adebayor, if his confidence is restored. so quickly peoples memory is erased with the recent past. a player cannot turn from a 30 goal a year striker to cr*p. Fans of the great and beautifull arsenal should support not put down a team who has been again and again very unlucky.

Anonymous said...

Pretty scary rumour I know
But if you actually look at his record at (is it Villareal) it is actually quite good - I read it somewhere.

nis said...

the fee mentioned is a joke, but the player himself would fit into arsenal very well imo. He'd be a great partner for rvp.

nis said...

and wrighty, by your logic, giuseppe rossi is also a failure. both of them suffered from a lack of opportunites at OT. they both went away and proved their worth. just because reyes sucked doesnt mean every player from the spanish league cant adapt. forlan would be a better target man that adebayor imo unless ade pulls his socks up n takes a leaf outta carlos tevez's book.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everyone that we need to buy this summer. But why is it that people are saying we HAVE to spend £30m+ on a player. Wengers philosophy for the last 10 years has been to buy young talent for average prices ranging from £4-10m. Wenger said it spot on in his latest press conference in saying he must buy experience this summer and it is not about the quantity spent but the quality of the player. I'd like to see AT LEAST two new additions, one CB and one DM. For CB I can't see a better candidate than Lescott at the moment. I reckon we could pick him up for £15-20m and he has plenty premier league experience, is mature for a reasonably young player(26), is strong both on the pitch and in the air and largley reliable. Other linked players are Hangeland, Lucio and Sakho but I feel Lescott would be the best buy.
For DM I would like to see Yaya Toure but I highly doubt he would leave Barca unless they don't want him. I think Wenger made a mistake last summer in not bidding for Xabi Alonso and maybe he's worth chasing this time round. Maybe even Gareth Barry is worth a shot.
As for Diego Forlan, well let's just say we hope we don't buy him. Although he's vastly improved from his Man Utd days he isn't quite the standard of striker we need. And if you ask me, Adebayor isn't the standard of striker we need. If the chance arises to sell him for more than £25m I would rip the other clubs hand off.
On a bright note Tomas Rosicky is back in full training althought lets not get too happy because he might just get ANOTHER setback. I really hope not.
I think we need to sell a couple of players i.e. Adebayor, Silvestre and possibly loan out Djourou as Senderos will return from his loan spell and I'd like to see his improvements.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Lorik Canna links?
Thats the guy we need to partner cesc and ad real steel to the line up.

Only 1 red card in 3 years and he is the Captain.

Anonymous said...

nilmar, brazilian sticker played for lyon but never really had a chance to shine. he is a perfect goal machine just like huntelaar. i think alonso would be a poor signing he is similar type of player to fabregas. no chance alonso comes. i would go for de rossi even if i know wenger won't and jeleon lescott. i've noticed lescott in a game 5 years ago, it was arsenal-wolves cup game lescott was amazing. i don't know how wenger didn't see him back there

Anonymous said...

Lescott no chance would cost 30mil.
As for swapping VPersie for Zlatan nochance Zlatan has 10 clubs willing to offer 25 mill plus every season.
Yaya never would take 25mil plus fabregas wages.....ridiculous
Forlan is good. We enquired that does not mean 30 mil. We were hoping 12mil ie. they might want to offload having not made CL.

Anonymous said...

Forlan's only one goal behind Eto'o in the race for the Pichichi and has 13 goals with his left foot and 14 with his right (just to show how two footed he is). I'd take him. He's a lot better than Huntelaar or Santa Cruz. Obviously not for £32m though. If Wenger is after him the absolute maximum I think he'd spend would be about £20m and Adebayor (and possibly Van Persie) would have to be sold for that.

Anonymous said...

We scored 3 less than Man Utd, why the fuck would we need a striker?!?!

You lot are clueless.

Steven Taylor!?!?

Many of the suggestions here make me think you want to be challenging for 10th.

Jagielka?? Inler??

Anonymous said...

What amuses me is that people actually think there is a chance in hell Yaya, a regular at Barca and possibly about to secure the treble, would leave them for Arsenal.

A bit of common sense please people.

Anonymous said...

i think that wenger knows what kind of player we need i bet everyone that he will sign unexpected players, like he always does. so there will be no etoo, ibra, inlher, alonso, jageilka, lescott richards, de rossi no way. we just can't know who's comming with AW

Pritpal said...

we need someone who can shoot from outside the box. van persie and cesc dont seem to do this anymore. forgive me if i am wrong but have we not scored at all from outside the 18yrd box this season? wrighty help me out here

Priteshp said...

How About this.... If every arsenal fan in the world contributed a pound, then we would pay off the debt and as a reasult we would never ever hear that arsene has no money to spend...crazy and idiotic idea but just imagine.

Anonymous said...

i m ready to put 10 pounds on the table for the arsenal!!!! great idea(fucking debts)

Anonymous said...

David Villa....

Anonymous said...

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