Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rebuilt like Robocop!

So the rumours are true. Tomas Rosicky is back. The only difference is he has been rebuilt like Robocop.

The dodgy hammy has been replaced by kryptonite this time. It is stronger than a diamond. Well, that's what Superman tells me.

It's great though. Tomas, when fit, is one of the best players in the Premiership on his day in my opinion and it will really benefit Arsenal with him in the squad.

He has experience. Albeit mostly in the treatment room. And that is something Arsenal obviously lack. (Not players in the treatment room! That's always full!)

It may take him a little while to get back in the swing of things. I think it was 1958 the last time he played so he maybe a little out of date with the pace of the league.

The most important thing is the hunger he will bring to Arsenal. I don't mean the hunger to devour ice-cream like Hleb, I mean the hunger to play again.

It must have been hugely frustrating for Rosicky to have sat down on his arse for the last 16 months or so getting paid for doing nothing. Hmmm?!.....

No seriously, knowing Rosicky as well as I do (we are great pals) he will be itching to get back on the pitch and I can't wait to see our new and improved Robot footballer in action!

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

YES TOMAS!!! great player, cant wait till he comes back coz like arshavin he has an end product unlike theo

Anonymous said...

yeah, great to have him back 4 next season, just one question though since i havent seen him play enough to know: as he has awesome shooting ability (i saw him score a cracker once..) and nice passing ability would it be possible to play him in the middle with cesc? (yes, i know that leaves us with no defensive minded player whatsoever in midfield)

Okiwan said...

well thats great news. i bet that by the end of July / beginning of August wen Mr Wenger has manage not to buy a defensive player and signed some other 16 yr old from half way across the world, he'll so happily remind us that we have Rosicky back and class him as " a new signing " some of his excuses are just pathetic. A world class manager but pathetic one

Anonymous said...

okawin yr a typical modern gooner, a bit off good news and you manage to put a downer on it, nice one cockhead,

Taz said...

I would be tempted to have a midfield of -

Rosicky, Fab, Nasri, Arshavin

We might not get a lot of width - but a lot of the ball with very very creative players.

I know that leaves no defensive midfielder - but if you play as a solid unit - with a solid centre back, I feel we don't need one.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Rosicky will be ready for next season. If he goes through intense pre-season training, he'll be fit and raring to go by the time the new season starts. Eduardo too.

Anonymous said...

sorry i thought it 1948 since he last played lol great to have him bk

Anonymous said...

Taz, it's a good thing you're not a manager. Even Barcelona need a defensive midfielder and they're much better at holding possession than us and they have a better defense, Toure would panic even more than he usually does without a defensive midfielder in front of him.

james said...

Taz your stupid mate

Anonymous said...

Ya know even without new signings imagine this formation if you will.

Arshavin Van persie


Rosicky Fabregas

Clichy Sagna
Gallas Toure

good luck beating that on your best day. Defences would be dizzy!

Anonymous said...

well that sucjked the formation didnt come out. imagine the front 3 in an attacking V. The two playmakers more central backed up by two wingbacks. A tall defender to attack the ball and tidy up slightly front and central of two centre halves.

Taz said...

Fair enough you think my suggestion sucks and your right even Barca hava yaya playing as a DM -

But look at players like alonso, carrick, essien - who can all be defensive when needed but also have that attacking instinct.

Wenger has been using Nasri in this way and if him and Fabby can work in it then you never know!

It was only a suggestion - id much rather prefer Wenger to go get Yaya or Alonso.

Anonymous said...

Before you all slag off Taz, remember that it's not unheard of for united to go into some of the "easier" home games with Carrick as defensive as their midfield gets- a role Cesc could play easily. If we played that midfield at home against the West Broms etc of the league, we'd smash them out the park.

Danish Gooner said...

He will last five minutes and then be out for another year

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Rosicky did play central midfield for the Czech Republic, but that's been so long ago, I can't guarantee it ;-)

str8goon said...


?= RVP, Dudu, not BENDTNER! (Benzema/Villa) :)

Anonymous said...

bendtner has come a long way even thought he still cant finish. i think next year he will turn some heads, if the fans get off his ass. RVP is a second striker just like arshvin. we need a target man.

Anonymous said...


>>He has experience.
Albeit mostly in the treatment room. And that is something Arsenal obviously lack. (Not players in the treatment room! That's always full!)

lp said...

well, i'm glad he's back but hopefully he's not get injured again when he play for his country on the world cup campaign. that would be suck, seeing him again on the bench for another 6 months.

Anonymous said...

It's clear to me that Arsene is finally feeling like a man under pressure, and to be honest I am astonished by his response.

If he worked in a venture capital backed business and failed to deliver within 1 to 2 years he would be out on his arse. To start knocking the supporters of this club after 4 years of failure is a total fucking disgrace. It's called accountability Arsene - most of us live with it every day. Few of us have jobs where we have a completely free hand and are free from judgment of criticism from our managers or shareholders. Perhaps the arrival of Gazidis has brought your little cosy club to an end.

The 'home' fans he refers to in such a derogratory fashion are the ones that keep his little youth development project alive. The ones who sell out virtually every game and raise £3m revenue per match, who pack in 50,000 + for Carling Cup games (more than the Mancs), the ones who buy season tickets and put up with getting fucked about by Sky and Setanta's schedules. The ones, who pay ridiculous prices for sub-standard food, drink and merchandise.

There was a thread on here along the lines of "selfish, ungrateful fans be careful what you wish for". I would like to respond with "selfish, ungrateful manager be careful what you wish for". What type of fans would you prefer to have eh Arsene?

1. The Newcastle fans who shouted "you don't know what you're doing" to Sam Allardyce after 3 months
2. The Liverpool fans who booed their team off the field following a goalless draw in January when they were still top of the league
3. The Mancs who booed Ryan Giggs in 2003 and suggested Ferguson was past it
4. The Chavs who brought banners to home games calling for Scolari's head less than halfway through his first season

Anonymous said...

I am totally with IHH and Percy here when I say how outraged I am that wenger is trying to turn this around by blaming the fans He has assembled the most lightweight, gutless, over-rated mercenary bunch of c**ts to represent this club in a long long time (if ever) but yet it is all the fans fault that we are regressing ?? The man should be pulled aside by someone from the board explaining that in any walk of life those that pay your wages have every right to question you when you are continually fed a line of shite week in and week out

I said at the beginning of this season that I would give wenger this season and in particular the jan transfer window to put it right cos I didnt think that we should waste the coming transfer window again waiting for him to pull his finger out while falling behind all our rivals but I have now changed my mind.........he can fcuk off now as far as I am concerned It seems like he operates the same philosphy in his self assessment as he does when defending his players.....accept no responsibility We have heard every excuse under the sun from him now (tired players, inexperience, bad refereeing, bad pitch and now it is all our fault) but no acknowledgement that he is contributing to our downturn in quality and this lack of answerability to anyone for bad performances has to filter down to the players and a great example that is proving

Anonymous said...

I have two silver memberships, and use them for my partner and I to go to most games.

I am more than happy with the current situation, perhaps because I bring a historical perspective. I have kept on attending the games (for 10 years as a season ticket holder) when for years and years we not only won very little, we were not likely to win anything. Years when Tottenham were above us, and a draw with them was satisfying.

During much of that time not only were we just a solid regular run of the mill Division 1 team, one or more other clubs were so far above us (I think particularly of Liverpool in the period before George Graham) that there was no thought that we could catch them.

I recall going to the League Cup Final against Luton, paying for the usual awful service that Wembley offers, and watching us lose, and then of course renewing the season ticket next year. And the year after year of nothingness.

So to me the world Wenger brings us is the golden era, because

a) the football is so brilliant
b) we are now one of the top 8 clubs in the world

In the days before Wenger we were often not one of the top 8 teams in England, and the English league in those days was very much a fourth rate competition behind Spain, Italy and Germany.

Looking back to the time before Wenger, before the Champions League became all-dominant, there was no telling at this stage which of the clubs in England would move into a world where we play on an equal stage with AC Milan and Real Madrid. Believe me, it could have been Tottenham that joined the elite. Man U were, like us, for years and years a middle of the road team - they were even a second division team for one year. It could have been Everton rather than us that made it. It could have been Villa.

But we made it into the top level, and we are still there, so we have moved from being middle ranking, to top ranking, in broad terms, and that means that we have a good chance to build a new team and start winning trophies again.

So, I won’t be having to pay out my £1000 at once, but with two tickets to support I will be spending more than that during the year as I buy the tickets week by week. Plus I will be spending a fortune on travel. And I will love most of it.

No I didn’t enjoy being beaten 4-1, any more than I enjoyed being beaten 6-1 at Man U (with a team including Henry et al). But I know what Wenger did after that defeat, and I look for the same again.

Finally, I suppose I return to the home defeat by Leeds, 3-2 I think it was, with two games to go. I was very upset and depressed, we had thrown away the league, but I returned for the next match against Southampton and laughed at the touts who couldn’t even give away their tickets. We won 6-0, and that was the start of the 49. Leeds were looking like a team moving up once more. Instead they imploded and dropped to division 3.

Yes, I willingly pay, and if I could work out what is wrong with the sodding on-line ticket purchasing system I would already have bought my two tickets to Barnet away in July.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been to every home game this season in the league (apart from 2 when I was out of the country and one when I had to attend a wedding), and if you don’t recognise that the attitude of some of the supporters affects the players negatively I don’t know what to say.

At times (January and February) the players were scared to play the ball forward because they were scared of the reaction they would get from the fans. And no, the groaning and shouting “you useless c**t” or similar abuse didn’t start after 10 bad passes by a player, but after one or two. And that was long before any “negative tactics” were deployed by Wenger. And even if we did play with only one striker we still went forward and tried to play our game, so those tactics weren’t negative as such.

Do you ever wonder why Bendtner (for instance) scores the majority of his goals away from home? If you’re being booed before you’ve even entered the pitch it won’t fill you with confidence. We’ve scored 27 goals at home and 37 away from home this season, that’s hardly normal and hardly a coincidence.

He is absolutely spot on with his assessment of our home support. Should he have said it after going out in two semi-finals and finishing the league 4th? Probably not, but it’s still true and I don’t see why the manager shouldn’t be allowed to talk about it in general.

Fans are allowed to voice their opinion, I have nothing against that at all. But at the end of the day you’re going to the stadium to support you’re team and not to make things more difficult for them. Or at least I would hope so. The amount of money you pay for the pleasure of going there has nothing whatsoever to do with that. If you don’t want to support the team stay home and shout at the tele. It’s better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

It is the hard times that make good time so great.”

I believe “bad times” in themselves are valuable opportunities to derive personal meanings out of our experience as fans. For me, it’s about keeping faith that the players and managers have tried their best to defend their dignity, maintaining hopes that their efforts will be paid back and not least dealing with my own disappointment. Thinking about it, it’s a very close analogy to a relationship.

As of winning, if we could be in the last 4 of all big three competitions every year in the next 10 years as we do this season, we should expect to win each cup at least twice in those 10 years simply as a matter of chances. In fact, this has been the best year since we arrived at the Emirates achievement-wise. As “bad” as it feels now, I’m not concerned about trophies if the club sticks to what it is doing.