Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fulham wanted it more.................

It was a very disappointing result yesterday but for me it was the way we lost that hurts most. There was no passion and Arsenal simply ran out of ideas against a ordinarily looking Fulham side. Fulham didn't outplay us but they wanted it more.

I hope that this result serves as a wake up call for the players and especially Le Boss. It is a set-back but lets not forget that Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool will suffer shock results like this too.

The Premiership is a marathon and not a sprint so the title is not lost on the back of this one result. But these are the games that we need to turn up for, and as I've said before we should treat every game as a cup final.

One thing is for certain, Le Boss needs to strengthen the midfield, the sooner the better. With no disrespect meant to Denilson and Eboue they are not exactly going to set the league alight. We lost the game in midfield today. There was no-one willing to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and Le Boss needs to act fast.

We cant make excuses for the players and Mr Wenger. It was simply not good enough and although we were poor we owe some credit to Fulham for showing us a bit about passion. We simply didn't turn up.

Fulham deserved the result and I really hope that this result will wake up the squad and of course Le Boss. It wasn't good enough for a team with title aspirations. We have 36 cup finals left, add that man in the middle of the park and we have a chance.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

Very well summed up

north london gooner said...

Question is, is he gonna have the balls to drop Gallas and go with Djourou and Song? No honestly I'm not winding you up here!

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, if you asked me would I take a top four finish and forget about winning anything this year, I would do it in a heart-beat. There is NOTHING in all the games including pre-season that I have seen, that makes me feel like we will finish top four. Sounds crazy right? I think we are in for a rude awakening. Nasri will take a season to settle at least, we don't have the creativity to supply Adebayor, and we really do have the worst CB pair in the top four. So do you really think one signing is going to be enough to keep us up there? Because I tell you now, Wenger will not sign more than one more player.

naijarsenal said...

the show by the players yesterday was appalling especially walcott and denilson. i read about wenger blaming the boys, but wenger is the root of the problem, he selected the line-up, refused to buy quality players.
denilson couldn't pass to himself. walcott was just running about. eboue was about the same until he was drafted to the wing.
i bet with performance as such, we wont qualify for europe next season

Anonymous said...

Mistake by Wenger #1:
RvP and bendtner should never play second striker : this is best illustrated with Hleb. The second striker has to be a creative and energetic guy a playmaker type that can hold the ball and also defend FFS !

Mistake by Wenger #2:
Playing Wingers instead of Midfielders: Walcott and Nasri cannot defend nor mix it up and roam around: they purely stick to the wing and never defend. In that sense we had only a 2 man midfield: Denilson+Eboue We had 4-2-4 formation not 4-4-2

Mistake #3 Wenger: Ramsey+Denilson is more balanced and proven pair than Eboue + Denilson in central midfield

Mistake by Wenger #4: We Now have too many strikers/wingers and not enough attacking/defensive midfielders .

Anonymous said...

This team was completely unbalanced it was so obvious .

Wow Wenger is gonna get the sack ..but Eboue will stay LOL

Anonymous said...

Last Night was RELEGATION quality showing from Arsenal.

We lost the most impressive midfield pairing Flamini+Fabregas+Hleb
how on earth can you hope to get that kind of harmony quickly again?

I think this season is about fighting for survival not top-four

Anonymous said...

Mistake by Wenger #5

We were only ever good in 4-5-1 formation.

Yes that means time for Arsene to wave his magic and unearth the next Alex Hleb .. 8 days to go...

RG said...

With the exception of the left hand side where Clichy & Nasri were hardly ripping Fulham to shreds but at least they gave it everything the team were collectivly & individually awful.
We all saw how Denilson/Walcott/gallas/RVP etc played - lets just say they embarressed themselves & us the fans.
We need a top central midfielder desperatley no doubt - but I don't believe that will solve our problems. Ignore the first 3 minutes of the West Brom game and how many clear cut chances have we CREATED in 177minutes? Very few. We cannot just rely on Fabregas and new BOY Nasri - we need something special & his name is Andrei Arshavin. Pay him what he wants/smash the wage structure if required & with the exception of Fabregas whose wages would need to be realigned with his - if the rest don't like it they can f**k off.
Grow some balls Wenger, take a gamble & spend 20m ffs. If it doesn't work out so what - this team are winning f-all anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need the best attacking midfielder we can get- we can sell RvP to Barcelona/Juventus and get a midfielder for that money, as obviously we will have too many strikers otherwise.

GunnerPete said...

Sadly we, as Gunners, are used to the following , unacceptable happenings every season..why?

Chuffed as we were with finishing only 4 points awy from the title we all knew that our defence is much worse now thatn before Gallas joined. We know that for some inexplicable reason that we would start the new season with a 50% injury list. We accept that our players (more than any other team) will looked shagged out after two games. We knew that Arsene would try to penny pinch until the last moment which would cost us points and it has. We knew that Arsene will not accept the fact that Gallas is a great left back and a potential Makelele replacement but a useless centre back/stopper. We also knew that AW would drop of the only two players who looked good enough last week.Somehow we knew that VP seems to have bottled it since his injury and can only play for Holland. Most of all though we knew that Eboue + Denilson = very average...even worse, a team like Fulham can buy Bullard & Murphy for peanuts and get a talented due who create and destroy.

The answer ? well it would help to have a choice of who to pick.Like it would be nice to put out a team like....Almunia, Sagna, Zapata,Djourou,Clichy.
Nasri..Fabregas.. (Alonso)..Rosicky
Sorry but it will take some guts to accept that Gllas & Toure are only good enough as back up. It would also be hard to accept that certain players will not make the grade, and should be sold to finance the above and other buys such as Arshavin. Denilson, Senderos, Gallas or Kolo, even Bentner if VP wakes himself up. This would clear the way for the kids who really are up for it...Wilshire/Ramsey/Gibbs/Barazite/Simpson.etc.etc.

None of the above will happen but we can dream usual.

Anonymous said...

What on earth was Kolo doing in the starting lineup and Djourou on the bench!?!?!?!

Simply put, if AW doesn't have faith in his players and base his selection on form, how on earth are they supposed to believe in themselves?

I see there's story doing the rounds that Djourou might be shipped off to Rennes on loan, with the possibility of a permanent deal.

If there is any truth in that story at all, then it would be the most f&*cking stupid move of the decade, and I would have serious questions about AW's sanity, intelligence, and suitability for the club going forward.

Kayo Burgess said...

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes... he made us what are.. he has given us titles, cups and glory. But by the same vision, by the same hand, he has destroyed what could have been one of the greatest squads in football.

They say' The lord giveth and taketh away' and that is excatly how I feel about Wenger.

Although Arsenal can attract players of class and talent, Wengers has failed to secure the signings we need to move forward.

More importantly, he has failed to even create a decent starting 11. He played Eboue and Denilson in the center yesterday... probably the weakest Centre-Mid partnerships I have ever witnessed at AFC.

He choose to keep Ade, when he could have easily sold him to Barca and snap up D.Villa at no extra cost. He was unable to keep Flamini, who was our star last season.

We need to be revolutionised... which is why i think the time has come for Wenger to depart.

SHAREHOLDERS at Arsenal will NOT SACK WENGER. They are only concerned with selling tickets and making a profit on the transfer market. They want to ensure their share prices rise when they eventually sell up in a couple of years.

AFC is no longer about creating brillaint free-flowing football. We have been lost to WENGER AND THE ARSENAL BOARD... whose inability to spend money will cost us yet again.

From being the top team in London a few seasons ago.... we are now BEHIND CHELSEA, ON PAR WITH TOTENHAM and as yesterdays performance showed SHOULD BE BEHIND FULHAM!

its disgusting to witness such an atrocious performance on the second week of the new league.



Anonymous said...

We are playing like the RESERVE TEAM OF DERBY COUNTY

Wow Arsene, you better mark my words,
PANIC BUY two world class midfielders: 1DM+1CM NOW or you will be the laughing stock of EPL!!!

Too bad Arsene, the Hlebgate and Flaminigate and Diarragate are your undoing!

Anonymous said...

Wenger knew already he was gambling by bringing in no immediate replacement for Hleb/Flamini/Diarra/Gilberto

His gambling on internal promotion Denilson/Eboue/Walcott/Diaby is now entirely his folly and his responsability. These four are crap

Wenger needs to resign and move to the championship side to start a feeder club, not screw around at Arsenal