Sunday, 24 August 2008

I just cant get my head around it!..............

I just cant understand the logic of sending out Johan Djourou on loan. The player has a very bright future and I want it to be in an Arsenal shirt.

He must feel disillusioned enough as it is. In the games previous to yesterday he was one of better players for Arsenal. It must be hard for him to do well and then be instantly replaced as soon as Toure or Gallas is fit.

Maybe that's why Arsenal can be complacent at times. There is no competition for places, certain players know that they will be picked if fit.

The arrival of Silvestre has increased the amount of players at the back so Le Boss feels the need to let one go. If so, why not let Senderos go out on loan? You never know, a whole season of first team action could be just what Senderos needs to get the best out of him.

I believe that Djourou is ahead of Senderos in development at the moment. I feel more confident of Djourou playing than his Swiss counterpart.

We've been linked with a player called Mbia who plays for Rennes, the club that Le Boss is willing to let Djourou join. Perhaps that's the real reason behind the move.

If that's the case then I'm gutted for Djourou. He shouldn't be sacrificed for a transfer target, he should be kept. Le Boss needs to stop being so tight and splash the cash for a change. Keep Djourou at Arsenal, the squad is weak in numbers.

It's simple, Djourou stays and Mr Wenger signs the DM we need. Because I feel if we let him go out on loan then he wont feel wanted at Arsenal and will leave. And that would be a big mistake.

Keep it Goonerish...........

UPDATE: Sky sports say Senderos could be going on loan to AC Milan for season with a fee of £2m being discussed.


Anonymous said...

totally agree. gallas has been poor and disgraced wenger and the team with his attitude and behaviour in some games..
Djourou IN

Anonymous said...

Wrighty dont get my hopes up. Could Senderos really be leaving?

Please say yes?

Anonymous said...

wenger is full of shit.

GOONA said...

Good article

Anonymous said...

If Wenger is stupid enough to loan out or sell Djourou at this stage then as far as I'm concerned, Wenger can back his bags and leave with him as well.

Wrighty7 said...

Yes, according to Sky Sports. The most ahem.....reliable source around.

Anonymous said...

Djourou should get straight back in the team, what did he do wrong to be dropped?
I feel AW doesn't rate him and prefer Song in defence instead wich is crazy!

Wenger is losing it big time!!!

Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe people slating wenger, have you forgotten what hes done for this club?!? We was boring old Arsenal before he joined us, hes helped with bringing this club forward like in the development in the stadium. You lot should be ashmed to call yourselfs gooner fans... seriously, plastic supporters!

Anonymous said...

Anyone can see that Djourou isn't good enough so why believe such rubbish, get your head out of the sand.
Fabregas should be captain not that moaning fucker who plays up to the cameras, the players don't respect him anymore so bring in someone who is the Arsenal future and has won a top trophy.
Maybe it's time for Wenger to move upstairs and let someone else take the reins, because Eboue and denilson are not good enough and Adebayor is a greedy cunt who isn't fit to wear that shirt, I believe it's his greed with Gallas being given the armband that is causing problems

Anonymous said...

Even the great Clough got Forest relegated, so why should Wenger be any different, calling fans plastic because they voice their opinions is childish.
Everyone has their day so why shouldn't that apply to Wenger.
We all know he has done wonders but in the last four seasons we have gone backwards.
He has had his best moments at Arsenal and if this rut continues then fans will be booing him, mark my words

Anonymous said...

wenger is really fuc*in things up.

just imagine eboue playing full back then winger then centeral midfeild ??

WTF ??

and song is brilliant in MD but he plays CB ??!!

i think AW is in his last days in arsenal and surely arsenal deserves better than a coach who is making us look like shit-heads
(e.g. 5-1 spurs 4-0 manu 1-0 fulham !!) and yet more to come ??

GoonerPete said...

Djourou was a big part of the reason we kept a clean sheet, which in itself is pretty embarrasing, but I'm pretty sure if it had been Toure and Gallas at the back we would not have picked up three points.

I thought the midfield looked somewhat gutless 85 minutes out of 90 yesterday and that's being generous. I still think Djourou's good enough to be a stand in holding mid, certainly it's quite apparent, it's a position he's a damn site more comfortable with than either Denilson or Eboue were.

All in all, the disillusionment seems to be growing by the day when it comes to us Gooners.

Mittin said...

Lol arsenal arnt the fast flowing attacking foorball team they once were, they bloody football is now bloody slower than ever, and theyr counter attacking is a joke at bets now. The only football they now play is frustrating shiit football. Im a die hard arsenal fan, and everytime i now watch them, its just the same old shit, its totally frustarting. I just dont enjoy watching them because i know what they do, is pass crap and thats all, its not fast flowing or attacking but slow crap passing nothing more. wenger has lost the plot big BIG BIG time.

Dan said...

who should be arsenal manager next season then after we flop this year peops? i reckon if van basten does well at ajax he could be a realistic option, he plays good football too.

why am i writing this, maybe in the hope that wenger or one of his assistants stumbles across this and then gets the message to UP THEIR F**KING ACT!!!


Anonymous said...

AW has lost it...I thot U didn't change a winning team...The CB has been a problem of late he had a guy in there who was doing well...kept cleansheets ...he takes himoff brings back Toure who looks overweight and short of confidence..we will not win the EPL this season but if he doesn't break this toure/Gallas patnership we will not finish top 4...

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand why Toure is in the starting line up. He hasn't put in one good performance for the whole of 2008 yet whenever he's fit, Senderos or Djourou are dropped for him. Why drop players in form? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

We can't afford to become a club where out of form players keep their place in the starting line up. Why weren't Song and Bendtner brought on at HT? Why does Eboue constantly get starts? I admit he's a good utility player but if we ever have one player in midfield injured, he always gets a start and to be honest we should have a third player like Rosicky or Nasri who can play on the wings and at CM. Walcott is unreliable if Rosicky or Nasri are ever out.

I wish we gave Flamini the contract he deserved, unless it was an outrageously large figure, the move would've been good financially as we'd be more stable on the pitch and wouldn't have to pay another club for a new player AND pay the player's wages.

Anonymous said...

Ottmar Hitzfeld. He was recently voted Bayern Munich' greatest ever manager and has a provn track record in Europe too.

Gus Hiddink. How much longer will he stick it out with Russia?

Roberto Manicini. Ok, he couldn't really fail with Inter seeing as they had no-one to really challenge them but worth a punt.

Frank Rijkard. Arguably too reliant on having top players in order to succeed.

All potential replacements.

Anonymous said...

i have jus one question, y is he so hell bent on playing eboue.. wrighty ne chance u have an answer to that?? ;) and y would he wanna send djourou, i mean he s been playing well, very few genuine mistakes and seeing the number of chances we have given to some of our other players he deserves it at the least..

Anonymous said...

As Arsene has stated publicly "We had 60 minutes to respond after Fulham scored but we did not create a lot and I don't know why." There you have it, Arsene doesn't know, from the man himself.

And where are the idiot bloggers who think we can win the epl title with this squad? This is the league now, our bread and butter, time to stop messing about and bring in some able players. Eboue, Walcott, Denilson, Gallas should not be starting any more games this season. There have to be consequences for a performance like that, if not, what kind of message does that send? This team in spite of all can win a lot of games but that's as far as this team will ever go this year, next year, in five years. Who cares about totts, they're not a measuring stick for us. It feels good to vent, but in all seriousness if wenger doesn't buy now this season is long gone.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, i think both. Arsene says today he sees no reason to panic buy. i feels sick.

Anonymous said...

Gallas needs some time on the bench but I dont think he is over the hill yet. If he spends a few games on the bench he will problably get his act together and stop playing like a 15 year old....

Anonymous said...

wengers fucking lost it, i didn't actually know till just now that djourou was loaned out. it actually makes me feel sick, why loan out a fantastic centre back when we're in need of a centre back? WHY does wenger have this trust in senderos when he can't play 1 game without fucking up around 4 times. djourou made even our captain look average when we scraped the 1-0 against west brom. to make me feel even worse, i watched kompany play a man of the match performance for city today. a player arsene has watched for years and years but then announced he would not sign. kompany plays centre back AND deffensive mid convincinly. i can't believe im saying this but i'm fed up with arsene.

prabu said...

AW sold Flamini (who was a Vierra minus red cards),hleb who were the fulcrum of the team last year.And no replacements in hand or mind!
AW has become very lazy.
Bring on Tony as Asst and let the honourable professor take a back seat

prabu said...

AW, surprised us with Silvestre? Clearly a lazy option.
Where are the replacements for Flamini/Hleb?
If Traore has the balls to beat MANU at PSM, why loan him?
Do u not believe that he can do that here?
Do u have such a big squad to afford loan transfer?

Surprise us with Tony Adams NOW as your asst and take a back seat.We still salute you.But clearly you need rest NOW.

Anonymous said...

Arsene would never buy Kompany he's friggen' ancient, he's 22 years old, keep dreamin'. Xabi, holy shyte man, at 26 clearly past his best and negative resale value and therefore can't happen. Arsene prefers big performances not big signings. You know like the big performance at fulham which announced to the entire league that all you have to do is pressure our midfield deny them space and you've got a good chance to beat us.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care about Djourou because I feel the PROBLEM IS OUR MIDFIELD.

Arsenal's strength last year was it's midfield, we won the games in the midfield, this year we are pathetic there.

There is no way we can replace both Hleb and Flamini in 7 days, it's too late and Wenger will not panic buy but his kids are not ready

Prepare to suffer...

Anonymous said...

Did you know that CHELSEA got Deco for 8Million ?


Well if we had Deco instead of these four bench warmers, we would be covered when Fabregas needs to recover, and we would have won against Fulham

I think we need more flexibility in our transfer policy, it is unacceptable to miss out on certain opportunities

Anonymous said...

If Fabregas gets injured we are going to get RELEGATED.

Denilson is no cover for Fabregas, they were lucky to get away with it agaisnst Twente/WBA.

Fulham game was GREAT, because now arsene KNOWS... he needs to spend $60+ million on two midfielders or we will be bottom table this year.

6 days to go...

Anonymous said...

I was really concerned yesterday when I looked at Man City/West Ham fixture yesterday... I felt that ManCity has A MUCH BETTER TEAM than ours this year- the midfield was excellent : ireland, johnson, elano, petrov and Up Front Sturridge looked like he is really the better Van Persie

I think of Denilson/Eboue/Walcott/Van Persie and I feel sorry for myself. Wenger is too slow at firing people- these four need to go now!

Anonymous said...

all you arsene haters
go play your football manager and build your 'dream team'
Meanwhile I will watch the greatest manager in the world, Arsene Wenger build a great young team and watch them win many trophies.
I'm sure if you all know so much about football, then you could apply for his job, and you would all probably get it as well

Anonymous said...

We don't hate Arsene! just think
he needs to spend some cash NOW because it IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION. YES PANIC!

his plan to rebuild after the loss of Hleb/Flamini/Gilberto/Diarra by promoting internally will ruin us the next 2-3 seasons. Nobody is ready to step up.

The two clowns in center midfield Denilson/Eboue are not ready or out of Position

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