Saturday, 23 August 2008

How do you sum up Arsenal's performance today?


I'll leave it at that. Until tomorrow.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

Spot on Wrighty

Anonymous said...

Spot on Wrighty

Dangerous Gooner said...

I'll add two more words:


Made me ashamed to be an Arsenal fan. Where was the passion?

Maybe its time for Wenger to go. Denilson and Eboue in the middle of midfield? Fucking embarassing.

I bet United, Chelsea and Liverpool are shitting themselves at the prospect of facing Arsenal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very mature Wrighty7.

Goonbrother said...

I dont know why but i'm rather pleased with this, yes ive never seen arsenal pass the ball that bad since ?!?!?! but but hopefully this will be the bounce back game where we learn not to be so fuking laid back when we play the lower teams, something we have been doing for the past seasons, maybe know this arsenal team will actually try when we play wes brom, hull sunderland etc etc

Wrighty7 said...

It was a shit performance but I'm not ruling Arsenal out of the title.

Its a set-back that maybe crucial at the end of the season but it's now clear to see that our squad isn't strong enough.

The midfield is where we lost the game today.

gazzap said...

man u were shit for 5 games at the start of last season and won the title....I dont think WE will win the title though! second behind chelsea is still possible as there is a long way to go but Chelsea are miles ahead of everyone else IMO.

Anonymous said...

I know, it's just one game, and the second of the PL season, but there's not a chance in hell we're gonna win anything with this squad..
Denilson as back up for Cesc is nothing less than a joke..

Anonymous said...

one thing should be said on a miserable day - and that is that Eboue was our best player and the only one who had the ability to run with the ball and vary his passing.

Walcott, Denilson, Gallas, Toure, Adebayor, were RUBBISH!

Anonymous said...

A kick in the teeth

Anonymous said...

Gazzap Man Utd are a world class team with top quality players in every position and led by the best manager english football has ever seen whereas Arsenal have one class player carrying a group of substandard crap being led by an irritating french weirdo with a penchant for young boys.

GAYA said...


Anonymous said...

We were fucking awful. No passion, no leadership, no passing or control and no pissing tactics.

If I see that uselss shit Eboue in the CM again I'll take him out and the useless samba dancing wimp Denilson.

Run midfield, he couldn't run a bath

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand the sight of Wenger, his arrogance and ignorance has already cost us the championship and any other chance of winning anything. I just hope and pray that Arsenal lose a few more in the coming weeks so we can finally see this frog idiot sacked

Anonymous said...

wenger needs his head tested ,, denilson and eboue dont deserve a arsenal shirt , they wouldnt get in to most of the top 10 teams in the league, any other manager who sat there and watch a pleayer do a job a sbad as denilson would have took him off at half time , the foul throw summed it all up for me , get in alonso no matter how much we need a centre midfield , i pray to wenger the god to give up on eboue , denilson as long as they are in the team we are going nowhere uefa cup at best !

Anonymous said...

what's with all the racism this is about football so we lose a game the only reson I'm pissed is because I'm not used to losing so early in the season I'm conner till I die even if we were in championship we will win silverware this year because everone now wants to beat man u and chelsea and have written us off which will only help use on another note you get what pay for 2 players have not come and stayed at the gunners and not only winning that brings money in the clubs profits are very high so players compensation is nothink compared to bottom line profits if we couldent fill 60k seats then I understand but we do so pay the good players what they deserve so we keep turning up to match days

Anonymous said...

Could actually be a blessing in disguise - Prehaps this will prompt Mr Wenger to get his cheque book out and sign decent players. We are 3 or 4 players short of mounting a serious challenge to the title.

Anonymous said...

wenger at times is oblivious and things that chukcing in a bunch of young players is going to solve his problems, and i don't know what the hell is going on with the strikers, Bendtner came on to what affect, and van persie mismatch partnership, WENGER YOUR TIME TO SHINE IN THE TRANSFER WINDOW

Anonymous said...

My patience is wearing thin, I'm sick of waiting for the 'kids' to mature, the injuries to heal and the refs to see the fouls.

We need a new goalie, push up Fabianski as Almunia isn't good enough.

Gallas & Toure doesn't work - watch this space- Silvestre is going to replace one of them and my money is on Toure cos the hothead Gallas is the cap and leader apparently.

Eboue/Denilson - get rid. Bring in Alonso or Barry, prefer Alonso

Walcott - You've got a chance so use it you twat. Try and mix up your runs a bit

Adebayor - He has only scored more than 10 goals in a season twice, doubling his money is madness, he will not get as much this season.

RVP - Please note that is not fine to be sick for your club and not score whilst recovering and socring for your country. Make or break season

Bendtner - First touch of a pub player, simply not good enough.

Fuck i'm so depressed

Anonymous said...

typical post by someone who has his head up wengers arse.

we need to by a few players or were are fucked.

Anonymous said...

OVER SHIT! why does Wenger insist on playin Eboue, wk in wk out?? the whole team shoulda been shot today from the way we played.

I'm dissapionted in Walcott as i havent seen him making much effort.
Gallas was at fault for the goal and he'll probably blame every1 else.

Anonymous said...

denilsons passing was the worst iv seen from him, simple passes were goin astray, he cant take the pressure
if wenger eva needed 2 break the bank it is now

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Very poor by Arsenal standards.

But I think Eboue did a fantastic job, he adapted to the CM role and slot into very well - considering he's a right back. He won a lot of free kicks in a lot of dangerous positions - which ofcourse Persie was unable to convert.

Denilson, Clichy, Walcott looked way off the pass. He's way better coming off the bench. We need a new man in midfield and I hear that Inler might be on the way. I really hope so after todays showing.

Anonymous said...

Lost for words, embarrasing display with no guts, passion or quality. Wenger is being allowed to run Arsenal like his own private project.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing, we hav money in the bank, i could hav signed so & so, wenger sign world class players(it's natural they ask 4 world class wages) now. I'm tired of hearing we hav quality, we r learning, it's the values of the club that matter, wenger we haven't won a trophy in 3 seasons, we were once champions league contenders now we just make the numbers with youth! Wenger improve things now or just leave!

Anonymous said...

As i've said many times we've over-emphasised youth. Wenger is a proper man and has given the young players a chance and they've shown what they can do - they're not ready and some won't make it. The silver lining is now Wenger must act and I believe he will, he was as disappointed with today's performance as anyone. And yeah, squad depth matters.

Anonymous said...

i thought there were 200 players who wanted to join Arsenal in the summer?

Any1 remember Mr Wenger saying that?
some1 tell me why we've not seen or heard about ny of them?

Anonymous said...

We've played 3 competetive games against shit teams and we have been laughably poor in all of them.
Wenger doesnt know what he's doing anymore, 1-0 down and he brings on a central defender? Why not gamble, throw on wilshire and gibbs.

A defensive midfielder is not enough. Add to that a new winger, central defender, goalkeeper and striker.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the fookin' idiot fans now that say we can win the title with this squad??

Anonymous said...

yeah, the 200 players were all 11 years old and very enthusiastic.

Anonymous said...

If Nasri would have played behind the Adebayor instead of RVP (who has been completely useless recently) we would have created many more chances.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal=AW can forget about winning anything on this performance.Yes Arsenal dominated the game and had 1000 shots at goal whereas Fulham had three shots and one goal.
Aw is complicating matters with his technical footbal. The direct route is what wins matches repeat win matches not beautiful soccer.
I bet not many people can remember the unbeaten season.Most will remeber the treble season of 1999.
The players are taking their places for granted.It's about time some are dropped.that's where experiecnce will be lost.
As usual Aw will be giving all kinds of reasons.Chief of which is the international week.A win against NU has taken on astromic reasons.KK has learned his lesson and will temper his swash buckling style with steel .
Don't be surprised if Arsenal were to lose again.

danish gooner said...

If this is going to be the standard fucking hell !!! 10th will be a strecth.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Bollocks!!!

Wenger is too conceited to admit he's fucked up this season as well with the shower of shit he's got on the pitch.

Manure, Chelski and the Mickeys must be quivering in their boots having seen a performance like that . . . AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

eboue was by far our best midfielder today take away your dislike for the player and look at his performance!!!
Adebayor shall now get what he gets as he is now more in the spotlight due to his high wage bill so we shall now expect to get a performance that matches that and i very much dout he can do that.

Anonymous said...

Time's up.

Wenger should wake up or shold leave the club. We can't afford to another cupless season anymore.


Anonymous said...

Well Done to FULHAM! How does it feel to Lose? Gutted are you? Get used to it!

Matt_afc said...

Denilson made Eboue look like Kaka today, he was shocking.

Hopefully this result will work in our favour and act as a wake up call for Wenger. MAYBE he will finally see that we need at least 2 more players. Send Denilson out on loan, he isnt ready for first team football at Arsenal.

Matt_afc said...

To be fair to Eboue though, he looks quite good in the DM role. Weird.

Anonymous said...

f'kin disgraceful, not just most of the team but especially the manager.
He has failed to address the issues we had last year and has SOLD players to make the situation even worse. Wenger took Arsenal to incredible highs.......but he's taking them all the way back down again. Some serious questions need to be asked both by Wenger himself and by the board.

Anonymous said...

Last season, it was AW arrogance that cost us the title when he refused to re-enforce in January after we were decimated by injuries. He later came back and said he made mistakes. This season again he've sold our better players and replaced them with a kid, a kid and another kid. Until something changed, Aresnal is still a long shot from winning anything.

JULZ said...

Piss poor,
Almunia u r crap if a ball is coming into the 6 yard area then come and collect it it and stop talking about playing for england, nobody wants to see that happen,
Gallas do you know what goalside is thats the fundamentals of defending,
Eboue if ur not back up for right back get off my pitch,
walcott learn how to use your pace u silly w#nker whats the point of being quick if u never use it,
Denilson i liked u until today when u proved that ur passing is so poor that every time we tried to make a break u gave the ball away,
Van persie how many time r u going to smash the ball into the wall or blaze it over before u realise your not going to score a free kick today Nasri would have done a better job on that 3rd or 2nd one,
Bender i know its gonna happen but i really dont want to see u wear a arsenal shirt again you are crap when u come on i think to myself what exactly r u going to do this isnt burgerking/land united were playing.
Clich, Nas, Koko, Sagna and even song i liked u out there today, Ade u didnt do anything wrong but u never did much right.

In my opinion, JULZ

Anonymous said...

dear guys... im an arsenal from singapore.... but watching last nite peformance was a shocking experiences fro me.. been a gooner for 15 years now.... even with graham era.. with merse. smith wrighty... and now... last nite was indeed the worst perfromance ive seen for arsenal played.... think all the millions n millions of gooners who have seen the game last nite can see that ... but i dun understand who our dear aw cant see a dime... mr denilson n mr walcott i think they can come to singapore and play in our s-league thats hw good they are....cant run...cant pass...cant shoot...cant dribble... what the hack are they palying in our midfield.....this is Arsenal not soem crappy 4 or 5th division clubs... eben u start the team last note aginest lower dividions in carling cup... we might be whacked as well.... we need playerrs.. man dm n winger minium... and for those who heart doesnt lie in theclub please get rid of them .... im sure a lot of blokes here are wiilling to play for arsenal for free... im one..... sad...sad.....sad...

Anonymous said...

No midfield today this was RELEGATION worthy stuff !!!
- no denfending in midfield/high up pitch
- no attacking in midfield (building up, passing)

Really- if we don’t sort out our midfield by buying the most able $40Million midfielders (smart & able), we are going to witness a fantastic implosion at arsenal and possibly relegation

Who are we missing flamini and/or Hleb ? I think BOTH because they had a chemistry and intelligence with Fabregas while Eboue and Denilson are just cheap mugs

season ticket holder said...

APOlogies if this is a repeatLYES but, I just gotta chat shite about the team today.

Wenger picks Kolo instead of Djourou, meaning Johan cannot keep his partnership with Gallas going. Kolo was shite today and did not warrant a place, but Wenger stuck him in. Then later on, after Kolo had fucked up loads, Wenger takes him offf for Song; the new defensive midfielder!!

I dont know whats goin on, but I wish Wenger would flash sum cash!

Anonymous said...

I have said many times in
No point honestly to whine now fans.

I've told everyone, the day easily let hleb flamini and gilberto go was the day of the biggest mistake.

What happened in the first game is no coincidence. It's exactly like those transitional period those media call it, a cliche oh yeah.

Dropping points early, trying to catch up, then ending up not being able to. IT was difficult for us, to eventually be able to gel as a team, got the best of what we've got, in our midfield which is what that sparks out team. Our midfield creates our beautiful game, not FABREGAS alone!

Hleb, Flamini played a big major role. Cesc came out of it because those two did the dirty job for him. The jobs that nobody gave credit to. He played their heart out, especially Flamini, every single game he throw his soul to the game to make us play as a team and marshall our midfield to equalize when we needed it.

We've moved two step backwards,admit it or not. The first two displays are what we've seen 3 years ago. Where we'll play two inconsistent game, and one beautiful game against the big team. Then we'll drop points again, when we play against those outside the big 4.

We started the season against two relegation battlers for God's sake. One who just got promoted, and the other whom was close to relegation last season.

Our quality depth, note that it's not QUANTITY! Not numbers, i'm talking about quality of players who are able to compete for each position is almost nothing!

Anonymous said...

Last season the title was surrendered at Birmingham this term it was Fulham in August.We are not up to it and the sooner the penny drops with Mr Wenger the better.Yes Cesc will be back but lets not burden him with unrealistic hopes of clinching silverware. The dark clouds are gathering.

Anonymous said...

"Gazzap Man Utd are a world class team with top quality players in every position and led by the best manager english football has ever seen whereas Arsenal have one class player carrying a group of substandard crap being led by an irritating french weirdo with a penchant for young boys."

I notice you conveniently forget to mention that the "best manager's" nett transfer spending over the last 6 years will be £200 million more than us once you've purchased Berbatov.
It also makes me laugh when people say that Man U haven't spent a penny over the summer until now...err, what about the £30 million they needed to complete the Tevez move?

Admittedly, for Man U that's peanuts but it happens to be twice as much as our nett spending over the previous half a dozen seasons.

Man U fans don't appear to realise how ironic they are being when they accuse Chelsea of buying the title, when they have been going out and buying the top players and spending the big money for the last 15 years.

All in all, it's astounding what Wenger has achieved considering the budget he's worked with, but it does appear right now as though his stubbornness and his refusal to spend big is going to cost us.

Have we got any money to spend? I don't know, but it's a fact that while Man U and Chelsea continue to shell out 15 to £20 million on squad players, and continue to pay their top players more than anyone else, and continue to seemingly not give a damn about their economic futures, so long as they are successful now, we will only fall further behind.

Anonymous said...

Relegation is Wenger's next battle. I feel as a feeder club he'd be better served in the Championship.

SUMMER SALES OUT: Gallas, Toure, Denilson, Eboue, Van Persie, Walcott, Senderos

sell half the team and get a fresh start for f** sake!
Man City did it!
Tottenham did it!

I want a REAL team not just a bunch of 'bargains' playing out of position making the whole team suffer and lose confidence.

How much can you spend in 6 days? said...

I believe everyone must look at this.