Saturday, 15 November 2008

Aston Villa deserved the win, Arsenal deserve NOTHING!

I don't want to hear any excuses from Arsene Wenger about why we lost today. Aston Villa deserved the victory and Arsenal deserved nothing. End of.

Aston Villa outplayed us on our own turf and you wouldn't believe that this was the same Arsenal side that outplayed Manchester United last week.

It a simple case of attitude. If these players can't put in the effort for the less glamorous games then I suggest they fuck off. Aston Villa showed determination and character and the players couldn't match it. But they could against Manchester United. I wonder why?

It's about time this group of players bucked up their ideas. Arsene Wenger put a lot of faith into them and they are not living up to expectations.

Talking of expectations I have lowered mine. I felt the title was beyond us after the Stoke defeat now I'd just be happy with a fourth place finish.

I'm beginning to get worried. The gulf between us and the other big three seems to be widening, and even worse, the gap between us and the sides below seems to be narrowing.

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

i agree i think we have a real fight on our hands with villa for fourth place and a win today leaving us 6 points ahead of the would have been a big positive. Your right about the attitude of players being the reason for defeat even though im sure wenger will blame it on inexperience

manuel said...

your last comment is so accurate.

we need to get behind this team to make sure we remain a champions league club. honestly we cant even contemplate not being a CL team.

Just watching Chelsea shit all over WBA (0-3 up before half time) shows us how far away we are. MILES AND MILES AND MILES AND MILES.

Spike said...

Maybe a season without CL football will show us what players are actually up for the challenge.

We may as well blood the kids NOW, not all at once but a few.

Definitely Gjourou. But I just keep repeating myself on that one!

The attitude is deffo the issue. It was clear against Hull and yet again today.
Even tho I've supported him, Gallas must shoulder a lot of blame for allowing this lack of spirit, he should be leading by example, but is just as guilty of being nonchalent as anyone.

Sooooo frustrating after last week's performance.

BTW didnt we lose at Home to Hull after the kids whalloped Sheff Utd in the carling Cup???

leon said...

arsenal are looking one-dimentional,not only that bretnar looks to be nothing more than an impact player,looking extremly inconsistant,i cant realy understand why but it look as if arenal are out of the title race,we are 9 points behind but more important i can see arsenal dropping points again and the january is long a way away

Anonymous said...

fuck wenger// yea i said it// he brought this on.. did not buy in the summer// cesc does not look interested in this season... he has not been even close to his standards// afraid he will be off next year.. and you can't blame him.. he just got back from a summer with a winning team and stuck with us../please do not give me the speech bout how wenger is the best thing since bread... we all know what he has done for Arsenal.. there is no doubting that.. but he has gone off the boil a bit and needs to get his act together//

Spike said...

The fact Wenger has once again tried to do things on the cheap, this time by trying to kid himself and the fans that DEnilson is a decent defensive midfielder, may have something to do with Cesc's indifferent form. That and him coming back late from the Euros.

If Wenger had actually gone out and signed a quality player to replace one of the THREE effin DMs we lost, then maybe we'd be seeing an in form Cesc?

manuel said...


who's this bretnar fella you speak of?

Anonymous said...

can only say the same as I have said for 3 years...


Under Wenger we will never be good enough to win the league again, he fails to get his tactics correct and has not had a 'hard' centre to the team since Viera left.

We are drifting into battles with 4th 5t and 6th place teams, not a goof sign.

We need to change and fast

arsene wenger said...


We shouldnt panic. Trust me, I know. I will seriously give a talk to the arsenal players and start using the right players.

I am going to drop bendtner and go for vela and adebayor in our next game.

I will replace alumnia with fabianski.

Trust me

Arsene knows

leSagna said...

You hit the nail on the head when u say the players cant put in the effort with lesser teams. They are letting wenger down big time because this is the exact team that beat united and wenger aims for consistancy by keeping the same winning line but they let him down by not fighting hard.

It would have been better if we had lost but worked hard but loosing by not putting effort in jus makes me angry.

The annoying thing is that these players are good enough to beat anyone but that don't matter if you don't put in effort.

leon said...

sorry mike i must disagree you cant but this on gallas you need more one leader on the field gallas cant do everything the players have been there long enough and they should no they need to have the same intensity every game,the fact is there is no penertration and arsenal missed rvp and are most defenatly missing edwardo but vela must be played alot more

Spike said...


Dunno if you were referring to my post? But, when I mentioned Gallas, I was referring to him showing no appetite for the unglamorous games and as a captain, that is effin diabolical!

jo said...

I agree it is clearly a case of attitude! let all the players who think they are too big or fancy a move to another club go. these players are seriously letting us and wenger down, no they are not young! they are mentally weak! and regardless of where they go they will fail because being a winner is not about who you play for, it is a personal mentality. in this i do not include the fighters such as Gallas and clichy. I say drop those who dont fight every game and every minute and bring in the younge players who really want it

Wrighty7 said...

Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have all won today. I say forget them.

We need to get our own house in order before we consider those sides.

Fourth place and a trophy. ANY trophy, even the one that the Spuds won last season. And I laughed at them for that.

Anonymous said...

wat spike says is totally true
since vieira left basically wev brought in too many 21-22 year olds who only care about making a name in the big games
we need the flamini mentality
does anyone agree that fabregas is completely off-form and should be dropped so someone like ramsey can come in
cos the guy hasnt looked the same since the euros and i think its hurting the team more than anything
ramsey would bring that appetite and some much-needed strength to the midfield; and denilson seems to be playing pretty well by all accounts

white hart warrior said...

You sound desperate Wrighty!

Some people say you'll never win another trophy with Wenger in charge, I agree!!!

Spike said...

Funny thing is, I think we could do well in the Cups, as they are few and far between games and this bunch of pompous big heads might even be able to get themselves up for the games!

Wrighty7 said...

I may sound desperate but I've never be as desperate as you Spuds! That's why you've had so many managers pal!

Anonymous said...

"january is long a way away" - Whats so significant about January? We won't be buying anybody except some 17 year old french kid that no-one has ever heard of. The title has gone, lets just hope we can get that 4th spot.

bhave said...

i am not even w8in for the villa match to get over to write this.. our team should be ashamed of themselves.. even the 'kids' have shown more strength while playing.. no chances and too much inconsistency, thats our style of playing.. u know the best part, our old excuse of being only able to play against 'football' playing teams is also down the drain now.. we need to find someone to break down defences, and arsene if we need something out of this season plz look at winter window.. i think thats our only hope now.. i have already written this but i want to know neone else s opinion on wat i have to say..

jo said...

i would drop fabregas if his form does not improve, we need to create competition for places, if you dont play well then your out the team,we beat wigan convincingly on tuesday but we still knew none of the players would get a look in today. I WANT ALL THE PLAYERS WHO DO NOT FEEL HOW I DO AFTER LOSING TODAY OUT OF MY TEAM. THIS IS ARSENAL!!! IF YOU AINT GOT THE PRIDE GET LOST!!!

bhave said...

first of all spuds go check wat happened to ur 'great' team.. now for fellow gunners, stop gettin on fabregas s back.. he s not a goalscorer and his form isnt bad.. our midfield isnt creating as a whole.. wat do u expect him to do, dont forget he s pretty much a kid as well (apart wrt to the premier league and not jus arsenal).. we dont have the penetration, from ne part of the field.. and this season we gonna struggle.. believe me, i dont think wenger should leave but i think he needs to see our situation.. our inconsistency has only increased since last year, and we really need to get our act together.. now the title is out of reach, but we need to money from UCL.. don forget our loans.. so plz keep the 4th place.. otherwise we gonna get into some deep shit..

leon said...

idont know why but its total lack of intensity from the players and i dont think that everyone should start use gallas as a skape goat,the fact is there was lack of any intensitity,and i can see arsenal dropping evon more points,all the team have arsenal number they know if they organised and defend well you have extremly strong chance,but with other 3 teams you know they will find a way to win, i realy dont see why you can blame gallas,no one can tell me that gallas lacks intensisity, but you cant expect to loose 3 dm and expect to as well,it very mush damage limitation fo me arsenal need dm someone that can parner with fab, and it will be good to see how well arsenal do without fab.

another issue that concerns me is upfront bretna,he looks know than a impact player, and although he has got the height i feel vela is clearly mush better player and much better finisher,i dont think arsenal need to buy that many players just to find the right partner for fab

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm getting quite fed up with everybody making excuses for Cesc. Quite frankly the guy needs a boot up the arse!!!

jo said...

I am also fed up of losing a game then the team picks up the performance for a couple games then loses another game so tamely, they are just a bunch a posers say the right things but aint man enough to step up to the plate as men and show some respect to the talent they have. they are not superstars what have they acheived? but the way they act on the pitch you would think they have won everything hence lack motivation.I feel sorry for Wenger what do you do with players like that!

Anonymous said...

yeh im not saying fabregas should be sold or anything, i think hes a great player but when someone isnt playing well, isnt it right to give someone else a chance??? (ramsey)
the same goes for walcott our team is in trouble atm, and hes still not ready to be a starter, dont care wat anybody says - hes on the same level as bendtner; not quite there yet
but bendtner gets attacked cos hes danish and no one notices walcotts poor performances...

Anonymous said...

wenger makes them like this
he doesnt take them out the team when they play crap like this, doesnt realise when change is needed

Anonymous said...

"And Denilson has been playing well by all accounts" - ha what a joke.

Let's examine how Denilson has been playing well by all accounts:

He cant pass, cant tackle, cant mark, cant shoot, cant head the ball.

Yeah he is a real star in the making.

Look at today's side and tactics objectively: Denilson, Silvestre, Almunia, Bendtner aren't even Carling Cup squad quality. We are playing one up front at home. STEVE SIDWELL OWNED OUR MIDFIELD.

Since Wenger wont go spending at the transfer window, our chances for this season are none.

Anonymous said...

yeah feel sorry for Wenger because the players are all prima donnas. Of course, Wenger does control who is in the squad and who he buys, but no its Wenger that deserves pity. Take off your blinders.

Anonymous said...

im sorry mate i duno who uv been watching
denilson has been one of our best players this year
cant pass, shoot or tackle? err, i just have to disagree with u there
fabregas is blatantly just upset that flamini and hleb hav left, hes said this, but he seems unwilling to make it work

Anonymous said...

Its the same old story this season put in a couple of good performances and the players are patting themselves on the back.

We have won fuck all for three years and wont win anything in the next three years with the spineless attitude of our team. Fair play to villa today the outplayed us and deserved their points. Us fans deserve better. Sort it out Arsene for fucks sake.

lp said...

What we need is a midfielder who can shoot from long range put pressure on the other team defence like Gerrard or Viera and none of our current midfield like that. they did not put any pressure. with Cesc, i think he needs a break because he hasn't been playing well after the euro and Arsene should put Ramsey on just to refresh the team and put Vela instead of Bendtner. Vela can chase the ball and dribble well better than Bendtner.

After today games Arsene should look at the team attacking structure and midfield. He can just forget about the title. He need to focus on getting the team back on track and get the fourth place so we can qualify playing CL next season.

Anonymous said...

Dont blame Wenger
He admitted that Villa deserved to win.
He also consantly protects his players to get the critics on to him, and releive the pressure on his underperforming players.
We played the same team and same tactics as against Man U. Now we may have been playing a team who just sat back and didnt attack like Man U, but despite this, the team Arsene put out on the park should have been able to break down Villa.

Anonymous said...

Denilson had a good patch of form from Aug 30 to Sept 20 and in that small window he showed that he has potential. He has made no assists, no goals and created almost no chances for the team since then. Sorry fact. He has been ordinary.

Fabregas has also been ordinary by Fabregas standards but he has created twice the chances that Denilson has and has has 4 assists, 1 goal, and forced the own goal against Hull and has 2/3rds as many tackles as Denilson, roughly the same number of clearances and only slightly less interceptions.

Basically people are using two scales here you are saying Denilson is ok, based on your expectations of how he can play, your saying Fab sucks, based on how you expect him to be able to play.

The problem is Denilson is not actually really any better than a disappointing Fab which has to tell you that Denilson is not good enough and I agree Fab needs to step up but if you are going to drop Cesc you need to drop Denilson as he has not been any better or contributed any more to the team than Fab.

In fact he has actually contributed less and Song is far better cover for Denilson's role than Ramsey would be for Cesc at this stage, after all Aaron played in the CL and disappeared - no criticism, he needs time and we need to give him a chance - but if you think Ramsey can just come in and deliver as much as Fab does ... well thats optimistic.

Fabregas with 2 less games plays leads the league for chances created Frank Lampard is in second. He is supposed to create chances and he has been doing it. He sucked against Aston Villa no doubt but it's just knee jerk to claim hes been off form all season and that just shows some of you are biased because hes had good games and crap games, he hasn't played the same week in, week out. If you were being more objective you'd know that.

danceoftheshamen said...

Don't be too down-hearted Gooners!! From my point of view you are in a transitional period which is always a recipe for some inconsistent performances. I notice too that none of the comments here are acknowledging the fact that Villa have actually improved a good deal & are indeed capable of now winning the occasional game against the top 4..Lets face it us Villa fans are the experts, when it comes to transitional periods, as we were in one for 25 years!!! I think you witnessed on Saturday the emergence of a new threat to the dominance of the established top 4 but surely that makes the whole premiership more exciting?

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell, stop blaming Denilson you silly twats. He was probably our best player yesterday and has probably been our best player all season so far, but because Cesc is just shit at the moment you have to find an excuse for him don't you?

Anonymous said...

Oh great, now people are saying that because Denilson's not scoring goals or creating assists he must be crap. Ummm...last time I checked he's the best passer in our team this season, has the most assists, is NOT an attacking midfielder and did you even see his pass yesterday which Walcott fucked up when we could've gone 1-0 up?

Jav said...

It pains me to see so many gooners still hail praises for Fabregas when it is evidently clear that he's probably been our shittest player this season. I feel so embarrassed when us gooners hail him as one of the worlds best coz I don't think he's in the same league as say Gerrard, Scholes, Lampard or Ballack. Fair to say to that his passing accuracy and range is probably unrivalled when he is on form but when he's not, I think he is just a passenger in this team and the main culpit behind our lacklustre performances.

On the other hand, I personally think Denilson isn't getting enough credit for the work he is doing. Single-handedly he has carried the the weight of both defensive and offensive work this season because of Fabregas poor form. Denilson deserves a better midfield partner and I believe will flourish alongside a similar tough central midfielder like Diaby or Ramsey.

I think Fabregas' days at this club are numbered. His style of football would suit any team in mainland europe when players are afforded more time and space to work their magic and the top players are protected. I don't think the physical game suits Fabregas anymore and referees seem to be too biased against Arsenal.

I think that too much damge has been done this season to consider mounting a serious and sustained challenge for the league. We can still do a treble if we concentrate on the CC, CL and FA cup and that I feel is our best chance at silverware. This season I feel maybe the last for players like Fabregas, Gallas and Adebayor. If Rosicksy continues to be injury plagued then I feel he too must go because I'm starting to get pissed off with his unreliability.

I guess this is gonna be another transitional season for us but some positives are that we know how good players like Denilson, Diaby, Walcott, Djourou, Vela and Bendtner are yet for all of these players it is their first seasons where they are challenging for starting places against our seasoned professionals. If we can keep this core group of young players then I feel we will come back much, much stronger and united next year.

It is players like, Gallas, Fabregas and Adebayor who are now constantly failing us with their half-hearted attempts against lesser opposition.

People need to give Bendtner a break because he is playing a lone man role and that is not how he plays. He plays best when he is linking up with other strikers or wing forwards. Why the hell is Diaby playing second striker? He should be playing midfield instead of Fabregas. Sorry but Almunia isn't a good enough goalkeeper. If a keeper can't command his 6 yard box then he clearly isn't good enough. It's time to give Fabianski a run in the side and see how he performs. I have so much more faith in his aerial ability which has been our downfall this season.

Anonymous said...

dream on Denilson our best passer why don't you check your facts hes played more games than Fabregas and not made as many passes. I know you people hate for facts to get in the way of your bias but it's true.

Also until the game against Manchester United when the roles were clarified. Denilson had played most of the season in an interchanging role with Fabregas, both taking turns forward and back and in some games Denilson played more of the game in a forward position than Fabregas so yes he has to create if he does that and he didn't.

Clearly I've come across some little blinkered Denilson fan-boys here, Denilson is ok, he's been as good as Fab like I said but they've both not been up to standard people. Denilson our best player dream on. So let's keep him forever cos with out best player being Denilson we are out of the title race in November. We need better than that a lot better than that. Hes so far short of Arsenal standard it's unacceptable, Fabregas needs to step up but the problem for Denilson is can he step up we've never really seen him play at the standard needed consistently. He made 1 good pass yesterday, wow, let's have a ticker-tape parade. Man talk about fan-boys.

leo said...

Denilson doesn't have the most assists he has 3 in all competitons full stop. Check again. Denilson is a journeyman player. If that's all we are aspiring to have at Arsenal then we won't win owt.

Anonymous said...

You Arse fans make me laugh, you really do, although not as much as Spuds fans.
You have a superb manager and don't forget it.
How you can be bitching about Wenger just amazes me.He's been stunning for your club.
Let's face it, your club doesn't have a pot to piss in, because of the interest payments on the ground, but you still have some cracking kids coming through. It could be a lot worse, trust me.
You were beaten by a better side on the day, simple as. It happens.
I have to agree with the comment that Villa are getting better, but then I would say that, being a Villa fan, wouldn't I? :-)

FWIW, I thought the bin dippers would be the ones to drop out of the SKY 4.
I suspect you'll be OK though THIS YEAR :-)