Monday, 10 November 2008

The Dane with a whole load of pain

I feel sorry for Nicklas Bendtner. He has taken a bit of stick from some quarters after he missed a few decent chances on Saturday.

He is young and has a bright future ahead of him. Lets not jump on his back before his career has even begun.

Nicklas is a confident player but will be inconsistent because of his age. He is still learning his trade.

Yes he missed some chances but lets not forget he played upfront on his own against two world-class defenders in Ferdinand and Vidic. He worked his socks off for the whole game and deserves a bit of credit.

Bendtner will become a top player, and a top player for Arsenal no doubt. He isn't rated by so many people in the game for no reason. Let's show him a little support.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

well done wrighty, not a fan of all your work but sometimes you do get it right for me, was expecting to read another article slating him, he didnt score playing up front against what was last year the best defence in the league, sack him now!

Anonymous said...

when you see a striker returning back to defend and work his socks out in a whole game there's only one thing to say....RESPECT!

p.s: and we haven't even concidered he played against the best central defending pair in PL

Top Gun said...

Nice work Wrighty,

Bendtner worked so hard in this game and deserved a goal.

OK he didn't get one but he doesn't deserve any stick for how he played.

Anonymous said...

ya. we gotta give the guy some credit for workin his socks off, but i honestly can't see him ever becoming an Arsenal regular. But i'm not Le Prof so hopefully he is seeing something that i haven't

Anonymous said...

the way i see it is that if we can still cheer adebayor for missing 20 chances before he scores and for getting caught offside a million times every half and doing nothing but sulking, we can certainly cut bendtner some slack.

bendtner is still learning and at 20 will only get better. he worked hard on sat which is more than can be said for ade. by the time bendtner is ades age he will be twice the player,

so ease off him, if adebayor was in the team would he off taken them chances, probably not, he'd probably be moaning that nasri didnt pass to him.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of NikkiB - but he's clearly not liked by some of the players. Fabregas v Fenerbahce was always throwing his arms up at him a la Henry to Reyes.

Bendtner is a great talent and was excellent v ManU, pulling Rio & Vidic all over the pitch. Would definitely play him ahead of Adebayoffside who pisses me off every game.

Anonymous said...

Bentdner is class. Believe it.
He was great against Man Utd, just ask Wenger who called him 'outstanding'. He worked his socks off and really made Vidic and Ferdinand look uncomfortable for all 96 minutes.

And another thing for all those who want rid off him... how would a 20 year-old Eduardo, RVP or Adebayor fare in the same situation, up front, alone, against 2 world class CBs?

Anonymous said...

Good point Wrighty. Seeing fat-boy Rooney and "should be at Madrid" Ronaldo miss some good chances, puts Nik's efforts in perspective. I'm sure he'll come good.

Anonymous said...

i give him top marks,i wish he scored because he deserved to, any forward that plays up front alone and runs for the team for 90 mins deserves respect,adebayor did it for a whole lot of games last season,respect to nick,a young guy doin a bigmans job!

The Goon said...

hi wrighty

im afraid i have moved my blog yet again to

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im expanding so needed the facilities!

would you be able to change the link to your blog mate? il get one to yours up ASAP

cheers buddy.

Marv tha' Gooner said...

Quite what large balck penis'have to do with this blog is clearly beyond me..

Nice article Bendtner has provided us with some vital goals. I do however believe he is better suited to a 4-4-3 formation.

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 19:56,


Wrighty7 said...

No worries mate!

The links changed.

Spike said...

I think Bendtner did a top job against United's defence. Just coz he didn't score seems to be enough for some to slate the young Dane.

Oh for shame!!!!!!!!! :D

Nice 1 Wrighty!

Anonymous said...


Francis said...

" Nice article Bendtner has provided us with some vital goals. I do however believe he is better suited to a 4-4-3 formation."

surely you meant 4-3-3
or maybe 3-4-3
or God forbid 3-3-4

Anonymous said...

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good article mate, i think bendnter is not quite ready yet but he did a job against the mancs, and i think he struggles in the 1st team because hes unpopular amingst the 1st teamers, they always seem to be quick to jump on him and tend to leave him out of celebrations. ie the game at west ham when he made that awesome pass, everyone ran to ade like it was a brilliant piece of individual skill, and they all left bendnter alone on the half way line, when the only real piece of individual skill came from him.

2/3 years and a run in the first team and the lad will be dynamite.

Anonymous said...

well said

lp said...

nice post wrighty. i agree with you, he works hard against Manu. give him another 2 year he would probably be another best striker for arsenal.

Anonymous said...

I think Bendtner was tactically coached by Wenger before the game in relation to his positioning, he never came to pressure the centrebacks when the ball was in their possession, instead he manmarked Anderson out of the game up field, forcing Ferdinand to feed the ball out to the wings which were well covered or hoof it inaccurately upfield.....unconventional but pure genius from Wenger.
This did give Bendtner a disadvantage and some serious ground to cover when attacking though, especially with the likes of Walcott to keep up with.

London Gun