Monday, 24 November 2008

Let Fabregas grow into the job and don't hate Gallas

It's been confirmed that Cesc Fabregas is the man to lead Arsenal into a new era and while it's going to a popular decision amongst Gooners I call for a little calm on the situation.

It is a difficult time for anyone to be captain of Arsenal. The team are struggling and there are a lack of leaders throughout the side. It's not going to be easy for Cesc.

We must give Fabregas time to grow into the role of skipper. Let's not put too much pressure on his shoulders and think he will become the messiah. I think he will prove to be a great captain if we allow him the time to develop into the job.

Hopefully this appointment of Fabregas will lift the players. He is clearly well liked by the squad and best of all he has a real affinity with Arsenal and us Gooners.

He has all the right ingredients to become an Arsenal legend. At the age of 21 he has a long time left in the game, hopefully he will spend that time with Arsenal and lead us into a golden era.

Obviously William Gallas will now find it difficult to remain at Arsenal. I hope that isn't the case. Regardless of what has happened, Gallas is still a world class defender and Arsenal are better off with him than without him.

Maybe the captaincy was a burden on William Gallas. The media and many Arsenal supporters never really took to Gallas being captain. We forget it was his first time in the role and he never endeared himself to Gooners with his sometimes extraordinary outbursts.

We may even see the best of Gallas now. He will be determined to prove people wrong, the pressure of being captain is now lifted from his shoulders, it may provide him with a new leash of life.

If Arsene Wenger is willing to offer Gallas an olive branch then so must we. If Gallas is to remain at the club then he needs to perform on the pitch and we need to put this sorry mess behind us.

Don't show Gallas hate, he might score an own goal.......Seriously though, the team needs us now and that means Gallas does too.

There is a bright future with Cesc as our figure head. Its the present that needs sorting, this may just lift the club.

Keep it Goonerish.................


Semaj Rekrab said...

You nailed it top article mate. Gallas is a class defender those who can't see it don't understand football.

Those who think he ever had the right personality for captain need a lesson in reading human behaviour.

GoonerP said...

Agree with Semaj, you are spot on.

BillyJ said...

You love Gallas dont ya Wrighty?

Very well put though mate. I think Fabregas is the right man for the job and it will please Gooners.

Gallas will go in January but I'd prefer him to stay. You are right, Arsenal are better with him than without him,

Stephen Lux said...

Great article! Simple and effective. Let's all cheer on the team in difficult times, Gallas included. Long live the new captain! He will prove to be an amazing captain for Arsenal... if he stays over the summer. Really, really hope he does now and provide a bright future for this team.

Anonymous said...

Guys guys guys - Look at your picture on the site - Martin Keown.This is what we are missing.
I myself and I hope all Gooners at the Emirates tomorrow night will be abusing Gallas. HE SHOULD NEVER PLAY FOR ARSENAL AGAIN. Wenger has seriously misjudged this situation and will face the backlash tomorrow.

AW said...

Well siad Wrighty7.
Booing the team or any individual is not in any red blooded arsenals fans blood. Support through passion and we will see a new AFC that will start a charge to the top of the table. We have had some very bad luck with injuries (somehow we always seem to). But with Eduardo coming back we can only get stronger. We have such an important role to play as fans, I know we are all very frustrated after the last few weeks but booing, jeering and graoning will not help our team at all. I fwe sing and chant with all our hearts for ALL of our team tomorrow, that could be the turning point for our boys. Come on gooners let's show who the best team in england is...ARSENAL!

Wrighty7 said...

I'm worried that if we abuse Gallas he will score an own goal!

Nah, seriously though. What good will abusing Gallas do? It won't help the team.

It's time to move on and forget it now. Lets look to the future, not the past.

cliffeh said...

People have to respect that Cesc is only 21 yrs old!

I really dont know how much of an influence Cesc will have on the team straight away but he is clearly liked throughout the squad and all of Gonnerville.

Give the lad some time though, let him grow into his new role and see him flourish.

Cesc was always an Arsenal legend in the making. Now he has just cemented it.

Hopefully now the good bit of news will lift the team morale and we can grind out a few results.

I can't see Gallas hanging about though. He strikes me as a stubborn sod and I can't see him apologising to his team mates. He'll bugger off back to france in January me thinks and Arsene will replacement him with some other unknown strapping CB along with a top class defensive midfielder.

Anonymous said...

Gallas is our best centre back. How the fuck will abusing him help? Yes he should've had the captaincy removed but he always tries his hardest and he deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

Anonymous said...

i dont' think we've to boo him on against Dinamo and help blues to boo him on stamford as well.

we've to let him play until the end of the season. we dont' have much choises left, so let him finish the season and then we've to sale him..

there was a gosip about upson.. to swap him would be a good idea.


gooner said...

Cheers to that mate. Agree with everything you said.

Susie said...

With all the Gallas haters on here and other blogs its going to be hard for him to stay - You people who slatted Gallas for his commitment to the club should be ashamed of yourselves, you know who you are - driving a man out of a club is disgraceful!
To all you people that want to boo Gallas stay away from the ground you are not proper're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some sense being spoken on an arsenal blog. I don't think you'll hear to many boos at the emirates, most of the whingers and haters who appear on these blogs tend to be somewhat more quiet in the real world....

leon said...

i do agree it was the right decision but whole team all of to be leasers on the field and they can do that by improving there performaces.i hope gallas to stay because is arsenal best defender,however the team is clearly lacking in confedence from the totenham game,but i think the players will be more willing fight alot more fab than gallas

Anonymous said...

i agree with u completely on this one
gallas' performances may have been flawed but he always put in the effort; plus it would be like making him a scapegoat for our difficulties which would be completely unfair, as theres plenty of other areas that need more attention
i just think the captain responsibility at a club like ours was too much for him
i believe fabregas can do this job, but it might not come through instantly

Anonymous said...

Are you all mad? Where does all this crap about Gallas being our best defender spring from? It's certainly not from rational thought. Gallas has been directly at fault in conceding more goals than any other defender in the squad. He single-handedly allowed the losing goal to Fulham as he didn't relish making a challenge, and there have been a number of goals allowed of similar sort by him. That's not mentioning the many times he left us short in defence by pushing forward as if he were a midfielder and not getting back when we were countered (usually because Denilson gave it away, but that's another rant altogether). This isn't even to bring up how completely unfit a professional and captain he's proven himself to be. Our best defender, when we have the best 2 fullbacks in the league? It's laughable.

I would not abuse Gallas at a match, because it would do us no good at all. But I do hope he'll be gone in the transfer window. Lastly, Susie: no one's driven William Gallas out of the club (if that is what happens) but William Gallas. No Gooners forced him to publicly criticize the manager (summer 2007) or his teammates (any number of times, as recently as last week). He made his own bed, now he'll lie in it. Preferably in France.

Anonymous said...

This change in captain is utterly superficial and doesn't address our real problems.
Susie, pithy as ever and utterly nonsensical.

lp said...

I agree with you Wrighty. If we starting to abuse Gallas then he might not be playing his best against Kiev or Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool, it pains me to say, are jumping around in first or second place in the EPL/

Yes I know this is an Arsenal blog, and if you have ever read it before you will know that nothing will ever shake my belief in Arsenal, but I mention this thing about Liverpool Insolvents because of something rather curious.

There is an article in the Guardian today in which the Carragher fellow (the one who was banned for throwing a coin at fans at Highbury) asked fans of the I’s to be patient, after the Scousers booed their own team during the weekend’s home game against Fulham.

Fulham, of course, play negative football. They are more interested in negating than creating. Survival is the idea, and who cares what it does to the crowd. We all know that. It is true of many EPL clubs.
The Guardian says, “Jeers greeted both the full- and half-time whistles at Anfield, which has not witnessed a league defeat for Liverpool in 2008, while the midfielder Lucas was targeted by supporters as the Brazilian made his sixth start of the season in place of the in-form Xabi Alonso.”

That is interesting, because since most of us spend our time thinking about Arsenal we can lose track of the fact that the lack of faith we see among some visitors to the Ems is found even more volubly in the backwaters of the north west.

Such a report does show the need (if it ever needed to be shown) for Arsenal supporters to be positive about the team no matter what. Especially as at the moment we are giving our even younger youngsters games because 20% of the team have been injured, not while playing or training for Arsenal, but while playing around for pathetically stupid international requirements. (At least when I say that this time I can’t get a load of abuse from people calling me a racist for criticising Togo, when I am simultaneously criticising England).

The demand for success-success-success is a constant among the larger clubs in England, and it is never going to be possible to meet all the time. What we must not do is be seen to be the same as the people from the wild badlands where the hub cap is currency and “Calm Down” is the standard greeting.

Gallas needs support, our new captain needs support, whoever is at right back needs support, and whoever is playing alongside Van Persie needs support.

Tell you what though - can you imagine the reaction on the day that Eduardo is announced as a substitute for the first time - even if he doesn’t come on the pitch.

cliffeh said...

Wrighty mate.

I've been reading your site for ages...I've recently put together my own Arsenal blog. I hope you don't mind but I have added your site to a list of links on my own site

Keep up the good work.