Friday, 7 November 2008

You morons! Wenger isn't whingeing, he is smarter than you think!

If you have been watching Sky Sports News over the last couple of days you may have mistakenly believed that WW3 had just begun. The fuss over Arsene Wenger's statement about Stoke City's over exuberance last weekend has reached fever pitch.

Most seem to be jumping on the "Wenger is a whinger" bandwagon that has begun and I can't stop laughing about it. Do you know why? Because Arsene Wenger wouldn't want it any other way.

Wenger has created this storm on purpose. He isn't whingeing, (whingeing is the one of the kindest words from people I know!) he is being clever about the situation. He knew that the Arsenal squad were going to get severe stick from the media over the draw with Tottenham and a defeat to Stoke so he deflected the attention to himself.

There is the small matter of a game against Manchester United tomorrow, confidence in the squad may not be the highest and it would have taken an even huger battering from the media with the upcoming clash with United on the cards. The media would have had a field day explaining to the world what Manchester United were going to do to us.

Instead the focus has been diverted onto Arsene Wenger moaning. I think this is good management from Le Boss, he is creating an "us against the world" attitude in the Arsenal camp and that can only serve us well, especially baring in mind we are up against it tomorrow.

Having said this, it does piss me off the way the people are quick to jump onto any bandwagon forming. I guess it's just human nature but to me it just sums it up that in England we are quick to support these type of tactics that were used by Stoke.

Maybe that is half the reason England struggle to win things, we have a different mentality to the rest of the world. They like to play football, we like to kick people. We are very sharp to defend the battler and not so quick to defend the footballer.


Keep it Goonerish......................


G0ner said...

lol....i love how you try to back up mr wenger here..but the draw and lost against spuds and stoke wasnt planned..come on..1 point from the 2 games is a trade for a united win?

Anonymous said...

The fall-out from Stoke has been almost as absurd as the whole Brand-Ross farce. Nonentities like Robbie Earle have come out and said they have "lost respect" for Le Boss. I'm sure Wenger is gutted. Deflection tactic or not, I'm sick of hearing about it!

Anonymous said...

What makes you think the media don't know this? It benefits both parties. The media are milking this for all it's worth. It's been great for them.

Anonymous said...

I dont think he is whingeing or trying to deflect anything, he is just pointing out the facts. The adebayor sustained his injury while he and the ball were both off the pitch. Walcott's injury was clearly on purpose, delap was miles away from the ball and Walcott had already skinned him. The Sagna one was the same thing as Walcotts. So Wenger is clearly pointing at the facts which is we had 3 players injured by 3 cowardly tackles.

Anonymous said...

rubbish. he has bought a load of fancy dans is making up excuses for thier lack of any heart or fight.Iwish he would shut his mouth as he is embarressing arsenal and us supporters

Anonymous said...

agree entirely with you on the relation between English football's decline and the inability of English footballers to actually play football. The rest of the world tries to play football first and if that doesn't work the tackles are tried. Quite the opposite in England and it's no surprise that Theo who has come through the Arsenal system in the next big strike hope for England.

Anonymous said...

Thats intelligent stuff Wrighty!!!! I agree...and now this "Wenger fumes", "Wenger whinger", "Wenger rant", "Wenger sour grapes" etc all will fire-up the players coz they have tremendous respect for Arsene....Clever, very clever, part of the mind games I see.

Frichie said...

Fuck them!!! Anyone who has supported Arsenal for any amount of years knows that its the same thing every season. Any excuse to point out frailties and act all high and mighty about it!!!

Lets just support our beloved team, the boys will give it there all against Man U, if we win great if we lose, its just another game...there is still plenty of games to look forward to - where we will always be more entertained than if we were supporting other teams!

Anonymous said...

We first met in 1988 , I was a boy of only 14 . We became friends but I didn’t get to see that much of you . You were in London and I was in a little town about 3 hours north of Sydney , Australia . I fell in love with you a decade later , that year you presented me with not one, but two giant pieces of silverware . A feat you would repeat for me in 2002

Throughout the years we have had our ups and downs (just like in any relationship I suppose) . I am forever thankful to you for introducing me to 2 men in particular that I now regard as personal heroes of mine . The first chaps name was Dennis Bergkamp , and i met him at Riverside , Middlesbrough on the afternoon of august 19 1995 . The second gentleman you introduced me too was a Frenchman named Thierry Henry and I met him on august 7 1999 .

You have taken me to places in Europe that I will probably never see with my own two eyes . Remember that night in Milan in November 2003 when you took me to the San Siro to meet that passionate and fiery Italian family . They would still be crying into their cappuccinos after the thrashing you gave them in their own backyard .

You will also remember that night in Madrid at the Bernabeu in February 2006 . No Englishman had ever left there happy , but we were grinning from ear to ear when we left our Spanish enemies to weep into their paellas .

You broke my heart later that year in Paris at the Stade De France when you 13 minutes away from makin me the happiest man on earth . In all truth that only made me love you more . The way you fought so hard against that army from Barcelona , even though they had more men and we had a horrendous list of injured soldiers . You were so brave , so valiant .

You have also taken me all over England . Who can forget that day at White Heart Lane in 2004 when you gave me another silver trophy , or that night in Liverpool at Anfield in 1989 when you made me wait for over an hour and a half for another lovely piece of silverware .

But lately you don’t seem to be yourself , where is your passion ? where is your commitment ? My commitment to you has never waivered . I buy the uniforms that you design to show others that I love you and only you . I pay for subscription television and sometimes wait up until 4 am just to see you and i will be coming to visit you next year in April to see you in your flash big new house .

I am not asking us to go back to the glory years of 2003/2004 when you never made me mad once . I am just asking you to try a little bit harder on our relationship because lately when I think of you I want to cry . So this weekend at the emirates can I please see the old you , the old you that made me giggle like a schoolgirl , the old you that sent shivers up my spine .

no.1 goon said...

you right wrighty,wenger is shrewder than what people think.
he can handle the stick,
but these tossers who jump on the bandwagon make me laugh.
lets have the us againest the world attiude.
f*** the rest,lets show em are real class!

Summerspur said...

gallas has come out and said he wants the players to "fight like soldiers"
you lot wanna hope to god that he does not mean french soldiers

happy days

Anonymous said...

Right come on chaps we're all worried by recent events but we need to get behind the lads. How can we expect them to be confident and play the football we know they are capable of if we dont have confidence in them!

I think that wenger needs to play bendtner and vela together as they have been able to read each other from day one and given the chance can form a formidable partnership. I think we need song or even toure as a dm and then fab, walcott and nasri with a back four of sagna djourou, gallas and clichy. The team need to stand tall and be bold and as supporters we need to be the extra player!!

Come on the GOONERS, lets fuc*in 'av it!

Summerspur said...



Anonymous said...

One Arsene Wenger, theres only one arsene wenger,one arsene wenger, theres only one arsene wenger.

come on gooners wenger is a legend and hes doing the best he can with what hes got.

WE DONT HAVE ANY MONEY TO SPEND UNTIL SUMMER 2009. FACT, regardless of what you have all heard.

well said wrighty, youve done some cracking posts in recent weeks. wenger is still the master of mind games.

im not an AKB either, i know the boys arent doing well, but im a realist, arsene is building something here, the move to the stadium will make us great but it wont happen overnight, it is slowly getting there and when wenger has the money to spend next season, he will bring big big players in.

He didnt sign a contract until 2011 for nothing, the last 5 years has been a struggle, its been heart breaking and frustrating but wenger has got us through it in tact,we havent got a great team but we have a great stadium without crippling the club financially, and we will soon be ready to be great again. just be patient, the great team will come.

wenger will deliver, he knows what hes doing so fans please dont overeact to the current situation, lets be patient and see what happens next year in the summer, then judge wenger.

The Goon said...

Hi mate my blog has now moved to oleole.

Another link swap?