Sunday, 30 November 2008

CHELSEA AWAY???? EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a confident feeling that Arsenal would turn over Chelsea.

Had a tenner on 2-1 so that is a lovely £150 in my back burner!

We deserved that.

Lets hope we kick on from here.

Keep it Goonerish..................


leon said...

in the first half arsenal were rubbish,the whole team was poore we could have been 3-0 down,we did not defend well and goal you have to to blame the keeper not dijouro he had to make chalange. but in the second half they worked so hard,i dont think amunia had to make single save,arsenal defened so well thery were closing down,they played with such desire,and i dont think it was because it open game,arsenal wanted it more they showed alot desire.

i feel the fact the came from behind will give them alot confedence, and that ssomething they have been lacking.

Anonymous said...

ya but 3.50 euro's on at 50 - 1 that it would be chelsea/arsenal. thats 179 quid for 3.50!!! a nice spegatti meatball

kilanko adedeji said...

it was a beautiful night for the arsenals as they move back to secure a place in the first four of the premier league table. Arsenals scored 3 at stamford bridge, an own goal and two goals from van pepper. Hope to see more of lucks like this as fabregas continues to captain the team.

Anonymous said...

WE ARE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now the most, most, most, improtant, is going on from here...Please let's keep the fuckin momentum...But RVP is fuckin sick. Ade couldn't do shit if it was only him.

Anonymous said...

thank you AWAY fans..

Mikael said...

i think it was majorly beacause of nasri. He was unable to control the left right winger and back of chelsea. In the second half when Clichy was personally marking Bosingwa everything seemed ok.
I'm convinced that Song is a good player, but not for our midfield...he is exellent in the role of a midfielder in front of the defence. Denilson is a central midfielder, i can't blame him for his performance today. Fabregas was excellent, Clichy was marvellous, the defence was rock solid except of 1 or 2 cases, Ade's workrate was good and VAN IS THE MAN...we all knew it deep inside ;)

Bendtner performed well when he came on, i was amazed by the way he terrorized the oposite defence, although i think it is because they were tired.Would like to see Vela as well as Wallcott. Just imagine what would have happened today if we had fielded Wallcott on the right midfield instead of Denilson...Terry and Cuntley Cole would be a lot more busier ;)

Keep it up lads!

AFC4life said...

I agree, we were pretty woeful in the first half, but Chelsea weren't exactly great. Once we settled into the 2nd half we just got better and better. Glad van Persie got a couple, that will help with his confidence, as he's struggled at times. His second goal was great, really well taken.

As much as I'm buzzing about us beating them at Stamford Bridge it's also frustrating. We've proved against Untied and Chavski that we are a match for anyone, it makes the defeats to the likes of Stoke and Fulham hard to explain. The only thing I can think of to explain it is that the players are up for the big games, but maybe not quite as keen to play the lesser teams.

I hope we go on a run of decent results now, especially as some of the injured players start to return. I hope Eduardo builds on his reserve appearance and gets fit asap, he was beginning to show what a good player he was before that injury. Hope he picks up where he left off.

I put a tenner on us winning the league at 33-1 on Friday, so I hope some of your luck rubs off on me Wrighty!

leon said...

arsenal had no diaby,wilcatt,risisky,edwardo i still manageed to win i hope thats puts to bed the nonsense that arsenal midfield lack the quality,song was so solid particualy in the second half but i still dont see him as dm he is centre half, i think id wilcatt or risisky was playing they would have made ahuge impact in the game,i think ade did was to hold the ball up well i think he had solid game it was needed

Martin said...

50 pounds on 5:1 before the kick-off :o))

str8goon said...

boys boys boys...the job is done. stop the criticizing and blame-game. we won and our boys proved that they can: a. absorb pressure b.restructure/tactically change to adapt to different situations c.our players are smart, talented, and "together" enough mentally to support each other d. SCORE GOALS

We were without some big name players for this game and we were victorious. Now add theses players as well as the momentum from this great win and we have a winning formula. Not to mention the upcoming transfer window which I belive Arsene will be making at least 1 signing, hopefully 2. Keep the faith boys-no more of this bitching and moaning lets support these guys! I'm tired of having to defend my own club from fellow so called supporters. Lets get back to the days where the red and white of Arsenal flowed through our veins and our very names were feared!

Anonymous said...

Well said str8goon.

I can't believe what a bunch of negative, miserable twats we have as Arsenal supporters. We were not crap in the first half. Chelsea came out to hit us hard in the opening 15 minutes and close us down, because they have been told so many times that is the way to upset Arsenal. Later in the first half, Sky showed stats that we had had the majority of possession and we certainly had the best chances. The Cheslea goal was a comdey - the kind of Mickey Mouse stupidity that has afflicted our game this season but, overall, we played very well today. So, stop fuckin' moaning!

Anonymous said...

im happy about this result it proved we can beat anyone but we need to be consistent i thought clichy was immense once he marked bosingwa i thought fabregas done well as a captain when we were 1-0 down we came out for the second half i thought the way fabregas made everyne waiting and come out togther was good he has shown the character to help us get back in the game.
also hearing these stupid silly reports about gallas going to the spuds. i liked that cheeky smile he gave at full time and it was great to do one over cashley

charybdis1966 said...

Thought I'd add my congrats to your excellent bit of Nostradamus-ary, Wrighty7.

Anonymous said...

There are some truly impressive things to come out of this game. Namely how we closed up shop on the last 15 minutes. We were disciplined and JD is our new man at the back, the Gallas-JD partnership is rock solid.

Anonymous said...

yeh exactly, (JD-Gallas partneship)
I swear we have been saying that for ages tho

lp said...

I hope the boys win on tuesday carling cup and show us some good games. ARSENAL ALL THE WAY!!!

majaa said...

Wat a f-kin wonderful nite... Really good to see this Arsenal team win...

Just some points of thoughts..

Our Arsenal team had never been this good.. We beat Man Utd and Chelsea (Stamford Bridge) this season. Something which we never really did that frequent even if we were going through a consistent run. So for those whiners out there that goes about posting Denilson cant make it or Song can't make it or whoever else.. Please just cut the crap and start getting behind the players. We have to give our players the confidence for them to be confident with each other.

My opinion on some things..

Djourou is decent. The goal can't be blamed.. If he don't jump in for the tackle whoever it was behind him would have scored anyway.

Adebayor? Seems to be putting in so much of effort. everywhere... It makes me wonder why our Target man is playing every other role on the pitch than his own role (to be RUNNING INTO THE F-KING BOX). Imagine if RVP was not playing, we would have baan fucked.. We prolly would be keeping possesion at the middle of the pitch forever.

Also noticed how similar Denilson is to Fabs style of play. I don't think he should be a DM. He's more like an AMC. We should just admit it and move on with our lives.

Gallas? I'm stating to have some real respect for the guy. I mean think about it, with all the media criticism, stripped of the captaincy and was given to someone way younger than him. And he still has the hunger to perform and to come out to the pitch where he was winning previously and the amount of commitment this guy gave... Really he deserves some respect. I admire his character to perform as a team and for the team. And to be seeing him still bothering about the team and organizing his defence being the defense leader after all that. RESPECT . Hope he gets back his form n he stays.

And Fab4. Is the best person for the captain role. Noticed how much of happiness was on RVP's face when he scored the 2nd? Noticed who he ran and hugged first. I guess the hunger of the team, the confidence of the team and the form of RVP, its all down to our new Captain.

Staying up till 12am, watching Arsenal till 2am, being too happy and cant sleep till 4am. Waking up at 6am. Working my sleepy ass off. Owing my gf a 50 bux dinner i promised. TOTALLY WORTH IT!! LUV ARSENAL!


Anonymous said...

Although we won, I cannot be impressed: it was a very scrappy game, we were lucky with bad refereeing

Nasri is really useless on the left wing, please play Vela, Wilshere or move Nasri to the center. Predictably passes to Clichy or getting bogged down in useless dribbles which see him pass backwards and congesting near the touchline..

Song cannot support the attack, I have never seen him make a clever pass that could move us forward. He is not a midfielder. Bench him for Ramsey/Randall

Denilson is pathetic as a winger, again we have only central midfielders when Vela/Walcott are not playing

Anonymous said...

hi, i put some money on van persie being the first goal scorer, i've heard that own goals don't count in the first goal scorer bets - is this bet still valid?


Anonymous said...

let's hope the gunners don't go to sleep when mediocre and bottom half teams are the opposition.Keep the concentration level at high intensity as if your life depends on it and the draw with spurs will be a distant memory.
The defence must not,repeat must not ,awol.Then the gunners can take on any one including the red faced bunch of overpaid scum.


we have some of the most boring and negative fans i have ever seen in my life!

ffs we are only the 2nd team to win at the bridge in 4 years.

this win is diffrent to the utd one.
i really feel we will kick on from this now.


also ~majaa explain to me how we were lucky with ref?
all i saw was constant fouling from that ivanonvic bloke what ever you call him.
and a 2 footed lunge by john terry.
so how can we be lucky when chelski only had one shot on target?

please please can you explain how we were lucky?

majaa said...

ISLINGTON GOON either you got me all wrong or you thought someone elses post is of mine.

We were lucky with refs? Quite true actually. But who isn't think about it. Which team had ever won anything without any luck. Teams like Man Utd getting all kinds of refereing decision on their side all the time. How many match turning penalties they got last season, think about it. They're in the title race, match still 0-0. They'll end up with a penalty or a free kick or some offside goal.

If you ask me its good that LUCK is finally in our side. No complaints. Offside goal? So be it.. As if Chelsea or Mand Utd or any other team never had won with an offside goal.

Also Anon, you cant be impressed with the win? You're the kind of fans that pisses me off.. If you want to dig up the weakness of the squad and keep highlighting it, of course you'll find something. Tell me which team had ever a PERFECT squad. Every team had players losing their form any teams has the weak link.

Also, your solution to everything seems to be Vela. How much do you think you will know Vela is ready to perform than the manager? This is the kind of fans that were crying their ass off when we bought the inconsisten Henry once, the benched Vieira once, and when we sold Vieira and played some unknown teenager Fabregas. All you whining fans, you do your daily job well, let the manager and the players do theirs.



Sorry ~majaa i did get you wrong with the post below yours.

regarding the game i was so happy that wenger has started giving johan a run now.

gallas and dj what a partnership.