Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lets play the great William Gallas blame game!

William Gallas seems to be blamed for everything wrong at Arsenal so it's only fair that he gets the blame for everything else too.

Its easy to do, when things aren't going as planned, blame Gallas!

I had a cold Kebab last night, must have been Gallas' fault.

This morning my bacon sandwich came with red sauce instead of brown, clearly Gallas' fault.

The credit crunch is affecting everyone at the moment, I blame Gallas.

I've got a very painful headache, why did you give me this pain Gallas?

My Dad bought crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth, he blamed Gallas.

Catch my drift?

Keep it Goonerish..................


Anonymous said...

the team should take the fault as a whole gallas aint no better than anyone else in that squad if he is being like this maybe he should give up the armband

Anonymous said...

gallas gave me a rash?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha good stuff!

Tom14 said...

There is a common trend within Arsenal fans and the media to have their favorites within the Arsenal squad. Toure, Fabregas, Theo Walcott and van Persie all seem to have much more sympathy than their counterparts even though they are largely at fault for the recent decline in performances by the team. The likes of Gallas, Denilson, Eboue and Adebayor have all performed better than the above but Arsenal fans refuse to give them credit.

I will accept that Gallas, on some occasions, says the wrong things to the press, but he tells the truth. He is only saying the things that the same Arsenal fans who will get on his back have been discussing for a long while. The same fans who want to see more fighting spirit and more leadership on the field. Less young players and more quality. But when Gallas says it... Lets put it this way, had Cesc come out and said the exact same things he would have been held up as the next captain. Strip Gallas of the captaincy they would shout. Idiots.

This may not be the opinion of the majority, but I firmly believe that there are far too many biased and stupid Arsenal fans around at the moment. I mean, some of them can’t even consider how we would be a better outfit with Hleb rather than Walcott.

The sane Arsenal fans out there are getting sick of the bias towards the darlings within the squad and the hatred shown to the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

we have a leaderless team

we have a diva culture

we have an unorganised defense

we have a defender who bombs forward in open play and stands around in the opposition box when they counter

we have a defender who blames everyone but himself

we have a defender who cant keep his gob shut

we have a defender who causes the unrest in the dresing room himself, you earn respect you dont demand it

we have a defender whos crap in the air and slow

we have a defender who throse tantrums

we have a defender who goes out on the piss when he supposed to be recovering and getting fit from injury

shall i carry on??????

Anonymous said...

agree w/ u tom14

Anonymous said...

i used to like gallas, i thought we had got the cake and eaten it when we got him, but recent seasons have shown his best days are behind him, our defence is shit.

he continually makes a fool of hiself with these statements and his actions

sorry wrighty but how many chances do we have to give him.

i honestly beleive he doesnt want to be here anymore, i can see him going next season.

Anonymous said...

lets look at this objectively,

most fans are know calling for gallas head, and a minority calling themselves real fans are defending him

let me ask you this real fans, since gallas has arrive, what has he actually done to improve the club?

name me one thing that has stood out about gallas since hes been captain.

i can name one. a stinking fucking attitude towards his fellow professionals.

hes a joke as a captain and his best days are gone as a quality defender, he does even play well for france anymore.

lets not kid ourselves, if you are real fans yo want whats best for the club, and gallas is not that.

and wrighty your right, we have nobody else to be captain, so the answer is simple. we go fucking buy one.

Anonymous said...

Gallas, as captain, should never criticise his mates through media.
I agree that Cesc, among others, has played subpar for his talent and vision, but this largly due to a lack of defensive cover for him. I was affraid that if we won against Utd that Wenger would stick w/ the 4-5-1 set up, and we cannot win like that w/ Cesc and Denilson. Gallas is not a leader, and, although he comes up w/ some timely goals, he should give up the armband. Because Wenger gave him the armband he cannot bench him because of poor performance. Toure is a much stronger and faster center back who would not have bene pushed off the ball by Agbonlahor.

Tom14 said...

What he done to improve us? He has kicked Toure out of the team. Thats a start. He led us to a title challenge for the first time in years.

if we are going to do it your way, what has any player done to improve Arsenal? Only Toure, who is pathetic at the moment, has done anything for Arsenal. What has Fabregas done? Apart from playing wonderfully well, nothing. Adebayor - the same. Gallas has been our best center back since he has signed for us. Had Silvestre been playing last year instead of Toure we could have won the league.

Lok at the real problems before sugercoating over them with Gallas and Denilson.

Fabregas has been way out of form. Walcott has been nowhere near the level of Hleb. None of the strikers seem to have struck a partnership.

Anonymous said...

Idiot comment of the year:

"Toure is a much stronger and faster center back who would not have bene pushed off the ball by Agbonlahor."

Have you watched Toure over the last two years? He has been way off the pace.

Anonymous said...

spot on Tom14. Best example, clichy and sagna have been well below par this season but in every post match rating, they are still rated at least 6 or 7 out of 10. a lot of the fans refused to put blame on clichy and sagna because they did really well last season and they even nailed a place in team of the year. They played with a lot more passion and they looked a lot more committed last season but this season, they have been very poor.

Anonymous said...


gallas didnt dislodge toure, he dislodged senderos, and the reason we challenged for the title last year was because we had the fantastic four in midfield, hleb, rosicky, flamini and cecs. our season died when tomas was injured.
gallas wasnt the reason we did well at all.

gallas along with adebayor bendtner and song should fuck off and we should replace them with the quality players we so obviously lack cos its these players who are letting the side down.

i agree cesc has been poor, but wouldnt you be pissed off when you see the best players at the club leave year after year.

wake up mate.

gallas causes half the defencsive problems himself by bombing up the pitch like a striker every 10mins in open play, hes a defender so do your job and defend.

Anonymous said...

I heard Gallas put the world into recession...

Tom14 said...

Adebayor should go? How can I take anyone serious when they spout bile like this?

Anonymous said...


so do you think ade is a worldclass striker?

in the summer would you have not rather have taken the 30mil and not paid the overatted useless twat 80k a weekk.

with that 30mil we could have kept flamini and bought villa.

but if you would rather have a striker in your team who only scores against piss poor teams, gets caught offside 10 times a game and misses chance after chance, over one of the best box to box mids and best finishers in europe, how can i take you seriously?

80k a week for one good season, what a joke. he wont even hit 15 this year mate hes a donkey.

Anonymous said...

i agree with tom14 largely
last year a lot of players played well in midfield but u have to admit our defence was pretty solid until we started getting major injuries
toure And gallas were playing well but the african cup of nations fucked up toure seemingly
i guess gallas has had his ups and downs, but he showd he was capable last year and to put so much blame on him, and soo so little on fabregas (uninterested since hleb left) and walcott (selfish play) is ridiculous
he may be captain but he cant take the blame for everything and hes shown his heart is still in it i think, even if hes messd up at times itsw not been thru lack of application

Anonymous said...

yeh i agree about adebayor,
1 good season shouldnt yield a 100% pay rise
same should be said for walcott tho
he had less than half a good season and now hes on 60k!!!

Anonymous said...

ps tom

defending the biggest egos in an underperformng team tells me everything about your ambitions for this club.

yes tom great idea, lets fill the team with average players pay them all stupid wages and watch them fall short again.

get a grip mate, the team and most of the players are shit. and the ones you defend are the 1st ones that should be shown the door.

next you'll be telling me almunias a worldclass keeper, and theo and nasri make great wingers, and ade and bendtner are the best strike partnership since DB10 and TH14

for fuck sake i want some of what your taking

Wrighty7 said...

In my opinion Gallas gets a raw deal from most Gooners.

I think it stems from the fact he played for Chelsea.

Sure sometimes he says things that piss us off but nine time out of ten he is only saying what we say.

Anonymous said...

yes but theos a striker mate, hes not a winger, we'll see the best of him upfront.

he just cant get in there because of adebayor and bendner who are both shite.

lets look at this

if we sold ade and nikki be we could easily make 35-40mil on them

the strikers left would be RVP, vela eduardo and walcott with simpson as the youth player trying to push through, we have enough strikers.

that money would buy us the DM'S and the CB's we so badly need.

but hey wat do i know iv only watched arsenal for the last 30 years, i know a good player when i see one in an arsenal shirt and ade and gallas are the most overratted arsenal players iv seen in a while, and bendtner and song are the shittest, right up the with cristopher wreh and nelson vivas

JonJon said...

Wrighty my opinion isnt from the fact gallas was at chelsea, its from how i watch him play every week and the stupid things he says and does.

he was fantastic for chelsea, when he was there he was probably the only player i would of taken from them, but since coming to arsenal its all gone wrong.

you cant keep giving people like gallas chances, hes our captain and role model and he messes up all the time.

i dont rate him anymore. i dont want him here. and i think also he doesnt want to be here.

Wrighty7 said...


Thats your opinion mate and I respect it.

JonJon said...

cheers wrighty,

and i respect yours,

but wouldnt you rather have djourou in there with a big defender like van buyten or zapata.

i think gallas times gone mate, agbonglahor made him look silly, if that would of been toure, although i agree he has totally lost it, he would of got there.

theres so many ifs and buts, but for me we need a new defensive pairing who are both quick strong and stay back and like to defend. the full backs are more like wingers at arsenal, we need proper defenders in there who can protect the keeper on the break, we also need a proper specialist box to box defensive midfielder to help protect them but i think every gooner agrees to the second part.

Anonymous said...

if we'd have kept flamini, we wouldnt be in this situation, flamini was so underrated and we should of done more to have kept him,

the facts are bad management. the club goes all out to double adebayors money, when we could have sold him and bought villa, and they didnt offer the 10k extra to keep flam.

gallas didnt make the defence look good flmini did, and we fucked up made the wrong choice and the clubs in free fall.

leon said...

ihave been saying this for while now, you only use gallas as skape of coat for while now, i keep on reading that arsenal are a lerderless and blaming that on gallas but you dont need to have the armband to be laeder on trhe field gallas quite frackly has keep a lid on his emotions and his passion,you need more than one laeder on the field, if you look at manu it does not matter who happens to have the armband because they have leaders all over field and that is the same at chelsea,at arsenal there is one leader and thats gallas, where has the leadership been fron fab,or toure why have they not steped or are saying they need the armabd to be leader on the field, no the fact is gallas is fighter but were has threst of team been it is team effort and not 10 players look to one player

Wrighty7 said...


I really rate Djourou and think he should be playing every week.

At the start of the season him and Gallas looked very solid.

It was a good pairing. Gallas needs a big commanding partner to get the best out of him.

I personally would like to see Djourou and Gallas play all the time.

Wrighty7 said...

I dont think we need to add to the defence but I will say that the defence needs more protecting from the midfield.

Good points Jonjon and Anon 20:55

JonJon said...

good point mate, maybe if we started playing JD alongside gallas, bought a DM in jan to protect them, and stripped the captaincy from gallas, we would benefit greatly

gallas is experienced in a inexperienced squad, but does that leave him 1st and only choice as a captain?

i feel gallas is too temperemental to be captain, the pressure i feel is getting to him.

releiving him could be for the best, but the who do you chose?

i know hes not having the best of seasons but maybe making cesc the captain would give him that edge to kickstart his season.

AW is a great manager, and a great developer of young players but i feel man management is one of his weak points

leon said...

wrighty i you are quite wright i like sylvestor to but dijouro looks solid but the defence needs protction and the answer is not delinson he does try but is an attcking player, he does not track back that well,song is solid but he is the onlt defensive minded midfielder that arsenal have, but man do the arsenal fans love to gallases back, personaly i dont think he that bad of a captain not the best far from it he is ok.

Wrighty7 said...

I think if you take the captaincy away from Gallas you lose him.

Fabregas is a future captain but I wouldn't give it to him at the moment.

He is struggling and the burden of being captain could kill him.

Denilson will be a great player and he is playing well but Arsenal need someone else in there with Fabregas.

I'd like Alonso. Great player and has the experience of winning things.

Wrighty7 said...

Arsenal have had so many great captains in the past and its unfair to compare Gallas with Tony Adams, Vieira ETC,

Anonymous said...

regardless of if you think Gallas is a leader and worthy of the armband take these facts, as facts are not biased nor emotional, like all of us!!!

Who was marking Hangeland? Who was marking Davies agains Bolton? Who allowed Cousin to get in front for Hull's winner? What about the run of Gabby Agbonlhor?

All WILLIAM GALLAS. If any other player had let in these many goals from his assignments he would be BENCHED, but Wenger cannot because he has the armband. I understand having a bad day, but Gallas has been responsible for letting in 3 game winning goals...enough SAID!

Facts speak for themselves!!!!

Wrighty7 said...

I've just read on another site Gallas is too stripped of the arm-band.

Anonymous said...

gallas is a good leader and all but i think that almunia should take the captincy.
He (almunia) was brilliant against fenerbache and he could be the answer to all our problems.

leon said...

amunia has been realy good for thiis season he has demonstrated true bravery,everone has trying compare gallas to tony adams but this realy faer because adams had somemany leaders around, kewon,dixon,wilterburn,viera there was at least 4-5 leaders in the current squad there seams to only one leader gallas,he has made mistakes but at leats some passion and fight and have sean than from fab at all he who everyone is saying should be captain and toure has been extrely poore there seams to distict lack of leadership

k c said...

Djourou should be playing fromnow on. Gallas cannot be trusted anymore. I believe he will be shipped out in January. Upson,like Keown, could return as his replacement.
Gallas, just a piece of stomachless, heartless shit. All he has is a big mouth.

Anonymous said...

I got crotch rot from Gallas!!!!

leon said...

k.c evon if gallas goes it would notsolve underling problem which arsenal lack leaders on the field,particualy in midfield,fab is te only one he needs a rest

lp said...

Gallas is a good captain for Arsenal at the moment and i agree with you Wrighty, i think it is because he's a captain so he got the blame of everything.
He is frustrated because some of the player still won't listen to him and as a captain he has the right to confronted him.
I also agree with some other comment that we should get a new defender but what we mostly need is a midfield who can work together with Fabregas and with some experience too. Regarding Fabregas i think Le Boss need to get him some rest as at the moment he's not been playing his usual standard.

Anonymous said...


leon said...

the one i cant understand is why weger does not cesc he looks so tired if the sories about gallas though he must go,i feel wenger should buy at the very least dm

Anonymous said...

Right on the button Tom14.

Why are so many Gooners stupid enough to fall for the hysterical spin spewed out by the largest community of outright liars on the planet, namely the media?

I find it shocking that instead of treating these media scum as the vermin that they are, we believe their lies and spin and turn on our own, providing them with the blood they feed on.

How dismally stupid is that?

Well done Wrighty for pointing out the hypocrisy that is so galling.

A simple rule of thumb is that ANYTHING the media want should be totally rejected out of hand.

They have NEVER had the interests of Arsenal at heart, so by default anything they want will by definition be the exact opposite of what should be done.