Friday, 21 November 2008

If it's true.......Bye Bye Billy UPDATE-It is true

Some Arsenal sites are saying William Gallas is no longer Arsenal captain. If the rumour is true then I can see no future for William Gallas at Arsenal.

I've never seen an Arsenal player so vilified as William Gallas. Even Ashley Cole was let off lightly compared to the treatment Gallas has suffered.

Sure he has brought some of it on himself and I know that Gallas can use his mouth before he engages his brain at times, but I've been shocked by the amount of hate shown to him.

According to some, almost all the problems that Arsenal have suffered since the Birmingham incident have lay at the feet of William Gallas.

Bye Bye Billy.

*UPDATE* It is true, Bye Bye Billy
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Anonymous said...

Well said


He doesnt deserve it tho.


Anonymous said...


spurdozer said...

Thank god. we get rid of this clown. At least we can hope that wenger will replace this joke with a no-nonsense defender

Anonymous said...

Gallas spoke the truth. If the underperforming first team ego's can't handle it then they should go not Billy. I would be sad for him to go. It seems certain sections of the fans will never give him any credit these same clowns saying we should sign any player tribalfootball links us with.

Anonymous said...


Any ideas who to replace him with?

Anonymous said...

Agreed Wrighty.

At times I've been disgusted with the amount of abuse that Gallas has had to put up with.

I'm not surprised he's had enough.

Gooner said...


Anonymous said...

Great, that will be another senior player that leaves and doesn't get replaced then. :-(

Anonymous said...

What has Gallas done that is so bad I read the article and thought it was spot on. Im with you Wrighty on this one

Ok he messed up after the Birmingham game what else has he really done wrong.


Anonymous said...

Its a pity fans couldn't even give this guy any respect right from the off and all because he's ex Chelsea. People say get rid of him - even though he's currently the best Arsenal defender available.....with Djourou running not too far behind

Anonymous said...

The replacement for gallas in January will be Van buyten from Bayern.:)

Anonymous said...

Van Buyten are you serious.

He cant get in the Bayern Munich first team, why should he be good enough for us. Ok he is 6ft5in tall but no real pace and gets turned very easilly. He was not good enough for Man City to want to sign him 4 years ago why would we want him now.


Anonymous said...

Apparently there has been a meeting to elect a new captain (just something I've read in a couple of places), and Cesc appears to be the overwhelming choice, with Almunia likely to wear the armband against City.

I would be more than happy to see Djourou and Toure in central defence. Gallas would most definitely be sold in January, although I think the van Buyten rumours are just that.

I think we can make it through with the cover we currently have at the back (including Song, who seems much more defender than midfielder for me). I still feel it's much more critical to purchase a defensive midfielder in the transfer window. Until then I'm merely hoping the squad can find a way to get results.

Anonymous said...

I hope Gallas stays and he plays alongside Djourou, I hope they would carve out a good partnership and provide some solidity at the back which we are currently missing. It would be foolish to strip him of the captaincy now as sagna,kolo and eboue are all injured we do not really have that many options at the back.

The problem for me is our midfield they are not protecting the back 4 as we need them to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:00, how can you possibly say Gallas is the best Arsenal defender available? Kolo's performances haven't been great, but Gallas alone has let in a number of crucial goals this season, far more than he's scored. In addition, he spends more time lately trying to get up in attack than actually doing his job at the back, which puts more strain on the defenders who are actually defending when the opposition gets the ball. Good riddance to the worst excuse for a captain (and an unworthy heir to the #10 shirt) we could have been stuck with.

JonJon said...

Wrighty mate,

i know you like gallas, but he has been a negative influence since he joined. his best years were at chelsea, and he did the same to them before he left, mourinho didnt sell his best players mate, he knew gallas was trouble.

this is the best news for the club, we can now appoint cesc and this will not only keep him at the club but raise his game.

there is a diva culture at the club at the minute gallas is amongst them, hopefully he will now leave and the club can settle down. i also feel adebayor is another, i think we should get rid of him also, they are bad eggs and you dont have a happy squad with bad eggs, without a happy squad, we cannot expect to win anything.

Anonymous said...


Look how the table has turned, hahaha, see how the mighty can fall?

we are now on the way up and you lot are on the way down, how embarrasing for you.

after all the things you lot said about us you are now being made to eat humble pie.

at least we have a united dressing room, and it was our come back that has kicked all this off, we have started your downfall.

Wrighty7 said...


I just feel that Gallas has been harshly treated by some Gooners.

I look at this Arsenal squad and I can't see a captain other than Gallas.

Cesc is the obvious choice but I think he isn't ready yet.

Almunia cant command his box, let alone command the Arsenal side.

Clichy is most likely for me but he's too quiet and not ready yet.

I love Toure but he isn't a first team regular anymore.

I really hope I'm wrong and whoever is picked does a great job.

Wrighty7 said...

White Hart Warrior,

Yes you are on the way up, the dizzy heights of second from bottom now!

OOOOOOoooh how exciting!

JonJon said...

agree wrighty about cesc for captain, but i dont think he is too young. hes a euro cup champion and has played over 200 games for the club, he is our talisman and its time he stepped up. gallas doesnt want to be here mate, his comments about going back to france confirm this, he can fuck off for me, his heart isnt here.

white hart warrior, you are suffering from new manager syndrome, redknapp got west ham and southampton relegated, he only does well at poor teams so i guess you spuds are in good hands, hahaha

Wrighty7 said...


I really hope that this does change Arsenal's season for the better, I really do.

But I just worry that whoever gets the armband will just suffer the same as Gallas. With no help because there are no other leaders in the squad.

Anonymous said...

shite hart warrior fuck off you yid cunt

JonJon said...

Me too mate, but i believe gallas' attitude towards the other players made him unpopular amongst them, he lost the respect of the players in the birmingham game, not only the fans, and the situation worsened into this season. he demanded respect, but you have to earn it, and the players stopped believing in him.

your right in what you say about losing gallas if he was stripped of the armband, but that is why wenger kept him. the player should want to play at the club whether he was captain or not, and its this attitude that makes me believe we are a better side without.

if he doesnt want to stay just because he isnt captain then he can go back to france, its the best place for him.

this will be for the better mate, the players wanted him out they have got what they wanted, it will be a more settled side now.

leon said...

i mixed minds about this if its true gallas is very good defender probebly arsenls best defender but he is not realy very positive effect on the team lets face it.but arsenal still lack alittle bit of leadership i dont think it matters who is given the armband leadership is needed all over the field.i hope gallas stays i dought he will stay without being captain,i must say see gallas as thetype put is arm round you and encourage you.

Begeegs said...

I have to wonder if this happened more than a few days ago because we have been linked with Van Buyten, followed by Almunia coming out on the site, etc. I have to think that this looks a bit more than pre-meditated...