Monday, 3 November 2008


There is a lot of anger flowing around Gooners at the moment and I completely understand why. We are struggling at the minute and it is very hard to watch the club we all love perform like this whilst the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool go from strength to strength.

There are a lot of Gooners out there with their own answers to the problems we are facing and whilst I respect every opinion my fellow Gooners have, one answer keeps popping up that I don't agree with. Sack Arsene Wenger.

This is without doubt the most difficult period that Arsene Wenger has faced in his time as Arsenal boss. Big questions are being asked of him for the first time by Gooners and he has to deal with it, but first, he needs to be given the chance to deal with it.

The situation we find ourselves in is down to Wenger and he deserves the chance to get us out of it. He has done too much for this club to be sacked, we are not Tottenham, a club who panic and sack every manager at the first hint of trouble brewing. We have to much class for that.

We have remained without silverware for four years, yes I know how frustrating it is, it's even more frustrating when you know that Wenger could have strengthened the side to put us in a stronger position to challenge. But where would sacking him leave us? With more problems than we currently have that's for sure.

Trust me, losing Wenger would be someone else's gain. How do you replace him and who with? The answer's are not so simple. Losing Wenger would mean an exodus of half this side. I understand that we want players to be tied to Arsenal and not Wenger but unfortunately that's the way it is. Players want to play for Arsene.

At the moment the players are under performing and it IS down to a lack of experience. Players like Denilson have the potential to be good players but it's too much to ask him to perform every week. He needs help and guidance from senior players, he won't get that from the current squad, there is no one there to help him. That is where Wenger has gone wrong and needs to rectify it. He can't expect a bunch of youngsters to play well every game.

Arsene Wenger has made mistakes over his Arsenal career but the most glaring mistakes he has made have come over the last couple of years. It's easy to see from our point of view what needs to be done. I only hope Le Boss can see too because he is in real danger of his legendary status being tainted at the moment.

I don't want Arsene Wenger to be sacked and I don't think he will be either. But what I do want is for him to take a deep look at himself and admit that his way isn't working out to plan. I know he is a proud man but it doesn't make him weak to admit that he needs to makes some adjustments to his ways of management.

He revolutionised the English Premiership but he is in danger of falling behind in the league that he helped to prosper. Arsenal football club have benefited hugely from Arsene Wenger but Arsene Wenger has also benefited from Arsenal in a big way.

He deserves the chance to get Arsenal back to the top of the English game and redeem himself in the eyes of some Gooners who believe his star is losing it's sparkle. I understand your frustrations my fellow Gooners but this is one Gooner who thinks that letting Arsene Wenger go would be a bad move for Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. We wouldnt be anywhere near where we are without Wenger. People are quick to forget what he's done for us!

Anonymous said...

well said wrighty. so true. and sad.

Patman said...

Thats the fairest article i've read on the situation thus far. Too many arsenal fans have over-reacted, no doubt we need something to change but sacking wenger is almost laughable. The un answered question from those calling for wengers head still remains, who do we replace him with? please let me know

Danish Gooner said...

Wenger has lost it.When he states that the biggest concern after the Stoke game was that we didnt create enough.Excuse me Mr.Wenger but you have a defence that bleeds goal and cant even defend a Rory Delap throw in,teams wins titles with decent defenses.He is so stubborn he refuses to even recognise his faulty decisions regarding his personnel.Sacking him would be an overreaction but how much longer can we keep talking about talent and ambition and keep watching this shite.

Danish Gooner said...

We shouldnt lose the fourth spot to Villa because they are crap but is this our ambition to finish fourth ????????????

TOPGUN said...

That is the best article I've read in a long, long time.

I hope Wenger wakes up to the discontent around at the moment because if anyone leads Arsenal to honours then I hope its him.

Anonymous said...

Why so negative Danish Gooner? On every site I see you, you dont stop moaning!

Great post by the way Wrighty7.

Anonymous said...

Four years without silverwear? Oh no. The world is about to implode on itself. Sack Wenger, sell everyone. Dismantle the Emirates because we ultimately, at the end of the day have a God-given right to Silverwear! Three seasons ago we were oh so close to the Champions league crown, two years ago our kids were unfortunate to lose to a full strength Chelsea in Cardiff and last season 5 points was the only thing that stopped us winning the league. It's not like we haven't been challenging for honours during our 'barren' spell.

That said, Wenger seems to have run out of ideas. The youth policy is not working anymore. It has been a failed experiement and if he persists with it, Arsenal run the risk of falling too far behind their rivals in the pursuit of top honours. The squad wasn't strong enough to sustain a title challenge last year and this year, rather than improve, things have just got worse.

On the other hand, the club is in a no -win situation if Wenger goes. Most of the players will follow him out the door and any new manager will need time to build his side, all the while we still fall behind further and go a few more years without trophies.

God, Arsenal depress me!

Bill said...

I agree with that.

Anonymous said...

Sacking Wenger now would be a bad idea, the time to do it will be in May - IF we fail to win anything. sorry folks but the whole point of football is to win things otherwise its nothing more than a friendly kick around in the park. Wenger should be judged on what he has achieved this season not five years ago. He needs to admit that his approach is all wrong and he needs to buy in experience - but I just think he is too arrogant to admit he is wrong and he has never been placed under any pressure by anyone. No trophies this season and he will understand what pressure is all about.

Pedro said...

Top post Wrighty, I fully agree.

We expect loyalty from our players, but show none to our most loyal servant?

We'll win the next three games and all will be rosey again... until we play Stoke at home!

I kid, I kid!

Anonymous said...

Allow Arsene time to get us out of it.Well he has had the past two summers and only got us deeper into this mess.All the players would leave like who,Gallas Song,Eboue,Ade Rosicky, Silvestre I say let them go and good riddance not one of them is fit to wear the shirt.Cesc will go next summer whether Arsene stays or not.He will not put up with much more medocrity.Van Persie has talent but no self control.I would love Wenger to fix it all.The sad thing is listening to what he says he seems to think that everything is in apple pie order no problems.Well there are and the fans have a right to be angry, they are been asked to shell out huge sums of money to watch such tripe, with no prospect of a trophy.We know Arsene doesn't take the Carling or FA cups seriously and the lge is over and the champions lge will be over by mid february.

Wrighty7 said...

Pedro, that is spot on.

How many times has Wenger resisted the call of Madrid? Milan? Barcelona?

He is so loyal its untrue, sure things are not going right at the minute but he at least deserves the chance to redeem himself.

Anonymous said...

Great article, no one wants Wenger sacked, everyone needs to take a deep breath, and undertake some meditation. Everyone needs to just get a reality check here. Why are we even asking the question.

Anonymous said...

Servant to the club? Wenger makes four mil quid/pa, those are not servant's wages, you forget yourself Wrighty. Now who are the servants of the club - THOSE WHO PAY THE WAGES. Are the true servants receiving their due - not those with the foresight and discernment to know what is really happening. AFC fans are being robbed in broad daylight. Arsene has demonstrated repeatedly that he cannot make adjustments and relies too heavily on youth. A formula designed to lure fans with entertaining football that can never win anything. The longer Arsene stays the longer we go without challenging for honours. If Arsene doesn't buy significantly in Jan, it's over he's done because he obviously just doesn't care about winning anymore which is an attitude clearly reflected in HIS players. Only when enough fans understand that they are being taken will things change - and I agree that is sad.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, how superficial can your analysis be? Wenger won't move, he's got a cushy, insulated little scam with his current (job). At any other club he would be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

We'd be nowhere without Wenger. He has made mistakes and he must realise that now, that's why it's hurting him so much. The players are letting him down. Adebayor wanted a fat pay rise and is now playing like a fat idiot. Fabregas is exhausted. Almunia was laways a liability but somehow got through last season, but he's now been found wanting and Wenger may well bring in Fabianski just like he did last season when Lehmann let him down. But Wenger's biggest let-down are the centre-backs. He saw their fraility last season but gave them the opportunity to put it right, he stayed loyal to them - maybe foolishly - but he thought Kolo & Gallas deserved the chance to rectify their mistakes. They have completely let him down and made him look very stupid. He shouldn't tolerate it anymore. I am 100% certain he will bring in a big defender in January. Gallas will be sold in the summer and Fabregas - as a last resort to keep him at the club - will be made captain next season.

But you know what....
We're gonna win the Champions League this season. I feel it and I know it!

Wrighty7 said...

I've a feeling about the Champions League too. I've said it before.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of cocks. Sacking Wenger GOING is not going to help, who the fuck u going to bring in dickheads. He needs to spend and i say at least give him until the end of Jan and see what happens. I'm not happy were we are but what the fuck is going to change if you sack him, Nothing cocks. Remember what he's done for the club, don't support Arsenal if ur not going to back the club, CUNTS.

Wrighty7 said...

I still look at the Alex Ferguson situation. He was a game from being sacked, he wasn't, the rest is history.

Wenger isn't in a position to be sacked yet.

Anonymous said...

Good article, Very little of this type being written on other Arsenal blogs though im afraid.
Fans are criticising Wengers transfer policy but i think the model he began 4,5 years ago is the only way the club could have gone considering so much money was put into building the stadium. Its expensive busines winning the premiership just ask Man United they have 90 Million worth of talent in just three players(Ferdinand , Rooney and Berbatov) and we know how much Chelsea have spent in the last 4 years trying to win it and they have won it only twice in Abramovichs five seasons there

Anonymous said...

we all know that we need at least 3 player in the spine of the team i think we should wait till the window and see what happens if there is no movement from arsenal the questions have to be asked of arsen....keeep the faith

Anonymous said...

Okay dont totally blow this idea out the water after i say it lol but what about stephen appiah,he is a defensive midfielder exactly what we need, big, strong, got a good engine, and experienced he is also free and would add leadership and best of all he is able to join us now.

Anonymous said...

sorry i cant remember if he is still free so if he isnt it then thats that idea gone anyway lol

Wrighty7 said...

The only problem I have with Stephen Appiah is that why should Arsenal settle for someone who no-one wants?

But at the same time I understand your point, he is free, experienced and if Wenger can take a gamble on Bischoff then why not Appiah?

Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree we shouldnt really have to settle for someone no one wants but then we cant be that picky now since we have no dm at all and he would be the only one we can get till january, we could just take him on for a year and he could help the youngsters defend and to be honest we need all the help we can get in defence

Wrighty7 said...

I dont think Appiah would be a bad idea on a pay-as-you-play deal

Anonymous said...

i agree i am going to see what people on other blogs think so if u see it around u know it was me who started it lol by the way i read your blog most days along with the others and i must say you all do a fabulous job.

Wrighty7 said...

Thanks very much mate!

Keep it Goonerish......

Anonymous said...

get mourinho in

Anonymous said...

fuck wenger get mourinho in

MeteorMonster said...

Sacking Wenger at this stage would only compound the problems we currently have.

However, the applicable conundrum is that if Arsene continues in his current vein Arsenal stands to lose a lot more than just titles.

If we don't make the EPL top 4 we not only stand to lose tens of millions but we also lose credibility and "fair weather" fan support, which ultimately loses many more millions in term of merchandising. We will also lose the Arsenal factor in being a desired team that top players want to represent.

Arsene needs to take his head out of his Arse and wake up to reality or we will end up with no alternative but to remove him from his post.

I have always loved Arsene and totally respect him for his dedication, honesty, integrity and inspiration. However, Arsenal is bigger than Arsene, and can not be dragged down into this abyss of destruction in which Arsene is propelling us at this time.

Arsene has all the authority and as such, all the means for us to sink or swim. If he doesn't or is unable to raise us from the mediocre there are no other alternatives but to shed the weight and rebuild Arsenal for decades to come.

Loving Arsenal Fan.

Anonymous said...

We'll do better in the champions league than the epl, but forget silverware, that's just insanity, get a grip. Win the champions league? - look we can have a lucky run in the cl but winning it? don't build up your own hopes so you can destroy them later. Wenger worshipping has gone too far, it's time he's held to account. This is a results business and no one is bigger than the club. And this damn experiment with youth is is a RUSE AND A FLOP.

Anonymous said...

Sacking Wenger isn't the answer but by the same token he needs to get us out of the current mess that he's created since Flamini's departure in May and failure to address our shortcomings from last season's run-in

It is naive to think there is noone out there who could potentially replace him - Frank Rijkaard off the top of my head

Anonymous said...

The quickest way to become the laughingstock of the football world would be to sack Wenger. He'd be on the market for...oh about 15 seconds. Could you imagine if Ferguson retired and they hired Arsene?

Anonymous said...

No one wants Appiah? Sounds like another perfect Wenger signing.

Anonymous said...

i love wenger,but if we win the champions league i will not believe it for a long time

Anonymous said...

I like AW as well but he have to change, wake up & realise that his current approach is not working!!! I don't think we will win ANY SILVERWARES THIS YEAR!!! It's very sad how a world 3rd richest football club constantly try to make its' life hard by always living in transition period....

Anonymous said...

We'd be nowhere without Wenger? WE ARE GOING NOWHERE WITH WENGER.

Anonymous said...

Sacking wenger isnt the answer at the minute, but after all the lies we were told in the summer and if we dont win anything yet again this season, he must realise the error of his ways.

I dont want him to go, but if we carry on charging stupid ticket prices to watch a team that doesnt win anything and he fails to strengthen the squad properly next summer, he has to leave if we dont win anything yet again.

Id be glad to see him stay for the foreseeable future, but he has to rebuild the team properly and start respecting the fans.

How can a team that charges the highest ticket prices in the world, win less trophies than portsmouth in the last three years.

Sacking wenger isnt the answer yet, but it should be the option in the future if the situation doesnt change.

Its not the fact we arent winning anything thats making fans frustrated, weve won nothing in years and still stood by him, but its getting annoying how many times hes lied to the fans. we are not idiots. if he tells the truth and says manu and chelsea are stronger and says the team wont be ready for another 2 seasons and the club drop the ticket prices then fine. but at the moment we are being taken for a ride and it isnt acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Wenger isnt god.

He has been a legend at arsenal, but the transitional period is turning into the norm.

Is it acceptable for a club, that has one of the best stadiums in the world, that charges the highest prices in the world, that has a wage bill on par with that of man utds, who are actually filled with world class players, to finish 4th every year.

Arsenal fans, it isnt.

Its the boards fault as much as wengers they need to tell him enoughs enough and put a rocket up his arse.

We won trophies before wenger arrived, hes never won a trophy another manager hasnt won before him, so what makes you think we wont do again?

Wenger is not arsenal, the fans were here before and will be here long after hes gone.

I admire the man for what hes done and i dont want him to go but he has to start respecting the people who pay the wages, ie the fans.

The situation at the minute is wengers mess, no one elses and to be fair we all saw it coming, its been coming for 3 years. the summer activities were the catalyst, all the lies, all the spin, all the lack of quality signings we were promised, the departures of almost an entire midfield that almost won us the trophy last season, recents results are the straw that broke the camels back. Fans are now annoyed and saying 'i told you so'.

i respect him for what hes trying to acheive but its a pipe dream, hes got to start respecting us also and stop this stupid experiment or he will in the end lose all the support hes rightly gained over the years.

hes taken his job for granted and its time he realised the current policy isnt working.

there are players out there, experienced players within price range.

He found sagna, gilberto, eduardo, edu, pires campbell, etc. none of whom were kids.

he can find them again. pls arsene no more kids, stop the games or you'll lose the fans. fans are fickle, he should know this, he did the same thing at monaco and they drove him out and he ended up in japan.

we saved his career. weve always been a trophy winning club, granted hes made us what we are today but weve made him too.

wake up arsene, or life at arsenal after wenger will happen quicker than you think. never take any thing for granted, especially your position, for all the power you think you have, the fans have more power than anybody, you should realise that.

we were told the new stadium would make us on par with the european giants in the transfer market, we were told the new stadium would enable us to go out and get the likes of the berbatovs and the robinhos and the david villas, so we accepted the youth policy as we were promised huge rewards.

We are now into our third year and we have seen no such activity, instead we are being graced with the likes of song and denilson and that egotistical arrogant lazy money grabbing twat adebayor. how could wenger let flamini leave, then give ade 80k a week. we needed flamini alot more, he would of stayed for 80k. another wenger fuck up. this situation cannot carry on.

yes wenger has been loyal, but like i said we rescued him from being outcassed in japan, and there has been nobody loyaler than the fans in recent seasons, yes we owe wenger the chance to turn it round, but he also owes us.

no more fucking about, no more lies, no more kids that we have to wait years for, we have enough kids, its getting ridiculous.

wenger either sorts it out or he goes before his contract expires. simple as, thats football.

We laugh at chelsea for being romans toy, but at least they win things and have top players. every one laughs at us as we are arsene wengers toy and we win fuckall.

he is not god, dont lick his arse because of the past, its time to deliver.

lp said...

Wrighty, you are right. 100% agree.
Wenger has done a great job with Arsenal and this season is a great challenge for him. I guess he just want to try a few things before he splashing some money buying player in January. As an Arsenal fan, i guess we just have to wait and see the end result.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree; it is pointless to sack him or any manager during the course of the season. He has been great for Arsenal and will continue to be great. I feel that he lacks a bit of support from the BOard!!! They should have replace Dein with a like minded individual after he left. Le Boss have no one to turn to for assistance. Even now, the Board has been dragging its feet to appoint someone.

Anonymous said...

Sack Arsene?
That's just plain daft!
I watch basketball and I've seen teams in transition; make no mistake about it, you will be thanking him for his youth policy for years to come.
Salary caps will soon be introduced into football, like it or not, and a lot of so called big clubs will suffer as a result.
Why do you think Ferguson is adopting thesame policy of scouring for youths (Poisebon and his fellow Brazillians). Even Chelsea are gradually squeezing in their youth (I hear Ambramovich wants to off-load half the team to cut down costs; an effect of the recession).
My only concern with Wenger's policy was that he let the likes of Pires and Vieira leave too soon.
These boys don't have enough steel and they would've benefitted from older heads (Gallas/Silvestre not the answer) showing them how to conduct themselves in tough situations.
There wasn't a proper changing of the guards so to speak.
The best we can do right now is to rally behind them (hopefully giving them enough confidence to grow some pair for themselves).
We keep letting Spuds and Manure fans, posing as Arsenal supporters, rattle us with the 'sack Wenger' propaganda.
The prof's been extremely loyal to us and I can't help but feel we are letting him down when he needs us the most!!!

With £30mil, I'll invest in a couple of solid/aggressive centeral defenders. I believe the midfield can be coached to compensate for the lack of a DM. After all, it's a TEAM sport.

Anonymous said...

Arsene lacks suppport from the board? - what an incredibly ignorant thing to say. Get informed before making comments.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that there is not lack of experience in the pitch but a lack of leadership. There is very less motivation when the guyz come to the field and play.
There was a time when teams were scared shiteless to commit in attacks because arsenal were so strong in the counter. But lately its been the opposite.
I think there is also a determination about the CL this year not the Premiership. If you see our CL games and premier games, there is much more focus and greed when playing on tuesdays than on weekends.

Yes this situation was in the making for a while. But i feel that le boss can't come out and say outright that we were beaten by a relegation team... it will be all over the place ( and it would be stating the obvious ne ways... )

I dont believe the fans are over-reacting, but sacking wenger will not only be a moral blow now, but it will guaran-dam-tee loss of cesc, clichy, persi and theo come may... there is no question about that.

So wat do we do. Right now nothing but support the team where-ever you are. There is no doubt in any ones mind that wenger is one of the most shrewed tactitions in the footballing world. Let us see what he does.

The CL is our's this year... i can feel it too...

realgooner said...

Wrighty, your english is pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Guys, don't hurt yourselves thinking we're set to win the cl. We may get to the semis as were better suited to the cl, but as Wenger has stated, our team is tired NOW, how tired will they be in May?? The secret's out - teams know how to play us, press our midfield and we fall apart. Just hope the continental sides don't wake up to this and we make a good run in the cl. Apart from that what's the point of a good run in the cl at the expense of the epl effort. As it appears now, if we don't win the cl, we won't qualify for the cl next season. The epl is what needs focus.

useroz said...

Almost all permutations of available argument /logic/ assertion have been put forward, and I have just one point to say which has not mentioned here as yet...

While our passionate Board proclaims their love for Arsenal (eg lock down agreement), it's also crystal clear that these board members have benefited hugely with the Wenger experiment (for lack of a better name). Why? Just look at book value of their shares since Wenger took us on this talents' journey... YET, they expect the fans to contribute week in week out, money and loyalty, without expectation and just reward? You got to be kidding... So, please, i'd hate to hear any of these Board members saying all these we are in it together crap.

Last point (just one more)>> Arsenal should only operate as a business or a football club.

As a business, where is the corporate governance? No MD/CEO? Power so concentrated in one senior person? It's just disastrous in the making... what if Wenger were run over by a bus tomorrow? We'd be in disarray...

If we are a football club, the only objective, above all, is to win trophies though we should spend within reasons (but at least spend what we bloody earned as a club).

Anonymous said...

So if arsenal fall out of the top 4 this season (which I cant see happening because the chasing pack, villa, man city, spurs lol just don't seem to be up to it yet) should the club still stand by Wenger?

I remember Wenger was the reason for his own demise at Monaco which led to him fcking off to Japan.


no.1 goon said...

wrighty you have made me smile with this one,great article!
people need to remember where we were before wenger came,all this over-reaction is getting on my nerves.
anyway moving on did any one watch the reserves last night?
francis coquelin really stood out for me and bishoff did well for only his 3rd game for us.

Anonymous said...

anybody who thinks that the reason that mr Wenger resisted milan, barca or madrid was down to loyalty is plain stupid. The reason Wenger is still here becoz only Arsenal's Board is stupid enough to let Prof. Wenger to conduct his experiment with kids here and not expecting any silverware as long as Wenger can get them champ league money year after year and make profit. No expectation, total freedom, blind worshipper, crazy salary. Loyalty my ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Servant to the club? Wenger makes four mil quid/pa, those are not servant's wages, you forget yourself Wrighty. Now who are the servants of the club - THOSE WHO PAY THE WAGES. Are the true servants receiving their due - not those with the foresight and discernment to know what is really happening. AFC fans are being robbed in broad daylight.
03 November 2008 22:24

Mate ur a punter like every other that purchases a product. if you dont like it dont buy it. Just cause u pay money for a product does not make u number one shareholder or director.

Anonymous said...

Mate ur a punter like every other that purchases a product. if you dont like it dont buy it. Just cause u pay money for a product does not make u number one shareholder or director.

Whoever said has two problems: 1) too stupid to recognize shit wrapped in a fancy package 2) too weak-minded to stand up for what needs correcting - go lick wenger's balls you shameless idiot.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks the youth experiment is anything but a slow train wreck you don't qualify to have an opinion as you don't have a brain.

Anonymous said...

dont be scared of life after wenger.we have been on the decline for 3 yrs and this is the worst team in the wenger era.

dont forget we saved wenger, he was an out cast in japan.

when he came here he was lucky as he had the defensive foundations to build his attack play on.

now the defense has gone he is struggling.

wenger will not see the error of his ways, he thinks he is untouchable.

we won trophies before he arrived, hes never won a trophy another arsenal manager hasnt done before him so dont be scared of him leaving.

hes done a great job and built a bright future, but we cant live in the future or the past.

at the end of the season its time for a change. we need fresh face with ambition.

wengers time is up. it was up when the invincibles were dismantled. that was his peak, he wont get that again and neither will we with him in charge.

mourinho for manager.

Anonymous said...

Probably the best article youve ever written. Alot better than some of the stuff you pull. Congratulations

Nischit said...

Great read and easily the most fair article I've seen on the topic.

Anonymous said...

The whole scenario at AFC is nothing but miscalculation on the path of AW.I am not dispose to the selling of Flamini&co but he didnt fill the vacum created by this players with better players.The solution isnt far fetch,firstly in january he need to bring in two quality central defenders,a holding&attacking midfielders and a sharp striker.The second solution is not sacking AW as been generally clamoured but sacking Peter Hill Wood is another way out,if that man is sacked automatically AW will leave,then we plan afresh

Anonymous said...

Hes excuses were pathetic for the stoke defeat, narrow pitch, windy, and stoke were bullies

arsene mate get a grip, we all know we can be bullied, as for the wind and pitch width, well iv heard it all now

this is exactly what we are talking about,a man whos stubborness to change the team, who are clearly not good enough, and blaming everything and anyone he can but himself.

its getting embarrassing. he either pulls his finger out and swallows his pride or he loses his job.

we are in a results business and as a 'top 4 club' we should be getting at least one of the four trophies availble every season. we are not getting the results so why should we listen to anymore shite.

bhave said...

nice article wrighty. its very obvious that sacking him will not get us newhere. we dont wanna fall into trends set by clubs like spurs wher something goes wrong and out goes the manager. but ya i think its time wenger realised that its not gonna be for even those 'patient' arsenal fans to begin asking for results (the substantial ones). our weaknesses are very obvious and someone has gotta get it into his head that we need to sort it out. i feel, like many other fellow gunners, that this season is over. after the fulham defeat itself it seemed we would be fightin for 4th, and now its pretty obvious. sittin in india i can only write this shit to get rid of my frustration but somewher we gotta make wenger realise we deserve jus a 'little' more. wat say u all?

bhave said...

people hu jus watched the match will realise the simplest way to irritate arsenal is keep 9 people behind the ball.. for some reason we have forgotten how to break down defences and its jus compunding to our problems.. and for those few optimists still watching matches i think our defence looked much better because of djorou..

Anonymous said...

I think arsenal has gone down hill a lot since the likes of Thierry Henry left, we desperately need new players in every posisition,don't we?

i would also like to ask, what about a new goal keeper ? What do you guys think about Maneul Almunia?

Thanks Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

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