Friday, 30 January 2009

Come on now, let's not turn against Arsene Wenger

There are times that I feel like pulling my hair out at Arsene Wenger's antics.

He can be a very frustrating man and at times, can seem quite deluded! But I still love him and I want him to be given the chance to rectify his mistakes.

It's obvious that he has made mistakes in recent times, even more so lately, but some of the venom I've seen spouted at him can be a little under the belt.

Wenger has left himself wide open for criticism but I think sometimes some Gooners can go over the top, especially after everything he has done for us.

Of course Arsenal are bigger than Arsene Wenger and Arsenal will always be around after Wenger has gone but he has helped us become as successful as we are.

The standard Wenger has set over the years was extremely high. Nowadays we don't reach those standards and I can understand peoples frustrations.

Perhaps we have been spoiled? Who knows. One thing I do know is Arsenal would be a lot worse off without Wenger.

Trust me, if Wenger left tomorrow there would be a queue of clubs wanting to take him on.

I don't want Arsene Wenger sacked but I do want the standards of old to return and I want Arsene Wenger to deliver those times back to us.

He deserves that chance at least. Yes, I agree its been a while since we saw silverware arrive at Arsenal but I honestly believe Wenger is still the man to deliver at Arsenal.

It could be a classic case of you never know what you've got till it's gone if Wenger went tomorrow.

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

wrighty you been on the ol gin n juice today m8 that piece is a bit on the sentimental side fella lollllll

boy better know said...

wrighty lollllll

GoonerPassey said...

Very well said mate.
Arsene Wenger is the best for the job.

boy better know said...

the first comment is mine m8 lol

boy better know said...

i think wenger is only half to blame i put the whole blame on the board for not putting up the funds for us to finish 4th.if the arshavin deal happens it will not be enough to save us from missing out on the c.league

Anonymous said...

Well said Wrighty - irishgunner

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, try Polish vodka and then write about this Russian fella, Arseshaving. Let's see what happens :-)))



gooner said...

Hey this is a complete rubbish. Look, we are gonna give even the fifth place to everton. Are you gonna tell us that Arsenal have been this lukewarm under Graham, or another time before his arrival?
Wenger has said it in clear terms "I had a good contract at Arsenal because I save the club a lot of money every year" The stupid board members have been able to put a heck of money to their pockets because of Wenger and so they like him. But, as far as we the fans are concerned, Wenger has turned disaster. He has never admitted of making a mistake and hard to say that he deserves a second chance. As long as we don't let him know that he is of no favor to us anymore, he will continue things the way they are.

Spike said...

Of course Wenger deserves our respect for what hye's done and there are a few Gooners who have gone well over board in the vitriol aimed at him.

BUT, he said judge him in may and judge him we should. Unlike others, i think we will finish in the top 3 quite comfortably, BUT that aint what we should be aiming for is it?

Where Wenger deserves critisim, is his complete lack of adequate signings last summer; of course Im chattin about the defensive midfieder!

And I seriously cannot believe we are still having to put up with effin Eboue after his shite performances last season???

In the week we drew with Everton away, by far the hardest game any of the top 5 had to face, so a draw was a good result and let's not forget we are on a good run, but hey! Any kind of positive is a no no for a few so=called fans.

Anonymous said...

Hill woods not worried about us missing out on CL next year. If we finish 6th the board can charge us a premium for watching Everton and Villa at the Emirates next season.

Wrighty7 said...

LOL BBK!!!! ;)

AL said...

I dont think any fan is really against Wenger we will always be grateful for what he has done for AFC. But its blatently obvious the team is in decline. Look at the team 5 years ago, Mad Jens, Lauren, Kolo, Sol, Cashley, Freddie,Gilberto, Viera, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry. Then look at the team out tommorow.

Fizman says we have cash to spend, PHW must have dementia or be on crack to spout the shit he has recently and Wenger toes the line. We are not stupid the team is not performing. I thought Wengers job is to win football matches and deliver trophies, but it seems thats out the window and all he has to do is make a profit from selling our players. why employ a CEO with alledged fantastic negotiating skills then send good old Ken Friar to effin negotiate with the bloody russians they must be lauging their furry fucking hats off at us. Maybe Gadzis is being brought in to market to us the benefit of higher season ticket costs, make Song and Eboue the poster boys for AFC and make us believe the UEFA friggin cup is something we should be looking forward to and grateful to be in.

There all a bunch of cunts.

Seriously something needs to change I would prefer a change of direction in the boardroom, Stand down PHW, Fizman, Ken Friar new blood is needed.

Spike said...

Do you think the club are chasing Arshavin coz they think he will give the club, players and fans a lift?

JonJon said...

im with you on this one wrighty,

ok we are not in the best of positions, but is wenger totally to blame???

the finger has to be pointed at the board mainly.

PHW has publicly said not qualifying for the CL would not be disastorous, wheres the ambition?? it reaks of spin. if we had the financial power then why are we messing about with zenit for the sake of three million???

we dont have the money. we are skint and wengers hand are tied. hes made a shit load of mistakes but what other manager could run a top 4 side on a shoe string budget any better????

wenger deserves the critisism as much as the praise, but the people who are calling for his head already just dont realise the shit we could be left in if he really did go.

any other manager in todays game needs millions to spend to make it work. and we simply dont have those millions. we are skint, the board know it, wenger knows it and alot of the fans know it. we might as well stick with him until 2011.

when we where winning trophies left right and centre, teams like real madrid where chasing wenger every year, but he stayed with us cos he was loyal, helped us build a stadium and has cemented our long term future, so now times arent so good maybe we should stay just as loyal and give him time to turn it round???

we are still in the hunt for 2 trophies. the PL is gone but the CL and FAC are still there for the taking, lets wait until the end of the season before we pack his bags eh???

Anonymous said...

wenger has done a brilliant job over the years;hes losing it.hes playing denilson every week;hes the worse player at arsenal.we spend our money so the club may do well.what are they doing with the money?there're people out there who can do what wenger is doing now and ther're people that can do fed up of his arogance and negative pride.if he doesnt deliver this season he should him but i done like what hes doing and he wont change.

Al said...

No Spike its just a smoke screen to try and placate us just as they did with the Xavi Alonso rumours.

MeteorMonster said...

Nice intentions Wrighty and I salute you for this nostalgic and sentimental piece.

Like you and many others, I love, respect and cherish Arsene for what he has accomplished at Arsenal.

Unfortunately, as we all know in life, nothing lasts forever, even life itself. Napolean had his Waterloo and Arsene seems to be pushing himself and the club towards that point at the moment.

Arsenal is a big club, 7th highest valued in the sporting world, highest Credit rating for a sports franchis, highest NOI and 3rd highest Gross Income in football.

However, Arsene and the Board is still treating it like a small franchise trying to save relegation. We had 93 million in a reserve account as of last June, should be over 100 by now, and still failed to beef up the squad with a few signings to make up for the losses of Diarra, Hleib, Lehman, Flamini and Gilbert.

Instead, we brought in Nasri (capable replacement), Ramsey (5 mill of future potential, Bischoff (played once for the Werder Bremen 1st team and has been injured for 2 years)and Silvestre (Perennially injured Manu reject with no pace).

The question to be asked is, does this seem like the thinking of a rational person. If anyone else but Arsene did this for a major club his "arse" would have been fired a long time ago.

Spike said...


Im with you mate. Agree with all that, it seems pretty clear, despite contradictory comments, we are effin skint!

Thats why it makes no sense to spend £15 mill on Arshavin when we need players in different positions?

Unless we ARE gonna sell Kolo to City for £15 mill or Richards and Michael Johnson??

Spike said...


I was happy with all those transfers APART from effin Silvestre! Couldnt understand it, especially as City, who were after him, went out and signed Kompany instead!!!

Shakiel said...

Well I have to say u are right wrighty. Cos with out wenger where would have been now! Exactly. Patients is a vertue as they say! I'd prefer to wait then be a chelsea or man city anyday..Money dont but u everything in the world lol.

But truely do hope that we do but arshavin..because he would make a instant impact.

A little bit of important info for all the readers. This comes from the Real madrid case of registrying Klaas Jan Huntelaar and Lassana Diarra for the champions league. Two players that have played in europe already.

UEFA's appeals body said last week the Spanish club's bid to register the pair, who have already competed in UEFA competition this season with their previous clubs, had been rejected.

"UEFA regulations say clubs can register as many as three new players for the knockout rounds by Feb. 1 but only one who has already played this season in Europe with another club."

So if we get Arshavin over the weekend then get ready for Roma. Now that wud be some good news!

Arsenal 4Life not money lol

JonJon said...


it is so obvious we need to spend heavily to improve the squad.

but ppl seem to forget that we have spent just as much as manutd chelsea and liverpool in the last few seasons. it just hasnt been on the team.

we cant have it both ways but what annoys me is that the team has been forgotten about and the ppl to blame are the board, not wenger.

the finances could have been dealy with better, just look at the way we were robbed with the sponserships, is that wengers fault too???

if we'd have balanced it more we could have had the money to spend, but we dont. wenger knew what he had to do years ago, and now hes taking the flack, fair enough hes the manager. but if you send a man into a gun fight with a knife he isnt going to find it easy and thats exactley what the boards done with wenger.

gooner said...

It is even hard these days to agree with the claim that Wenger is able to spot talent.Look the many individuals he rejected but that have proved key players, who, had they been at the club at the moment, would have been much important. He rejected Palacious and Diara on behalf of song, denilson, diaby. Can you compare these players in their current form? Think about his missing on Frank Ribery, Drogba C. Ronaldo. He lost them just due to poor judgment, not lack of money. He lost each one of them for a marginal amount of money, but has paid a comparable amount on Hleb, Reyes, around the same time. He nurture talent at the expense of trophy, but when the talent becomes a star, he prevents them to get their deserved amount of salary and thus, they leave us at the time when they can be critically important to the club.

Spike said...

He didnt lose Palacios OR Diarra fella.

At thew time, we had a shit load of central midfielders when Palacios was at thye club, so there was NO ROOMJ for him. Of course now it looks different, yet £14 mill is about £9 mill over the odds!

And Diarra? That clueless twat couldnt even wait 2 months before he was bitchin like a fishwife coz he wasnt playin week in, week out and he refused to go on loan, so what could Wenger do?

Sorry, pretty poor arguements there.

C Ronaldo? We had him for £6m and the Mancs chucked over £12m at Sporting!

Drogba? £24m??? You sure?

JonJon said...

we didnt have a chance with ronald as soon as manutd came along,

sporting were a feeder club to manutd at the time, maybe they still are, but as spike said as soon as they threw twice the tranfer fee, and offered twice the wages we never stood a chance.

JonJon said...

and we never missed out on ribery either,

he supported bayern from a young age, they were always his first choice.

gooner said...

Drogba, Wenger had a chance to buy him when he was in En Avant Guingamp--a year before he was valued 24 million. The figure about C. Rolando is inaccurate because he has specifically mentioned that. It was a matter of some few dollars before ManU snatched him with a better offer.

About Diara and palacious, it was clear even at that moment that these are better lads than either song or Denilson. Given that Flamini was not in contract, he could have convinced him to stay till the summer, had he had the judgment. He could have signed Palacious and loan him elsewhere as he did with Vela and other players, had he had the judgment again. We can also talk about Toure, whom he had rejected after his Trial at Arsenal--but proved him wrong just a season latter. needless to mention about what he did to Gilberto and Perez and other die-hard gooners, he had made lots of mistakes that he never admitted.Those mistakes have costed us dearly. The board will never vet him because he is getting them a lot of money. The board members have shown their incompetence when they fired David Den, the man whose idea would have salvaged the club from the terrible situation that it is in right now. He has made the club his laboratory, where he can practice the economic theory that he found from the books. But, that is all at the expense of trophy, something which gives us a reason to spend our time and money for the club.

JonJon said...

oh do you mean the same david dein that almost sold us down the river to an investor who now due to the creit crunch has lost half his fortune, and if that deal would of happened we'd of been left in deeper shit than what we are now.

do you also mean the same DD that wanted us to ground share with wembley.

if we still had dein we'd be stuck with a loan we would never pay off, just like chelsea, and we wouldnt even have our own stadium to show for it.

if dein was such a die hard why did he sell his shares.

dein was booted off because he tried to sell the club down the river, and as it turns out diens plans were pretty flawed werent they

fuck dein.

cliffeh said...

We're all just so frustrated Wrighty mate.

No one can question what Arsene has done for the club over the years, the man is a genius and in Arsene I usually do trust.

I just can't help but think that this time though he has got it all very wrong.

So the club are skint, that is well obvious. When it comes to decisions on the field though, Wenger must be accountable. Some of his decisions this past year have been woeful. Us mere Arsenal fans can see it so surely a man of Arsene's intelligence can?

I think his persistance and stance with developing youth relly is commendable and sure, the future of Arsenal Football Club is in good hands but you need leaders and this team is clearing lacking something. If I'm being honest I'm starting think that maybe these young talented prospects are just that. Prospects and no more. Are these kids maybe not as good as we/Arsene hoped they would be?

It's been mentioned so many times on hundreds of blogs, but Arsenal to me really have lost their spark. No longer do teams fear playing us. Nowadays teams fancy their chances of doing us over, playing US of the park and roughing us up a little. That wouldn't have happened a few years back. We had players like Vieira, Campbell and Gilberto who would fight for the cause, get their hands dirty and bail us out of the shit.

Arsenal dont even play good football anymore! Some one please tell me a game they remember when we dominated like we used to? I dont think theres been a single game this season where I have actually enjoyed watching my beloved Gooners :(

The way we play our football isnt the boards responsibility - thats Wengers.

We're in a catch 22 at the moment. The club are skint and cannot afford to keep up with the prem's elite 3 whilst Arsene's experiment and insistence with playing and developing youth is starting to seriously backfire as it seems that these lads are a bunch of under achievers :(

Anonymous said...

its only complete cretins with nothing better to do that post on blogs that even consider getting rid of Wenger

Anonymous said...

Is this a results business?? Wenger should be concerned if we finish out of the top four. Also, he's nuturing players - song, diaby, eboue, walcott have not improved, denilson has somewhat, not a good record there, where's bischoff? will he be sold for one million soon so wenger can add one million to the books, this is just stupid. We've missed too many players and we're goona pay for it regardless of how much we've got in the bank. Ribery would have come to us, many of the french national team players thought he should go to us(vieira, pires, etc), we lost ribery for the same reason we lose most quality players - we are skint.

Anonymous said...

gooner 20:30, cliffeh spot on brothers. Wenger taint spotted the players that we need.

JonJon said...

wengers tactics still work

wenger still employs the wenger ball tactics, it aint the tactics that are wrong, its the personel.

we dont have the money to buy the personel so wenger has to mould them into the players he needs, and that moulding takes time.

hes caught in a catch 22 also and if the board dont sort it out, wenger RvP cesc will all walk, then the fans who have been calling for wengers head will be begging for him to come back when they see the full picture of the shit we'll be in

we dont have the money, we are skint, wengers doing the best he can with what hes got and although im pissed of just as much as anyone im a realist and i know sacking wenger isnt the answer,

we'll just and up with a manger who needs 70mil to win the league, and we dont even have 17mil never mind 70.

MeteorMonster said...


How could you be happy with the acquisition of Bischoff to replace our losses? A player who was injured for 2 years, playing only 4 games in that period, is a AM, slot player (of which we have too many), only started once for his first team and played 4 times at the junior national level. as a long term prospect, maybe. As a replacement, no.

Similar thing with Ramsey. As great future potential, yes. As a replacement, NO.

Palacios is a DM and having lost Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto we had no one at that position. Song is a converted CB, Denilson is a converted AM and Diaby is a jack of all trades and master of none. Essentially, Arsene chose to enter the season without a legitimate DM.

Remember, Song never played the DM role during pre-season and at season's start, he was contributing as a backup at CB. He was only brought into the DM role when we had injuries and staked a place at that position.

Wenger was apparently trying to emulate the Dutch "Le Orange" squad of the 70's and 80's which were the only successful team to play without a DM. Nice, if you had the talent they had.

Of worthy note, is although they played supreme football, they failed to garner any major trophies.

Anonymous said...

LoveArsene said... Season after season we will be competing in the mid table after Arsene leave Arsenal, mark my word. Some of these spoilt fans think that glory is as easy as playing Sony Play Station. If Arsene leave Arsenal for Spurs tomorrow, I will be a spur fan too. Arsenal NEVER play beautiful football, Arsene does create beautiful football.

JonJon said...

thats just being fooking silly

you cant say you'd support spurs if arsene went there.

what sort of fan are you???

think before you type mate.

Wrighty7 said...

I think you get Wenger die-hards and Arsenal fans these days! LOL

Spike said...


I wasnt even including Biscoff in the list as he is a gamble, pure and simple.

When we had Palacios, if Im not mistaken, we still had Flamini, Gilberto and possibly even Diarra? Why anyone is EVEN mentioning Song and Denilson is beyond me>

You're only bitchin about palacios coz the spuds have spunked £14m on him! BUT IF the same situation occured today, then Id be surprised if Wenger hadnt have took a gamble on him, like, erm, Biscoff too! FFS! Biscoff aint played for 2 seasons, so of course he should be 1st choice by now!!!

And Gooner

What ARE you chattin about mate?

David effin Dein??? Are you shittin me?

That slimy 2 faced c*nt wouldve sold the club to the 1st billionaire he jumped in bed with, in fact after Kroenke realised Dein had no authority to sell the club, he fucked DD off and the tangoed DD jumped in bed with the fat Uzbek gangster, sold his shares in his effin beloved Arsenal for ma fat profit!

And by the way, what IS the point in dredging up shite from the past? All managers have fucked up with either selling or buying players, jeeez! he spuds are the masters of it, Rafa's spunkin millions like I dont know what!

Bottom line is, IMO, we need at least 2 signings this window and we can go forward, especially if a few of the injured players come back, like eduardo and theo (who is effin awesome IMO?

leon said...

you can only live of past glory forever,you say you be loyal to wenger but how loyalty has he shown to the likes pires ,gilberto and toure players who have loyal to the club for years,onnce you reach 31 get 1 year contract or shown the doore,toure how lonh has been at arsenal and he brings in gallas ,over looks him to be captain, and gallas is now the top paid player at the club how loyal is that,arsenal are top team and they need some top class players but wenger refuses to swollow is pride and bring in some experienced players. wenger is top paid manager in the prem and he won nothing in almost half a decade. arsenal out of the title race before feb be loyal are taking the piss

Soccer Fan said...

I like soccer.

Stringfellow Hawke said...

Great post, i am sick to death of all these cheap “neuvo gooner” blogs talking out of their spoilt backsides.

If only they could see how incredibily lucky we are to have had wenger has boss and how the future of the club is rock solid due to his unselfishness.

He is taking the flack, but the money he is saving will help reduce debts quicker, the managers of this club from 7 years onwards will have money to burn on players and it will ALWAYS be FOREVER the legacy of one man.

Pedd Ant said...

Spike - It's Bischoff, not Biscoff.

Gene Yuss said...

The way I see it, Man Utd are top of the league, so for Arsenal to overtake them all we need to do is take heir manager and best players. If Liverpool or Chelsea overtake them then we do the same to them.

Simple really, that way we'll always have the best managers and players. I'm amazed nobody has thought of it before.

avenell said...

oi oi wrighty..

good post today.

Stringfellow Hawk.
one day you will find us ;)

Anonymous said...

String bollocks, no one is bigger than the club - built a new stadium wgaf. We can't attract the Matthew Upson's of the world anymore. It's over.

Stringfellow Hawke said...

go support man citeh, neuvo fan.

Stringfellow Hawke said...

go support citeh, neuvo fan.

Anonymous said...

The main point is being missed. It doesn't matter which players we have or don't have if the manager keeps picking the wrong team, playing people out of position and making loopy substitutions. Yesterday the substitution was potty. Adebayor was lazy and awful and Denilson was totally negative. Both should have been pulled off. Bendtner was the only forward showing anything and yet he gets pulled off. Not as bad as the Walcott and Van Persie substitutions against Spurs, but bad enough. - Ramgun