Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Suspension for Gael Clichy could be a good thing in a strange way

In a strange way Gael Clichy being suspended could be a good thing.

Of course Arsenal will miss him against Cardiff City but the player himself could do with a breather after a hectic campaign so far.

The suspension will also give him a chance to clear his head. He has made several errors that have cost Arsenal at times.

Clichy is a marvellous player who I believe can develop into the best left-back in the world but he can only achieve this if he cuts out the mistakes.

I think its a concentration thing with Gael. He can just switch off and this is the problem he needs to deal with.

He comes across as a highly intelligent young man and I believe that when he gains more experience he will cut out the mistakes and improve his concentration.

This "mini-break" could do him good. He can reflect on his errors and become a better player for them.

I have every confidence that Gael Clichy will become the best left-back in the world and he will iron out these mishaps on his way to doing so.

Keep it Goonerish................


Anonymous said...

I am sure gael will be reassured by your comments and support

Anonymous said...

Yes i think your right Gibbs will be ok as cover
We have a couple of tough games comming up after Sunday Everton away and West Ham at home if we win both we should be even closer to the top of the table

Anonymous said...

it's people like you that have hyped this kid up to no ends. Yes his good, world class? better than ashley? As a defender needs to defend much better. Finally some good old fashion competition wouldn't hurt

Anonymous said...

I think Gaels dip in form has something to do with the lack of support he receives from Nasri.

Wrighty7 said...

I've hyped him up because I believe he can be the best.

CescIsGenius said...

Clichy's mistakes have been costly, yes, but this break will help to replenish some of his desire. Since his slip against Spurs, he has been more inconsistent than last year. At the weekend, his backing off thus allowing the cross is not what a confident Clichy would have done.

Sure there was an overlapping player 10 yrds away, but he has more than enough pace to keep up with just about anyone in the BPL.

Gael will come back hungry and rested, two things he, and Arsenal, need.

Anonymous said...

spot on wrighty he can be one of the best around, although i also feel that a lack of competion contributes to his freqent lapses in concentration. as you sais he seems an intelligent player, so therefore knows that gibbs does not yet provide serious threat to gaels place. do you think traore will be recalled to address this area or is he seen as a midfielder now?

wallace 1722 said...

he is a brilliant full back and he will definitely find his class sooner rather than later.......
i believe in hs abilities....
long live arsenal

Anonymous said...

Is their any way his absence could mean no Eboue in midfield ? That would be a good thing in a strange way indeed.

Wrighty7 said...

I think Traore is seen by Wenger as a left winger now.

He played there a lot in the reserves and seems to be comfortable there.

AFC4Life said...

I agree with you Wrighty, Gael's had a couple of dodgy games, but apart from that he's generally one of our more consistent players. He and Sagna are as good as any full back pairing I can think of. Maybe Abidal and Alves at Barca could compete, but that's about it.

As for the Cardiff game, I hope to see starts for Ramsey, Wilshere and Vela. It would give Denilson, Nasri and van Persie a break, and also be enough to see off Cardiff. I hope!

Anonymous said...

last i heard, gael was THE choice LB in the most competitive league in the world. that means against the best strikers and right sided attacking players.

ashley cole better? put that shit ur smoking DOWN!

clchy is THE BEST already. he plays the Arsenal LB role fantasticly well, to the point of having the character to evolve it into a potent attacking corridor.

All he's missing is the right winger, just like pires was for cashley. pires made them all look good..!

but yeah, a break always does good, and soon he'll be back. looking fwd to seeing gibbs tho, no doubt. that game against inter he played in really did it for me.


Anonymous said...

of course hes better than ashley cole
cole can only defend, clichy has so much more football talent
its as wrighty said, he sometimes switches off, and i think hes played a lot of games over the last couple of years, which will take its tole on a young player
ive always been astounded at the way ppl judge fullbacks
ashley cole marked ronaldo out of the game a couple of times when ron was about 20 years old and thats how he became "best in the world" in many people's eyes
hes good, solid, but not amazing defensively and no-where near as good as clichy going forward

Anonymous said...

clichy was forced into making mistakes as often there was not much help from team-mates. Nasri actually helps out more than any other player. Even with hiccups,he is already the best LB bar none,with more support and cover,he could develope into a very special player. Remember his cutting in between defenders and set-up a goal from outside the box?

WeGunnerBeKings said...

In my oppinion Evra is the best LB inthe world with Clichy very close behind him. All you have to do is watch that game against Man U last season, Evra was brilliant, caused problems up and down the pitch. Sorry if I piss people off but I call how I see it.

Anonymous said...

Clichy is not better than Ashley. He makes too many costly errors and is still learning. He may well improve, but he's far from the finished article.

People cite that Clichy is being exposed by a lack of support from Nasri.

Cole NEVER got support from Bobby who for all his genius, anyone who ever sat in the East Lower will atest, was the laziest player to ever pull on the red and white shirt. Cole was that good he never needed any support.

Still hate the cunt!

jay said...

clichy is not as good as cashley or evra i dont care what anyone says. error prone, wayward crossing, bad positioning and decision making. i see too much of these traits in his game. maybe if he learnt to keep it simple more often he wouldn't get himself into such pickles. Whether we like it or not he costs us at least 9 points a season

Anonymous said...

plz think before posting nonsense

best in the world ?

hes not even the best in the premiership

in fact hes not even the best in london

drew said...

well, i'd say he's one of the best in the world if not the best...i mean, when ashley cole left, i tot we'll be in deep sh** on the left..but no man, its good tht he left..we've got a better left back now...alot better...and not arrogant too..haha..ahh,there was once gael played as a left midfielder cuz silvestre took his position few matches ago rite? cant rmember which match tho, but i think he's good as a left midfielder too..
glad that he's 'forced' to take a short break..hehe..he'd worked too hard for the team..