Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Surely there's more to Arsenal than Arshavin!

I'm really starting to become sick of the Arshavin situation.

Every day I wake up thinking, is this the day?? Only to go to bed disappointed every night!!

I go to sleep at night with the word "Arshavin" swirling round my head! It's starting to become an obsession. This Arshavin saga is turning me crazy.

The situation has become tedious and although I will be pleased if he does sign, the enjoyment has been sucked out of the deal because of the way it has paned out.

I just want the Arshavin saga to end, regardless of how it does. It needs to end because the health of my keyboard is at stake. The F5 refresh button on the keyboard has worn thin and in this day and age, what with the recession and all, I can't really afford to buy a new one.

I'm looking for Arsenal news other than Arshavin stuff and it appears that there is hardly any.

Some good news is that Rosicky is apparently back at training. I really like Rosicky and think that we have missed him more than maybe we expected we would.

Even if he is training I doubt we will see him this season. It will take a while for him to become match-fit or gain any fitness at all and I don't see the point of rushing his return.

I hope his injury problems are over and he gains a good pre-season under his belt for next season. I think we will see a hungry rejuvenated Rosicky and that can only be good for Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

Hi wrighty,

good point.

Someone said, that all Arshavin stories are rubbish.

No one knows what is going on.

Zenit are so public, Arsenal are so private.

We will only know once a deal is done, and even then Arsenal wont release the figures.

Anonymous said...

pull the keycap off F7 to replace the F5 position. Have you ever used F7-12?...I havn't!

Wrighty7 said...

F7 to F12 are buttons from the Twilight zone!

Wrighty7 said...

Arsenal never release the figures mate.

You are right, nobody really knows what is going on.

I bet Arshavin doesn't either!

Anonymous said...

surely we are negotiating with other players and not just Arsewipe. we need more than just him

Wrighty7 said...

I've said that before.

I don't think we are and we are putting all our eggs into the Arshavin basket.

I really don't think that Wenger is that bothered if the deal doesn't happen.

Ted said...

You're not bothered, Wenger's not bothered, no-one is bothered. Even the tabloids can't be bothered anymore.

Its the greatest couldn't care less transfer non-event ever.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we seem to be the only team to mess around in the transfer market and take weeks and weeks to finalise anything! It was the same with the Nasri deal in the summer, it gets so boring! I don't know exactly who is to blame for the delays but its getting soul destroying seeing that twat Eboue playing week in week out! I know we've got injuries but PLEASE don't miss out in this transfer window Wenger! We've got too many average players in our team and we need to pull our finger out otherwise we can kiss goodbye to 4th spot!

Mayank said...

Aagree with every word..esp about the refresh thingy..i want this guy to come cause if he doesn't we're gonna get more news about why the deal didn't go through,wenger should be sacked,board is stealing from us,we pay the highest prices,etc..if he comes there'll be a pic of him holding up a shirt sayin that it was his childhood dream to play for us,a few players will come out and say what a a fine addition he is and it will be over..you will probably have a post about how he can impact our season..n that will be it..back to other news like dudu coming back rosicky manging to kick a ball, fabregas reassuring us that his heart is at arsenal and he wants to win trophies with us you know shit we're used to

Anonymous said...

The problem with Arsenal is that we HAVE money and we start bids VERY low.

Do you see Man Utd doing the same? they bid HIGH and get what they want.

Also Zenith have been holding out for Man City to come in with a LAST MINUTE bid.

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal? I couldnt care less! These things have been brought to light by Zenit who constantly speak to the media or even post things on their board, so it is gonna make things seem over the top.

It is not our job to worry about transfers but to support the team, if Arshavin really comes will you worry about how long it took? I doubt it.

Let the club do their job and we do ours.

We have Eduardo close, Rosicky training, I am sure we will hear something good about Fab and Walcott soon, Song, Clichy and Gallas are back, plus some great younsters - i.e - Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey.

Things are lookin up from where I stand!