Friday, 16 January 2009

Get Mat-Tuso back!

Many players leave Arsenal and most regret it.

It's too early in Mathieu Flamini's AC Milan career to say whether he will eventually regret leaving Arsenal but I'll be honest and say I miss him at the club.

Throughout his time at Arsenal I really endeared to him because he always gave 110%. His attitude was always top class despite the fact he was never a first team regular until his final season.

In recent weeks Arsenal seem to have been slowly turning the corner after a horrible start to the season. The rest of the season could be good, especially with Andrei Arshavin (hopefully) on the way.

While I agree that a creative player is necessary because Arsenal appear to find it hard to break down sides at the moment (not unsurprisingly I might add with Fabregas, Walcott, and Rosicky unavailable) I also believe that a defensive midfielder should be a priority.

The defence has looked vulnerable this season, a big reason for this is a lack of protection from the midfield.

There aren't many about at the moment and one I always look out for is Mathieu Flamini. I'd love him back at the Arsenal.

Milan have just brought David Beckham into their squad and I suspect Flamini will suffer as a result. Maybe a short-term solution for him, and Arsenal, would be for him to "come home".

Wenger has spoken about a possible loan deal for someone so why not Flamini, even if it was just until the end of the season. His winning attitude could really help Arsenal at the moment, his drive could benefit us hugely.

It's said Wenger never goes back. Well, he has been linked with a move for Matthew Upson recently. Why not Mat-Tuso?

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

What ever man, he wanted to leave, so peace out.

You need players who have a heart for the team.

I wouldnt even want Pele in his prime if he didnt want to play for Arsenal!


Anonymous said...

a loan deal will do

Anonymous said...

u forgot one point though is how the fans are going to take to him? welcome him with open arms?

remember the treatment the Emirates FANS dished out to Eboue and Bendtner lately? a few mistakes or below par shows, Flamini would get torn apart by the socalled "fans" today.

Tom14 said...

Flamini was great last year, but he was no better than Denilson has been. I think pretty much every Arsenal fa has overlooked the lack of form shown by whoever has partnered Denilson. Fabregas has been well blowe per this year and this had nothing to do with playing alongside Den, he was just poor. Song is average at best and cannot play well enough in the middle and Diaby is far too inconsistent to play alongside Denilson.

Only Nasri has looked like a capable central midfield player alongside Denilson. We do not lack a defensive midfielder at all because Denilson has played fantastically, its just the lack of a quality partner for him that has let us down, and that includes Fabregas.

Arshavin is DESPERATELY needed. We have no wingers apart from Eboue.

Eboue - Nasri - Denilson - Arshavin

That is a top midfield.

If we were to sign anybody else it would be a partner for Denilson (in the attacking sense and therefore pusing Nasri to the right replaing Eboue) or a central defender because Djourou is still not quite at that level. He will be next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi wrighty, while we are missing Matty's drive and ball retention capabilities I'd be very suprised if Wenger admitted his mistake in letting Flamini go last summer. Of course he would provide a shield in front of our shaky defence, a shield that's been desperately needed. However you never know what may happen in the volatile world of Serie A. Here's hosing for revenge against the tigers tomorrow and the 4 above us to drop points. Charybdis1966.

Anonymous said...

I cannot belive some of the nonsense on here. denilson's had a good season do you actually go to the games?
Flamini has been missed but he had one good season
eboue is not good enough to play in midfield

Anonymous said...

He is a money grabbing whore.

Matthew said...

who included EBOUE in a top class midfield should be banned from Emirates and all Arsenal websites.......

..... I would like Arshavin, he seems like he could do well with us......but i agree with Wrighty, we need a DM even if its a loan for now and Veloso in the summer (i can hope right)

Tom14 said...

Anyone who includes Veloso in any link to Arsenal is clearly stupid. They will have never watched him perform in Portugal and not even know how he plays.

I have watched him in many Champions League games and he is not better than Denilson. He isn't even as good as Diaby. Why go and sign a player who is no better than what we have just for the sake of saying - "Hey, we have signed Veloso who is a big name and a big reputation" - the lad is nothing special.

As for Eboue, of course he is not a top class player, but neither was Ray Parlour. Eboue is the defensive balance that allows the team to attack at will. Now, when we play Theo, we have less defensive balance and Sagna has to sit back more. I would not mind this as long as Walcott produced anything of note going forward. But he didn't, and he lost the ball a lot more than Emmanuel.

Bring in Arshavin and we allow Nasri to more into the middle with more attacking freedom and we have Arshavin on the left, possibly his best position. But if we were to play him on the rigt, he would produce that spark, assist, goal that Walcott rarely did, thus making up for his defensive faults.

Football is a lot more tactical than simply - "He is shit" - because if Eboue was truly shit, he would not play games for the club. Walcott would have played every week.

Try and think logically rather than Idealistically.

chris said...

I'd like to see Vela - Nasri - Denilson - Diaby in midfield today.

i think we need a new dm more than we need a new "creative spark", as rosicky, fabregas, walcott (and eduardo) is on their way back.. in the meantime we should play nasri in the center of the park

Anonymous said...

Arsenal don't need a CDM now. The of style of play Arsenal does, there is no place for a defensive mid.We just need a solid back four...That's all !
When will i hear Arsenal is Moutinho, Di Maria, Falcao and Diogo hmmm
We Arsenal really need a CDM then let's go Annan. He is cheaper than Veloso and is more Arsenal type

Tom14 said...

We don't need a DM. Just a proper partner for Denilson. Wheather that be Nasri or a new signing - he has to be attacking, not defensive. Denilson can defend and he is very good at it, but he is by no means an AM like Cesc. A winger is paramount. Arshavin on the right, Nasri on the left and Denilson with a better partner than Diaby in the middle and we are sorted. Maybe we need a new winger and put Nasri alongside Denilson?

Arshavin - Denilson - ? - Nasri
Arshavin - Denilson - Nasri - ?
Arshavin - Denilson - Ramsey/Diaby - Nasri