Sunday, 18 January 2009

I hate people who say that late winners are lucky ones

A game of Premiership football is decided over 90 minutes and if needed, stoppage time.

That means you have 90 minutes, plus any stoppage time, to score a goal or win the match, right?

So why is it I hear that Arsenal were "lucky" or "fortuitous" because we won by late goals at Hull City yesterday?

Should late goals not count or something?

Strong teams will always score late goals because they never give up. Manchester United do it regularly and that's a reason why they are champions.

According to Wenger Arsenal have scored important goals in the last ten minutes 16 times in 33 games. I don't think that's lucky. That's a fact I'm proud of and long may it continue.

Especially against little runts like Phil Brown.

Keep it Goonerish........


Anonymous said...

a goals a goal!
whether scord in the 1st minute or in the last minute there is no difference

Anonymous said...

So used to the irritating twaddle spopken by the Setanta team, it was refreshing to hear some sense spoken by Les Ferdinand. He commented on why a late winner for Manchester United shows that they have the stuff of champions yet a late winner for Arsenal shows that we are lucky!

He went on to say that it is probably because people are so used to beautiful football from Arsenal that a more prosaic win seems like a let down, He's probably right!

Anonymous said...

we've been doing it a lot over the past three years as well
its not luck at all
we even did it to man utd 2 (?) years ago

CescGod said...

You dont score, until you score ;)

Anonymous said...

When chelski or manyoo score late ones its always seen as resilience, or having a never say die attitude. The media are constantly on us, and the bias coming pundits and so called experts is absolutely shocking.

Anonymous said...

totally agree.

that esepcailly were the cases of the yesteryears - it showed a tremendous strength of never say die spirit.

today, there may be another factor - bigger sides tend to have a deeper and stronger squad smaller sides don't.

often, midway of the 2nd half, when the legs are tired, bigger sides could bring on some quality strikers to give the team a late boost, a luxury smaller sides don't have.

as a result, bigger sides tend to score more late goals than the smaller sides.

Anonymous said...

And bigger/better sides don't necesarily need fresh legs, their hi-tempo passing game (ball moves, not players; opponent run and chase) for the full 90 mins. have wore out the opponent, and in the end errors take place and suddenly there is openings everywhere to make the deadly strike.

Anonymous said...

2 people who hate arsenal are Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer. I hate listening 2 them after an arsenal game on match of the day cause they never say anything good. And if they do its followed by criticism

Anonymous said...

spurs to go down this season

Wrighty7 said...

Spurs to go down! Love it!

Anonymous said...

setanta have a policy of recruiting morons for presenters and i have never heard alan shearer say anything sensible in my life..

goonermichael said...

shearer and hanson are a pair of cubts

goonermichael said...

I meant to say cunts. obviously

Anonymous said...

Well sometimes late winners are lucky ones . The oustanding one that stands out was MU in 1999. They were battered and bloodied and if it were a boxing match,the ref would have stopped the match at ht.
As for Arsenal in 1989 the gunners aint lucky. Most neutrals would say the gunners shade it as the reds were playing for a draw.
Anyway a match lasts 90min plus at.
So all manangers must instruct the players to play to the final whistle and not relax even with a two goal cushion.Frankly a one goal lead aint much. The other team can two goals and win it. A two goal cushion is great because at the most the other team can draw.
Arsenal had let in goals in the last minute thru all the players going awol.
Lately it's encouraging to see a see more focussed approach from the team.
That's a good sign

Anonymous said...

You know which team is lucky though?

Aston Villa - the Gunners' nemesis this season it seems.

Against Sunderland:

1. Two handballs in their own penalty area and no penalty against them.

2. A goal scored with an arm.

3. A penalty which was actually a foul outside the box, and they scored it to win the match with a man down.

If the Gunners had this luck at the end of last season, we would have been champions!

carlyluvsunited said...

I always tell people that the top teams are not lucky, they just never give up and have a great fighting spirit.

United and Chelsea score so many late, late winners and it is impossible for it to be lucky as it happens all too often.

The same thing can be said for The Arse as they are a top quality team who have the same attitude, that's why they have been Top 4 for so long and constantly qualify for Europe.

Luck my ass, lol.

WC said...

Well more than anything else Arsenal faces a double standard. When other clubs score late it is due to their championship pedigree and as said before - resilience. When Arsenal score late it's luck or a struggling victory. I truly believe the media - especially British - give Arsenal a very hard time because we have so many foreigners. It's been said before that we're treated harsher because we have fewest local players , though it hasn't been publicly admitted. However I wouldn't be surprised that in the back of the minds of non-Arsenal fans we're the outsiders who are imposing on their culture.

Anonymous said...

theres a late goal and then there a manure/liverpool late goal though wrighty

Anonymous said...

Where would this team be if (knock on wood) Robin van Persie had gotten another of his injuries this year? In his pre-match press conference, Wenger was asked about van Persie’s injury history and he said that Robin’s tendons and ligaments have all stretched into place and that injury period is behind him. Maybe van Persie is 1/2 man, 1/2 silly putty? It would explain why the papers leave such an impression.

Thankfully Robin’s legs are elastic because I hate to think what would have happened yesterday without him. Maybe Adebayor would step up like he did last year, we’ll never know. What we do know is that Robin van Persie shows week in and week out that he is true class and yesterday’s match was yet another example of that as he garnered man-of -match praise for having a part in all three Arsenal goals. Robin now has 12 goals and 9 assists in all competitions for Arsenal and is running away with player of the year plaudits.

Nasri too had a great match, most of which came after Wenger moved him away from the wing and more centrally. Well, I say “moved him” but it’s more like “unleashed him” because basically Samir was all over the pitch. Now, I’m not saying that Nasri is the new Ronaldo because, well, because Nasri’s not a diving, cheating, whining, little cunt but that free role is the same role that Christiano Ronaldo occupies for Man U: technically a wing player, he’s given freedom to roam and create havoc up front.

Wenger tried this with Hleb last year and it worked pretty well for Hleb too, with the main difference being that Nasri can dribble, create chances and score crucial goals. I know I’ll get stick for this and don’t really care, but there were several times last year when Hleb had the ball in the exact same position that Nasri was in yesterday for the third goal and Hleb elected to pass. If Nasri goes the rest of the season without another goal or without another assist he still will have had a better season than any Hleb ever had; just by dint of the fact that Nasri wins matches.

And that’s the last you’ll hear me compare Hleb and Nasri because there’s no comparison, Nasri is twice the player Hleb is.

Anonymous said...

Shearer has only ever spoken one sentence that passes as mildly sensible: 'Big Mac please!'