Monday, 12 January 2009

Kevin Davies is right, Arsenal ARE big softies!!!

When players like Kevin Davies talk, I listen. Then I laugh. Then I laugh some more. Then I throw up from laughing so much.

Despite this laughter I make him right. Football is a mans game and Arsenal are softies. Full stop.

If Arsenal players can't handle the broken ankles, fractured ribs and bruised skulls that Kevin Davies dishes out then they shouldn't play the game.

I'm being sarcastic if you haven't noticed.............

Kevin Davies is a limited player who has relied on brute thuggery throughout his career at the top level. The man is a joke.

I think if he concentrated on playing the ball more than the man then Bolton would have a better chance of staying in the Premiership.

It makes me sick to read his comments. He talks of Arsenal whinging? It sounds like he is whinging to me! He should put down the sour grapes and realise that he is making himself look stupid.

He sounds like a typical bigoted knob jockey who really thinks he is just like an old fashioned centre forward. He isn't. An old fashioned centre forward could use a football, Davies can't.

People think that Arsenal don't like it up them. Arsenal can deal with physical battles. What we can't deal with is illegal rough-house tactics that players with a lack of ability like Davies use. And referees refuse to stamp it out.

We talk of England's future in football. What future do we have if we applaud prats like Davies?

If I ever have a son and he plays football then I swear I will never ever encourage him to use tactics like Davies does. If people want to see this then I suggest they watch Thai-boxing or wrestling.

Tackling is a big part of football and so important to the game. Davies doesn't tackle, he uses illegal ways of gaining an advantage over his opponent.

I've never wanted a player to be hurt on the pitch, especially after what happened to Eduardo last season but Kevin Davies is a player I wouldn't give a shit about if something happened to him.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

Davies is a mug! and what's completely laughable is that HE was the one that went down from the slight touch from behind as he tried to waste time for Bolton - the most despicable anti-football in the Prem. We've finally got rid of wimbledon, lket's hope bolton go down soon and F*** Right Off!

Anonymous said...

Always been big rumours about Kevin davies being gay and he compensates his 'fruitiness' by being a hard nut on the pitch, because he was once a skillful delicate player back in his southampton days (when he won Goal of the Season!) but when he was caught smoking the baloney pony he's been gicing it large (literally) to make him butch.

faker said...

Well said Wrighty, Arsenal regardless of all their faults aren't afraid to get physical. It's that fearlessness that's gotten so many of our players severely injured.

Answer me this: who's the bigger softie:

1) the huge brute with no brain and no talent lunging at the player much less his size


2) the player who, despite the huge brute with no brain and no talent lunging at him, continues to play the ball and play the game

its pretty obvious really

Anonymous said...

davies is one annoying git...
i aprreciate that football is a physical game....but its not rugby is it where grown men are allowed to jump on top of each other..
i guess the reaction will be very different when a davies style tackle injures one of the big english names like rooney...

Anonymous said...

apart from ur last comment that was the best article on the subject ive read
"Arsenal can deal with physical battles. What we can't deal with is illegal rough-house tactics that players with a lack of ability like Davies use."
says it all really

Chris said...


"Bolton striker Kevin Davies is the Premiership player with the worst disciplinary record in terms of fouls and yellow cards, according to official Opta statistics"

"Minutes per discplinary point
Carlton Cole 16.9
Alan Smith 21.2
Kevin Davies 21.2"

"Minutes per foul lost
Carlton Cole 22.3
John Carew 25.7
Kevin Davies 27.9"

"Disciplinary points per game
Kevin Davies 3.91
Tim Cahill 3.67
Carlton Cole 3.61"

"Fouls lost per game
John Carew 3.13
Tim Cahill 3.00
Kevin Davies 2.97"

'nuff said.

Al said...

I dont mind these twats like Davies thinking they can kick us off the park and that crap truth is we do compete physically now and there tactics have not worked for a long time. I feel really positive about the team we have shown a bit of steel recently and Im hopeful for the rest of the season I can see us catching not only Villa but Liverpool and Chelsea as well im not sure about Man U though. We have Walcott, Eduardo, Fabregas and Rosicky all to come back for the second half plus any new signings and players like Vela really coming on leaps and bounds. Denilson is more disciplined and with nasri in the middle I think we can really push on. I hope we see Diaby out wide right against Hull as he would offer a lot more offensively than Eboue. I have been very critical this year of the team but I see a way forward now.

Anonymous said...

A Said:

Well done. Agree 100% with your comments. Try to keep up this standard of blogging from now on please.

lp said...

He's a dick head with no "Dick".
If he wanna play rough tackle, play rugby you f*** head. Beside when he tackle, he tackle the guy not the ball.

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is that by bleating to the newspapers he's made himself look the biggest cry baby of all.

What a wanker.

Mayank said...

Wrighty I see you've taken to writing about controversial topics..good work though..agree with this one..I fail to understand why all the 'pundits' continue to praise these tactics..and also i was disgusted by the fact that if man u get a 1-0 they are praised with lines such as 'grinding out results' and 'this is what champions are made of' but when we do it its obvious we lack quality to compete at the highest level..i just wish we do well(2nd or 3rd)so it shuts up these so called experts..up the arsenal!!

Anonymous said...

i read one artical where davies siad it was imbarrasing to watch the arsenal cry babys this coming from a man who plays for a prem football club where every player is on fantastic wages compared to us mere mortals to go away from home and stick 11 men in there own half and play for a 0-0 draw and still lose i dont feel that imbarrased about being a gunner.

leon said...

wriight your right,what i wou;d do is it would players like randel,franmerida vela,carlos vela on loan in the second division that put hears there chest

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Mayank, your absolutely right. I've been thinking the same thing for a long time. There is a bias in the media towards Manc Utd. but fuck them we know the ability to break down a team that does nothing but deffend the whole game is reassuring. Great post Wrighty u hit the nail on the head. Davies will be forgotten about in ten years time. He will fade away.

shifat said...

"What we can't deal with is illegal rough-house tactics that players with a lack of ability like Davies use. And referees refuse to stamp it out."
Players like Kevin Davis are despicable.But players like Davies exist and will continue to exist.teams will continue to play like bolton to compensate for their lack of skill and imagination and quite frankly their lack of morality.As disgusting as dealing with their breed is on the pitch, teams who want to win the league will have to do so.And if Arsenal cant deal with these bunch of scumbags on the pitch, they shud forget about winning the league.thats the harsh reality.
As a united fan i will never forget his criminal behavior against evra.but i will never whine about it.its a sad part of the game we all love.

Anonymous said...

If Arsenal win 1-0, people say we are lucky. When MU,Chel,& Liver win 1-0, people say their hard work pays with 3 point. If we win 6-0, people say we play against a poor team.But if the win, people say that are the stuff of champion. If we spend little & still go to champion league, it mean we don't spend enough.But if other teams spend a millions of pound and achieve the same or even worst, the other teams are doing better. If we goes physical, people say we are bad disiplinary (as the people kept track of the number of red card under AW). If other team, theyjust say it themans game. All this s**t just never favor us The Arsenal. The only person that can save us now is FIFA boss.Make a rule that no club can spend more than 20M per transfer window. We see who will be on top. We are the best club in the world.

shifat hasan said...

"Make a rule that no club can spend more than 20M per transfer window."
so u want fabregas to leave for only 20m coz Barcelona cant pay more in a window?is ronaldo or kaka worth only 20m? Dont be crazy.

Socceroos soccer legend said...

Are you Arsene Wenger?

Davies is right, even if he is a horrible cheating little %$£!^"*

The truth if the matter is that we have no natural leaders on the pitch (Gallas as our captain for goodness sake, and then Almunia), and that we desperately need to buy a hard, tough tackling defensive midfield player.

Only once thats sorted can we expect to win the league again!

Anonymous said...

Davies is fucking amazing player. all u fucking soft arse southern cunts cant stay on your own 2 fuckin feet!

u say davies is destroyin english football?
he isnt because...

2)Hes not a fuckin gimp that drops like a sack of shit and isnt afraid of gettin his hands dirty

Arsenal are fuckin jizz rats, all of you are fuck ups!

suck my northern shlong u fuckin tittys ;)

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