Saturday, 28 June 2008

Ade will follow Anelkas path in football as a nomad

Misled or just plain stupid? That's the question I keep asking myself. Announcing one moment that he is staying and the next suggesting he could be leaving suggests to me that Ade isn't the brightest fella around.

When the first statement came out I was impressed by Ade's loyalty, when the second came out I was left scratching my head feeling slightly bemused.

I think the Arsenal fans are split on Ade. I've always been impressed with his work rate for the team although I can get frustrated with his finishing at times. He fights for the team and if he left then we really would miss that work rate. Ask Rio Ferdinand or John Terry how hard a time he has given them.

He isn't all about goals, and I believe we have far better finishers at the club in Eduardo and Robin Van Persie, but they cant match Ade for graft.

If he is trying to get a new improved contract he has gone about it in a very wrong way. Arsenal fans as it is have spilt views on him and this won't endear him any further to anyone! It seems that he may have got slightly too big for his Adidas boots and he should remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

He could become a great player at Arsenal, but what he must remember is that the greats do it consistently for years, he has done it for one season. I believe that last season performances have made him think he is better than what he is. Can he produce the same form next season? Not at another club he can't.

He must remember that. We Gooners stuck by Ade even during the lean misfiring times, does he really think that the Barca or Milan faithful will support him like we do? I can see the white hanky's already!

And what about Wenger? Le Boss took a gamble, made him number one striker even though many of us Gooners wanted a replacement for Henry. Wheres the loyalty there?

If the offer of £23 million is there, I'd sell and sign someone else. Ade has clearly been listening to others around him who don't have his best interests at heart and are only interested in lining their own pockets.

He has been misled and very stupid in his conduct. He is replaceable, he isn't like Cesc or Sagna, and whoever plays upfront for Arsenal will score goals simply because of the chances that we create.

It's a shame, but he may find his route in football the same as Anelka has. A player who listens to others around him to much and who doesn't fulfil his true potential.

A footballing nomad.

So don't forget Ade, in six years when you are pushing thirty and playing for your sixth club in five years remember that Arsene doesn't resign players.

I hope you have no regrets.

Keep it Goonerish........


Anonymous said...

Anelka regrets leaving and AdeBYEor will too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Two words,


Anonymous said...

just on sky live that wenger was in a press conf today in vienna and he said he HOOKED UP with adebayor YESTERDAY and will not be meeting him next week and the sky reporter said that wenger was very relaxed and said he will NOT be sold this is just on sky as i speak the press conf was for a sponser and wenger was under contract to appear. this is the latest

Anonymous said...

sell the cunt. the amount of chances he had 2 score last season , he could have scored 45 goals, he fucked us up at old tartford lol he should have scored 2 goals first half, sell the cunt i say ,

sakthi said...

I completely i agree with u wrightly... Arsenal is the best place for Ade...If Barca/milan pays 25m+ the expectations will be more...if he fails to fulfill his confidence will be low... Also about contracts, when the players are in their peak (20s) they want their contract to be reviewd annulay... but when they become 30+ they want a longterm contract...

Abhinav said...

According to Italian agent Vicente Morabito, a deal with AC Milan is already '80 per cent' completed.

But Adebayor dismissed his influence, not least because Morabito is not his agent. 'Maybe he just likes to talk but he is not the one who is going to decide,' said Adebayor.

'The person who is going to decide is myself.

'If he says it is 100 per cent certain that I am going and I say No, the answer is No. I say to you that the facts are these: I have a three-year contract with Arsenal and I have a lot of big clubs trying to buy me, and it is up to me and my agent to sit down next week and find a good solution.

'I'm in a position that I don't know where to play but that is normal. If you told me seven years ago when I was playing in Togo that I would have a choice of playing in Spain or Italy it would seem crazy.

Looks like the media conveniently left that out of the original interview.!%20Adebayor%20wants%20Arsenal%20to%20say%20Yes%20when%20Barca%20and%20Milan%20call/

Spike said...

What is it that Ade has done exactly??

Kept his options open? Not wanted to appear too easy when re-negotiating a new deal?

Admitting that he may like to play in another country some time in the future?

Shit Cesc did last season.

He is still a ARSENAL player isn't he?

Pedro said...

Wrighty, that was a great post!

He is an idiot... claiming he wants pay parity with Thierry?

Get the fuck over yourself you idiot...

The 50% of fans who liked him, will now dislike him.

The worst pay comment since Cashleys Bentley jibe?

I think so...

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers Pedro!