Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Frings can only get better and is that Hleb on Big Brother?

Since last season ended we have been linked with about seven hundred and thirty eight players. The latest is a German called Frings.

He is seen as a direct replacement for Flamini and while I think he is a good defensive midfielder there is one draw-back. He is 31.

To the average person like myself and possibly yourself, 31 is not that old, not even in the career of a professional footballer. But to Le-Boss, being that old is the equivalent of being 67, so lets rule this transfer out straight away!

I've noted my favourite replacements for Flamini in previous post's and must say I would like Yaya Toure most of all, if not him then Vieira or Gattuso would do me fine.

I feel though that Le Boss WONT sign a replacement for Flamini and will promote from within. Expect to see either Denilson or Diaby partner Cesc next season. New signing Ramsey will start wide for us as Wenger seems to like blooding central players out there.

I read that Alex Hlebs angry at the moment. Boo-Hoo. So Alex, angry are you?

You want some peace and time to sort out your future?

You know what the funniest thing is?

Hleb wants to spend time with his agent to discuss it. His agent is the main reason Hleb's future is even being discussed!

He has been whoring Hleb around Europe and if Hleb was that bothered about it why didn't he stop him? Or better still, sack him. Cesc did.

I'm sorry your angry Alex, but spare a thought for the fans mate. Your agent has dragged us through the wringer with this will he/wont he shit, and believe me, we Gooners are more angry than you.

Did you think of us when your agent was sprouting his shit? No Alex you didn't You could have stopped it whenever you wanted mate but you didn't. You loved the attention and your head grew even bigger.

So you decide to get some peace and quiet. Well you wont get that on Big Brother, the sooner you leave the better.

Below are pictures of Hleb before entering Big Brother and during Big Brother, where he was getting bigged up so much by his agent his head grew!

Keep it Goonerish.......


Dkayz said...

Come on, you can't use a disabled man in that way. It is unfunny and immoral

Anonymous said...

Don't see what Frings gives us that Gilberto doesn't. I say hang on to him... BTW did you see the quotes from Wenger on Sentanta that he will not be buying a defender next season?

Anonymous said...

What comparing him to Hleb is unfunny and immoral?

Wrighty7 said...

I actually didn't know that this person was disabled. I only watched Big Brother last night for about one minute and thought how much this bloke looked like Hleb!

I'm sorry of it causes offence to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Its fucking funny!
Good article wrighty7.

jon said...

Very funny article

Danny B said...

I said the same thing the first time he was shown on big brother. I thought "Shit, Hleb mate no you just didn't?
dkayz and any1else with no sense of humour can sod off.

mr_rossi said...

thats well funny wrighty7 its not immoral at all he does actually look like him, and yr right hleb should of stopped all this weeks ago its not as if we needed him when he signed for us he needed us more but its the same with a lot of players mr wenger turns into a star they think they are better than what they are and soon find out the grass aint always greener and yaya toure will do nicely thank you very much along with nasri ill be happy with the signings ,(rambo)and all the other talent thats coming thru ie vela and for me most imprtantly fran merida watch this space with him!!!

Mikey Hughes said...

'I actually didn't know that this person was disabled' you made me laugh more with that than the comparison!

Anonymous said...

funny post

Anonymous said...

shit he does look like him!
good post, fuck de abusers

PeteGun said...

Post of the day for me. Only four weeks in to the off season and we've had more shit from players' agents than an entire previous summer. And that's saying something. If your not Arsenal through and through then Fuck off. Le Boss will replace you with someone who is.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why Hleb dont shoot!!! na no offence to the man, and no offence to him for saying he looks like alex. I think frings would be a good signing, but Gattuso would be much better in that position, Frings is more mobile than Gilberto but having said that I still don't want Gilberto to leave, he's fantastic when called upon, a true pro, and I'd like to see him end his career with us.
Don't listen to those bastards without a sense of humour.
Nice blog Wrighty.
Gunner #1

chris said...

how is making a visual comparison being offensive,
funny stuff wrighty

Steve D said...

Wrighty didn't know the man has a disability and I've not seen Big Brother so nor did I, but dkayz had to highlight the fact!!
dkayz, do you think this man wants you as his self-appointed guardian and does he also want everyone to see him as a person or as a disability??? It's people like you, with your self-richeous, smug attitude who cause all the problems in society mate.

Normally you'd be pleased if someone said you looked like a football player, but you have to feel sorry for the bloke looking like Alex - unless he's shagging a bird like Alex has!!! Funny as Wrighty!!!

Anonymous said...

at least no-one's watching big brother any more - but mr rossi you are totally wrong, hleb was a consistent success at stuttgart and many big clubs were sniffing round - mourinho wanted him at chelsea but he chose us instead.

Anonymous said...

have u guys read the comments of adebayor?
well never considered him to be gr8 but at least i used to respect the guy he became. however now my esteem for him is zero so fuk off adebayooor ur not gr8ter than the club n if u think ur beautiful well look urself well in the mirror!