Saturday, 14 June 2008

Has Arsene Wenger changed his transfer policy to suit FIFA?

You could never guess who Arsene Wenger is about to sign for Arsenal. He keeps his cards very close to his chest and Arsenal's transfers are always kept on the quiet.

He has been criticised, wrongly in my mind, about the amount of foreign players that he has brought to the club. Why should he be criticised for this? His only concern is how well Arsenal do. If a player he feels can improve Arsenal is foreign then he has every right to sign them regardless of nationality. England are not his priority, Arsenal are.

Sepp Blatter is trying to change the face of football. He wants an introduction of a new rule that only allows clubs five foreign players in the side and six from the said teams own national pool. The proposal has been thrown out, currently, as it breaks employment rules in the EU.

Knowing Sepp Blatter, he will persist with his idea. He wont give up. That is why I pose the question, has Arsene Wenger changed his transfer policy to suit FIFA?

Le Boss is an intelligent man, has he thought that maybe, however slim the chance is, Mr Blatter could get his idea up and running? As we Gooners know, that, if you excuse my French, could bugger us right up.

Has Le Boss signed Ramsey with this idea in his thoughts? Or is it just because Ramsey is young and very talented? It's rare for Arsene to buy British, and by all accounts we have an excellent crop of young British talent coming through the youth ranks at the moment.

Is Le Boss thinking this rule WILL come into place and preparing for it now? Signing Ramsey is a great move by Wenger. But he is one for the future, he isn't ready for the first-team yet.

We'll know for sure if our next signing is Steven Gerrard or Gareth Barry!

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

Isnt Ramsey Welsh

I am not sure on the rules, but surely that would class him in the same boat as a Romanian or Peruvian

same way that Man Ure used to have problems with Roy Keane and Mark Hughes.

Anonymous said...

When he signed Walcott, was it not because of his talent and future potential? Could this not be the reason.Also, there are plenty of talented young English boys coming through the reserves. Hence, Wenger is just rolling out his plan and long term vision.

Wrighty7 said...

Yes Ramsey is Welsh.

Is Blatter doing this ruling for just English or British players?

Anonymous said...

its only for english players

Anonymous said...

Good poser this.
Wenger is known for his excellent intelligence and could be looking at the bigger picture.
Sure signing Ramsey is for future potential, but also this ruling could come into place and affect Arsenal.
I'm sure it works for British players.

Anonymous said...

I think the ruling is for home nation , so unless they went through the youth academy then the Welsh, Northern Irish or Scottish are counted as Foreign

I think foreigners that go through the academy are exempt this ruling and are classed as home grown

Anonymous said...

I'm sure its for British players in Britain. Welsh and Scottish would not count as foreign.

Anonymous said...

Would Ramsey be class as foreign then?
Surely not, as he would go into Arsenal's academy straight away and not into Arsenal's first team.

GoonerBill said...

So the article is correct then?

Anonymous said...

It is a good point as in general the Welsh, Scottish and Irish are not really seen as 'foreigners'.

Anonymous said...

Yes its correct. At first I thought not but it is.
Its actually a good read with some good points.

Anonymous said...

Well Ramsey wouldnt actually count as english, hes Welsh.

Secondly i dont know why this'6+5' thing is at all an issuse.. and lets not forget that it is Sepp Blatter that has come up with this proposal, the same guy who thought women footballers should wear skimpier clothes.

The whole thing is racist and againt the law, its also not like we've never heard this kind of thing before.

It wouldnt even strengthen the national team... it would promote medioricty, players would only be in their club team because they're english not because they're better than the forigner in the same position.

Stupid idea and it will never go through.

GoonerBill said...

Good blog today Wrighty7, and if any mugs turn up and start causing grief then delet their comments.

Anonymous said...

Whilst England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have seperate football teams they will be classed as seperate countries.

This is the problem with the Great Britain team at the 2012 Olympics should there be three players from each country? D..

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 16:58, good point made that it wouldn't even strengthen the national side.

I've banged on about that for ages mate.

Anonymous said...

We would have a shit Olympic side then! ;)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Wrighty

Anonymous said...

It is a good one to debate.

I think the fact that England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland play as individual countries would mean that if their players did not count as foreign in England then it would create as much of a problem as the 6+5 rule in the first place.

England could call on players from 4 nations whereas the rest of Europe would be limited to one,

dodgy dodgy ground

Anonymous said...

Good idea Wrighty but has we havn't signed any English players and this is from the FIFA web site

FIFA President Joseph S Blatter made a strong plea in favour of the 6+5 rule, which basically provides that a club team must start a match with at least six players that would be eligible for the national team of the country in which the club is domiciled.

The answer is no..D

Anonymous said...


JJ said...

I don't suggest to KNOW this... but I have thought for a while now that Wenger's last act at Arsenal would be to leave us with a team of established home grown players, England Internationals that are winning leagues and cups.
There will always be foreign players at Arsenal for sure but I just think Wenger’s legacy will be to have built us an academy that brings through the best "local" talent and that he will look to leave, not just having set us up with a bright future but with having contributed to the transformation of England’s youth development program. (Maybe this even paves the way for him to be a future England Manager - perhaps he's thinking now of the national squad he wants to manage!?!?!)
Anyway, I think we are starting to see this shift and whilst Ramsey doesn't necessarily prove my point (though buying the best young talent from lower divisions aka Theo, Ramsey has to be part of the process), I think the plethora of youngsters coming through the reserves and youth team do. That’s my view anyway, I guess time will tell.

Spike said...


I hope you are right.

There is not much point having a Youth Academy if we don't produce our own players, not just ones we flog to lower league teams.

I really hope there are a few in this latest crop, not only because it would be great to see 3 or 4 youth players in the 1st team, it will also save us loads of dough due the obscenely inflated prices ~English players go for, it may help us to hang onto players if they have an affinity with the club.

Although it didn't really matter to dear old Cashley!

Anonymous said...

Not a well researched article.

What this rule will do, if implemented, is see a huge increase of naturalized Englishmen. E.g. Almunia could excise his right to naturalize.







Anonymous said...

But Gary it isn't accurate.

Spike said...

I also thought that this new rule thing meant that players would have to British, not just English.

Seems to be a bit of confusion about it.

Anonymous said...

Where do Arsenal play Spike?

a club team must start a match with at least six players that would be eligible for the national team of the country in which the club is domiciled.

Is the national team Great Britain?

Anonymous said...

blatter proposal has a flaw. he said 6 players must me eligable to play for national team. if someone from outside the country already live there for 5 years, then he qualified to play for national team. such example is manual almunia. even fabregas, clichy and toure already live in england for 5 years and can apply british citizenship. this can be easily exploited by the clubs and players. so even if the proposal gone through it still have many flaws.

Anonymous said...

Actually wenger's plan is to leave arsenal with many asian players. He is developing an academy in indonesia and said it would become productive in a matter of years. With all these little asian starting to play football, arsenal be full of asians

JJ said...

The Asian academies, the Indian academies are all about selling TV rights and shirts - one Indian 1st teamer equals 200m new supporters, likewise, China, Indonesia etc. Like I said though, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Another flaw is Cardiff play should they have Welsh or English players? D

Spike said...

Anon 18:44;

Wow! How patronising are you?

I have read and heard many things on this ruling, some say it is for English players, some for British. hence my confusion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound patronising Spike but at 17.08 I posted Blatters excact words on the matter where is your evidence that it is for British players?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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