Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I know Wenger will get it right, but can't I express an opinion?

Reading through some of the comments on my article yesterday you would have thought I'd started World War Three!

What I don't understand is all I'm doing is expressing an opinion on how I see things at Arsenal. Now my blog is a place for opinion to be debated. That's what its there for. I have no problems with people who don't agree, but can't we Gooners sometimes agree to disagree?

The amount of times I got called a mug or a cunt for just expressing my opinion's yesterday was unreal. It was disgraceful at times. And it doe's piss me off. I wont bow to name calling, no matter what I'm called, I think its pathetic and childish.

If I write an article and you don't agree with it, don't call me a cunt, why not debate in a civilised way? I have no problem with people disagreeing, but theres a wrong way and a right way to say it.

It seems at times that Gooners are splitting into two camps. It shouldn't be like this at all. We should all be Gooners together and just because we may not agree on things it doesn't mean we have to argue and call each other cunts.

Yesterday all I wrote was that we were told new signings were on the way in two-three weeks, about three and half weeks ago. It didn't happen, and I was disappointed. Hardly negative stuff. I never said sack Wenger, only asked why say things and not deliver.

The response was mixed, as I expected, but some of the abuse, from my so-called fellow Gooners was despicable.

I know Wenger will sign players, I know Wenger is the best manager and best thing to have happened to Arsenal and I know he will get things right. But cant I question things from time to time? That's why I have started a blog.

People have said that my articles are getting pessimistic, when I started, people said the articles were to upbeat! Writing a blog isn't easy. I can't please everyone. I will upset some people, but it's just my opinion on things.

Read the top of my blog, what doe's it say?

"An honest opinion on all things Arsenal, well, I'll try"

That's all my blog is, my honest opinion on all things Arsenal. So if you don't agree, fair enough, just question me and my readers, don't abuse me. Just because I may not agree with you, doe's that give you the right to name-call? I don't think so.

At the end of the day, I know Wenger will sign players and will get it right for Arsenal. He is the best man for Arsenal, and everyone knows it. But doe's that mean I can't sometimes question things at Arsenal? No, it doesn't.

There will be things that I will agree with and won't agree with at Arsenal. And I will write about it. You may or may not agree, but be reasonable about it. We all want the same thing, Arsenal to be successful.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Davoody said...

Wrighty, good post.

But in a funny way it's a shame you had to write it.

I feel that people who call you names for airing your opinion wouldn't be able to hold a sensable debate anyhow.

I can just see them all coming on here later and slagging you off for telling them not to slag you off. You wait and see if they don't.

Anyhow. on a seperate note.... have you heard what anelka's been saying today... That will really please all the Chavs.. Good work Fella...lol

ArseNole said...

mate, think we could do a link exchange? I've already got yours up but it'd be appreciated the other way. You're right though, you can't please everyone. I tried to just debate on your post yesterday, don't think I did any name calling but yeah it's getting a bit ridiculous between some fans. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I for one totally agree. You should be allowed to write your opinions on your blog without attacks. And thats coming from an Arsenalfan who thinks your blog is one of the most populistic AFC-related blogs around! :)

Danish Gooner said...

Looking at the evidence you are right on the money.Wenger promised some serious action within a couple off weeks and absolutely zilch have happened.I personally dont understand why people criticise you when they should direct their anger at the board and Wenger who are cumbersome at best at doing transfer deals.

Horace the Goat said...


Im sorry I didnt check the blog yesterday now! Sounds like you had fun then!

Of course you are entitled to YOUR opinion fella and you shouldn't have to be called a c*** for your trouble either.

BUT, you have put your self up to be shot down mate. By having a blog on the tinternet, you are fair game!

So, if some don't agree with you, you better get used to seeing it on the comments.

I don't always agree with some of your stuff and yep, i would say you have been a bit knee-jerky on the back of some spurious and not so spurious media reports. But as I said thats YOUR opinion and I wouldn't dream of calling you a cunt coz I don't agree.

Nope, you're a twat! Hahahaha!

Mug said...

It seems that the cult of Wenger will not permit any criticism, even if its valid.

Let's be honest, standards have slipped and people don't like to admit it.

We are a joke in the transfer market and are being held to ransom by a nobody like Nasri

fendtner said...

yeah I was a bit shocked as well with the abuse u took yesterday. I thought the whole idea behind blogs was to allow people to express their opinions whether they are right or wrong. I agreed with what u said yesterday, Wenger openly stated that players would be signed in "the next 2 to 3 weeks" (which we the fans will be excited about). As of yet no new players have been signed. I dont believe it is incorrect to think that he has given us a false promise. In any other situation it would be deemed a lie to say something will happen and then for it not to happen. However transfers are very complicated, especially with today's agents out to squeeze every penny out of the clubs etc. What p*sses me off is the fact Wenger did state the above and hasnt backed it up. There really wasnt a need to say what he said if he couldnt guarantee it. I suppose we'll all just have to try and be patient during this long summer!keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


kenneth vagine said...


what does doe's mean?

are you saying 'does'?

bad grammar...

agree with your post though, however.

totally fair for you to voice your opinion on the matter. Arsene shouldn't have said what he said as it did raise hopes and simply set him up for a backlash.

would have been better not to say he would make signing in 2-3 weeks, that way if he did it would have come as a brilliant surprise for us, and if he didnt make signings, as it eventually turned out, we wouldn't have had right to be disappointed...

mistake by Arsene, but we will get over it.

Mug said...

Where is the evidence that Wenger will get it right?

AW talks a lot of crap these days and I am tired of it. He keeps going on about how close we were. This is bollox. We got to the QFs of the CL and were out of the title race by end of March.

Chelsea were close not us. Its just more spin to prepare us for the usual plethora of non-signings

luckyjack said...

Everyone has the right to an opinion - but when it is ignorant that right disappears.

Last season Arsenal played some of the finest football we have witnessed. Despite a disastrous Feb to Apr we finished just 4pts behind United - the equivalent of us winning at Old Trafford - which we should have done. We were unbelievably unlucky in the Champs Lge. To ignore this and rant about no signings and that Wenger/Arsenal need to pull their finger out is not only misguided but hypocritical to the majority of the season we have just witnessed.

It just makes you seem like a stupid child. But hey, your site your rules. But as Wenger once said, "Sometimes if you give a stupid man power, it makes them more stupid."

Anonymous said...

And LuckyJack you are stupid

Mug said...


Rather than look for excuses try some reality. We got done by the Scousers afer we gave them 2 goals at Anfield, missed chances Ade at Anfield or blocked goalbound shots - Bendtner from Cesc at Emirates. If we hadn't been so inept the penalty would not have mattered.

4pts is a misnomer we would have always bottled it and would never have won the pressure games needed to win the league.

If we actually had a squad it may make a difference

Horace the Goat said...


IF we had had the same sort of season as the 06-07, I'd maybe be as miserable as you, fella. But there was a lot of improvement and to9 say we weren't close just sounds like you have made your mind up and it aint even worth debating the issue with you., But fair enough.

Personally I'd rather look at the positives and given we aint even hit the transfer window yet, I fully expect the necessary additions.

Now, if they don't materialise? Thats a different matter.

Dave said...

Mug you are right. We screwed up and didn't buy players when needed. Anfield was hoorid but it was our fault - stupid defeding for 2 goals and the pen

Mug said...


I hear you but and we made great improvements last season but Flam is gone and Hleb almost and they were key players. Our record at getting great signings isn't great but I hope I am wrong and we get the right players. We needed 3 players b4 Hleb and Flam now we need 5. Cant see us getting them

Horace the Goat said...


Frustrating doesn't even begin to cover what I felt as the season unravelled before my eyes from the minute eduardo's leg snapped onwards basically.

I was sick, mate. But Not least coz the title was ours for the taking IMO. Now looking back in the cold light of day and other cliches, I feel we showed a lot of traits that had been missing for too long, not least the consistency and refusal to be bullied.

Like you say though, we have lost Flamini and almost certainly hleb (gotta say that I aint too arsed about hleb leaving. I may be wrong about that, we shall see), so that means before we even strangthen the team, we gotta replace fisrt ADAIN!

But I think that will happen,

Just as long as come August, I do not have to witness the sight of Eboue lining up in right midfield!!!

Anonymous said...

It was that stupid article calling Wenger a bullshitter which lit of this fuse. That was completly disrespectful...

Now, if the bloggers had got what they wanted last season, we would have sold Adebayor,Hleb,Flamini and Song and broken the bank in an effort to keep up with Spurs.

They were ALL horribly wrong. Yet they persist with their crap. Thats why it all gets a bit grating.

Our squad is fantastic with worldclass talent all over the pitch. I mean, we outclassed AC Milan and held our own against the best in this league.

The only thing missing is experience to grind out results, and that will come. Also next season I am sure we wont lose RVP,Eduardo and Rosicky with long term injuries, and there is no ACON.A little bit more positivity will do us good.

dan said...

having a rant because what wenger was quoted as saying in a foreign interview didnt go exactly to timescale is a bit silly though, transfers are more than going fee wages done, theres so many small technicalitys and agents manouvering behing the scenes trying to squeeze out a bit more cash, wenger isnt stupid he knows that after the euros prices could rise etc so itslogic he wanted it done beforehand, but obviously this wasnt possible he hasnt lied or decievedthe fans, for all we know thatarticle could have been hideously misquoted it wouldnt be the first time theyve done it (bendtne etc earlier in the season, claiming eduardo had been apoloised to when he was saying he hadnt etc).

have agreed and disagreed with stuff youve written but to be fair you dont come close to being as bad at your worst as le grove, who seem to think its their divine right to have a signing now or theyll throw theyre toys out of the pram, moaning when we dont sign every player the tabloids link us to etc, you generally do a good job mate so keep it up!

dan said...

i do reckon the club as a whole could do with keeping fans in the loop a bit more though, in terms of not so much responding to every little piece of transfer speculation but if the manager or a player is directly quoted in or out of context they could officially clarify that for example

they have done it sometimes, ade most recently, and other times it may not be possible if theyre actually talking with the player and dont know whats happening themselves, but like the hleb thing, weve all read so much and yet the club havent actually said officially, is he availible, have they had offers? are they not letting him leave?

Anonymous said...


All hail DAN the first TWAT of the evening to slag le grove off.


Go and find a brain.

California Steve said...

Mate, I'm a lifetime journalist who has worked mostly in America, couple years in Britain.

Most of my career has been spent as a columnist, which means expressing opinions and letting the chips fall where they may when readers agree or disagree.

I know before I type a word that I'll get some incredibly vile responses -- I mean, you wonder if these people kick their dogs! -- but that's the job, I've loved it for years and brought me many friends along with great satisfaction (especially when I hit one spot-on).

But my point here is that the blog world has opened up opinions for everybody. They don't have to wait for my commentary and picture in their morning newspaper.

People who decide to offer their opinions, though, become human dart boards -- that's just the way it is.

And for some reason, civility seems to be flowing right on out of most conversations these days. I used to to get polite letters, calls and e-mails from people who disagreed, but nothing compared to the vitriol which is commonplace now.

Bottom line: If you want to be in this game, you'll need the stomach and a thick skin because you WILL get blasted. It's the nature of the beast.

Given the tone of blogs and so forth these days, Wrighty, I've got to tell you that I wouldn't still be doing this if I weren't paid damn well for it.

By the way, I'm a Gooner to my soul, I ignore 95% of what I read and hear, I love the team, the atmosphere, my mates in the Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club -- everything Arsenal.

I RARELY write to any blog sites -- I'm busy enough doing the business for real -- but your post today made me smile.

If you keep at it, just remember that "fan" is short for fanatic and there are some real nut cases out there who somehow manage to type.

Learn to laugh it off or you'll go crazy.

Best of luck.

Tripster said...

Anon 20:01

You're spot on. Some of the comments I've read in the past, specifically concerning Ade were laughable when you consider who was scoring all of our goals.
We all get worried about what the future has in store, but that's football and let's face it, we got us the most exciting football to watch.

Anonymous said...

well said - the reason of having a blog is so you can write your opinions, hopefully without being called names.

C'mon gooners, we know it will all work out ok in the end, Eduardo will score the winning goal in next years champions league final -and we will all be rather happy wont we! Arsene knows

davoody said...


It is somewhat annoying that we are kept in the dark over certain things.

You must remember being kept in the dark over PV4 is he staying is he going... Then when he finaly left... It was TH14 is he staying is he going....

How long before the media start on cesc... my guess is when ronaldo goes from the mancs.

Ade coming out and quashing his rumours is a rare and pleasant suprise.

on a side....
Leave out the Le Grove Bashing mate ;)

Anonymous said...

About time we started having some sense. Unfortunately the internet allows idiots to enter a debate with one word answers. Please lets entitle future blogs CUNTS NEED NOT APPLY, and as for not being able to express an opinion about the club you support ...... screw you, democracy is alive and well, as long as we can debate an offside or a goal that never was, the game remains in a good state. Football is more than just winning or losing, it's about reserving the right to express an opinion .... right or wrong!! It's about being able to say you support the best team in the world ..... even if they're not.

Anonymous said...

When you publicly whine about not having signings like a newcastle school boy, you are obviously setting yourself up.

There is still 2 months of the damn transfer window, sit down, relax and enjoy the euros. Preseason hasn't even started yet, so whoever we sign in early July then will enjoy training with the squad just as a player we woulda signed this week.

Anonymous said...

Shit Blog
clueless bloggers

You're all glory hunting mugs and should fuck off up north to support man united

and Wrighty7...

seriously get a job because you're clearly not good at this.. take this from someone with a journalism degree.. DOE'S that make sense for you shit for brains?

Anonymous said...

anon, typical grove commenter, calling everyone who disagrees with your oscenely blinkeredtake on things childish on the blog and then going everywhere else and showing off your full 4 letter vocabulary, cheers for proving my point for me.

i could have gone on to say that when they (rarely) get away from bleating like spoiled children and believing every bit of press speculation they can make a very good point and there was one particular article on there i thought was fantastic, but that unfortunately appears to be in the minority, thats the last ill say on it , im not goin to turn wrightys blog in to a discussion on le grove. i was justmaking a comparision between what he wrote yesterday and got dogs abuse for and what they put out every morning


and those sort of things are the things i meant in my second comment, the hleb situation should be clarified , same as the henry one could have been, i know while they were discussing a deal for example they couldnt say hes coming or going but they could say, barcelona have made an approach and were in talks, just the truth.

what i meant we cant expect them to do, is respond to every ''arsenal in 15million swoop'' headline or theyd never get anything done, also people getting their undies in a twist because a quote made on a foreign tv show regarding transfer timescales didnt materialise, so many things could be happening that they dont want to make public.

if they turn round and say weve agreed a fee but he wants 40k a week and were offering 35 then other clubs wil jump in and nick the players, its unrealistic to expect to be informed of every single tiny detail of every transfer.

but it would be great to see some sort of reasonable middle ground

Little Dutch said...

Serious question. Can one person explain to me what the hell the point is in discussing Arsenal's signings or lack of before September 1st?

Anonymous said...

this blog is utter shite. Mug your feeble attemt to start something miserably failed.
Arserob from the CULT of Arsene !
Amazing ! what next?

davoody said...


Yeah you can't expect transfers to be talked about so openly I and understand the reasons for why.

I agree that we should be more informed about our own players under contract.

As much as i hate the mancs, you have got to given them credit for they way they are dealing with the ronaldo issue. He may yet go, but it gives out such a stong impression when they say he can sit in the stands, and then report Real Madrid.

All we seem to do is make ideal threats, we should have blasted Inter for the hleb ice cream incident, but we made a few moans and then moved on. The hleb issue is bugging me, the silence from the club tells me they don't care if he leaves, and they should care. cause all the players will end up thinking that they can do it.

This isn't a recent thing, Anelka did it to us years ago. The Flamster did it to JOIN us.

A contract means shit these days.

Arsenalred said...


Right we needed 3 players before Flamini & Hleb went, what the "Fxxx" is Eboue still doing here & I dont want to hear we have bought a Patagonian 13 year old international.
If Arsene waits until Euro 2008 is over, the players that played well will be too expensive. We only buy cheap imports. And while I'm moaning, what is wrong with Gareth Barry?

Horace the Goat said...

Little Dutch;

Fella, if you were to say to (some) Gooners; Why the hell are you screwing coz we haven't bought anyone yet and it's only June the effin 3rd?

You would get the response; Well, we waited and waited and waited last season and we never got Ribery, Buffon, nesta, Kaka and now we've lost Flamini and Hleb's off and Wenger promised us 34 signings by now and he lied to us, he's a bullshitting cuntmonkey.

You see?

Get your arse back on Gunnerblog now, fella!

Mug said...


You're right about needing 3 players before Flam and Hleb. I would say we also need a new keeper. Everyone apart from Wenger can see that Eboue is shit.

I am willing to wait and see but I am not that optimistic.

Too many Gooners refuse to accept that we are nowhere near the level that we were in 02-04 and it will take more a couple of teenage signings to get us back there.

sameagain dave said...

oh dear ,
It seems that there is so much anti Wenger rubbish in the media , which has infected some, shall we say not the brightest arsenal fans, that some of us have become very defensive about mr Wenger rightfully most of the time, and some time over the top.
But let me say this, just because some of those anti wenger clan can play championship manager , and i have no doubt to a good level, it doesn't make you an expert at managing a team in a real life.

Anonymous said...

I think you suffered yesterday from your headline, which got lots of attention from NewsNow. I was looking on NewsNow, saw your headline and refused to click on it because I thought "oh, just another childish gooner whining and bitching about no signings when it's barely JUNE!!!" I'm sorry but it is absolutely ludicrous for people to get hysterical and throw tantrums in the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE! Yes I know Arsene said 2-3 wks, what I don't understand is how people took that comment as Biblical Truth. Everything you read in the press, everything Arsene says, everything the club reps say are somehow treated as Gospel. When I saw Arsene's comments about 2-3 wks, I just shrugged and thought little of it, knowing full well that summers with major int'l tournaments like the Euros cause all sorts of havoc with transfers. Traditionally clubs shell out the highest transfer fees in world football right after such tournaments. The fact is I can't control what happens so better not to hold onto every word Arsene says and every single stupid news item that comes out. It's this childish impatience that I have no time for. You didn't deserve any ignorant abuse or personal insults and now that I've read your piece from yesterday it's not as bad as your headline led me to believe it would be. But bloggers like you who can't face the reality of a slow news period when unreliable and contradictory transfer gossip is all over the place and quotes from the foreign press are often mistranslated, who demand IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION because you can't control your frustration, need to take a serious look at yourselves and CHILL OUT! JUST CHILL THE HELL OUT! It is JUNE 3RD, FFS!!!

The news about the Nasri deal is contradictory-some reports say it's about money, some reports say it's not about money at all but rather some legal issues. Gunnerblog.com today has some interesting comments on the Nasri situation, read them. Even the dubious Myles Palmer has some interesting comments about the Nasri deal that may well be true. Fact is, I don't know, none of us does.

Instead of just ASSUMING it's all about money, stop, take a deep breath and consider that maybe, just maybe, none of us, incl. the press, actually knows what the hell is going on with the deal. Maybe Arsene really meant it when he said "2-3 wks" but the realities of the Euros and agents advising their players got in the way of his plans. I don't know. Whatever the case, you need to calm down and stop thinking that you can draw definite conclusions from sloppy news reporting and a few quotes taken out of context from a foreign-language interview.

Mug said...


Are you saying that people are stupid if they happen to disagree with Wenger?

pauk said...

All i can say is that if some of the people who repeatedly slag off wenger and many of our best players (Ade in particular) really are Arsenal "fans" then we sure don't need any enemies.

Anonymous said...

horace the idiot goat said:
"You would get the response; Well, we waited and waited and waited last season and we never got Ribery, Buffon, nesta, Kaka and now we've lost Flamini and Hleb's off and Wenger promised us 34 signings by now and he lied to us, he's a bullshitting cuntmonkey."

And some people wonder why gooners like you get laughed at. Is this a joke? When the HELL was it ever possible that Arsenal were going to get Kaka and Buffon???? Where the hell is Arsene supposed to get the money to afford the world player of the year AND the world's best keeper??? Did Man United get them??? What the hell PLANET are you on?!?! Do you actually believe it's reasonable to expect Arsenal to get not just Kaka, but also Buffon???

We got Sagna and Eduardo. Gee, such horrible players!

paul said...


I think the answer to your question of whether you are stupid or not is in your name.

Mug said...


2 things hold up transfers in nearly all cases. 1. Transfer fee, 2. Wages. We have agreed a fee, so I'll give you 1 guess whats's holding it up. Its Arsenal's minimum wage structure. DOH!

dan said...

anon i think youve missed the point of his post, he was aping what certain people have been like since befor ethe transfer window even opened, it was a jab at people at blogs that have had that sort of attitude, not his personal statement :)

Mug said...


Its not my fault that my parents named me Mug. Its not the best name but at least they didn't call me Paul!

Anonymous said...

1) AW is NOT perfect. People need to learn to criticize in a fair manner and accept criticism or soon we will be as ridiculous as Liverpool fans.
2) People who keep going on about '4 pts behind' make me laugh. Yeah perhaps we were. But. Remember that in truth the league was finished a while before that - not as if we were in it until the last. We only started winning matches agin once the pressure was off. The fact is, this team cannot cope under pressure.
3) Ppl can go on all they want about 'some of the finest football'. While I appreciate it question is: WHAT HAVE WE ACTUALLY WON? Answer: Nothing at all. It is high time some Arsenal fans stopped boasting about coming 3rd. If we're a big club, time to act like one and assume that Three years without a single thing is just not good enough. End of.
4) AW is still a top manager who's done a lot for us. Should never be forgotten.
5) Fact is he promised us a few signings on ATVO 'within 3 weeks'. That was 4 wks ago. Nothing has happened. It was a lie.
6) This is the weakest squad AW has ever had and it's about to get a whole lot weaker with Flam gone and Hleb going. That means we need to replace them 2 plus Jens AND ADD another two to strengthen. That means 4 or 5 signings to STRENGTHEN. Anyone see us even getting two? Could happen but i can't see it.

MOST IMPORTANT: 'Le Grove' is full of retarded, mule-faced, ball-licking, cum-swallowing, brain-dead, deadbeat, camel-fucking pondscum fucktards.

Le Grove is THE Home of morons. 13 year-olds DMEANDING signings and playing fantasy Champ once they've finished wanking over their own sisters. Pathetic and the biggest butt of all the jokes every time I speak to Arsenal bloggers who attend matches.

Anonymous said...

" things hold up transfers in nearly all cases. 1. Transfer fee, 2. Wages. We have agreed a fee, so I'll give you 1 guess whats's holding it up. Its Arsenal's minimum wage structure. DOH!"

Well, you know it all then, don't you? Your opinion is more informed and superior to the guy who runs gunnerblog or Myles Palmer. You've been there in the room with Arsene talking to Nasri's agent and you've seen his huge warchest that he keeps tightly closed. You've seen that HUGE amount of money he has to splash around with total freedom.

I'm routinely amazed the number of gloryhunting plastics who think they just KNOW everything about a transfer deal.

And that "minimum wage structure" is the PL's 3rd highest. Our players are such paupers.

Paul (formerly Saul) said...


Your parents obviously saw what was coming.
Saul obviously thought Paul was a good name.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you took so much crap. I like the blog because you don’t see the world though Wenger tinted glasses.

I am getting tired of listing to fans harp on about "we played the best football", "we finished 4 points behind united". So what.. do you think the inscription on the premier league trophy it reads

2005/6 Chelsea
2006/7 Manchester United
2007/8 Manchester United (But Arsenal played better football and we were only 4 points behind).

Your only as good as the trophies that you win, and if we don’t get off our arses and start winning soon then Cesc and co will start looking around for other teams to join where they will win stuff.

Its not doom and gloom, we are only a couple of GOOD signings away from being there. But like most people I am sick and tired of being lied too. I’m patient for a signing, I’m not demanding one now, but I do expect a quality signing and not some player that no one has ever heard of, or a player who is playing in a micky mouse league.

This Nasri feller, never heard of him until the hype started. But think about it, he has the opportunity to play for one of the top clubs in the world, you would think he would jump at the chance to join, but he is stalling. Why. Diarra jumped ship to join Portsmouth! Portsmouth of all places. Don’t you ask yourself why.

Keep blogging

Anonymous said...

"but I do expect a quality signing and not some player that no one has ever heard of, or a player who is playing in a micky mouse league."

You mean like Bakary Sagna and Eduardo da Silva?

dan said...

mug by name.....

arsenals lower end of the wage are as good as or better than anyones about, its ou top end that sees players leaving as teams like barca milan etc are willing to throw 50 euro notes at anyone who looks slightly beter than average.

arsenal dont offer great wages necessarily to begin to foreign players who are unproven in the league but they give good performance related bonuses and are always ready to renegotiate the deal if the player adapts, like adewho was on something like 15 to 20 k a week at the start, but that soon got doubled or more depending on who you believe.

if a player isnt willing to sign a deal which with performance bonuses would make him just as well paid as any young player if he performs, what does that tell you about his confidence in his abilities?

the players weve lost are because they want over what we want to give, if you think flamini is worth more than cesc (and thats what he was asking for)then your crazy, hleb wants something like 100 to 120k a week, or all his technical ability he got 6 or 7 assists and 3 goals last year thats not 120k a week performance!

Mug said...


Most transfers are about money. You don't need to be there to know this.

3rd best payers? Yes overall in terms of all employees not just playing staff. This is yet more spin for the gullible that the board keep saying.
Of the top 3 clubs we pay THE PLAYERS the least wages and have done so for years.
Our players are not paupers but we do not pay enough its simple.

I would like to see a breakdown between wages for playing and non-playing staff but this won't happen as the stingy board who only want to protect their investment will be revealed

paul said...

Anonymous 22.20

Because someone states that they are going to do something in the future does not mean that if it doesn't happen they lied. Only if they had no intention of doing it would it be classed as a lie, although false promise is a better term. All sorts of things can stop you doing what you intended to do.

You are right about Le Grove though.

Mug said...

Anonymous - with points 1-6 who hates Le Grove.

I agree with what you say - finishing 3rd is not good enough, AW's lies, weak squad.

Best of you say the 4 points are an illusion as we would have bottled the big ngames. I made the same point here.

Le Grovers are allowed to have their opinion, like them or hate them though. They may be championship managers but are free to express their views

Richard said...

Hey Wrighty, just some friendly advice on how to increase the quality of your blog.

Grammar and spelling are important, buddy. Bit of a generalisation coming up, but anyone who knows how to use grammar properly will look down on those who can't, discounting them and their opinions. Cuntish? Perhaps. But human nature? Definitely.

Here are some errors you made in your last blog. I'm not going to tell you how to fix them - spend 2 minutes on each learning the correct form and your writing will become much, much more legible.


Even if you only run it through a spellcheck before you post, it'll suck up all of one minute of your time.

Second bit of advice: lose the exclamation marks!!! No one likes to read something which is exclaimed, rather than said!!! Do you see what I mean?!?! People sort of imagine you leaping around and saying this like a crystal meth addict, rather than a measured, controlled tone of voice: not a good look!!!

Yes, these comment could be made about a zillion bloggers around the world, but bear in mind that most bloggers are idiots. You're clearly not an idiot, but your writing is letting you down.

Mug said...


Sometimes you have to pay the wages. Look at Bergkamp - we broke the wage structure for him. I am not saying spend silly money on aveage players jusy pay enough to attract players.

Why not give Flamini £4m signing on fee like we did with Campbell - another great player we paid up for.

northbank said...

quite a few people seem to miss the point of the last two posts. Wrighty hasn't been calling for Arsene head, he is just questioning why the boss made the statement?
I am of the opinon that the boss needs to know that a good percentage of the fan base are not happy with things that are going on at our club. Statements from the board that not winning any thing is not the end of the world is not helpfull.
We need to return the winning spirt to the club, a winning club has no problem atracting and more to the point keeping big names.
People we are the 3rd richest club in the world. we pay the biggest price in the world for our tickets, but according to some can't expect to attract the worlds best player. well some thing has to give, either we get world class signings or we cut ticket prices.

Anonymous said...

I never really understood why people complain about spelling in a blog.
Surely blogs are meant to be personal communication channels, not works of well crafted literature.

Anyone who takes time to publicly criticise someone over a few spelling errors has too much time on their hands

Mug said...

Northbank well said.

We have the dearest tickets and the cheapest team.

If we aren't going to spend any money then prices should go down.

The prices are in fact going up - to nobody's surprise.

Anonymous said...

seriously if you cant take people saying you're wrong, dont have a blog....that way, you can tell your opinion to the wall in your bedroom and it wont respond in a fashion you see as curt or impolite....people will say you're a cunt because they think you are wrong because you have chosen to put your neck out there by posting you opinion....if you cant handle it, drop the site

paul said...


You really are. Some basic laws of economics for you. If demand exceeds supply prices will generally go up. There are 20,000 on the waiting list and Arsenal had the highest percentage attendance in the PL. It has nothing to do with the costs. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I am not happy with arsenal and the way things are going.

OK we had a good season but in reality for arsenal it was a bad season because we won fook all.

Are you forgetting that we are a big club and we used to win things pretty often its now 4 years lol.

I know how good arsene wenger is before you all start but you all must admit that we need to sign some top talent and anyone saying Hleb and Flamini wont be missed must be on some crack.

And i do believe that arsene says things sometimes and does not deliver!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23.22

Why don't you go fuck yourself. Then you might be happier, you fucking pathetic prat.

Mug said...


Good to see you are still here!

Prices can rise because of costs. Supply and demand works in an open market but here you have a few people setting the price.

If you are happy to pay £60 a seat to subsidise the footballing education of youngsters whilst winning nothing then it is you who is the MUG.

You are also happy to be fleeced by the board who take the attitude that if you won't get mugged some other mug will pay.

Well not this one.

Mug said...

Anon 23.25.

No need to get offensive just because of a difference of opinion. Calm down

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23.25

You are a fucking, dog-wanking cunt bag who I will shit all over if I ever see you.

paul said...


That's good news - so no danger of seeing you there next year then.
Try the Chavs - they have lots of empty seats and seem more up your street

Mug said...


Wahey! I was waiting for the go and support Chav comment. Try something new. Just because I don't have my head up my behind and I can see situation we are in I get told to support Chavscum? Grow up!

Have you ever been to a game Highbury or Dubaibury?

kenneth vagine said...


I very much agree with your comments. You are totally spot on.

Grammar is important and it does make writers look foolish. The doe's one I just cannot comprehend how wrighty7 got wrong. Never seen that before. The rest are just laziness.

Anonymous said...

No one is critising Arsene outright its just that we keep getting "Offical" statements that contridict themselves one minuet were the richest club, then were the third, then weve got £50 million to spend, then weve got a few quid.
Flamni goes abroad for less money than It will cost to replace him, we all know deep in our hearts that at the moment NO player will stay for life the days of Tony adhams have gone, its all about money the board dont give a fuck about you or me as someone rightly said theres 20000 on the waiting list if we dont like it we can fuck off.

All we want is the truth and "YES" we can handle the truth.

There is and article in the times today stating that dispite the present property colapese only 2 purchasers have lost their deposits with 95% of the 600 flats being pre sold.in The stadium highbury square the big test is in August when the "Clock End" (south stand) are ready to be occupide and the real money has to be paid.
Perhaps the board are waiting until then to release the money Arsene deserves. PERHAPS ?

Anonymous said...

Homey, the title of your article is what started the fire, though i do not think we should call each other names it seems common place.

I have started to just pass by some articles if i the title doesbt make sense (to me). After that "Arsene is a @*$!!" Article i decided not to read anything that seemed similar.

Question though. If i tell my son that i am going to buy a bike on Saturday coming and a something comes up where i have to use the money have but i still have full intention of buying it at a later date, have i lied?

What do we want Wenger to do? as long as he has tried (we know from his comments that he has) it should be cool with us fans.

Im sorry dude but this is a view void of perspective!

God Bless and Be encouraged!!

We dont have to agree but we (most) agree that Arsenal has a bright future ahead!

Paul N

Anonymous said...

I want to talk about Arsenal Wrighty not spelling.

Anonymous said...

Glistening vagina.

jimmyfingers said...

Shame the comments section on so many blogs gets abused so badly, and for me it makes a strong case for moderating what is posted. Some may call that censorship but without it you just get a shit-fest of bitching and name-calling which detracts from any debate and puts off people who want to engage the topic and make a serious point. A blog's community needs nurture and protection for it to flourish and attacks from what I presume is mostly under 18s getting over-excited in th internet is destructive

Anyway, good blog Wrighty, look forward to reading more

Ethan_gunner said...

How you going wrighty !

Yes we've all had our C*nts appear out of the wood work in the past 24 hours . Your very correct our fans either come in 2 categories level headed fans who are starting to ask questions OR the wenger supporters who have every blind faith that he will lead us out of the desert !
( if its true its been a 4 year walk :) )

peoples ideas of loyalties differ .. I never question my loyalty for arsenal
only question the decision making ! Especially recently since selling TH 14 !the club has made some bad decisions for a few years now & the club hasn’t got any glory either! Football is about winning right ??? Fuck me !!!
Where do fans get off talking about others passion for the return of some glory days?

And if Arsenal continue to give there players away , stick with ludicrous salary caps , and over 30’s policies , its hard to keep a winning team together , if fragile minds cant get there head around the concept , then i feel pity for there small xenophobic brain’s, because its them who fear something foreign ! thinking for themselves !

Sughosh said...

Sorry to disagree with you ethan, but i think guys who put faith in the establishment with a decent track record are more level headed than ones who expect ones who jump to ask a question a tad too quick...

Sughosh said...

Bad comment there... here's what i meant..

Sorry to disagree with you ethan, but i think guys who put faith in the establishment with a decent track record are more level headed than ones who jump to ask a question a tad too quick...

Bill said...
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Mug said...


Why do idiots such as yourself feel the need to tell peeople to f*** off just because they happen to disagree with you?

You may think Ethan is wrong, which is fine but Ethan has a right to voice his opinion.

I think Ethan makes some good points especially about giving our players away. Pires, Sol, Edu, Wiltord, Kanu and Flamster all left for nothing. If you think that this is a good thing then maybe it is you who needs to be checked into an asylum

Anonymous said...

shut up Wrighty you cunt


Anonymous said...


time to change your site, anonymous blogging is going to be detrimental to your health,

i see you have many cunts here being dicks, and some people offering you support,

whom do you wish to retain?

Sughosh said...

Sigh.... this is going to be long summer...

Anonymous said...

Aah dearest Mug. How nice of you to come to the defence of poor little Ethan. Such a gentle, sensitive soul he needs a big brave man like you to look after him.

But you obviously haven't read Ethan's posts. He doesn't mind at all telling people with whom he disagrees where to go in very colourful terms. Ethan and others on The Grove site called anyone who disagreed with them as AKBs and revelled in abusing them (along with Wenger, the Arsenal board and half the players). So I don't think they shouldn't mind a little of their own medicine.

But unfortunately what I have found is that Ethan and his ilk like to hand out the verbals, but then get all uppity and prudish when someones returns the favour.

Wrighty7 said...

Please can we stop with Le-Grove bashing.
It's getting stupid now.

Arsene said...

People get pissed off when they see a headline on NewsNow or similar and click through to realise they are wasting their time reading schoolboy shite. Wenger promised you nothing, he hoped something would happen in a few weeks but unfortunately it didn't, and he's got bigger things to worry about than your "feelings". What an absolute crock...

1979gooner said...


we all have our opinions, but sometimes we write things that are bit unfair,

you did write:

"Are comments like this only made to help season ticket sales? It just a thought."

I think saying this is very unfair, especially when you have absolutely no evidence upon which to base this comment.

The argument that we all have our opinion is fine, however not all our opinions are as valid as one another.

I've often got it wrong, but we should try to not jump to conclusions prematurely, otherwise we can provoke a backlash to our comments.

A lot of the abuse you recieved was well out of line for sure, however they were reacting to something.

I think we'd all do well to just relax, get away from the specualtion for a few days and then assess things in a few weeks time in the cold light of day.

I think we all tend to lose perspective in the close season.

Let's just wait and see what happens.