Monday, 23 June 2008

Cesc is flying the Gooner flag high at Euro 2008

I had an immense feeling of pride last night after watching our very own Cesc Fabregas step up to take the decisive fifth penalty in Vienna last night.

It takes a man of great courage and many players have ducked the responsibility down the years. Was there any doubt where the ball would end up? Not in my eyes.

I had a bet on Italy after their thrashing at the hands of Holland in the first game, and as Cesc lined up to take the kick I said to my girlfriend that I couldn't care less about the bet, I just wanted Cesc to score.

Fabregas showed total calmness and never even flinched at taking the chance to put his country through. This was his moment and he took it.

He didn't even start the game, but his influence was clear to see when he came on. He played the ball around the park showing Spain what he does for Arsenal every week.

I can't believe at times he isn't a regular starter for Spain. In England he is arguably one of the best midfielders in the Premiership and when he came on last night he controlled the midfield and seemed to inject new life into Spain.

The Spanish midfield is very strong, it must be to keep Cesc from starting more regularly. But his day for dominating the Spanish midfield will come.

He has come so far. Its hard to believe how young he is at times. The way he plays the game is a joy to watch and I'm so proud that we Gooners can say that he is ours.

He is flying the Gooner flag high at the Euro's, Spain now know what we see every week and I hope this catapaults him into starting more for them.

Over the last twelve months the boy has become a man. He can achieve what ever he wants.

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

no news on nasri then??

it looks more and more likely not to happen

HighburyGoon said...

I too felt pride, but there's always that selfish side that wants the teams of all of our players to get knocked out early so they don't get hurt!

Anonymous said...

Cesc is gonna be the best midfielder in the world and Spain will HAVE to start him

Wrighty7 said...

I think the Nasri deal will happen when the whole tournament is over.

Wenger is doing media work and will want to unveil Nasri when thats over.

gooner said...

great article fella. cesc will be next gunner captain. He was great last night

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Anonymous said...

breaking news nasrii has said that he has signed for arsenal on a four year deal...this is th truth apperntly too gooner who hasn't really got caught up on this but whaayyyyyy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

'I said to my girlfriend that I couldn't care less about the bet, I just wanted Cesc to score.'

Completely true for me too mate.

Not only it takes courage, but it also means Aragones is stupid enough to think like Barcelona fans, that Xavi is the best Spanish Midfield Player. I did not see it for the past few matches featuring Spain.

Anonymous said...

Fabregas is not overrated. For one he is not english.
Xavi and iniesta went missing yesterday and spain became more of a threat as a team only when cesc came on.