Sunday, 15 June 2008

Adebayooooooooooooor, give him a wig and he will score!

I was pissing myself with laughter after reading an article in the Star today.

Adebayor was in there talking about his goal scoring lean patch at the end of the season. The reason? His haircut, hence the song we Gooners began to sing

"Give him a wig, and he will score"

It did seem a coincidence that his goals dried up when he had his haircut. But he has promised to grow his hair back and the goals will be flowing again.

Perhaps he could borrow Sagna's hair extensions in the mean time!

Keep it Goonerish.......


Anonymous said...

Pointless post but I like it!

Gooner_Ali said...

LOL, Sweeny Todds a Gooner.
Also been LOLing @ n17 again today. Harry Hotspur was shot in the head 21.07.1403AD. And that they (n17) are more 'french' than we are.

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha nice one gooner_ali!

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard whispers of thuram coming to us on a coaching capacity or was it just a strange dream

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


We need the goals!!


Anonymous said...

Money is what he really wants.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha leave Ade alone lol he does need to get his hair back though. Let's hope Sagna keep his hair the same way but it seems like making a change at Arsenal will mess your game up.