Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cesc Fabregas could be the key to Arsene Wenger strengthening Arsenal

There is no doubting the fact that this Arsenal squad needs strengthening. It's been a big subject amongst any conversation involving Arsenal for a while now.

Most Gooners, pundits and ex-players all agree that Arsenal need to buy. The sooner the better because the season is beginning to take shape and it seems Arsenal are in for a real battle for fourth place.

Arsene Wenger has set such high standards at Arsenal that it is inevitable the day those standards slip people will begin to ask questions.

We Gooners have watched an invincible side taken apart and replaced by a side who are struggling. It's painful to watch but it's only recently murmurs of discontent have spread amonst Gooners.

We are used to competing, thanks largely to Arsene Wenger who over the years since his appointment has maintained a high standard at the club.

Those high standards set by Arsene Wenger are not being matched anymore. They haven't been for four years.

We were unfortunate last season but even the end of season collapse may have been prevented. It was obvious throughout the season that the squad was full of talent but lacked depth. But Wenger did nothing.

Gooners have kept quiet because of Wenger's achievements. He has been given the time and patience by us because we believe in him. It's only recently Gooners are beginning to show some displeasure at what is being witnessed.

The problem is it seems glaringly obvious to everyone that Arsenal need to make signings. Only Wenger doesn't see it and seems to have his head buried in the sand.

I understand his public intentions. He wants to protect his players but the truth is Arsenal are suffering because Wenger believes he is right in what he is doing.

He isn't. Signings are needed because things appear to getting worse rather than better. Arsene Wenger doesn't seem to listen to anyone but I think there is one person he may listen too.

Cesc Fabregas.........

Cesc Fabregas is the present and the future of Arsenal. He is our captain and the team is built around him. Despite this he can't be happy with the situation at Arsenal.

He won the Euro's with Spain and has had a taster of what it is like to win things. Publicly he can back his fellow team mates all he wants but privately he must be dismayed at whats going on.

A player of his talent needs to be competing for honours and he must look at some of his team mates and think how can we achieve this?

He is the voice of the team and he needs to go to Arsene Wenger and tell the gaffer that changes are needed. If Wenger doesn't listen to Fabregas then who will he listen too?

If Fabregas doesn't feel that Arsenal are going to win things then it is unlikely he will stay. Why should he? With a click of his fingers he could go back to Barcelona who are beginning to look the real deal again.

Arsene Wenger needs to realise that his ways are beginning to backfire. In the past he hasn't been afraid to use funds available why not anymore?

Cesc Fabregas has a special relationship with Arsene Wenger. That bond could be broken unless Mr Wenger wises up and realises that Cesc needs help. He is a young man with a lot of responsibilities.

If Fabregas wakes up one morning and thinks enough is enough then I wouldn't blame him. It's time for Wenger stop being stubborn and get back to those high standards he set at the club.

Keep it Goonerish................


TOPGUN said...

Excellent article.

Wenger has always been stubborn yet these days he takes it to another level!

Anonymous said...

Wenger wont listen to anyone. What makes you think he will listen to Fabregas?

Lets face it, he has taken Arsenal as far as he can.

He did the same at Monaco and they saw the light and sacked him.

Wrighty7 said...

I don't want Wenger to be sacked.

He put us into this situation and deserves every chance to get us out of it.

Sacking Wenger is not the answer. He just needs to start seeing what everyone else does!

Maybe he does and we will see some action on the transfer front!

I hope..........

Anonymous said...

good article wrighty but arsene will sell first before he buys,gallas and bedntner are rumoured to be on their way. kelsey.

Anonymous said...

if the unthinkable happens and we lose 4th place will cesc want to stay.kelsey

terry said...

great post wrighty I hope wenger sees sense before its too late

terry said...

cant belive pepole are starting to question clichy he is one of our better players

Anonymous said...

I believe no one team looks good this year and any team in the premiership can give you a game perhaps with the exception of WestBrom
Which was the worst result of the big four this weekend as they all drew CHELSEA HOME TO WEST HAM?
We need to buy and buy English players i would consider a raid on West Ham as they need the money with the Sheff Unt claim hanging over them
There is 3 players i think would make a difference 1.Robert Green Goalkeeper 2.Matthew Upson Defender 3.Scott Parker Holding Midfield I would also like to see a pacey winger bought in or a striker of quality David Villa to play

Anonymous said...

The problem is AW thinks he can win trophies his way. Sadly it's not working and he has refused to change his philosophy believing it's the correct way when it's obvious to all it is failure.
The trouble is AW thinks he is indespensable. To a certain extent yes.Time is of the essence.
Don't be surprised he is asked to go at the end of season 09-10 if present trends continue.
A manager is as good as his last match

Anonymous said...

I think Wenger is making a lot of mistakes at the moment, but I really question people who claim to know what Cesc is or isn't thinking and what he will or won't do for whatever reason/s.

It's a cheap way of trying to bolster your argument.


Wrighty7 said...

Maybe your right Mike!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment of your article but I think there is plenty of evidence to suggest that wenger did try to sign a number of players during the summer. Perhaps it was the negotiating skills of David Dein that were really missing. When you think of it though, just how many premiership managers managed to sign all the players they wanted in the summer.

It not just a case of Wenger's record buying him time. You have to accept that the guy really cares about the club and he his not that stupid that he can't see the current shortcomings of the squad. What he won't do is come out in public and say that half the team are rubbish and he want's half a dozen new players in January, cos that would be stupid too.

Anonymous said...

Fanner said.. Hi Terry, Sagna and clichy are both capable full backs. But Clichy is prone to silly, careless mistakes, which I feel he is sometimes taking things for granted by being too casual, and taking things too lightly. His errors so far are points costing, just watch him closely next time.

Anyway Arsene is still the man, I am still with him although i don't agree with some of his election of players.

Ole Gunner said...

I just can't be convinced that you or I know better than Wenger what the weaknesses are in his squad.

Anonymous said...

To say Wenger hasn't matched his standards for four years; Is your memory short? Are you missing some key facts? What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

ole gunner

the world footballing world are convinced of our weaknessess,

all of our players know our weaknessess

59,000 fans are convinced of the weaknessess

sounds like the only people not convinced are you and AW

but if you want to keep kidding yourself then thats your opinion mate, but you are very outnumbered in your view.

Ole Gunner said...

Nobody is kidding anybody. Your conceit is amazing to me. I just want to know why on earth you think you know this and Wenger doesn't. Please help.

P.S. Dont drop unverifiable large numbers on internet posts. That tends to undermine your credibility.

Anonymous said...

ole gunner

wenger doesnt know because he didnt do anything about it in the summer

we all knew we would struggle with out replacing the players we lost and wenger went with what he had and weve struggled

his team selections tactics and subs are very wierd

he threw the game in porto to keep us in the top 4 and now we are 5th.

wenger seems to think these players are good enough, he keeps telling us they are but the whole footballing world know they arent.

and dont give me that anti arsenal media witch hunt. the players just arent good enough and wenger sticks by them.

hes already implied they;ll be no signings in jan, and if there isnt the man is losing his marbles big time,

why do yo refuse to blame wenger for anything??

the reason we have a poor squad and havent won anything in 4 seasons and dont sign players is because of the manager and his beliefs.

so why do you think he knows??

everyones entitled to their opinion but sticking up for the manager is rather silly given the evidence put before everyones eyes this season and the last few.

AFC4life said...

I think Wenger is doing what he can with the resources he has available. We've had shitty luck with injuries, and some of our players are struggling for form. I do wish he'd put more faith in the likes of Wilshere, Vela and Ramsey. Their time will come though.

One thing we must do is sign a holding midfielder. Alex Song just isn't good enough and it's not Denilson's natural role, he's more like Cesc than Flamini. Cesc has been pretty poor all season and it's obvious he's missing Flamini as he gave him a lot more freedom to operate. If we don't sign someone like Flaminin then Cesc may very well decide to go, but I seriously doubt it.

I think we've been in a slow decline since Vieira left. We may have got to the Champ's League final without him, but we've not been the same force in the league without him. I wouldn't argue at all if Wenger tried to re-sign him in January.

Anonymous said...

Like theBlog Wrighty but consider this

When Vieira (Captain) allegedly suggested we buy better players, Wenger responded with "You weren't world class when I bought you"

and there is no way Billy 'Big Gob' Gallas (Captain) wouldn't have been vocal about needing more quality in the squad.

So having ignored his previous 2 captains, I think Wenger is as likely to listen to Cesc Fabregas' transfer advice as he is likely to listen to you or me.

Anonymous said...

As good as Cesc is, he wouldn't get into the Barca team ahead of Xavi or Iniesta.

Anyone who watches Spanish football regularly would tell you that!

Geoff said...

Song, Denilson, Diaby.

How many more poor performances will it take before Wenger acts?

I know both Walcott & Nasri would play on the wings before 2 of the above 3 players but is there anyone who would start any of the above 3 and leave Vela, Ramsey and even young Wilshere on the bench?

Can Wenger be right when every fan I speak to (I'm a season ticket holder) and every pundit says otherwise?

I knew when the team showed those 3were starting that we would struggle to win.

I am in awe of how Wenger has transformed our club but he needs to see what the rest of us do and quickly.

He will have the summer to put things right but if we are no beter by this time next year then I think his goodwill will have been exhausted.


I'd be interested to read your thoguhts.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in AW anymore. He is now a loser.

leon said...

i feel alot to inc problem is due of the insirsstancy of the dwastrikers evon when they played porto the midfield wornt that good but they still created oportunuities but they are missing edwardors and need more strikers rsof his ability. bretna is not not good enough he had so many chances against porto.both ade and rvp are to inconsistant and vela needs to adapt to prem but is very good finisher but bretna is clearly not good enough.

in midfield there is only one world class player the rest are hav alot potential and ability but are not ready yet could do with some more world class players to play around them,i would not sell any of them ,they are good but need time, but that bad infact there are very good but they are lacking width and pace,i think wenger needs needs to buy both dm and an world class central mid plus winger, i would not bredtna until the summer he might improve, i think alot of the arsenal players have let down wenger,he has shown alot of faith in these young players and some of them have been a big ee what rvp has done let down,i dont see what rvp has done get uge contract

dev said...

Wenger is a stubborn ass, no doubts but i think the problems are compounded by the money grabbing old fools in the board.Positive cashflow is what the old cunts wantn and wenger is happy to provide that with his youth and average players policy. the day the old cunt PHWood came out with the statement that winning is not everything was the day i knew the future is not that bright for The Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, I find it amusing when people talk about Eduardo, i fear the expectation levels people have for/of him!
The dude isn`t likely to be the answer to our problems (at least this season)

faker said...

All we can realy do is wait and see now. I truly hope AW is playing the media spin game. He's gotta know whats wrong with the team. He really can't drop the ball on this one this time.

Great post though Wrighty, hopefully le boss can leverage Fab and pickup some real talent

leon said...