Friday, 12 December 2008

Quit the talk and walk the walk

I've lost count of the number of times that an Arsenal player has spoke a good game this season, the latest being Mikael Silvestre.

Is this what we are going to hear all season? Rallying call's left right and centre?

I'd prefer it if the players actually began to perform on the pitch. Anyone can talk a good game.

I don't want to hear excuses and what needs to be done anymore. I want to see results on the pitch.

It's easy for the players to say what needs to be done. The problem is actually doing it.

I'm hearing too much talking, it's time to begin the walking.

Keep it Goonerish.....................


Spike said...

Hey Wrighty!

I find it effin hilarious that Silvestre is mouthin off about how the young players need to improve or be consistent or whatever.

Coz its him who is the weak fucking link!

He is shite and shows the folly of buying on ther cheap! Yet when Wenger is asked why he aint signed proven experienced players he waffles on about them getting in the way of the yutes development!

Fuck off it is!

Wrighty7 said...


Silvestre has been there five minutes!

If he was class week in week out I'd listen to him!

afrix said...

agreed, arsenal players talk a lot of cr@p, especially this season. for 2 weeks, they should just shut up and do their thing on the field of play!

faker said...

So true. What's with Silvestre coming out and jabbering away so much. The guy should put his head down and lead by action considering he oh so recently moved from one of our top rivals.

It's worse because hes been shit in the last 2 matches! Responsible for at least 1 goal per game!

leon said...

in the past few games arsenal have defended alot better,dj and gallas look very good ,song looks very good to and with edardo comming back i think they can go on a winning run

webeatthescum5-1 said...

yet another trophyless season for the goons, cos youre shit.

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