Friday, 26 December 2008

Underdogs against Aston Villa??? UNHEARD OF!

I'm 26 years old and I've never heard of Arsenal going into a game against Aston Villa as underdogs. Until now.

Well, times are changing. I'll take nothing away from Aston Villa. Under Martin O'Neill's guidance they have proved to be a real force this season and thoroughly deserve their lofty position in the table.

Arsenal on the other hand have struggled to gain any consistency this season. Except being inconsistent and that is a kind of a consistency I guess.....

Anyhow today will prove to be a very tough game for both sides. It really is a six-pointer and could prove to be a defining moment of the season.

Victory for either side will provide a huge psychological boost in the race for Champions League places. That's how important today is. It will have repercussions for the rest of the season.

I understand the reason's for people writing Arsenal off. I've done it myself to an extent. But the season can be saved. And it will start with a victory today for Arsenal.

Without sounding arrogant Aston Villa used to be a game where I expected three points. I don't and can't anymore. Villa are too good for that and deserve respect.

But I think an Arsenal win is on the cards today. There will be hairy moments but I think Arsenal will pull through.

This is a big game and these Arsenal players appear to have a big game mentality. We've seen it against Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Both sides will want to win so much and the team that shows the most hunger will win. Villa smashed us at the Emirates because they wanted it more and deserved the three points.

Arsenal need to use that performance against Villa as motivation or they may as well not bother to turn up.

Aston Villa will be hungry today but I expect Arsenal to be starving. We will upset the odds and win today.

Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal.

A big win today could really kick-start our season. A couple of signings in the transfer window and you never know, it may end up being a great season.

Keep it Goonerish...............


TopGun said...

Good positive post Wrighty.

I think we will win today. 2-0.

Perfect revenge for the home defeat!

Keep it up pal.

Anonymous said...

I'm a gooner, but you are both dreaming. A midfield of Diaby, Denilson, Song? Bendtner up front?
No fast wide Walcott or creative spark in Cesc?
We are in worse shape than we were at the Emirates, and Villa have the wind in their sails. Expect a surefire defeat

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, I love your positivity, I'm going for a 1-3 win for our beleaguered side.

Evo said...

I hope you're right wrighty, but i gotto admit i think we'll lose to a more hungry villa side. I hate saying that but I just think it'll be the case.

I also think wenger will say "well the effort the 10 men put in last sunday has taken its toll". I sincerely hope you are right mate and that I'm mistaken big time.

Wrighty7 said...

Lets hope for that win!

It WILL happen

Knoxy said...

I expected us to bounce back against City after we were beaten 0-2 at home by Villa. I was there and we weren't hungry in the slightest against a "very" average City team and we lost 3-0!

Hope my miserable thoughts are proved wrong though :D

2-1 to Villa.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal win? not a hope in hell, a part from Fabregas, clicy and sagna no other arsenal player would get into this villa side it's painful for me as a gooner but we simply are not good enough and will need to buy at least 4 world class players to compete again.

Russ said...

I think the best we can hope for today is a draw. Arsenal are full of surprises though so you never know. If we defend high up the pitch again though, we will get punished. Gallas seems to have lost the plot and I'm still not sure about Djourou. As hard as he tries I just don't think he has what it takes and is far too error prone. I reckon we'll grind out a 1-1 draw with RVP scoring again.

keith said...

Lets hope we say close enough until Jan then we need to buy
One player that has caught my eye this year is Recardo Fuller of Stoke perhaps a swop deal with Bentner plus cash
He is a handfull and always gives a 100% unlike some of our players

leon said...

i am feeling positive i think arsenal can still win title,its not all doon and gloom.they are looking alot more solid at the back,since the chelsea game arsenal have only condeded 3 goals that not bad,rvp seam sto be getting hi sform back,ade will get his form and edwardo will be back in jan,i think we have very good central midfield players but no wingers need to buy in jan cm and winger

JoppaRoad said...

you lot are hillarious. Beginning to resemble Spurs fans with the delusions. Arsenal win the title?? Are you lot mad?

1979gooner said...

You almost got it right! Shame you didn't.

We rode our luck first half, but looked commanding at 2-0.

The stupid Gallas tackle was a big turning point, we looked solid til then.

Even so Villa barely threatened, then that crappy equaliser...


Anonymous said...

villa barely threatened? apart from hitting the post twice and the bar, and having one kicked off the line, and those saves from milner and agbonlahor, and young too.

honestly, i like arsenal, but some of your fans are sounding like spurs fans. and there's no greater insult than that

Anonymous said...

Villa tore you a new ass!! We out played you for all but 15 mins of the second half, ignore the goals you were shown why 4th is ours!

JoppaRoad said...

last two Anon....if you read my last post you will see I am saying the same thing. I have supported Arsenal since 1980 so I know what the lean times are like. I wonder if most of our fans now are spoilt brats. On this blog they certainly do seem deluded thats for sure.

Its sad to see but there are real problems at Arsenal.

cliffeh said...

Almost correct Wrighty mate!
T'was a good prediction but in typical Arsenal 08/09 fashion, they spunked up the wall.
Arsenal for the UEFA cup next year me thinks :(