Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I'd rather Arsene Wenger sign Mikel Arteta than Andrei Arshavin

Over the past twelve months Andrei Arshavin has become a big name in European football. He has undoubted talent and announced his intention of leaving Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia.

The price bandied about for Andrei Arshavin is £20m, extortionate for a player who is unproven outside of Russia. £10m would be worth a risk but probably a risk worth taking.

Arsenal have been linked with a move for him since the summer and while I agree that a player of his ability would be welcome at Arsenal there could be someone a little closer to home, who I believe would be better value too!

For me Mikel Arteta would be a perfect signing for Arsenal and I'm sure he would cost a lot less than £20m!

In Arsene Wenger's programme notes for Sunday’s match against Portsmouth he admitted Arsenal might need a creative spark due to the injuries Fabregas, Walcott and Rosicky have suffered.

Arshavin and Arteta are players who can provide that spark but Arteta has something that Arshavin doesn't possess. Premiership experience.

Arteta wouldn't need time to settle in at Arsenal. He has played in the Premiership since 2005 and Arsenal need players who can make an impact now. He is used to the league and I'd argue that Arshavin, despite his talent, would need at least six months to acclimatise to Premiership football.

Mikel Arteta is very versatile and that would appeal to Arsene Wenger, who as we all know, loves to play players out of position. Able to play anywhere across the midfield, Arteta would be
a vital player for anyone to have.

We could use him in the middle of the park to provide cover for Cesc's absence and when Cesc returns he can quite easily play on either side of midfield where he has excelled for Everton.

I think he would relish a move to Arsenal. Without sounding disrespectful to Everton, it would help his chances of international football too. He would be playing in the Champions League regularly and that always gets the eye of a national coach.

I read that Everton are in need of money and David Moyes needs to sell before he can buy. I wonder if Wenger could put in an offer that just maybe too good to refuse.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Sleek said...

I hope we can sign him as he would work well with Cesc when he returns (Plus being Spanish will be a good thing for Cesc) Arsene must realise that now money MUST be spent...otherwise the consequences would not bear thinking about...

Anonymous said...

Only a fool who knows nothing about football would prefer Arteta over Arshavin.

Anonymous said...

I saw him in asda a while back, few days before Everton came down to the Emirates actually. I should have asked him what he thought about Arsenal :p Dan

Anonymous said...

arteta is shit

Anonymous said...

i agree arteta would be a good signing but i have been saying since the summer that arshavin would be superb in the premier league, the guy is world class and well worth the gamble imo, and he is a goal scorer something arsenal are very short of at the moment!
david moyes will not let arteta leave (his best player)for any less than 15 mill? i would buy arshavin and play him on the right with nasri moved inside to fill in for fabregas.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin is just another Nasri just 6 years older. Not worth £20 never mind £20m. Id rather play Vela or Wilshire

indian gooner said...

i think arteta would be a more realistic and practical target. dont think he would cost more than 10m and also the fact that he can play in wide areas(walcott injured and rosicky's return uncertain we ve got nasri and eboue to play)is an important factor of him over arshavin.although i am not sure arshavin would cost 20m probably 12-15m. i'd rather see arsene buy him and a defensive midfielder say parker (6m ,realistic) or even alonso (15m,very unlikely)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I prefer Arteta to Arshavin anyday.

Arshavin seems to have an attitube problem and would still need time to gel into the first team, whereas Arteta does have the prem experience we need.

Wenger has said he needs to buy ready made players, players who can play straight away and there are a few players i think we can buy and would easily fit into our system of play.

1- Arteta
2- Bullard
3- Noble
4- Upson.
5- Wright-Phillips.
6- Kenwyne Jones (straight swap for Bendtner)
7- N'Zogbia.
8- Given

If we can get at least 3 of these players, then we are in for a shout

GunnerPete said...

Here is a typical AFC fans answer to a regular rumour. What we should be saying is.....(a) not him or him but both of them, and (b) before either of them for Chrits sake buy what we NEED ie;

Foster (Goalie) Chiellini ( fast tall defender) Inler ( fast hard tackling midfielder or Alonso)

Sell...Gallas to anyone...sell Eboue...Sell...Bentner...sell...Sylvestre..

Then perhaps we can start pressing for the lot!

Spike said...

Anyone saying Arteta is shite, seriously is some kind of fantasy Football manager playing pea brain.

Saying arshavin is world class is hilarious!

Based on what? His scores on a effin compooter game?

Clueless twats.

Arshavin is over hyped to fuck.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 16.15: Only a fool who knows nothing about football would make such a stupid comment. Wrighty7 is spot-on: The risk involved in investing £20m for Arshavin is unacceptably high. Granted, he had a couple of games in the UEFA Cup and Euro08 when he looked frighteningly good, but since then he's gone flat. He was shut out in the Euro08 S/F, and I have now heard several sources say that he has a reputation for being erratic both on and off the field. I suspect he'd only settle at a West Euopean club if he came with a mate from Russia. Whoever wants him should have grabbed Pavlyuchenko at the same time, but some silly buggers have already taken the latter on. More fools them.

By contrast, we know that Arteta can do the business in the PL. He's not the greatest we'll ever see, perhaps, but he's definitely talented. Frankly, I'm not sure if he's my preferred option, but I've often been impressed by him in the past couple of years, and I think there's a seriouis case for considering him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about him being ahead of Arshavin in the pecking order because he is a lot less direct and has less of the trickery and pace that Arshavin could use on the wing for us, but he would be an excellent back up choice who could easily transform our midfield. We need a winger with Rosicky injured and Walcott being pretty poor in that position, and injured of course.

Also, a defensive midfielder to help Denilson and fabregas would be great.

Not too sure about a center back. Djourou does not look quite ready yet, Upson or Hangelaans would be fantastic alongside Gallas and a new goalkeeper would be a good thing as well! :D

Greedy me!

Given (8-10 mil)

Upson (8-12 mil)

Arteta/Arshavin (10-20 mil)
Denilson (Cesc out injured)
Inler/Parker/Veloso (10-15 mil)

van Persie/Adebayor

40 mil well worth spending me thinks!

Gooner Delly said...

while i think arteta would be a good option...I really doubt Everton would be willling to sell one of their most important player to a prem rival...y I like the Arshavin is that i would allow nasri to move inside and operate like cesc...

Gooner Delly said...

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Anonymous said...

"Only a fool who knows nothing about football would prefer Arteta over Arshavin."

I think its more the other way round dude
arteta is a proven premier league player who probably would be a regular in the spanish national squad if he played for a bigger club.
hes been everton's best player (easily) for a number of years and provides countless assists for them

arshavin can be spectacular but is well known to be highly inconsistent. I think he is also more injury prone which isnt ideal for someone coming to this league

Im still not convinced moyes would let arteta go for cheap, id expect 15-20m because he is so important to them

elano would be a better choice for me, but it looks like he might be coming back into the man city first team so we may miss out

Anonymous said...

Guys, stop going on about Nasri moving to a central position. He is our left midfielder. Also, Denilson has been fantastic for us in the middle thiss eason and they both need help from another winger and a DM.

GunnerPete, what an idiot. Who in their right mind would want to sell Gallas?

keith said...

Withe Evertob lacking strickers what about a swop deal with Bentner?

My platers i and out would be


Arteta (swop with Bentner)
Inlar 10 million
Givan 8 million
Distan 8 million
Fuller 10 million

Bentner (swop with Arteta)
Gallas 8 million
Eboue 3 million
Kolo 10 million

We are gettin 5 million to start with for Diarra sell on so total lay out would be 15 million

Spike said...

Gotta say, if gallas is happy to stay, then he should be kept at all costs! Him and Djourou are a fine CB partnership in the making and given Kolo doesnt seem capable of getting fit, we need him!

Our squad is wafer thin as it is, so we oughta be looking to add to it, not take away, but if we need to sell in order to buy, then maybe Bendtner might be the one to eff off?

Anonymous said...

Another idiot who would sell Gallas...


Arteta (swop with Bentner)
Inlar 10 million
Givan 8 million
Distan 8 million
Fuller 10 million

Bentner (swop with Arteta)
Gallas 8 million
Eboue 3 million
Kolo 10 million"

How many errors do you want in one list?

Fuller (just for putting his name there)
Bendtner (again)
And various others within the post.

I can understand differences in opinion, but plain retardness should not be accepted.

Wrighty7 said...

Totally agree with that Spike, Gallas and Djourou are forming a solid partnership. Something we lack.

Anonymous said...

@ Keith.

You talk so much crap!!!

Simple as dat

Spike said...

And if Silvain effin Distin is worth 8 mill then Gallas must be worth £30 million!

Anonymous said...

New GK

Sagna Toure Chellini Clichy
Eboue Djourou Silvestre Traore

Diego Veloso Fabregas Nasri
Walcott Y.Toure Diaby Wilshere

RvP Eduardo/Vela
New CF

That squad would win the lot. Maybe abit lackin at cover for CB. I saw new GK and new CF cos i dont know who to get. Diego from Werder fits the bill perfect and we could raise the money for new Gk(5-10m), Chellini(10m + Gallas), Veloso(12m), Yaya Toure(8m), Diego(15m) and a new CF by selling Adebayor (25M), Bendtner(5m), Song (5m somehow). There you go Arsene, spend a surplus of 15m and win every trophy for the foreseable future.

Anonymous said...

sack wenger appoint stepanos as manager

Wrighty7 said...

I think Everton could be tempted by a £10m offer.......

Spike said...

Yeah and we could sweeten the deal by loaning em the new Duncan Ferguson; Nicky Bendtner!

Mike.from.around.da.way said...

@ 16.21

I have to agree with you.

We can do with a natural Left Winger and we can find that in Charles N'Zogbia. He's young, has premiership experience and to tp that he's French and should easily fit into the team. (£5-6M)

Shay Given.
He's always been a brilliant keeper. Reliable and 2 times better than Almunia. (£8-9m)

Once on the books of Arsenal and it would be like a prodigal son return for the Hammer kid. Upson has proved he's one of the best Defenders in the premiership and a bid by Mr Wenger should easily tempt the man to come back to Arsenal. (£6-10m).

Brilliant player. Everton's best player and very consistent. Suprise this kid has never played for Spain, but it's never to late. Wenger knows how to bring the best out of a player, So Arteta wants to think long and hard (not to long) and make a move to Arsenal happen. (£10-12m)

Thats rougly £32m spent and that would be a bargain. So Mr Wenger it's now up to you

Anonymous said...

I can understand what you are all going through, but let me tell you something, i will always take Arshavin over Arteta, why? because Arshavin is much better, takes people on, very quick and with our players around him, he will flourish. What has Arteta done for Everton? Arshavin is better, Arteta has not even been called up for his national side, Arshavin ALWAYS.

Anonymous said...

Keith = Moron!
Sell Kolo AND Gallas to bring in Distin?

Sell two defenders to bring in one who is not even a patch on teh two he would replace?

Fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

There is still a great level of stupidity on this blog. Not from Wrighty, but come posters are absolutely mental. Toure and Chiellini instead of gallas and Upson/Hangelaand? Dude, that would be a shambles!

Veloso? You have clearly never seen the lad play a game of football. Great passing stats on football manager and a groovy haircut, but he is more Pirlo than Flamini. Even a defensivley suspect Alonso would be a better option than him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wrighty.

Spot on re Artea.

The Prem experience means he can walk straight into the team.

Same as Upson or Hangerland, and Alonso.

Imagine a midfield of Arteta, Alonso, Cesc and Nasri, that would bring us back to where we have been before.

Mark C

Wrighty7 said...

Hi Mark C,

I think we need someone with Premiership experience to sign because we need an instant adaption.

Arshavin is quality, but I'm sure he would take the rest of the season to adapt.

RomfordPele said...

Oh dear this is more like Fantasy Football than reality. We are halfway through the season. The January sales are for making adjustments and not for total restructuring of the side 1-11 which is what some people are suggesting. Arsene is at best going to make one or two signings. Arshavin? Who heard of him before or since Euro 2008? Why would Arsene break the bank for him? Cant see it happening. Arteta wont be allowed to leave Everton unless its for silly money which he isnt worth. I reckon Arsene will get somebody over 30 whose contract might be expiring so we might all be a bit underwhelmed. Agree with posters on here who say that the idea of selling Gallas is mad. Gallas along with Sagna is our best defender.

CescIsGenous said...

Arshavin's own agent has warned the side that spends 20 mil on him that he will take at least 6 months to acclimate and wont be his best this year. Spend 20 mil on a player that wont come in and perform highly for six months??

Wenger won't do that.

Arteta is half the price and will come in and make an immediate impact.

Spot on once again Wrighty.

Wrighty7 said...

Thanks very much CescisGenous

Anonymous said...

Mark Noble is a must have a straight replacment 4 flamini an a hard ball winner an better value 4 money than arteta 2nd Matty upson over disin all day long and Keep Gallas AT ALL COSTS hes are best cb by a mile 3rd and most expencive David Silva boy is an Arsenal player gotta spend the cash somtime get rid of song the worst player 2 grace the Arsenal shirt an bentner the boy does not want it enough chance after chance Jay Simpson has 2 be unleashed

Gary said...

No one on this page has mentioned Elano as a possibility. Why not? Everyone knows he's unhappy at City and Hugh's feelings are mutual toward him. They will be looking to dump him as they get ready for big time spending. Certainly is a creative player, a threat and has EPL experience. Would be a good fit no?

Anonymous said...

Elanos 2 weak an not a battler an not an out an out winger good at set peices an thats it an last but not least goes missing in the winter

LeonK said...

We need three players this January and the goalkeeper can wait until the summer. I would go for De Rossi of Roma - a strong tackling holding midfielder or if that was unfeasible I would look at Lorik Cana from Marseille. I would not touch Arshavin, Russian players have always been poor in the premiership so instead I would look at Rafael Van Der Vaart or Wesley Sneidjer, especially as Dutch players have traditionally done very well in our league. A good central defender would be Chivu or perhaps Mexes both of which are proven defenders in Serie A or perhaps Matthew Upson who would be an excellent requisition.

Alfie Williams said...

He is more than likely gonna recall senderos, get a DM on loan, and sign shay given with bendtner going the other way.
Bendtner is going though... 100%! He has a builder uncle who is working on my side extension. He wasnt lying as he had pictures on his phone, i couldnt believe it. I know somebody who is related to a arsenal player!! Gregers, we call him Greg who works for altitudelofts told me that his nephew Nicklas bendtner, believes that he is blessed, and is a world class player because his name means Blessed or something like that..? I asked him where he would be going and he said he did not know as there were several offers last time he spoke to him. He let it slip that he had been travelling to Germany and Russia quite frequently in the last 2 months??
Greg still is working in my house and thinks his nephew is as good as adebayor, i think he is not good enough for us and is below vela in pecking order IMO. (sorry gregers) if any1 has any questions about bendtner i will ask him coz he's always talking about it.

Gooner Delly said...

to be honest i like the backline the way it is the CB pairing of Johan and Gallas seems to be working and there is good cover with kolo and Silvestre...the are of concern is the midfield we need cover both in the middle and on the wings... i woulda say a player like Arteta or even Elano would be good...if we cant get a creative type then a DM would be good...maybe veloso or even moutinho...and then we need another player on the wing...arshavin is the name that jumps out at me...if not then we just have to play vela or wilshire more and remember eduardo is coming back...

Anonymous said...

arteta would be a far better signing than arshavin
the russian is well known for being inconsistent and i can just see him getting injured a lot in this league
arteta is everton's best player
in fact i'd say they'd be nowhere near the poisitions theyv been in over the past few years if it wasnt for arteta
he provides so many assists for them and is at the heart of everything
im not sure he would be <10m tho, im thinking 15-20m because moyes knows how good he is
it would be interesting if arsenal would explore the possibility of getting elano although it looks as though hes coming back into the man city side now
pretty similar players imo

Begeegs said...

I'd like us to get Van Bommell, Arteta and Podolski and get rid of Bendtner. Podolski can play the wings as well and doesn't fit into Bayern's plans. I think that the same applies to Bendtner here.

Van Bommell is aging, but would be the hard bastard that we need and has a cannon of a shot, which we don't have now.

Arteta is versatile and can play all over the midfield, so he'd be a superb purchase.

Anonymous said...

We've got to be realistic here. We all know Arsene Wenger and we all know he simply will not spend silly money on players. £20 million for Arshavin is not going to happen. Good player maybe but zero experience in the premier league. Alonso is cup tied in all competitions and he too would probably cost too much, remember that Wenger wouldn't offer the extra couple of million to sign him in the summer so why would he now? Some of the names that have been mentioned on this and other sites are REALISTIC. Arteta, nobody can deny he's been a great signing for everton and would probably be available for around the £12 mil mark, a sensible price for someone with premiership experience. Elano, again, somebody with premiership experience who is out of favour at Citeh which would mean a possible knock down price. If you were Elano would you sign for Arsenal? of course you would! The fact we have players such as Song, Diaby and to a slightly lesser extent Denilson as first team regulars at Arsenal speaks volumes and are any of you telling me that you would put any of those three in front of Arteta and Elano? Other players that are REALISTIC could be people like Matty Upson (I know Arsene shipped him out years ago)Distan,and lets not forget we own Senderos, who improved dramaticaly in his final year at the Arsenal. Parker/Noble, again, both REALISTIC, non-expensive targets who could do a job and give competition for places. West Ham have finacial problems, we all know that. All this talk of Shay Given is a bit silly too, Almunia isn't a bad keeper it's whats in front of him which is the problem. £8 for Given?? can u really see Arsene doing that??? No... All the players i've mentioned above all have one thing in common. PREMIERSHIP EXPERIENCE which is EXACTLY what we need if we are to sign players in January. Come on the Arsenal!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Following on from that rant, WHY do people keep going on about people without premiership experience???? Those type of players can wait until the summer. Why can't you people see that?

Anonymous said...

I ask myself. How can Arsene Wenger spend £8m on Shay Given when he could not spend £1m on Brad Friedel?

It's very funny! It won't happen as long as he's manager. As long as he's there Almunia will be in goal till his mid 30s. That's a bit sad I know but I think I should simply leave that subject as it is quite a sad one.

This January window, I can easily see Wenger negotiating deals until the final day. So, I suggest we all calm down and be ready for another 31 days of wait. I've already prepared myself for the worst.

Forget it, Arsene will not sign Arshavin if Zenit don't accept £10m and the same applies to Arteta. Wenger may offer up to £12m but if Everton stick out for £15 he will not pay it. Then we're fucked for the rest of the season.

He already has his scouts everywhere in France and Africa searching for possible transfers and his plan B is getting under 23 year old players on cheap if he cannot get his targets from the PL.

He knows as much as we all do that he needs established and experienced PL players and Arteta stands out for me. Hangelaand and Bullard also stand out, in terms of reality. I just can't see Wenger splashing the cash like the papers are saying. Man City will be spending big, along with other teams in the PL and that will affect Arsene's frugal dealings. So, I am definately prepared for the worst!

Anonymous said...

I have just read that veloso's agent is having talks with sporting lisbon about sorting out the differences between the player and the coach. I reckon this could be our signing, it is all being talked down thats the way our transfers usually pan out.

Anonymous said...

Kenwyne Jones didnt think of him
could do a job and shay givan and maybe N'Zogbia sell that fu.kin bentner hes poor and if price is rite arshavin but wouldnt break bank 4 him hes not tested i think but need 3 players min

Anonymous said...

sack wenger appoint stepanos as manager

leon said...

i think wenger should be looking for winger and central midfielder,someone who can command the midfield who has creat passing range,i realy like delinson his work rate, yes his passing can be off at times but he will get better but in the mean time you need some one who is ready made but i would keep delinson,alos arsenal realy need width and pace but i also feel wenger will use vela and call backsome of loan players. song for me is most disappointing he the perfect opportunity to emulate flamani,to show and prove what he had,for me most times he he does look interested,looks slow lazy evon,now delinson may not be the addept to defending because he is amore attacking player but he is learning track pack and with his work and willing put the work in i would more inclined to go for dm position if he keeps it up he can the position his own. i feel defence is good shape and goal keeper position amunia has been good suprise for me he has been realy good this season

nobody better... said...

HAHA Got 2 laugh at the lad who thinks well swap Arteta for Bentner, Tell u what do u wanna take Lescott and give us Gavin Hoyte at the same time.

Serious tho only on here bcoz I wanted 2 c what yous lot r sayin about it I can defo feel a bid comin our way for Mikel just hope he doesnt wanna leave us.

2 get a move he would have 2 throw his toys out of the pram and he doesnt come across like that,

Kenwright knows if he sold Mikel it would be curtains 4 him

Marko said...

I'd rather he bought Diego From Bremen and Inler or Blaise Matuidi. All range from 21-24 and would be perfect for what we need. Even Guardado from Deportivo would be a good signing and Gourcuff from Bordeaux would excell too. But I'd prefer Diego above all, he could slot straight in and make us even better going forward which is something I worry about with Fabregas, Walcott and Rosicky injured. Put Diego on the left or right and play Nasri in the middle cause he has that killer pass in him like Cesc and we'd be sorted we could go on a serious run with that team.

Anonymous said...

Marko, of all the comments here, yours makes sense. I don't think Arteta or Arshavin can turn us around like Diego can. Diego is a creator supreme and can score. But we also need a class winger, dm, gk, striker and cb to become title contenders which we currently are not. So five players or so needed, to get them in we have to sell otherwise we cant' afford. Sell Walcott, Toure, Almunia, and bring in Benzema, Diego, Inler, Given. Since Wenger is unable to make such decisive moves we're fooked for the next few years. We'll probably get Arshavin and Inler(anyone who thinks everton sells arteta is a fool and he would cost more than arshavin who knows he can't move for anything over 12 mil.)

LutonGooner said...

If there is any truth in this then I hope my wishes come true. I have rated Arteta highly for about 3 years now and think he would be a perfect addition along with somebody like Inler.
Arteta is only 26, extremely versatile and can whip in a ball with both feet and I'm certain he'd be a regular in the Spain squad if he was at a more 'fashionable' club. I don't think he'd cost as much as people think especially if we can use someone like Bendtner as part of a deal. (Everton are desperate for a striker).

As for Arshavin, I think he obviously has great techinal ability. However, I would only go for him if he was 4 or 5 years younger, as I would imagine he'd take at least a season to get used to the pace of the Prem. Also, he was nowhere to be seen in the Euro semi-final.

I'd love us to get Given, although I don't think a keeper is top priority. I think our dodgy defence has left Almunia exposed more than anything and that is where we need strengthening. Steven Taylor has been talked about and I think he is talented but also has a big mistake in his locker. For me, the choice would be between 2 players, Upson and Curtis Davies. Upson has turned out to be a quality defender and I'm sure Wenger only let him go because of his niggly injuries. It seems as though he's past these and he's at a perfect age for us. Maybe he like to come back and prove himself as well.

Now to my prefered choice, Curtis Davies. I watched this guy many times when he was at Luton and when you see certain players live you just know they've got something about them. He's big, good on the ball and loves to get stuck in. I think he has the potential to be the first choice England centre-back, and possibly the captain. He is only 23 and already proved at Villa he is a top Premier League defender.

My team for the second half of the season is as follow,


Sagna Gallas Djourou/Davies Clichy

Arteta Diaby

Eduardo Adebayor



Sagna Gallas Djourou/Davies Clichy

Arteta Diaby Inler Nasri


Anonymous said...

Arshavin is way better than Arteta but Arshavin will not be able to play champions league football cause he payed with zenit

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are we all guessing teams for the second half of the season! Stop DREAMING coz none of it will happen!! About time you knew Wenger by now.. Will probly get some shit 15 year old FRENCH "wonderkid". This is the worst team I have seen wear the gunners shirt...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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