Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Why buy a hamburger when you have a steak at home?

Arsenal have leaked goals this season and some people are suggesting that Arsenal need a new central defender. I don't think that we do.

The options that Arsene Wenger has at his disposal are more than adequate if he plays the best partnership.

The emergence of Johan Djourou means we don't need to strengthen at the back. Why waste money on a player we don't need?

Johan Djourou and William Gallas are the best partnership at the club and are more than capable of providing a solid back-line.

When the pair are played together they seem at ease. They suit each others styles.

Djourou is the dominant of the pair who will attack the ball at every opportunity and Gallas is left to do what he is best at, sweeping up any danger.

It works. There is no need to buy anyone at the back. When they've played together Arsenal look a lot more comfortable in defence.

If Arsene Wenger keeps the partnership then that is a very solid base to build upon.

What we lack is a protector of the defence. We've been linked with Xabi Alonso again. He would be ideal.

Liverpool haven't been hard to break down for no reason over the last few seasons. As well as having a great defence they have had Alonso sitting in the holding role in front of them.

Signing Alonso would be a superb piece of business by Arsene Wenger. He would suit Arsenal's passing game and he can mix it up with his great vision of long range balls too.

A spine of Djourou-Gallas, Fabregas-Alonso, van Persie-Adebayor would look very good to me!

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on this, but still believe Wenger might need to bring in a tall ball winner in the air, a 6ft 5 built Russian, Serbian or Russian like defender to replace Gallas in the summer.

TopGun said...

Totally agree with that Wrighty!

Djourou is a great player and will be as good as ANYONE in world football.

Alonso would be awesome in an Arsenal shirt. Cesc and Alonso together! What a partnership.

It works great for Spain.

gazzap said...

you are spot on about Djourou and Gallas. But not so sure about Alonso. He sits but he is not a mean tackler in the mould of Keane or flamini. If Arsenal had other players that could look after their parts of the team then you might get away with not having a beast in midfield but because we are physically weak around the pitch, I think we need a Cana type player in the middle. Until that player arrives, Song must play despite him being limited talent-wise. Playing Den with cesc is suicidal and we will leak goals regardless of who is playing at centre back.
When Liverpool can they play Mascerano with Alonso and Gerrard. Masc is the mean tackler and so even with Alonso in the side Benitez knows he needs that extra bite - and so do Arsenal, badly.

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 17:07, someone like Vidic of United?

Wrighty7 said...

Gazzap and TopGun,

What I like about Alonso is he is a winner.

He has won trophies with Liverpool and Spain as well as being an exceptional footballer.

I understand your concerns Gazzap about lacking that bite but I honestly think that Alonso could protect the defence very well.

His positional sense is superb. He reads the game with ease and whats even better he has played in the Premiership and is proven there.

Anonymous said...

Yes Wrighty. Finally, someone recognizing that Djourou is a quality starting CB. The only reason we would need a new CB is if Gallas goes in the January transfer window.

As for Alonso, I just can't see it happening. Why would Liverpool sell one of their best three players to us when they are top of the table? It just doesn't make sense. The only way it would happen is if Alonso wants out or if 'pool's owner's debt needs to be paid off so they have to sell.

There's no doubt that Wenger needs to buy in January. I'll take a world class DM, and perhaps a winger now that Rosicky is out for certain. Maybe Di Rossi/De la Red/Cana/Inler/Sissoko and Kalou/Young/???

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt mind getting a similar defender, zapata from udinese, if hes as good as hes meant to be
and stick djourou in midfield
honestly, hes the only one whos managed to play well every game,
put him in midfield, his natural position, and let him be more influential to the side, hes got the skill for it; could definitely be the next vieira everyone wants.
but we would have to get a good solid CB tho, as u say, a ball-winner to partner gallas or toure

gazzap said...

speaking to a pool fan he often says their most important player isn't gerrard or torres but Mascerano. now I dont know about that but I know exactly where he is coming from and it's how I felt about Flamini last season, as did many other gooners. we miss him badly. Those players let the others get on with what they are good at. arsenal need someone to do the dirty work.

Anonymous said...

id love us to get young, thought he was good for ages, shame aston villa beat us to the punch.
he wont come here now cos villa are too close to us. plus it would take a huge bid to get him, £30m plus, and hes not worth That much IMO

Anonymous said...

theres not much difference between denilson and alonso apart from experience,
we need more of a tough tackler, i was hoping denilson would turn out more like mascherano, he *would* be ideal; obviosly no chance of that tho

Wrighty7 said...


Totally agree about Flamini.

We miss him badly. He had a winners attitude too, something we miss bad.

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 17:12,

I've calling for Djourou all season mate so you are not alone!

I think he is going to be World-Class, I really do.

Anonymous said...

Gallas will demand a transfer in January 100% - and Nordveit will be promoted as cover for Kolo & Djourou - hence his recent return.

Anonymous said...

If using your analogy, don't think Djourou's a steak. The likes of Maldini, Desailly, Adams and Koeman were steaks. Djourou's more of a double whopper with cheese - better than a greasy burger but still not top quality.

Eboue's a chicken McNugett.

Agree with last post that Gallas will leave. He walks off the pitch, has no celebration with his teammates and is just waiting for the January transfer to come.

Wrighty7 said...

Eboue is at least a pickle! LOL

Anonymous said...

Err whoever said De La Red - he had a heart attack mate, now I know we like to fill up the treatment room but that is taking the p***

Anonymous said...

As per the heading - Kolo Toure for DM could do the job

Anonymous said...

1. Alonso-Fabregas in a 4-4-2 does not cover enough ground. Cesc isn't the quickest and Alonso does NOT cover enough ground. Fabregas is best suited to play alongside a runner like Flamini.

2. Djourou-Gallas does look a very good partnership, but a CB is needed. Silvestre is not good enough and Toure still looks very vulnerable. More important, Gallas will likely leave in the summer. We don't have much of a shot at the league this season, but if possible his replacement should arrive in Jan. to start adapting and hit the ground running next season.

3. Nordtveit. He has not returned to come into the first team. He couldn't get a match at Salamanca and when he did play was used in midfield. He will likely be loaned out to a Championship or First Division side.

4. Wide midfielder. While Nasri has shown flashes of talent, even brilliance, he is erratic to say the least and continue where he left off at L'OM - habitually suffering from minor injuries. Walcott won't be back for a bit. Eboue is Eboue and Rosicky could be facing retirement. Find a wide midfielder who can take on an opponent and does always opt to pass! Need a player who can unlock a defense. Someone like a Ribery, ben Afra, Robinho...

Anonymous said...

CB: -Gallas out
-Distin or Upson in

DM: Buy Parker from West Ham or Cana from Marseille

Winger: Keita from Lyon or maybe Di Maria from Benfica

we have to buy!
the team is a mess!

but you´re wright, Djourou is class!
But for Alonso i think that would be to offensive...

Anonymous said...

A Djourou-Gallas partnership would be ideal, although he does seem to be leaning towards leaving. A shame, really. As much as I love Kolo, his form has been far from consistently good; perhaps a long run in the side would be the answer for him.

As for Alonso, I do like him, but I agree with Gazzap that Mascherano is more the type of player we need in that role. I'd love to see Cana above all other candidates, as I feel he'll bring the physical presence we need, is a tenacious tackler, and his passing is underrated.

Anonymous said...

It seems strange that people forget we didn't win much with a 'runner like Flamini' beside Fabregas. Someone with positional sense to break up plays before they get to the defense might be the right answer.

Also funny that some are saying a denilson song partnership is too defensive! Last week denilson was too much like Cesc, this week he's too much like Song!

Anonymous said...

i have always believed in yr judgement why cant arsenal board bring some of the legencys on board (coaching staff)it will be of great benefit i think our coaching team need some fresh thinkers like u.keep up

Ted said...

Completely agree about Djourou. But Alonso is not a holding midfielder.

Liverpool have Mascherano sitting in front of the back 4. If you want to toughen up our midfield, then he is the man.

Anonymous said...

what about Bischoff? or was he just a pointless signing by wenger

just like Silvestre

Wenger is dogshit when it comes to finding the here and now players so god knows why you lot think he'll do anything in january

yeah he can find the stars of tomorrow, but they wont win you trophies

Ted said...

anonymous 19:28 and 07:49 both make good points. Song and Denilson get a lot of stick but are both good players.

Its taken Alonso years at Liverpool to develop, so give Song, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue a chance. At least one will come good. Alonso has been a slow, non-tackling, arse-muncher for years.

Likewise, Flamini only had one good season yet is now heralded as the best thing since sliced bread, or Patrick Vieira, which is almost the same thing. Lets not forget that we collapsed last season with Flamini in the team.

Anonymous said...

1) I believe Bendtner is shit.
2) I believe Tevez is a better player.
3) I do not believe there would be a negative impact on Arsenal FC if Tevez replaced Bendtner.
4) I believe that Vela is a better player than Bendtner.
5) I’m pretty sure Vela is younger than Bendtner.
6) I use the above two facts to draw a conclusion - Bendtner isn’t going to get any better. If he does Vela will improve as well, meaning Vela will always be the better player.
7) I think a player of any height can head a ball, I don’t believe you need to be freakishly tall to head the ball,
8 ) Bendtner missed two glorious headed opportunities against Man U - I think this proves that tall players aren’t guaranteed to convert headed chances.
9) When first choice first team striker for Birmingham city, in 48 games Bendtner scored 13 goals. (Source. WIKIPEDIA).
10) I do not think this is the strike rate of a good striker of any age.

Anonymous said...

Song is dogshit, anyone suggesting otherwise knows fck all about football imo