Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mr Wenger, are you an agent or a football manager?

A shitty day has been made complete upon hearing the news that Cesc Fabregas may be out until April.

I'm seriously pissed off. We are fucked. Please, excuse my French.

Within 12 months we have gone from having the best midfield in the Premiership into having a midfield that a mid-table side would be proud of.

Arsene Wenger has hinted he may splash the cash, do you take him at face value for it?

I'm seriously worried now. I was confident of a top four finish, despite Aston Villa smashing up the Premiership, now I'm more hopeful.

Wenger says that buying players doesn't always solve problems, bollocks. We need to spend money.

I don't care that it may "kill" a young players career. I care about Arsenal. And the way things are going we are in for a very hard season.

Wenger needs to think very seriously about his next move. Arsenal are struggling, it looks like it may get worse.

It obvious to most that Arsenal need to buy. We have just lost our most influential and best player for a large chunk of the campaign. And we needed to buy before that happened!

Please Mr Wenger, save the season while you still can.

Put Arsenal first, not a career. Who knows, signing some class may even give the club a boost and the young players who's careers are threatened may even have some influential figures to look up to!

Keep it Goonerish........


Anonymous said...

Must admit you are right mate.

This will be the worst season we've had under Wenger.

Top four aint gonna happen.

Fab 4 said...

I knew the day would come when Cesc would be out of the team for a long spell, whether by injury or because of a transfer. Now is the time we find out what our team is made of.

Unfortunately I don't think we're made of enough. You're right in that we absolutely MUST buy now. A centre midfield of Denilson and Song just isn't good enough. It's time to break the banks for Xabi Alonso I do think.


Wrighty7 said...

Fab 4,

I'm worried mate.

Fabregas wasn't having the best season by all means but him playing was quite influential on the others.

I just can't believe in 12 months a midfield has been dismantled so much.

Anonymous said...

We will definatley be in the top four.

Apart from the "french" I agree that we must buy. There is no way a team can function properly with a large sum of its team missing. I thought we were ok but the injuries (again) have made it really bad.

Wenger will buy and I am looking forward to the rest of the season, this team will unify and surprise many.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Wrighty. Stop wanking over Cesc!

Wenger will buy so relax and have a drink, it's Christmas, and on Boxing Day we will put those Villa scum into the ground where they belong even without your boyfriend Cesc. ;-)

JoppaRoad said...

Wenger has proved hmself to be a stubborn and arrogant, oh and a liar too. This team is average, good at best.

Worst thing we ever did was move away from Highbury. The club has lost something. This is the worst Arsenal side since 94/95. Shocking, yet he still comes out and gives it all the same old crap. He must think we are all bloody stupid.

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 17:37,

For some reason I found your comment really amusing!

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I have sen Arsenal many a times in the past without our biggest players produce the results, all you bottle jobs are all doom merchants, Cesc has not had a good game this season since returning from the Euro's, so we will see how well this team plays without him because he has been shocking this season, enjoy the rest Cesc, we will be alright when it matters, have a little faith Gooners

Anonymous said...

Fanner said.. Go on, suggest to fire the manager now. Replace him with an average manager who is most willing to spend, and we will kiss the trophy good bye for the next 20years.

Until u lose someone if not we will never know how fortunate we are.

Marko said...

It's not quite doom and gloom yet. Lets wait to see who Wenger will sign before we start saying we'll be knocked out the top 4. The Villa game will be even tougher now but I hear Laursen might be injuried and he's one of their best players. Before the Fabregas injury I believed Wenger was gonna sign 1 or 2 players in Jan and now I'm convinced he will. Whether it be Inler, Melo, Gervinho, Gourcuff or Matuldi (all more likely than) Arshavin and others. Udinese have dropped off big time in Italy so Inler might decide to leave them. I'd look to the french league as to who might be coming. It must be said also that Wenger has signed a few of players in recent years in Jan like Adebayor. The player I'd love to see replace Fabregas is Diego of Werder Bremen. He's such an Arsenal type player he'd just slot in. He gets plenty of goals from midfield and when Cesc came back he could move out to the wings and be the long term solution to Rosicky. And Bremen are a bit small time and shite for him.

Mrs van Persie said...

Stop your whinging!!!

Wrighty7 said...

I'd NEVER suggest sacking Wenger Mr Fanner

Begeegs said...

If Song and Denilson can replicate their performance when we were down to 10 men vs Liverpool, we will have no problems against Villa.

When the backs are against the wall, this team can shine. I expect them to do so again.

That being said, I think that Wenger will buy 2 more people. Hopefully a central midfielder with some tenacity and a winger. I used to think that we needed a Centre Back, but if Gallas stays, then no. Djourou has done pretty well despite a couple of errors -

Sue said...

JoppaRoad -

This is the worst Arsenal side since 94/95. Shocking - hahahahahahahahahaha.........

Not been to or seen many games then!!!!

Evo said...

I'm sure we'll cope. He will be a big loss but I think denilson is tailor made for the role. As long as song is tucked in behind we'll be alright.

I dont think denilson and song are mid table standard...considering the way they ate up liverpools midfield on sunday second half, and if we did have the best midfield last year, we would've won the league not finish 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Wenger will buy at least one player, he's not stupid.

Goons_with_Guns said...

Appiah. Whatever happened to signing him. His injury has healed, ffs.

Anonymous said...

We should have bought diego, robinho, and alex straight out of santos, but wenger missed that boat and a few others. As such our midfield is now a complicated and confusing topic.

Injuries happen and that's why strength in depth is important. For those who don't know, the epl is not beach footie.

JoppaRoad said...

Sue I stand by my comment that I think this is the weakest side since Wenger took over. I know all you lot are die hard Wengerites and he can do no wrong in your eyes, but I am seriously worried. The decline in the side is apparent and Wenger's refusal to see it is just crazy.

Laugh at me all you want, I have been saying the same thing since before the season started as my previous posts will testify. I don't want Wenger to go at all but I also don't want to hear him come out with all the same old lame excuses every other week. Its not all bad luck and the fault of the referees. The squad simply is not good enough whatever angle you look at it from. But he and we knew this before the season started so WTF is going on?

Sue if you can think of a poorer side since he took over I would be interested to hear it. Don't just put hahahahaha...back it up.

The club has lost something since it moved.


lp said...

Wenger should buy a player on january. Well, he has to otherwise he could just say bye bye to CL next season.
With Villa games, i hope he put Ramsey as Cesc replacement and Wilshere down the right wing.

faker said...

well said wrighty.. its all about damage control now...

for me, i dont see villa keeping it up but we'll have to see