Friday, 19 December 2008

No chance of De Rossi now and the truth maybe heard!

Daniele De Rossi of Roma has been linked with a move to Arsenal recently but there is no chance of that move happening now we have drawn them in the Champions League.

I'm quite happy with the draw. I would have been happy with anyone other than Barcelona really. Not through fear, I just want revenge against them in the final.

I doubt De Rossi would have joined anyway. He is Roma through and through. He was born in Rome, he came through the youth system at the club and his father also played for Roma.

Add that to the fact that Italian internationals barely leave Italy through fear of jeopardising their place in the national side and you have some valid reasons for him staying at Roma!

Major Arsenal shareholder Lady Bracewell-Smith has been given the Gooner from the board at Arsenal.

Her family have been involved with Arsenal for almost 70 years and she is far from happy. I don't blame her either!

She is a Gooner who loves the club and the way she has been ousted is pretty disgraceful.

She has explained that some of views were ignored on many occasions and I think that may have something to do with football being a "mans world" so to speak.

The Arsenal board are pretty old school and I imagine for that reason she was ignored, which is wrong of course.

You know the saying "A woman scorned"? Well I'd be a little worried if I was in the current board at Arsenal.

Lady Bracewell-Smith may at sometime in the future reveal what is really going on behind the scenes at Arsenal.

We Gooners are not being told the truth by someone be it Wenger or the board and it would be interesting to find out wouldn't it!

Keep it Goonerish...............


faker said...

nice post Wrighty, de rossi was always a long shot but hey, we are very capable of beating Roma and seeing the other English team draws, we could say we are fairly lucky.

im also kind of astounded by the mistreatment of lady nina, regardless of waht the situation may have been. not feeling good about this whole boardroom mess mate. hope it can get cleared up...

Anonymous said...

"We Gooners are not being told the truth"
There is a good story told by one famous musucuan. His father was a huge Tom Waits fan and asked his son whether he liked the song. The son answred "Yes, but Tom Waits does not say, how the story ended". And his farther replied "Are you sure you deserve to know it"?

So in other words - are you sure you deserve to know the thruth about what is happening behind the Arsenal curtains? I do not think so, because it will be published on this site to everyone to know.

Some thing should be kept secret.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:09-???

Anonymous said...

DDR -his dad is also the manager of their primavera side-He is a future Roma captain and a very proud Roman- no chance of him leaving in the near term to middle term.

JonJon said...

we'll never know the truth, it how things are with us, we try to remain a classy club and try not to shit on our own doorstep.

even though we know somethings going on, we'll never be told.

weve got the pefect draw wrighty, if we can get to the final with barca that would be brilliant.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt mind bending lady nina over and giving her one
posh totti usually tastes good if you dont mind the fishy smell

Anonymous said...

right on anonymous...i was thinking the same thing. for an older bird she's not bad. i'd definately have a go on that.

Anonymous said...

mate its "De" Rossi