Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What was worse, John Terry's tackle or William Gallas' sulk?

I've tried to forget the two-footed lunge made by John Terry on Bacary Sagna but I just can't. It was a disgrace and Sagna is lucky that he did not suffer a broken leg.

Chelsea have grumbled about Arsenal's opener being offside, I'd say it was justice after John Terry nearly crippled a fellow professional.

How he can make a tackle like that and get away with it is unbelievable. It was a straight red. In fact, I'm surprised that Sagna wasn't sent off for damaging Terry's studs with his leg!

I'm fed up with the media. This incident has hardly been mentioned yet we hear that Arsenal's opener was offside. Whats worse? An offside goal or a tackle that could have maimed someone?

The media's darlings are the England players and with John Terry being the captain I guess he has special treatment. Whenever he does something bad it is swept under the carpet.

Fuck me, whats worse? John Terry's tackle or William Gallas' tantrum at St Andrews last season?

Gallas was in the paper for weeks over that incident, John Terry nearly takes someones leg off and it hardly gets a whisper.

I thoroughly believe that even if John Terry commited murder it wouldn't get a mention. The man gets away with everything.

Why hasn't it been brought to anyone's attention? Could you imagine the uproar had William Gallas committed such a tackle?

Keep it Goonerish....................


Fab 4 said...

I couldn't agree more. It's absolutely despicable how the media treats our players and totally ignores the English one.

I guess when you combine the fact that the media seems to hate our French players and the fact that Gallas is an easy target, we get the abuse. But it and that tackle are both sickening.

Anonymous said...

The UK press are fundamentally racist - always have been and in all probability always will be. terry is a digraceful yob with a very poor past record - he is held up as a great role model. No wonder UK has the worst record of youth misdemeanors.

Anonymous said...

Top post Wrighty

Anonymous said...

Let's take the comparison a step further. I remember both Terry and Rio Ferdinand sulking to the same level as Gallas, yet it was hardly covered. Terry when he missed the penalty in the Champions League final, and Ferdinand during a relatively important game which I can't remember where he stormed off the field and kicked an ad board.

There's really no use in talking about Terry's horror tackle. The English media won't say a word about it because they are as spineless as the players they refuse to criticize.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but of course the media will brush this under the carpet. He's the england captain. The face of English international football. They wont want to shame him in the papers. I think the FA should take a look at it though, that at least warrants a fine surely !?!?

Anonymous said...

great point!

yeh terry has always been like this
i remember when chelsea were gna get knocked out of ccl by liverpool a coupla years ago and he wanted to hurt someone.
who does he choose to take his anger out on?? jermaine pennant, the smallest guy on the pitch
wat a pussy

il always love that ronaldinho goal where he knocked him on his ass when jt tried to take him out - classic

Mrs Gallas said...

I've been saying it for the past couple of season that the media has been on our case - why, I still haven't a clue and can only suggest they are now being run by scum supporters.
I have also made suggestions that The Arsenal no longer entertain them and therefore ban them from the stadium and the training ground.
I dont mind people having a go at us if they have a logical reason to. However just lately its been getting out of hand they are even picking on our kids now.

Time to to get things in order and kick the media into touch.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 22:24. you my friend have no willy at all' you're a pussy!

Anonymous said...

This is to be expected. The BPL is English, Arsenal is an English club with majority foreign (French) players, playing in England.

So naturally the Arsenal players will be targeted by the media. Afterall everybody knows how much the English love the French and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

jay simpson the other night made me realise. Arsenals biggest problem over the last few seasons has been our wingers.

pires and ljunberg where amazing players and both match winners. they both where very fast and could score out of nothing especially pires. nasri is a player i love and will be world class, but he slows play down and doesnt track back ( being a little harsh i know).

nasri is two times as good on the right flank , the position he was bought to occupy then the left . rosicky is a player we miss. he is practically are best and most experienced midfielder. we seriously miss the goals our wingers created. we need a winger like jay simpson someone fast and powerful with a big build. he looked terrifying running down the wing.

In january do we need any strikers ? no way? i expect simpson and vela to go out on loan with eduardos recovery. do we need any wingers? debatable its a 50/50 but on the whole if rosicky is back and fit before january then no. do we need a defender? no. do we need a central midfielder to defend ? yes. imagine our team with someone like mashcerno or de rossi!

Anonymous said...

Gallas is a cunt though