Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Arsenal have signed the new Dennis Bergkamp

In the three games Andrey Arshavin has played for Arsenal he has been blowing out of his arse after about ten minutes of play!

That is hardly surprising though. The Premiership is a tough league to play in and he hadn't played for a long time until finally making his Arsenal debut against Sunderland.

Despite his lack of fitness I've been very impressed by him. You can tell when a player has class and Arshavin has class in abundance.

He sees the play before it evolves and seems to know what is going to happen next. This intelligence reminds me of an Arsenal legend; Dennis Bergkamp.

I think Arsenal have missed Dennis Bergkamp more than any of the dismantled invincible side. Everyone looked up to him and he was adored by Gooners.

Many have compared Robin van Persie to Dennis Bergkamp, I can see why. Both Dutch and world-class forwards who play(ed) for Arsenal but I think they are different types of player.

Bergkamp was more of a link-man than van Persie is and that is the comparison I see with Andrey Arshavin. In my view Arsenal will benefit more with him linking midfield and attack.

I believe that is where Arshavin will play for Arsenal long-term, in the hole behind the attack.

At the moment it is about Arshavin adapting to his new surroundings and to the Premier League. We will see the best of him next season.

I can't wait to see him next season with us. He will have been with us for six months, adapted fully and will have a pre-season under his belt.

Arshavin will be a special player for Arsenal; next season.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

looks magic,should have 2 or 3 goals already.nice cross last nite. villa losing yeah

Oli said...

I agree, Arshavin has been very impressive. I can't wait to see him in full flow when he is fully fit. I think he might be the key man to keep us in the Champ League places come the end of the season (especially now that villa appear to be hitting a rocky patch).

I have a horrible feeling that RVP will be the player who gives us grief over a transfer in the summer. I really hope not but if he demands to go we might need to cash in. Cesc I think will stay, especially now he is captain. It would be nice to have a run of 4-5 games with all our best players fit just to see what they are capable of. I reckon our full strength team with players like Rosicky, Bendtner, Eduardo, Walcott on the bench to be used in crunch games or to cover injuries could have a run for the league or Champs League. This season we have been lacking in lots of things, especially confidence but I have faith that Wenger can turn it around.

Spike said...

RvP is one of the few players who I think has a real affinity for the club. We need to be top 4 for alsorts of reasons and we will.

As for Arshy... he's shown real glimpses of great quality and will be a top players for us IMO. BUT, comparing him to DB10??? Blimey Wrighty, thats a bit of pressure for the Russkie innit!

Anonymous said...

If V.persie does give us grief i tell u he has no right, has he not missed some sitters lately??

Wrighty7 said...


I know comparing Arshavin to Begkamp is premature but I really feel we have missed a link-man since Bergkamp left.

Arshavin can be the man to fill the gap!

ArsenalDenmark said...

heya Wrighty! Great point, and comprasion with Bergkamp. Wenger said that he will need time to adapt, but i think it's the same case as with i.e. sagna or nasri, its like he has been here for years. too bad we didn't sign him in the summer, we would be competing for the premier league title! Nice to see my fellow countryman Bendtner improving! btw do you know if it's hard to get tickets to the arsenal games?? i'm coming to london for the first time ever, this summer, and would absolutely LOVE to watch a game:D keep it goonerish;)

Anonymous said...

Why compare anyone to anyone? Pointless exercise.

Why cant he just be the first Andrei Arshavin?

Anonymous said...

RVP should have no complaints...
I still haven't forgiven him for the trousers he was parading about in at Highbury after he signed for us...

Spike said...

The lads super super class!

And a quick mention and round of applause for man City....Nice one Citeh!

Wrighty7 said...

Hi Arsenal Denmark,

I think Bendtner has his critics but I think he will become a good player at Arsenal.

It is difficult to get tickets my friend but if you are over in the summer maybe you could get tickets for the Emirates Cup that Arsenal have as a pre-season tournament every summer.

Its usually late-July or early August.

I hope you have a pleasant journey to London.

If you post nearer the time I will help you anyway I can.

Take care and as you say,

Keep ot Goonerish!

chris said...

arshavin has shown glimpses of how great he is. i cant wait til he gets match fit! he will get his first goal soon, and i doubt it will be his last for the season :)

thank you man city!!

Anonymous said...


You can't get a ticket without a membership, effectively.

In the summer though, and it depends when you are coming, it will be games such as the Emirates Cup which are relatively easy to get tickets for, even as a non-member.

Wrighty7 said...

Villa are cracking. I've been saying it for ages.

ArsenalDenmark said...

thanks a lot wrighty!

i will definately be back again with some more comments as i am a regular reader of your blog! :). i was considering coming in august, but if the emirates cup is in late july i will definately be there! :). do you know if i have to order the tickets online? or is it possible to buy them on matchday? do they have to be bought many weeks in advance?? i appreciate your help! :)

lukogunner said...

whooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! villa lost 2-0!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has no one else noticed that the last two games we won, Van persie didn't start?

There's no denying Van Persie's quality and importance, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if he went somewhere else. No Arsenal fan wants to see that happen but this is arguably the best season he has had so far, because he is so injury prone, this sumer is probably the best chance to get a good price for him, presuming he stays fit.

I do think Adebayor needs to go though, he doesn't want to play for Arsenal anymore and that's obvious we should have cashed in last summer when we would have gotten a great price for him.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin, Bergkamp...too soon to compare in any way shape or form.

2 things to say...
Bendtner, keep it up you twat
Well done city

End of.

Anonymous said...


Do me a favour, please.

Gooooona said...

I think is a bit premature too but I know where you coming from Wrighty.

Arshavin so far looks like he belongs in the side, he has shown more quality and influence in a few games (unfit)than Eboue has shown since he started playing in that position.

He could have scored 2 or 3 goals already and think he coulda had 3 assists if our strikers were more clinical.

So easily he could have been responsible for 6 goals, not bad for someone that just started playing for us just over 2 weeks ago.

M Hasan said...

I don't think selling Van Persie is a good idea. He isn't the 30 goal a season type, but he's still world-class and we'll always need world-class players in the squad. I don't think he would be justified in asking for a transfer given that he's been injured for the past 2 seasons. I really hope Arsenal avoid yet another mass exodus, its become an annual summer theme!

rugile said...

players r making it as easy as possible 4 him witch is nice plus u could tell that they got respect 4 him especially nasri and robin ho got defeated 1st om vs zenit 2nd russia vs holland,and in all this games he was the starman,about robin i think he got a point t prove to everybody at arsenal ho were behind him when he was struggling with injuries so i dont think that AW will reliese him. city 2 nil right philips the man.

AFC4Life said...

I don't think he's anywhere near as good as Bergkamp. It's early days though, and I won't be complaining if he proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that RVP either set up or scored every one of Arsenal's goals in January and is our leeading scorer this year? Anonymous might be happy to see him go, but along with Cesc and possibly Arshavin, he's the only player we've got I'd consider "world class" at the moment.

MeteorMonster said...


Rememer, Bergkamp started out as a striker and won the Golden Boot on more than one occasion.

Wenger basically converted him into the link up role as he got older and lost some pace.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Arshavin looks the business, he does see the game early like Berkamp, but hes not as big. Early impressions for me is that he is a cross between Berkamp & Lungberg, not a bad combination, its unfair to compare him to Berkamp directly, he will be his own player with his own style and I cant wait! Its looks like we are setting up for a total football game, lots of small intelligent players, I dont think we are going to bully many teams. I hope it works.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing this is the new Bergkamp, that is the new Bergkamp since the retirement of the ONLY Dennis Bergkamp the Gunners ever had.

And now we're comparing a player who only played three matches with HIM, who made history at the club.

Can't we come up with something more creative to have more hits on the blog?

Anonymous said...

Villa's draw with Stoke will be like our draw with Birmingham last year - a moment which completely fucks their season.

Anonymous said...

ArsenalDenmark: I'm from Canada and made it to London a few times but I never managed to get a ticket. Someone told me about Arsenal Canada which is Arsenal's official supporters club for Canada. They offer tickets so I'd suggest you join Arsenal Denmark at Good luck and hope you make it to the Emirates because it really is a great experience.

Anonymous said...

I think, as the season draws into the final curve and leads to the home stretch, we Gooners should look back on Sunday afternoon at Stoke's last-minute equaliser as the catalyst towards lifting our heads up and finally realising that it is simply up to us and us alone to get that fourth spot. As much as I have enjoyed Villa this season and loved the idea of them being in the top four, the lack of squad depth will catch up with them and as the games are played out, the fatigue factor will break in as well. Plus, with all of our players due back within a month, not only do I believe we will get into the top 4, but that we will challenge for both the FA cup and the CL.

Also, I look very much forward to what may follow the next season. Villa will spend another 40-50 million, Everton another 10-15 million plus all the big payers back from injuries, Chelsea a complete overhaul (hopefully one geared towards the long term), Liverpool bringing in the one or two European-class players that they so desperately need and The Professor taking with grace the warning this season offered, keeping all the big names at the club and reinforcing them with a first-choice European-class DM and one more central defender (Gallas, Toure, Djourou and...). All of this could lead to a genuine title race involving potentially five teams (and a possible 6th if Everton stay injury free).

So, whilst this season slides into the normal pattern, the joy for next season is already there.

Arshavin, we love you. Benny, not far off it.

Anonymous said...

1) Wenger doesn't set his own targets because targets change over the course of a season. That's absolute tosh. A club like Arsenal targets shouldn't be as influenced by injuries as you are. Enough money has been made available to Wenger to build a stronger squad, he's just chosen not too. Which brings me to my next point...

2) ...'We live within our means.' Why are your means being set by Wenger himself and not by the board who are responsible for the club's finances? Arsenal board members have frequently said that he's got money to spend, he is simply choosing not to. Surely if your board have said you have £30m available to spend, then spending £30m will not get you into financial trouble? He's the manager, not the Financial Director of the club. His only role in the stability of the club's finances is to not exceed the budget provided, not to dictate what that budget should be. He's effectively saying that the board don't know what they're doing.

3) Ask any Borussia Dortmund fan about Rosicky's injury record, or any Feyenoord fan about Robin Van Persie's and I think you'll find that you bought a couple of very fragile players there. I do agree though that you have been unlucky with some of your signings in that regard, but Wenger should have more than Emmanuel Eboue to come on and replace them.

4) Wenger is relying too much on players that are too young no matter how precocious (Vela, Wilshere), and players that are too average (Eboue, Denilson, Song). That's a fact and one that could have been avoided by spending a little more significantly on a couple more players for the squad. Man United have a fair few 'average' of them themselves, e.g. Park, O'Shea, Fletcher but United's 'matchwinners' are less susceptible to injury than Arsenal's, and that can't just be a fluke. Perhaps Wenger's transfer policy should focus a bit more on buying a few more players that are built of sterner stuff as well as being hugely talented (but then maybe you'll have to pay a bit more of a premium for them).

5) It's all fine and well giving young players a chance, but they have to be ready to take it. I don't see that many of the Arsenal youngsters being ready to step into the breach on a regular basis and win matches for you. What Ferguson has done well is that he has assembled a squad (yes at great expense) that provides young players with opportunities to step up because squad players can be usurped in the pecking order (e.g. Rafael generally being preferred to O'Shea and Brown) without the team having to depend on them for long periods. Arsenal don't have a squad like that, Wenger is just plugging holes with players that aren't ready or aren't good enough. Arsenal also lack role models and leadership for the youngsters to look up to.

Arsenal would be entirely stupid to sack Wenger now, because as you point out, this is just one season. But if this form continues throughout next season, then he should walk away or risk tarnishing his legacy at the club.

I don't know that Wenger is unambitious, he has always struck me as determined to succeed, but at the moment he can't match the ambition of O'Neill, Hiddink, Benitez or Ferguson and that is why Arsenal may well, deservedly finish fifth in the end. And that will be entirely down to Wenger.

Anonymous said...

've seen enough of Arshavin to think he will be a great buy. It's tough to adapt especially when essentially he is just coming through pre-season to him, but he has acknowledged how tough it is but despite that showed some real bright touches. He seems dynamic and drives forward, and with a little fitness and sharpness coming back he will be a really useful option. By next season he should be far more acclimatised and then I think we can begin to expect some great performances from him. But I've liked what I've seen, he was really struggling fitness wise against west brom but I think wenger kept him on so he has another 90 minutes under his belt. On another point I think others have mentioned but Song is far more comfortable at centre back than in midfield, he looks like so much a better player. In midfield his lack of technique gets found out pretty easy, his passing even for a defensive midfielder is reduced to square balls to players closest to him - never any great vision or urge to look for a better option. He slows down the play too much, but at the back where he isn't required to have the same ability on the ball he looks quite accomplished because he reads the games well enough and he knows how to make a tackle.

Anonymous said...

Nice line-up?


Djorou or Song can play instead of Denilson:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah i rekon he has got to be the best signing in the january transfer window. He could captian Arsenal one day...

Anonymous said...

I think that the praise Villa have had this season is warranted this season if simply taking into account their position in the league. However we have it so much harder than they do. If teams defended against Villa the way they do against us they would be mid table. Similarly, if the opposite were true and teams played as openly against us as they do against Villa we would be challenging for the title. The fact is that we are paying the price for being the best footballing team in the premier league for almost 10 years. NOBODY PLAYS AGAINST US! I think however that we can combat these defensive tactics by simply being too good when we have our full squad available. Good to see our fans in such good form on tuesday.

Anonymous said...

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