Friday, 20 March 2009

It's gonna be Arsenal V Liverpool in Rome!

Steve Gerrard said that everyone would want to avoid Liverpool in the Champions League draw and I agreed with that but I also felt that nobody would want Arsenal either.

Liverpool and European football go together like fish and chips (gravy and chips if you are Northern) and Liverpool enjoy a good record in the competition. Arsenal do too. We've qualified for the Champions League every season under Arsene Wenger and I believe we are a huge threat to anyone.

Arsenal are like David Blaine; We bring the unknown. Whether that's a good thing or not I'm not sure because even us Gooners don't know what we are about to bring to the table! Ask Roma. We smashed them to bits at the Emirates and the second leg we couldn't have been more different.

I'd argue that on their day Arsenal, in full flow, would beat ANYONE and I mean ANYONE! Barca, Manchester United, Chelsea and yes I include Liverpool in that list. You could say the same about Liverpool as Madrid and Manchester United have found out lately.

In the past the Champions League hasn't always gifted Arsenal a great deal of luck. Maybe this is our 'lucky' year? Villareal are a tough side to beat, as are any Spanish side, but the pressure is on Arsenal as we will be favourites for the tie. However, despite it being tough we have avoided the 'massive' sides at this stage and will be confident of progression.

Last season Liverpool knocked us out at this stage and I think luck played it's fate in that game. Nothing could really separate the two teams but Liverpool got that little bit of luck that made the difference.

I really wished they would win it after that because I feel there is an affinity between the two clubs. Ray Kennedy is a bond we have and the fund set up for him is a great gesture.

I'm glad we have been kept separate and could meet in the final. I'm also glad that the little leprechaun Robbie Keane will miss out on these great European nights because lets be (Villa) Real for a moment, when will Spurs ever get to see Champions League football?

There is a long way to go but I have felt all season that Arsenal would win the Champions League this season and I still do. I also believe that we will meet Liverpool in the final. It's destiny.

Keep it Goonerish.........


Dubrogue said...

I'd settle for that final if you Gunners beat the scum. Great occasion it would be in Rome despite the Ultra Roma madmen on the rampage. Down with ManUre. The Mighty Reds and the Gunners to meet in Rome on may 27th.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal and Liverpool would be a fitting final but lets not get carried away Wrighty.

We were shit against Roma and I actually think teams would relish us in the next round.

Anonymous said...

for us to beat the chavs (the small club) again and play one of the big guns bayern or barca next and hopefully play Arsenal in the final after seeing fergie crying and winging at wenger in the semi's would be a kodak moment!!!

Anonymous said...

agree with you there, nice post.
I've thought that we would win the cup for the whole year as well. When reading things yesterday about the champions league it just gave me the feeling that we can do it. I personally hope we get Barca in the final and can beat them this time. Up the Arsenal!

avenell said...

oi oi wrighty..
great post as ever..

I have sent you a message via your successful London club/ unsuccessful london club site lol..

santosh said...
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Joppa Road said...

I don't get it when you say no club would want to draw us. I feel we are still one of the outsiders probably 6th of the 8 teams left. But I also like it like that.

We should see off Villareal but you just never know what team is going to turn up with this Arsenal side so I am not going to try and second guess them anymore.

Everyone is assuming its going to be a Utd - Ars semi but we shall see.

Finishing 4th should be our no.1 priority starting with Newcastle tomorrow. Don't just assume we will win that game. Still loads to play for, just ask Villa.

Neal said...

We will beat Villareal, then we will beat Porto, and then we will defeat Barcelona! Admin said...

Hey Wrighty... sorry to go off-topic but I think your email has been hacked into! Is your address still If so, I got an email with a virus from you first and now an email claiming that you are stranded in Nigeria and asking for money! lolol, if you ARE stranded in Nigeria, then I apologise for thinking it was a scam. Hoping the Gunner support is good over there in Africa ;)

Mayank said...

^stranded in africa lol..i don,t know if we'll win the champs league but there's one thing im sure of we will beat manUSA(if we beat villareal) to go to the finals..after that its all about luck because both teams will be bringing their best..just wish we could play andrey..but i suppose people coming back would make just as strong a team..i don't want to meet barca.. what if titi scores against us?nonetheless we are going to win the double this year, and get a quadruple against man u(since they are all very happy to state ridiculous -uples of trophies they are going to win)

scottpuffin said...

We may have been shit against Roma in the second leg, but the job was done. I'd rather we play pony and get through then play the best football ever and lose.
Wrighty, I'm with you man, I've fancied us for the Champions League from the start and I still do.

Wrighty7 said...

Hello mate,

Yes my hotmail account was hacked into by some Nigerian dickhead!

I've a new one now.

I'm really sorry if your computer is affected!

Mohammed Islam said...

Sometimes these strange fates bring clubs together. The Mancs got their victory against Chelski in Moscow on the aniversary of Munich. When we won in Istanbul we played Juve 20 years after Heysel and then won the Champions League.

Maybe in the 20th Hillsborough aniversary LIVERPOOL may face ARSENAL in Rome, 20 years after Micheal Thomas did us, and a chance for revenge and a win to dedicate to the 96 ???

Either way I have full respect for Arsenal as a club and it would be a great final.

Anonymous said...

well well u were rong now dat liver are out so much for your destiny looooooooool
hpe arsenal win thoe