Wednesday, 11 March 2009

We will be back in 77 days!

There are 77 days to go until the Champions League final on May 27th. The venue is the exact arena we play Roma tonight, the Olympic Stadium.

It's a bold shout but I'm firmly in the belief that we will be back there on that very night.

Nobody expects us to do it but I believe that makes us stronger. Arsenal flourish with underdog status.

The tie with Roma should have been killed off already but when did Arsenal ever do things the easy way?

An early goal will destroy Roma and silence the ultras.

Its the business end of the campaign and Arsenal have a lot to play for. We have players coming back from injury and there seems to be a renewed belief flowing through the veins of the club.

Lets get through tonight and begin the journey to Rome on May 27th!

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

Lets hope so but I doubt it.

Fab 4 said...

Good, positive outlook. Being an optimist myself, I agree with this assesment of our chances 100%. Can't wait to be back on a clear, May Roma night!

Fab 4

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed, we have the quality but can we produce it in the games leading to the final. Our team gets stronger with every injured player that returns. Once we get Fab and Rosicky back we will have one of the best midfields in the tournament (even without Arshavin)

Anonymous said...

We have every reason to be hopeful of making the final. Why not? A couple months ago I would have doubted our chances but our defense deserves great credit for getting its act together. We know we can beat the likes of Chelsea and Man U, we already have, and with injured players coming back, we go from strength to strength!!

Anonymous said...

No harm in being optimistic but lets take it one game at a time. I fancy us to win tonight but it could be tough. If Roma score an early goal it could get hairy.

AFC4Life said...

Assuming we get past Roma tonight, I hope we don't draw another English team in the quarter finals. We have a shitty record against them in Europe. If we get through I'll be hoping for Villareal or Bayern in the next round. I know Bayern did well against Sporting Lisbon, but they are struggling in the league and I reckon we'd beat them over two legs.

Joppa Road said...

we all know that on their day Arsenal can beat any team in the world. Too often this season they haven't looked that interested which has been very frustrating.

Having Walcott / Eduardo back is massive for us. I don't see why we couldn't go close. Would love to get Liverpool in the Quarters and pay them back for last year.

You have to say Eboue's performances have been very good in the last few games.

Joppa Road said...

thought there would be a few more comments than this. A woeful display. Surely you lot do not need any more evidence that Denilson and Bendtner are just not good enough.

Roma were shockingly bad yet still managed to beat us over 120 mins.

We got lucky thats all I can say lets hope we make the most of it.

What odds on UEFA pairing the English sides??

chris said...

it was a difficult game, and noone really played well.. im just happy we're through to the next round.

the draw for the quarter finals should be exciting, lots of good matchups!

hope to see both eduardo and walcott in the starting XI vs blackburn! we need them matchfit asap..

lp said...

YES, we thru to the quarter final..
Go Gunners!! beauty..

Anonymous said...

How on God's green earth were Arsenal lucky?? We beat Roma, one of the top sides in Italy, on our home turf and then after a poor start in Rome managed to dominate the game on their turf.

We then went on to beat them on penalties despite the inexperience of our side; there are few things harder in such an intense atmosphere with such a young team and I, as well as most other Gunners I'll wager, thought we were done for by the time it got to that stage.

They proved me wrong and I am hugely proud. We are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League now.

It's totally messed up that you heap praise on United who were for the most part awful against Inter (although it's right that they should recieve praise for qualifying) and yet make out that Arsenal fluked it.

And if there's even a glimmer of a chance that you could somehow be referring to the decision not to grant Roma a penalty after Clichy's tackle...well I would bring your attention to all the shocking decisions that went against us last season and suggest that we had to accept that it was all part of the game...and such is the situation in this instance. A decision goes against you? Tough, try again.

And that is what Arsenal do, doggedly continue in the face of media sniping and cynicism

Anonymous said...

I must say, even though I am a very biased Arsenal fan, to see our victory on pens described as 'lucky' is very suprising. I'll be the first to admit that we weren't great on that night, far from it. However, we were head and shoulders the best team in the first leg and first half aside, we dictated the game for the following 75 minutes tonight - despite Roma morphing into Bolton. Okay, so we didn't create many clear-cut chances and we were effectively broken down on the edge of the area time and time again, but surely Roma's 'everyone behind the ball except Totti' tactic is testiment to the threat we possess if given time and space. From the second half onwards, we rarely found ourselves with backs against the wall and in fact, throughout the whole match, Almunia was seldom tested. The way I see it, to look comfortable in a situation where Chelsea were thumped earlier on in the season should surely be looked upon positively?

Should Liverpool or Utd have gone through in the same way, I'm sure it would be described as a 'gritty' performance where their players showed 'nerves of steel' all the way through to the penalty shoot-out. Arsenal get the result and it's lucky. Either way, we're through and if you insist on it being lucky, let there be more to come.