Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Gooner being stabbed? Not surprising, why is the final actually in Rome again?

The news that a Gooner was stabbed in Rome has killed off the enthusiasm of last nights victory for me.

You pay all that money to go and watch your team in Europe and you have to look over your shoulder in case some fucking lunatic has a pop at you. It's football not war for fuck's sake.

The worst thing is some sort of tragedy was expected. How bad is that?

Football is full of violence in Italy and not enough is done to stop it. How many times will this be allowed to happen in Italy without anything being done to stop it?

Could you imagine if this happened in England. I should imagine that every English club would be thrown out of European competition and banned for a long time.

How the final can be allowed to be staged in Rome stumps me. Yes the Olympic Stadium is lovely but that night will not go without incident outside it.

The Champions League final should be staged elsewhere to show these idiots that they will not win.

Somehow I think FIFA or UEFA haven't got the bollocks to do anything about it.

I hope the Gooner makes a recovery.

Keep it Goonerish.........


JonJon said...

well said wrighty

the prick who stabbed our comrade will probably never get caught, and the pricks who run uefa and fifa will probably not give a stuff either way

the italians said what they would do and they did it and italian teams should be thrown out of europe until they clean up their act. corruption, bribery and violence dominate the italian game and they unpunished every time.

your right, if that happened in england we would be branded animals and allsorts of punishments would be thrown at us.

its all bollox

Wrighty7 said...

Totally right Jonjon.

Its a fucking joke mate!

JonJon said...

i remember in the mid eighties, when english teams were banned from europe.

we had a hooligan culture and were renowned for our 'hard' supporters and when that disaster happened they threw the book at us. rightly so but we learned from it and now the english way of the game is the best in the world. of corse we still have the minority, but the footballing culture of this country is second to none.

yet the turks and the italians for example can walk around stabbing people (which is premeditated, or they wouldnt be fucking packing would they?) and blatter and platini turn a blind eye.

roma were warned about any trouble and they lose the final, well guess what you bigotted pricks, it happened, so put your money where your mouth is.

platini has been quoted several times that he intends to clean up the game, well nows your chance!!!

or does it only apply to the PL????

Anonymous said...

My brother went to Lazio in 2000 and they were throwing bottles of piss, coins, lighters, darts at the gooner section.

I went in 2006 to Juve away and that was pretty hostile... Someone had a brick lobbed at them and had his head smashed up and another gooner said he'd been stabbed in the backside.

And again in ROme again this nonsense.

It's a disgrace they are allowed to host the final, when there fans behave like animals.

Will it take someone to be murdered before thos twats at FIFA do something.

Anonymous said...

The chelsea supporter's blog is collecting info from their supporters - we should start one of our own or collaborate with them - this is insane