Sunday, 1 March 2009

Aston Villa draw puts Arsenal in last chance saloon

I'm still in the belief that Aston Villa are beginning to hit a rough patch but it doesn't mean a thing unless Arsenal take advantage of the situation.

In my opinion Aston Villa are feeling the pressure of being in fourth place. Its a situation they are not used to being in. Arsenal, on the other hand, have experience of competing for the Champions League places.

You could argue that Arsenal are cracking up too. Whilst we have been on a long unbeaten run recent draws with Sunderland and Fulham have not been good enough.

We were handed a reprieve today. Aston Villa dropping points means that we are very lucky indeed. I'd say that now we are in last chance saloon.

We are running out of games and desperately need to start turning these draws into wins. If we don't then it could be Europa Cup football for us next season.

In the past I've suggested that Aston Villa have been very lucky this season. I still believe that is the case but maybe I haven't given them the credit they deserve.

Their position in the league table doesn't lie and it can't all be down to just luck. They deserve their lofty place in the league.

Its going to be a very tight race for the Champions League place and it will go the wire. I still believe we will pip Aston villa to fourth spot. Just.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Piav said...

How does this shite even get onto news now?

No one wants to read you biased bull shit!

Anonymous said...

its called a blog piav.

Anonymous said...

Piav, How does your comment get on to News now? Emmmm, go figure!

Anonymous said...

Biased bull shit?

Villa got a gee up from Wrighty and I'm a Villa fan.

lukogunner said...

so much for the hiding everyone thought we were going to give fulham and the "revenge" we were going to get

Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth, i think we were lucky and unlukcy wen we played fullham and tbh a draw is wot we desreved nt wot we needed but deserved, wot is thier 10 or 11 games left, a lot still can happen

Dan W said...

Nicely put as usual, you spoeak nothing but the truth and this coming from a villa fan. I fully expect Arsenal to step it up in the coming weeks, 4th place is ours to lose, 2nd is ours to gain and unless we start taking our chances we will fade away but I don't think todays result was anything more than a lapse in concentration. Everton are the team we should both be looking over our shoulders at...

Wrighty7 said...

Agree with that Dan W.

Its going to be an exciting end to the season regardless!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

1 2 3 north kildare
1 2 3 north kildare
1 2 3 denuuseee
rugby is by fair da better sport

Anonymous said...

Villa will drop points and so will Liverhoof
I think we will finish 3rd
Players back fresh the others dont have that Liverhoof are reliant on Gerrad and Torres both injured.
Villa Abonlighor and Young due to get injured or run out of gas soon
come on gooners its ok we will qualify

Anonymous said...

This is a golden opportunity for AW.I am 90% sure the likes of MU and AV will drop points. You can't be winning every game like MU. Sooner or later they are going to get beaten/drawn. AV dropped two points. Could it be the start that they start to drop points.If the gunners don't beat WBA then I have to say they don't deserve to finish fourth. To do this a fresh
approach is needed.
For starters some players are taking their places for granted.A kick up the arse is what these guys need.Then if it doesn't work,blame it on AW and his soccer style.As manys fans have pointed out all epl teams know how the gunners plays.There is no multi dimensional approach. It is short passes sideways with few long balls.
They don't want to be direct which could save them a lot of energy and cause the opposing team problems.
This runs counter to AW's policy of pure soccer. Since when has pretty soccer won matches if time and space are not given.
AW has lot to answer in this respect.

Anonymous said...

Villa fan here.

"Aston Villa are beginning to hit a rough patch"

We are well and truly in a rough patch. 5 wins without a win in all comps. Not playing great, some players in apalling form.

You'll get it together Tuesday and put a hat full past WBA.

Won't be long before you are ahead of us.

Joppa Road said...

lol...get more Villa fans on this blog now.

I made a point of watching Bendtner after he came on as sub on Sat. As per usual he lolloped about barely breaking a sweat and as for tracking back - you watch him. Shocking that he even gets to put the shirt on. When I think back to Henry chasing 60-70 yard a lost cause to get the team pumped and crowd going. We have no one like that now. Eboue was the only player out there who looked as if the game meant something. He didn't stop running when he came on. Thats all you can ask - players giving it 100%.

Its getting desperate when we are having to rely on Villa to do us a favour. But I will admit I feel we are back in the hunt or am I just delluding myself yet again. This team drives me nuts but what can I do, I love club. Sigh.

In Arsene we Trust - time to just back the team. Fuck it, we all know where it is weak but I for one am going to be supporting them for the rest of the season.

Carcass100 said... gunners must have a pretty short memory.

So we drew with at home to Stoke, and of course you guys hammered Fulham yesterday...oh wait, that's right, yes, you drew 0-0 again.

So what exactly puts the great Arsenal back in the driving seat again?

But enough of this Villa/Gunner bickering, why don't we both finish top 4, and knock out Chelsea or Liverpool? That would be most satisfying.

Everton? I doubt it

lp said...

if Dudu fit to play again then we might get the chance to score goals and with Walcott back from injury we might JUST get the forth place.

Anonymous said...

Villa still got to go away to man u and liverpoo haven't they?


Anonymous said...

why don't all you villa fans fuck off back to your own blogs!! yeah, well done your fourth! (for now) and if you do finish above us.... then congratulations to ya!

Joppa Road said...

come on Wrighty, this is the night you get the troops rallied. My turn to put my head on the block and say WBA 0 - Arsenal 4 RVP hatrick.