Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My message to Phil Brown; PROVE IT!

So Phil Brown reckons that Cesc Fabregas spat at his assistant does he? He witnessed it did he?

My advice to Phil Brown is; PROVE IT THEN!

Where is the proof? It sounds like Phil Brown has learned a lot from his mentor and master, Fat Sam.

I've no doubt that Phil Brown has said this to get some kind of twisted revenge. He hates Arsene Wenger (because his boyfriend does) he hates Arsenal (because his boyfriend does) and he is bitter (because his boyfriend is).

The muppet can stick his bluetooth headset where the sun don't shine then maybe I'll hear him better because he talks out of his arse a lot and more.

Fabregas of course, and rightly so, denies spitting of any kind, even lyrics. Who do you believe? Cesc our captain? Or some jumped up little sun-bed addicted freak? All I'll say is Cesc says he didn't, that's good enough for me.

I can understand the frustration of losing to an off-side goal. Only the most one-eyed Gooner could claim that the winner was on-side, but for Phil Brown to go on a rant like that has only embarrassed himself and his club.

Defeat to such a goal has a bitter taste but it's football. It's hard to take but you win some and you lose some. Fuck me, Arsenal have had plenty to grumble about in the past!

Some of his claims were ludicrous. Apparently Arsene Wenger got Myhill, the Hull keeper, booked for time-wasting. Silly me! I thought that maybe Myhill himself had something to do with that! Was Wenger forcing him to hold the ball so he would be booked? Maybe Arsene was, ask Phil Brown.

He has proof.

So a night of controversy concludes with Arsenal going to Wembley for the first time. I said that Hull stood in the way of destiny and I stand by that. Arsenal will win the cup.

I also said that I hoped Hull stayed up and that is still the case. Not for Phil Brown, he can go fuck himself, but for their supporters and for the Hull fairytale. They may not end up with cup glory but staying in the Premiership is what it's all about.

For Arsenal, a season that looked like being a really really bad one may still end up being a really really good one!

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Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

Phil Brown is a CUNT. End of.

GoonerPete said...

Well said Wrighty7.

Phil Brown is like a reincarnation of Sam Allardyce so its on the cards that he would hate Arsenal as well.

I felt for Hull until the brown one opened his mouth and unlike you I want them to be relegated!

Fuck 'em!

essexyid said...

you are believing fabregas over brown? okay, brown isn't the most trustworthy, humble of fellas, BUT cesc fabregas is an out and out liar. i point you to the statement he made on your website, claiming he has never before spat at anyone on the pitch, so why would he do it in the tunnel. i then point you, and that cunt cesc, to the close up video of him spitting directly in to michael ballacks face and then getting booked for it, as seen here:

makes me absolutely mad.

essexyid said...

another few examples of why not to trust your club 'captain'

i'd quite happily put my house on the fact that fabregas DID spit at brian horton.

Anonymous said...

Essexyid, If cesc did spit at horton....Why has Phil Brown got 2 varying stories of the inicident?

matnan said...

He got yellow for spitting?? Think mate. Even kid knows.

Wrighty7 said...

Essex Yid,

Do you have nothing better to do other than watch Cesc Fabregas on You-Tube mate?

Al said...

Well done wrighty.

Phil Brown is a twat end of. He is out of line questioning the integrity of AFC its a disgrace I hope the FA throw the book at him. If they come back here next year I hope my fellow fans give them the welcome the twats deserve.

Hull let themselves down last night and Brown in particular. If the alledged incident happened they should go straight to the LMA and FA not the nearest SKY / Setanta reporter.

Anonymous said...

Essex Yid take a look at this

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers Al,

The whole thing stinks to me. You are right. Why go to a reporter straight away and not anyone of authority?

Wrighty7 said...

Essex Yid,

Before you start accusing Fabregas of cheating you should look closer to home mate.

Wasn't Tottenham docked points for cheating?

Al said...

Next time the visit hopefully they wont be spat on, We will shit all over them instead.

Come On Arsenal

Anonymous said...

I saw it! Fabregas spat on the floor. It landed a couple meters away from the cunt and he started crying!

Anonymous said...

"i'd quite happily put my house on the fact that fabregas DID spit at brian horton."

essexyid, who the fuck do you think that you are kidding? Since when do scum like like you live in houses? Piss off back into your little cave you little piece of spud turd.

Wrighty7 said...

A couple of mitres away!

It probably did hit Horton then because he is a clown and clowns have big fet don't they?

Wrighty7 said...

A couples of 'mitres' Ha Ha

I meant meters!

Anonymous said...

Sky haven't shut up about this all day, nothing about the win and the spirited fightback, just the negativity...they would have had fuck all news if spitgate hadn't happened...then they dig up ex managers and go on about shaking hands??? fuck sake, so many arsenal haters out there

avenell said...

Brian Horton was doing the coving in the tunnel you were right first time.. haha

Oi oi Wrighty.. stick his headset where the sun don't shine classic..

Anonymous said...

He should attach that headset to his cock cuz he talks a load of bollox

Anonymous said...

"i'd quite happily put my house on the fact that fabregas DID spit at brian horton."
Fuck off back to your caravan site
at canvey island you no nothing yid cunt!!!!!

Joppa Road said...

Wrighty I think in fact you mean metres. Moving on.

Essexyid...fuck off you sad cunt. Fabregas is the King - end of.

Do you know I sat and watched Spurs last Sunday wanting them to win. Doesn't that just tell how insignificant that pile of shit from up the road are.

Once again big shout to Steve Bould and the youth side tonight in their FACUP semi.

Anonymous said...

Come on a champions league spot, I'm sick of watching for villa results...whats this season coming too...where off to Wem-ber-ley

essexyid said...

you're all a lot more immature than i thought you'd be. there's me thinking the reason for the silence at the emirates was because you're all intelligent, reserved people who don't feel the need to sing for their team. i have been proved wrong.

as for the more mature responses:

wrighty7, i read the north london divide blog, saw a link to your blog, came on here and read your piece. i was outraged by you supporting cesc's lies, so decided to fish out that youtube video of him spitting to back up my case. upon doing so, i saw hundreds of 'related videos', so i watched a few and decided to paste them for you all to see here, i was even suprised at how much the boy cheats/deceits/lies!

as for the zokora link, yes zokora cheats. i fully accept this and certainly don't endorse it. this is probably why wenger was sniffing around him before he came to spurs. however, had he spat at another team's assistant manager, i guarantee that harry and levy would have reprimanded him internally, instead of denying the incident and publishing a full blown lie on our official website.

and yes i'm a pikey, and yes i live in a caravan. you immature, petty cunts.

Wrighty7 said...

Essex Yid,

To be honest mate do you have proof that Fabregas did spit at Brian Horton?

Its Cesc's word V Phil Brown and I believe Cesc.

How do you know that Brown didn't make it all up?

Wrighty7 said...

Yo Avenell!

Whats happening?

Anonymous said...

Horton hears a who..a muppet who hears a voice from a floating speck of flem and discovers that there is a player of cesc's class at the best team in the land...(based on the childrens film of a similar name)

essexyid said...

i don't know that he did, i wasn't there. but for starters, fabregas was getting way too involved with the hull players on the pitch when he wasn't even involved in the game, and secondly, it is brown/horton vs fabregas, and based on their history, i, along with the majority of football fans in this country, am more likely to believe brown/horton. on top of this, i don't think phil brown has the acting talent to create, back up and perform such a story without any foundation. he's gaining nothing out of this - essentially it's unwanted press and the possiblity of a petty fine for fabregas and arsenal - neither of which benefit hull in any way whatsoever. sometimes you need to take a step back, and make an educated decision on what probably happened, using your head rather than your heart.

Wrighty7 said...

Essex Yid,

I understand your point but Brown has contradicted himself in two seperate interviews.

I'll admit Cesc can be over-zealous at times but that endears him to me more because it shows he cares.

Lets face it, Brown hates Arsenal because his mentor (Fat Sam) does. Any chance to throw mud at Arsenal he will take.

gunnerjames said...

Phil Brown said Wenger has never shaken his hand after a game. Have a look at this:

Chris said...

Didn't Ballack come out and deny that spitting incident with Cesc anyway?

brendakph55 said...

The Cesc-Ballack incident was describe by telepramme's match report as below:

Ballack cleverly going to ground under a challenge from Fabregas, who was cautioned for shouting an insult at the prostrate midfielder.

That's it. (I have searched many match reports and post-match reactions, that's the only one I found with this issue.)

One might say that shouting an insult is still not a very decent thing to do. But that's NOT spit. So Cesc wasn't lying when he made the statement on official website.

(Some friends mentioned to me that Ballack once talked about this in an interview and said that Cesc didn't spit at him. Link needs to be found though.)

essexyid said...

i'd agree brown probably hates arsenal because of sam, but i still stand by my original thoughts on this one. as for that gif of brown shaking wengers hand - can't really argue with that, i too thought that he had always refused, although this shouldn't be a point anyway because no matter what the managers should always shake after a game, it's part of football! and maybe I was wrong about cesc spitting before. to my knowledge it happened, the video seems to show it happening, but i'd happily be proved wrong if I saw an interview with Ballack denying it. Still doesn't change the perceptions of your club captain though, there's plenty of other past issues that we can highlight, but maybe it would save him from being an outright liar.

anyway, this is going to be talked to death over the next week so i'm gonna return to my caravan and leave it at that!

Anonymous said...

Its ok guys, he's big back hander Sams bitch fuck him and his team of no talent tits.

In order for lies to be believable you need to remember the lies you told before, fuck hull and fuck Brown.The guy has the cheek to say he wouldn't want Fab4 in his team lol

He should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute for his anti Arsenal comments, if Wenger had used such poor judgement he would get slaughtered.


Anonymous said...

Great post as always!
Anybody listened to his radio interview?

His ever changing stories- saying he was told by his assistant that he was spat just off the pitch, and then made a 2nd interview saying this time he SAW it in the tunnel.Cesc must have been busy spitting away with his 'inappropiate dress code'

He was making it up as he goes along with his jittery err and ah. He even conveniently forget that he have said 'it just shows you what this club is all about' as of the spitting. He is insulting Arsenal Football club.

Now I have hated the SAF and martin jol to name a few but orange-perma-tan phil brown takes it to a whole new level of hatred! Lies and making a fool of himself which the media conveniently let go (time wasting and laughing his ass off when his keeper is taking 45 secs to take a goal kick!) and still focus their drivel towards Arsene!

Anonymous said...

for f*ck sake essexyid, get a life, why are spuds like you so obsessed with Arsenal....jealousy of course!!!

Anonymous said...

i know what arsenal have been sour losers in the past but f*ck sake we would never go this far..
whats phil brown been smoking? firstly he says that just because fabregas werent playing he had no right to be on the pitch...thats like saying man utd win the premier league on the last day but rio ferdinand is not allowed to be there to celebrate because he was injured. go f*ck yorself mate. and whats the comment about him dressing innapropiately?what fe f*ck whats that got to do with anything?id say that was very discriminating, he can dress how he f*cking wants...
i heard phil browns interview on 5 live made me laugh...u could tell how nervous he was because i think he realised that the lies dont quiet add up..i wouldnt be suprised if the w*nker dont go jump off a bridge

Anonymous said...

IF Fab4 spat everyone agrees that at worst it was down on the floor by his boots. Anyone would think he ripped his head off and spat down his neck.
Its all a smoke screen to take the attention away from thuggish tackles like Almunia and Theo copped. Thats what we should be talking about, not a playground spat.
I say get the FA involved and let them sort it one way or another, then take Diouf to court for assault and lets see how that plays out.

Anonymous said...

You only moan when we're winning

Anonymous said...

essexyid is exactly right. u pathetic arse anal twats. just accept fabregas is a cheating spaniard cunt and phil brown is a sunbed loving bitch and get on with life.

Anonymous said...

If you get the chance listen to this link.

I believe cesc.

Anonymous said...

listened to the radio interview.the story keeps changing,hard to remeber lies i supose. Cesc should sue

lp said...

Any prove??? no, well shut the f**k up.
Just take the fact that you lose 2-1.

Nischit said...

one of phil brown's many lies exposed. I have a feeling this isnt the end of it.

Mark Modi said...

Stop whinning Phil Brown. If I walk at the street and I spit and suddenly you are near is it mean I spit you? No you fool. All the players spit at pitch during games. Does this mean they spit at each others?

Anonymous said...

FACT: Cesc is Arsenal capt. and can walk on the pitch after the game to congratulate his team.

FACT: Cesc can wear whatever the fuck he wants to wear.

FACT: cesc can spit where the fuck ever he wants to spit.

FACT: Phil Brown lies to the media and worst of all to his own fans

FACT: Hull had no chance of beating Arsenal to reach the semi final of the FA cup

FACT: Phil Brown is a Wanker!

Phil Brown needs to stop the lies and come with some FACTS!

Joppa Road said...

above comment says it all....fuck phil brown and anyone else who slags off Arsenal & Cesc.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, I thought the north london divide was a great idea as long as you could keep the muppets away from it. Turns out one of the co-owners is one though, so you've no chance. Have you seen his comment on your dos santos post? Twat.

Anonymous said...

essexyid, Cesc didnt spit at Ballack. He got a yellow card for it and the ref was right in front of them. If he had actually spat on Ballack's face, I'm sure he would've gotten red. Think mate.

majaa said...

How the hell does it matter? He spit, he didn't, I can't give two f*cks.

The English media and the fans should just f*cking get off the players back and have some life. So if he did spit, so what? Phil is a piece of sh*t, If i happen to pass by him, I'll spit at him myself.

Lets focus on the players football guys, instead of details on what they do off the pitch.

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