Saturday, 21 March 2009


Hi all,

Anybody or anyone who is linked with Wrighty7 blog will at sometime have had e-mail contact with me on the e-mail address;

If you receive an e-mail from this e-mail address claiming I'm in Nigeria please ignore it. I'm not in Nigeria and I haven't lost my wallet!

Some Nigerian cock-rash has stolen my e-mail address and is using my name to milk money from people.

Please delete this e-mail address and ignore any future e-mails from it.

I have a new contact e-mail that I have put in this post.

I'm sorry if the prick has annoyed you in any way!

Keep it Goonerish..................


Anonymous said...


Thats Shit! Good luck with that. My Hotmail ac was hacked into and some bastard was selling mobiles on my ebay account.
Hotmail will definitely change your password for you. You have to send them a load of details: ip address, actual address, phone number and other stuff. It takes a couple of days. Good luck

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers Paul!

Fingers crossed it gets sorted.

Anonymous said...

I got an email from Hotmail saying they had a request to reset my password. I wonder if its the same scam Admin said...

Nah mate, it was no problem at all.

lol I knew it definitely wasn't you emailing - I was just worried that some bastard had hacked into your computer which is why I posted the comment to let you know.

I hope you've got it all sorted now anyway, and keep up the good work on here as always :)

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers mate,

I really appreciate that!

Have you got my new contact details? Top of the page.

Send me an e-mail so I can have your contact details again.

Anonymous said...

these morons, f*ck them. my dad lost thousands of dallars because of them

Anonymous said...

I just sent £50



Anonymous said...

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