Thursday, 5 March 2009

Is Denilson REALLY that bad?

In my opinion Denilson has been on the receiving end of some unfair criticism during the course of the season.

Of course he has his flaws, everybody does. But it's not his fault that his predecessors in the midfield of Arsenal were world-class and he is at the beginning of his career.

We cannot forget the fact that this is Denilson's first season as a regular in the Arsenal side and whilst I cannot agree with Arsene Wenger that he is an unsung hero, I think he has done a good job for Arsenal in a difficult season.

In truth Arsene Wenger has thrown Denilson in at the deep-end and Denilson has kept his head above water, improving as the season goes on.

In recent games I've been impressed with him. He has produced tenacious performances, and against Roma he was immense.

His job in the Arsenal side is to break down the play and give the ball to a creative player. Unfortunately for him, his most recent 'creative' partner has been Alex Song so I think he has done rather well!

I believe if Denilson had the players around him that Fabregas did when he became a first team regular then Denilson would have progressed even more. I'm not comparing Denilson and Fabregas' abilities but Denilson has no role model around to influence and help him grow as a player. Cesc did, Vieira.

There are statistics to say how well Denilson has done this campaign. I prefer to see with my own eyes and I see a player who has plenty of potential who with the right players around him could become a very important Arsenal player.

Everybody loves a good hard working and honest player, attributes I'd definitely give to Denilson. If he works at his game then he can become a very good player in years to come and one I hope to see remain at Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

fuck yes he is, he should piss off back to brazil and learn some skills because he sure as hell isnt showing any here. He makes Gilberto look like Ronaldinho!

mk said...

honestly mate i think he is turning into a Xabi Alonso type player,not the typical Flamini Gattuso, Hargreaves, but retrieves the ball and keeps things ticking!

Anonymous said...

good point wrighty. it takes time for young players to play consistently in the premier league.

Ole Gunner said...

He's been excellent. I've seen games in which he covered 13 KM. And at the end he looks like he could do it again.

Watch how many times he wins the ball, either from tackles of clever interceptions. Just watch and you realise that he is not getting the credit his performances deserve.

Anonymous said...

TO be honest. he is a very good player who is greatly under rated. he tackles well, sets up a lot of goals and has taken over that Flamini role.

Well done Denilson!!!

lukogunner said...

if he deserves even half the critism he receives than he is one bad player!

Anonymous said...

to his credit, all he neeeds is beefin up a bit, i seen him countless occasions get muscled off the ball

Spike said...

Agree Wrighty7!

The lad's been thrown in at the deep end, has had to come on quicker than he really should IMO. And that was Wenger's fault for not signing a replacement for the central midfielders that left.

I wasnt too sure about him at first, but he has become a really important player for us and yep, against Roma he was effin class!

Anonymous said...

geez, about time you caught up wrighty. In a distinctly average team this year, he has been consistently a little better than average in almost every game.

And surprise surprise, most of the people that did not appreciate Gilberto or FLamini in the beginning didnt appreciate Denilson either.

Go figure...

Wrighty7 said...

I still believe we need another central midfielder despite Denilson coming on well.

We cannot just rely on Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby and Song.

Spike said...

'distinctly average team'

Fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Your havin a larf. He is utter garbage. No creativity and gives the ball away too often. He is not a dfensive midfielder. Why would you huse a lightwight with no pace as a DM? He puts in lost of tackles because he cant do anything else. We need proper beast in DM. We will win absolutely nothing with players like him in the starting XI.

Spike said...

Another tabloid headline reader with no independent thought process....

Ooh, I know, isnt it such a shame about Jade Goody...?

Vertino Aleci said...

Denilson is a sort of in between player...He is neither as creative as Cesc, Rosicky etc or defensive as Gilberto, Flamini etc.
As he grows older he will get more confidence to disrupt the opponents attack..I believe he is still playing within himself many a times...When he comes out of his shell he can be a dynamite...his goal against Villa demonstrates this.

Anonymous said...

You can't assess players in a bubble. Yes, Denilson is young and inexperienced, but you have to look at him in context. Compare him to other players around his age both within Arsenal and on other teams, and he is average. Players cannot be immune to criticism if we want to consider Arsenal to be a "big club". If Arsenal is truly a "big club" Denilson is simply not good enough to be starting. Yes he has done his best and has been solid at times, but high standards for the club cannot stop at the manager.

Anonymous said...

We 5th!!! 19 pts behind united. We are awful this season. If Denilson is so great why are we not higher up in the table.

Stop living in dreamland spike. Some of our players just arent good enough. Denilson wouldnt get into midfield of any of the other teams in top half of EPL. We need better quality to match United. Get real.

Anonymous said...

denilson is developing into a wonderful midfield player. his performance agains't roma was absolutely wonderful. he is maturing as a football player without any mentors as almost all his team mates are of his age or younger. he will have a big big influence on the team next year for sure.

Wrighty7 said...

That is the point really. Denilson would be a better player if had more quality around him.

james said...

Denilson is absolutely atrocious anyone that that thinks Denilson is good enough for the first team then there is definitely something to worry about. he cant pass,has know pace hes week the only thing that guy can do is tackle but then he he normally looses the ball straight after. The guy seats so deep its like we have 5 defenders AW needs too chuck him in the bin

incesc said...

i think he has good and bad days and is struggling to play at the same level as flamini did last season who had the season of his career. Diaby is the same, sometimes he looks great but other times is utter rubbish. Denilson will make it at arse i am convinced he has 10 times the tenacity and skill of song and eboue put together and as you say against roma he was immense. he has just been thrown in at the deep end this season, he is too young to start all the games he has but in the long term hopefully the experience will show. You never know, he might have a blinder next year and get barce or milan interested as they usually are in our players...

james said...

this is what gets on my nerves, Gooners praising shit players like Denilson is he really Arsenal quality guys?NO would he get into any of the other top four sides? NO, so why is AW wasting his time on such a waste of space,the guy is crap and dont ever compare him to Flamini, Flamini was far better we need a Viera and lets face it Denilson is know Viera.

Spike said...

Anon 21;21

If you read my posts or had a fucking working brain cell, you'd see that aint the effin point fella!

I already said he's been thrown in due to a lack of transfer activity FFS! The question was and is, hows he done and the fact he gets pure stick, alot of it undeserved.

Fuck me! You really are a thick twat mate, get real? Erm not if its your shallow, tabloid thick as fuck reality.

Anonymous said...

the invisible backpasser.

Spike said...

Have we lost games coz of Denilson lately? Nope, Have we not scored enough goals coz of denilson? Nope.

We have lost games due to a team work ethic that has really been effin atrocious, defensive lapses by the likes of gallas, Kolo, Almunia and Clichy, and we aint converted chances due to the likes of Ade, RvP, Bendy and Nasri missing easy chances... Oh and the fact Eboue has been in the effin team.

But no, lets pin all the fucking blame on Denilson.

Anonymous said...

to the guys who have no idea about football players take a look at these stats from opta:,19528,11096_2705370,00.html

some nice facts about denilsons lack of passing accuracy.

MeteorMonster said...

Denilson is a good young player and has lots of potential.

However, his major deficiencies, lack of pace, lack of size and poor aerial ability mirrors Arsenal's weaknesses and does not make a good fit with this squad.

We need a DM with size, pace and height to assist the back 4 and other midfield players who all lack height, and most of them, pace.

If you play Denilson with Fab as CM's we become a very short team without pace. While that may work in the CL we would get pounded in the PL.

Denilson is not a good fit for our current squad.

Spike said...

To the guys who have no idea about football, life in general or anything remotely worth discussing, check this site out;

Wrighty mate. i really think you've got some effin dumb arses on here tonite. they really aint got the jist of your blog today at all fella!

Joppa Road said...

I dont think he is good enough and do we want to wait around 2 or 3 years to find out? I good back up yes, first team regular no.

Moving on to a more positive comment.A massive shout going out to the youth side who won their FA Youth Cup Quarter Final against Spurs 3-1 tonight at the Lane. Fantastic throughout, well done Steve Bould and the team. You did the 2500 traveling Gooners proud.

Just thought it deserved a mention.

james said...

Spike i did not read you stupid post i only read the Title "Is Denilson REALLY that bad?"and it is the truth IDIOT the guy is trash its even hard to belive this guy IS Brazilian with his poor passing. Where is this guys drive he has none what so ever gets out muscled most of the time you dont belive ask Danny Murphy. Plays far too deep offers nothing at all up top, hes just a Mr sideways Man

Anonymous said...

a real gem at 20 years of age with nobody to gide him he has been quality in years to come(next season)he will be world class. For gbod sake he has captined brazil at every youth level. mark my words world class

Anonymous said...

denilson lacks creativity and he always passes sideways or backwards , whenever we have a counter attack and denilson gets the ball its back to the def or gk he breaks down every bit of play he is shite def not an arsenal player , west brom or stoke maybe he wudnt even get in west ham

Steinn said...

You all who are blaming Denilson for everything bad in this Arsenal side don't know shit about football. He just turned 21 and has been one of our best players this season. Who have been better, really? You can't say Walcott, Fabregas or Eduardo as they've been injured the whole season. Toure has been plain awful apart from the last couple of games. Gallas was also terrible until the turn of the year or so (we would be even to Villa if it hadn't been for his stupid tackle in Birmingham). Adebayor pulled his hamstring when he tried to sprint after half an hour. The reason, he hadn't ran more than 5 yards in the game.

So back to the question: What players have played better than Denilson this season? RvP, Nasri, Sagna and Almunia. Those are it. Denilson has immense talent, he is just 21 for fuck sake. Don't blame it on him that he is playing with Mr. Inconsistent (Diaby) or the-clearly-not-ready-for-DM-starting-spot Song. You all need to give him a little time. Do you remember at the start of the season when he had a goal or assist every game? Since then he has been pushed further back the field and that's obviously not his natural position. But he has adapted very well and his performance against Roma was terrific. We pulled Roma aside and Denilson had a big part to play in that performance. We need this kid for the years to come. He can be our Fletcher, just with lot more talent.

JonJon said...

Im with wrighty and spike,

denilson is not yet ready by a long chalk but in time he will develop into a useful player

its his first full season ffs, hes been thrown to the sharks by wenger and out of all the players to come through this season denilson has had the better performances than the others.

we still need better quality in the midfield, but denilson was awesome against roma, he stuggles sometimes in the PL but its his 1st season, he will make it.

fans have been arguing the toss over players like denilson all season but we are stuck with what we have so lets deal with it and lets catch villa and rebuild in the summer.

it took flamini a few seasons to find his feet, we never expected him to become the player he was, denilson is a baby and is arguabley a better player than flamini was at that age, lets give him another few seasons before we start judging him.

JonJon said...

Im with wrighty and spike,

denilson is not yet ready by a long chalk but in time he will develop into a useful player

its his first full season ffs, hes been thrown to the sharks by wenger and out of all the players to come through this season denilson has had the better performances than the others.

we still need better quality in the midfield, but denilson was awesome against roma, he stuggles sometimes in the PL but its his 1st season, he will make it.

fans have been arguing the toss over players like denilson all season but we are stuck with what we have so lets deal with it and lets catch villa and rebuild in the summer.

it took flamini a few seasons to find his feet, we never expected him to become the player he was, denilson is a baby and is arguabley a better player than flamini was at that age, lets give him another few seasons before we start judging him.

Anonymous said...

steinn you have lost it tell me when u see denilson smashing a 30 yarder on target no chance he shoots in the stands every time and you are also seeing the worst arsenal side under wengers reign we lose so many mid battles fulham home recentlt spring to mind cmon man he and song are shite not good enough for top 4 team they are the sideways gang no spark and u need spark every where remember its a team game

Anonymous said...

Amazing how opinion is divided on this guy.

IMO - he is a good player but he has been exposed a few times this season. Against Fulham away he had one of the worst games I have seen from an Arsenal player apart from Eboue in a long time.

He is still too weak physically as he gets muscled off the ball and he goes down too easily - he is often lying on the ground when he gets his ankles kicked and you know Keane or PV4 would not go down when there was a ball to fight for.

His tracking back was weak at the start of the season but has improved.

Defensively he is pretty good - although he should be better in the air. He makes crunching tackles going to ground, he intercepts and breaks play up in front the penalty area, he is also good at stealing the ball craftily from behind the attacker or sneaking up on the defender.

His passing is generally very good - he does seem to switch off at least once a match and make a howler. But as for passing sideways etc that is his job to switch the angle of play and bring the runner into play. He is a kind of Carrick type player.

He was class vs WBA, Roma, Man Utd and in many other games.

If he keeps up his form in recent games then he will be immense. As AW says you expect a young player to make a leap forward every three months at his age (ok he was talking about Bendtner) but I think he is a much better player already than the one that started the season.

Its not his fault that dross like Eboue gets to play for Arsenal. He would look a lot better with better partners than Song (who IMO is a decent but not exceptional player) and Eboue (who would struggle to play RM in the Championship)

Anonymous said...

He is pure crap. He is lazy doesnt cover back to help the defence putting them in the spotlight leaving huge gaps(how many goals has he been indirectly responsible for this season), he doesnt contribute to the attack tries stupid long shots even though he isn't capable of them why does Wenger keep defending him its as if he knows he was a mistake and wont admit it.

Joppa Road said...

we have a win against WBA and all you lot get delluded again. Anyone can see Denilson doesn't worry the oppositon - maybe he will do in 5 years time but havn't we been told to wait for the last 3/4 seasons?

Spike .....Nobody is saying he is the cause of all Arsenal's problems, so learn to construct an argument and listen. Just because people do not agree it doesn't make them wrong. Try not to take it so personally.

People are entitled to an opinion that he is an ok player but not really of the calibre that Arsenal need right now. You can put Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Diaby etc in this category too.

Once again WP Arsenal Youth.

Anonymous said...

denilson can't pass???.I dont understand it.Stats will prove to you that he is second to alonso in terms of passing and he i the best in terms of accuracy.Most of the time he win headers in the central midfield.For a defensive midfielder to have 6 assists and three goals in the premier league i dont think its bad.the guy is

Anonymous said...

Mt any other team would loveto have him, he works his arse off. He is being played out of position and is still a kid. Not his fault he has huge shoes to fill. Dont blame him,blame that stubborn ,arrogant Wenger. I just read that he is signing Eboue to a new contract FFS what is he thinking???? How many midfielders do we need.

Acheron said...

Its amazing how one win can change peoples opinions.

Watch denilson closely for the next two or three games and for each game try count with you fingers how many times he loses the ball. I found very quickly that i would need several more hands.

Anonymous said...

Pos Player name Team Total
1 Xabi Alonso Liverpool 1883
2 Denilson Pereira Neves Arsenal 1863
3 John Obi Mikel Chelsea 1793
4 Frank Lampard Chelsea 1775
5 Scott Parker West Ham United 1516 Acurate passes
Pos Player name Team Total
1 Denilson Pereira Neves Arsenal 1603
2 John Obi Mikel Chelsea 1599
3 Xabi Alonso Liverpool 1587
4 Frank Lampard Chelsea 1445
5 Scott Parker West Ham United 1294 GOAL ASSISTS
Dimitar Berbatov Manchester United 8
2 Steed Malbranque Sunderland 8
3 Robin Van Persie Arsenal 7
4 Stephen Ireland Manchester City 7
5 Ashley Young Aston Villa 6
6 Denilson Pereira Neves Arsenal 6
7 Frank Lampard Chelsea 6
8 Mikel Arteta Everton 6
9 Steven Gerrard Liverpool 6
1 Lee Cattermole Wigan Athletic 104
2 Valon Behrami West Ham United 94
3 Danny Murphy Fulham 89
4 Scott Parker West Ham United 88
5 Stilian Petrov Aston Villa 84
6 Stephen Ireland Manchester City 83
7 Gianni Zuiverloon West Bromwich Albion 83
8 Vincent Kompany Manchester City 79
9 Gaƫl Clichy Arsenal 77
10 Denilson Pereira Neves Arsenal 77

Anonymous said...


EASTGooNER said...

we need a BEAST in DM!
he is pretty weak tbh
and he sure loves to pass sideways
ahh thats what the stats are about.

Anonymous said...


Rvp'sRightFoot said...

This new bread of 'let's leave the ground 10min early' Arsenal supporters seem to forget that before last season Flamini was shite, about to be sold to Birmingham for £1million and also 3years older than Denilson is now...

Give the guy a chance to develop and just support our team.

Anonymous said...

Never write on these boards normally but had to step in and say Spike your a tit! Reading your argument and it's quite clear you have no clue whatsoever.

Get your fucking head out of your arse! What kind of point is "Did we lose any games because of denilson etc etc...

Did we win any games cause of him? Same pointless argument!

Point is if we do want to break back into the top 3 we are not going to do so with a lightweight midfielder who can't pass to his own teammates.

Yeah he's young and may improve, but he's not going to turn out as good as Alonso (who someone else has compared him to in a comment here) and will not be world class.

Thats the point I'm making too many of us are getting used to us being substandard but if we are to get to where the club keeps telling us they want to be, as the best and biggest club in the world.

Denilson is certainly not the answer. Even the most narrow minded of you all out there must see that???

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wrighty! I think Denlison needs to get some slack from these fans...he's doing the best he can, and personally I think he will only get better!

john said...

What a shame, are you all still talking about Denilson? He only has the name from Brazil......File closed! Let's move on.

mhata said...

05 March 2009 23:57

how do you judge if a player is being productive or not. you lot you talk of denilison being bad ,how many number of goals have we conceded which you can directly attribute to him .You said Denilson can not pass to his team mates ?its either you are blind or you don't want to accept reality at the moment he is the best passer in the EPL wether its sideways ,short pass or back pass he is the most accurate .He has got six assists to his name BETTER THAN ALL THOSE PLAYERS WHOM YOU THINK ARE GOOD .hE HAS WON MANY TACKLES BETTER than those good DM and he has scored goals.guys give this young man a break he is good

aqqe said...

Denilson is fucking rubbish sometimes - BUT, he is coming along quite brilliantly.

Against Roma he was brilliant, he then had sort of a hang-over against Fulham but then again away to West Brom he was fantastic. That is normal for a young player. Next season he will be even better. He will definitely make it at Arsenal, so you all better start to like him.

Anonymous said...

I agree , He's a young player thrown in at the deep end. He works hard and I think could become a great. The bloke who says he he should piss off is prob the sort who only looks up from his armchair to stop playing with himself when we score! So he wouldn't notice the work the young Brazilian does .

Anonymous said...

Cant pass, cant shoot, cant tackle, cant win a header, cant cross, has no upper body strength(ALWAYS knocked off the ball very easily) and no pace.

Denilson is a rich man's Ian Selley

maJaa said...

Why is there always so many complaining Arsenal fans. Why do we always want another Vieira? Vieira is gone dude, get over it, move on. Why do you want every player to be playing exactly like someone who had been there previously.

For all you moaners, aren't you the one crying when Ashley left and Flamini was used in LB positions and was being rotated in DM positions as well? Weren't you coming up with the same bs? Then one season later you say he's OK. Then when he leaves you say he's too good. Weren;t you moaning when Vieira left and we replaced him with some unknown young player called Fabregas? Two seasons later he's a world class midfielder.

Players especially DMs take time. The main strength of a DM is not just to tackle and break people's legs. Its linking up plays, linking the ball from the defense towards the attacking players, which is why they use the Passing stats to judge a DMs ability. A DM should have minimal failure rate as every mistakes can turn into an opposition goal. So why the complains about him passing backwards or sidewards.He's doing his job, keeping the ball safe, keeping possession and attempting to pass to attacking players. His main role is not to make through passes or to have shots, these are just extras, IF he can do that as well, good then, but don't judge him by that.

I agree that vieira at his peak was a different player, but that kinda ability will take a lot of experience of which Denilson is grabbing fast enough. He will need a season of experience to see how his players are running around and who can actually be there to either cover up for him when he commits or who he should cover up for when they commit.

What I'm saying is that, you can;t get vieira back, you cant instantly buy any players in his role who's gonna be hero right after they arrrive. Even if we end up buying xabi or veloso or any other DM, THEY WILL TAKE TIME to understand the game and understand the teammates, why not give Denilson the same?

Everything above is my opinion, I just can't take people jumping on the bandwagon agreeing to everything the media says and keep moaning and moaning...

We are gooners yeah... If we don't know how to stand by our team, then who's gonna?

Keep it reaaal Gooonerisshh!

Arsenal 4eva.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is not very good. I don't blame him for that, he's young and will get better, but Wenger is to blame for just sticking him in the team. Arsenal have suffered for that. He should be a sub and learn his trade coming on from the bench surrounded by older and more experienced players, but the squad balance is all wrong so Denilson suffers and Arsenal suffer. Flamini was twice the player, much more mobile, much stronger in the tackle, much better passer - getting rid of him was criminal.

Anonymous said...

Denilson, Diaby, Song, Eboue, we will dominate the league with this midfield in 2 or 3 years - Wenger.
Ok, let's wait very patiently and hope the very best, but i think this is a really bad idea.

Anonymous said...

you JCLs aren't doing the rest of us any favours.

ffs shite comments for the most part here. imo.

bops said...

agree wrighty.. i was not a big denilson fan.. but i think recently except against fulham he has been very good.. some tackles he won were really good for the little guy.. for those who want a beast remember makelele..

the stats looks amazing.. even my frnds who support manu say denilson is stand out in some games.. and even have him in their fantasy league.. go denilson.. kik some more roma butt.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is utter RUBBISH nothing good to say about him

Joppa Road said...

Rich man's Ian Selley - that cracked me up - classic.

MaJaa - whatever you donk. Why do we want another Vieira? Well because he one of the best players we have ever had who was let go far too soon. Look at what he has won since he left. A league title ever year. Ermm what have we won without him? Oh nothing.

We moan because we care and feel we are getting rather short changed. As for Den, Eboue, Diaby and Song bossing the EPL midfield in a few years lololol.

Anonymous said...

A couple of questions to those who believe Wenger is on borrowed time. Setting aside what might or might not happen with players leaving etc. as supporters what is most important: finishing in the top 4 with no silverware, finishing 5th and winning the FA Cup, or 5th and the Champs League. Also what would the team need to achieve in order for you to think there was a future with Wenger, or is there nothing he can do? For me I'd settle for top 4 provided the team performed well over the next 10 games. I also think we will win a trophy as the freshness of our returning players will give us an edge. In terms of Wenger, I want to see what he does when he has most of his players at his disposal. I think he wants a team like Spain and believes that will be the future.

CHIKA said...

denilson for me has been awesome this season. this is his first season as a regular player and i believe he deserves credit for his consistent performances. he is still just 21. i believe as time goes he will mature into a world class player. u arsenal fans should learn to appreciate what you have, stop criticising your players, bcos the more you praise them the more confidence they regain. even alex song as well is still on the learning curve. if we could keep this team together they mature in to world beatres for years to come. keep it goonerish.

Anonymous said...

Its such a shame that arsenal has attracted these supporters. Lets face it took Flamini to the age of 24 to give us a good season. I loved his attitude of hitting people hard and 100mph running, but how accurate was his tackling and passing? how many assists and goals did he provide. So What i want to say is denilson is so much more advanced that what flamini was at this age. Its not denilsons fault he was thrown in there. But on that point, i think denilson has been our best player this year. So consistent, so simple. Reads it well and give 100%. Better still if he were shite i would still love the guy cos he gives it all for the club, unlike some other players. So get off the kids back and support him, he is top notch.

And here is one to make you lot fight about. I watched a game Roy Keane played in when he was 22 years old. He couldnt pass, didnt read the game terribly well. My first thought that denilson is of the same size of him, better technical ability and a very similar position. So i honestly reckon by the age of 24 denilson will have developed so much that he will be as good as keane

Anonymous said...

he has score 3 goal this season

Anonymous said...

give him time and he will pay us all back with goals , he in the same class as henry, ronaldinho and he is also a born leader captain of Brazil under 21 that has to speak for itself

Anonymous said...

Just don't understand why Toure is not put in the position of DM... Should be better than Denilson IMHO

Aaron said...

He's gonna come good. You'll see. He'll be with Arsenal in 3 years time, with all the lads on here that are destroying him suddenly singin his praises. By the way, even if one of our players is what you judge as "not good enough", then sure, voice that oppinion. But dont call them fucking shit etc... they are gunners, are you real fans? Have a wee bit of respect. Good point wrighty

Tur gunner said...

Denilson is not attack minded. That's what's wrong with him. He passes the ball sideways or backwards instead of trying to move forward. His passing attracts opponents towards our defenders thus piling pressure if the ball is lost in our half. He needs to get that aggressive Theo walcott forward moving attitude. He knows how to retain possession though when he has the ball. Defenders like Alvares, Evra play the modern kind of defending and Denilson should try that approach!

Anonymous said...

one could argue that Cesc is his role model.

Anonymous said...

Fabregas didn't develop as a player with vieira. Whenever he played in the early stage of his career it was usually with gilberto.

When ever vieira played with cesc it was unbalanced. vieira and cesc share similar roles despite how differently the fulfil them.

I think the 2005 cup final, cesc and vieira played together in the centre but gilberto was also playing there. And on other ealry occasions I remember fabregas was played on the right to accomodate the gilberto/vieira partnership.

And for Denilson - he's looking better and better. Forming into more of a defensive mid and is using his brain more and measuring his options on the pitch. His awareness will develop too. so too will his tackling. His passing is often wayward but when he first arrived it appeared that his passing was his best asset.

Anonymous said...

Denilson has played every Arsenal game this season. he is world class.

Anonymous said...

1st point..Denilson is not good enough no way,2nd point... just read everything spike said, have to say mate your a complete prick, who should crawl out of your own arse, because people don't agree with lord spike what gives you the right to call everybody names under the sun, who the fuck are you? And saying about jade goody your disgusting!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Denilson wouldn't get anywhere near the Man Utd team, wouldn't be allowed within 50 miles of the Chelsea midfield (Fat Frank, Ballack, Mikel, ESSIEN!!!), would not make the Liverpool first choice midfield (Alonso-Masch-Gerrard even Benyoun is a better player) and wouldn't even be good enough for Villa or Everton (Better than Barry, Petrov, Arteta or Cahil? Definately not!!!)

Anonymous said...

Denilson has better opta stats than Ronaldo ... which makes him better than the Winker! I dont think so.
Its Wengers fault for selecting him in the first place. BUT Denilson does UNBALANCE our team. I dont understand the Arsenal supporters who are on here saying he is good DM. He is not a DM. Song is our DM. We dont need 2 DM's. It unbalances the team thats why we didt create enough chances recently. If we were going to have a DM why dont we buy a decent one. Denilson doesnt look like a DM, doesnt have the physique, pace tackling, postional sense etc to be a DM. This also too limited to be a creative Midfielder. I dont have the patience to see him develop as we fall further behind in the league. Get rid.

Anonymous said...

Cut all the Crap. Denilson is an averagr player who is not ready to be playing regular firts team football. Why do you think we are fighting for 4 place. If i was in an Arsenal side, with the way arsenal play, i would have passing stats like that. We might get somewhere in 5 years e player like Song , Eboue, Denilson. But we will stugglefor seasons to come Mr Wenger. VERY AVERAGE PLAYER WHO NEEDS A REST. tRY SOMEONE ELSE AND NOT SONG

Anonymous said...

yes cut the crop. i like dennilson in his work and atitude but he will never be good enough to play for arsenal and is one of the reasons of many that we are struggling. he is slow, cant tackle , too many miss placed passes at this level. he is no flamini. he will do well in the slower german or italian leagues but hasnt got it for the premiership

Mark Modi said...

I never agreee we don't need 2 DM. All you guy ask arsene to field a DM & AM. The season we won league, We have PV4 & Manu Petit (Both a defensive minded midfield), PV4 and Gilberto (both a defensive minded midfielder). The reason we win the title that time are: 1.Dennis Bergkamp
2.A extra fast striker (Ian Wright, Anelka & Henry)
3.A winger that always change position causing havoc to the marking defender and free scoring (Overmars, Ljungberg, Pires)
We also win even we have Grimandi at the midfield because of this players. The big question I ask you all Arsenal fans :
1.Is Grimandi is better than Denilson?
2.Do we have replacement for the massive player I mention before?
3.Is there is any player available at the market at the moment we are afford to buy to replace that player?

Hope this statement can change some of your mentality about our squad this season. We are desperate for Dennis Bergkamp replacement. said...

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