Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Chicken Kiev??!! We were like TURKEY TWIZZLERS!!.....

Jamie Oliver would not have been happy with Arsenal tonight in Kiev as we resembled his least favourite food.

It was far from vintage Arsenal tonight and you have to say based on the performance a point from the game was a good one.

Arsenal could have had the game wrapped up though in the first half and missed some clear cut chances that really cost us. Kiev could have been buried at half-time and were just content to go in the half way mark level.

Fair play to Dynamo Kiev, they played well and deserved a share of the spoils. They stifled us and grew more in confidence as the game went on.

We seemed to be in first gear for long periods of the game and could have really stepped up the pace to take the game to Kiev.

I have to point out we looked solid when Song was on the pitch. When he came off the game opened up and it was Kiev who seemed the more dangerous side.

Kiev were obvious to Theo's danger. The lad was doubled up on every occasion he had the ball and was scythed down whenever he broke free. This was a good lesson for Theo. Teams will be more aware of him now than ever and it's up to him to figure out how to deal with it.

Cesc Fabregas was unusually quiet for long parts of the game. He had his usual work-rate but was unable to influence the match. He wont be happy with his performance but he can't perform miracles every time his steps onto the pitch.

Le Boss said a point would be a good result. Judging by the performance I'd agree. It isn't a disaster and we didn't lose face (as the commentators tried to say)

There are no mug teams in the Champions League (except Chelsea and Manchester United) so a point away to ANYONE is a good one.

The sides in the Champions League are there for a reason. They are the BEST sides in their countries so every game is difficult.

We have five games remaining, three are at home. Usually ten points get you through the group. I'm quietly confident we will make it.

Keep it Goonerish...............


TopGun said...

We'll balanced article.

Totally agree about your assessment on Fab. He cant be on top form every game.

By the way, great title! Made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wenger's tctics was what cost us the game. I didn't understand why Denilson was playing on the left.

Wouldn't Vela have been the ideal guy to fill that void?

One good thing we can take away from the game was that Song is a better player than Denilson and this was his first game starting!!

Anonymous said...

Should've had this match sown up but OffsideAde & RVP forgot their scoring boots (like many games so far).

Agree about Song, but your bias failed to mention that once again Eboue looked immense when he came on and didnt waste a ball.

1-1 ... would've taken that before kick-off. And would much rather beat bolton on Saturday.

Boris Hamster said...

1-1 in Kiev is a decent result - I can see other teams in the group going there and losing. Denilson's selection as opposed to Vela was to ensure we kept things tight - there's already pace and attack-mindedness on the left with Clichy.

Song looked composed in his first proper start in his favoured position. Like many have said before, he could well settle into the defensive midfield hole many were worried about, but Arsene has always showed faith in him and he could rise to the occasion this season.

nono762 said...

Problem is Kiev won't overload the midfield and play like that against the other two in the group. Guarantee Porto and Fenehbahce come away with wins!

i told you about ebou's boogie woogie said...

im not finding excuses for him but cept for rosicky, (injured anyway) cesc's first choice midfield partners just a season ago are all gone. gotta give him some time to recover that smoothness again. however, that badly scuffed n rushed left footer, when he had time to adjust to his stronger right, can have no excuse.
when rosicky n nasri return, we dont need to shoot, the butt of the gun will do just fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Very poor display.

We suffered in the midfield again,
Fabregas has noone that can hold the ball like Hleb use to, and no discipline in that are just chaotic and opportunistic

It was possibly too physical game and Arsenal seemed very subdued apart from some flashes of opportunistic counterattacks.

Ramsey should have played for RvP and Alex Song for Denilson.

I like Ramsey's discipline and an eye for the killer pass

Denilson has no discipline in attack nor defense, he just brings chaos this is not an arsenal player

Anonymous said...

Arsenal looks like chaos, no discipline, barely recognizeable

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, Marcus here. Wenger got it totally wrong again last night. We were lucky to scrape a draw with a poxy last minute goal. Wenger is a joke and at last our supporters are waking up to this con man. You have no plan b wenger and pretty soon you'll have no job. Roll on that day. Thanks for reading and agreeing guys, l8r...