Saturday, 20 September 2008

The darker, nuttier, crazier side of Arsene Wenger!!.......

If Bolton beat Arsenal today then they had better hire a carpenter.

Bolton player Fabrice Muamba, formerly of Arsenal, said that when Arsenal were knocked out of the FA Cup by Bolton two and a half years ago Le Boss went mental and smashed down the dressing room door!

After reading that I reckon that Le Boss could take on hard man Roy Shaw in a fight. (Roy Shaw famously wrecked a cell door while in prison) They are the only two people I've heard achieve this so Frank Warren get it on!!!

This is not the first time I've heard that Wenger has lost it. Remember when Manchester United ended our unbeaten 49 game record? The buffet battle erupted soon after and Fergie claims that Arsene came up to him in a boxers pose before being saved by Cesc Fabregas lobbing pizza at him!

I would loved to have been a fly on the wall there. Seeing Wenger frame up to Fergie, Fergie pleading with Arsene to leave him alone and then pizza exploding over his face and new suit! How funny is that?

Remember the Alan Pardew touchline incident when West Ham scored a late winner a couple of years ago? I seriously thought that Wenger was going to deck him. If the cameras weren't focusing on the situation then Pardew would have been knocked out. No question.

Le Boss has a calm exterior but beneath that is a raging bull with a huge determination to win. And I wouldn't want him any other way.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

In the red corner 'Iron' Arsene Wenger. There should be a prize fighter series for Premier League managers. Wenger 4/6 favourite.

The Goon said...

Its that bit of German blood in him, do you recon Jens Lehmann could be his secret son?

Anonymous said...

Another shite blog from the worst Arsenal Blog on the web.
Wrighty, your a twat!

TopGun said...

Well why come on here then anon you cunt?

Wrighty7, I dont why you bother some times mate.

Why dont you moderate?

Anonymous said...

i like this article. And i don't get why people who don't like it come here to comment.
It's like watching a movie you know is shit and then telling everybody how shit it was and how much it cost you to go to the cinema.

Swiss Gooner

Anonymous said...

good article as usual Wrighty

Anonymous said...

Haha, there's just no pleasing some people. Speaking of German connections, is that anon cunt a fucking german? Coz he's got no fucking sense of humour lol

I pissed meself laughing when Fabregas owned up to lobbing the buffet truck at fergie, he was only young at the time, so the north london yobbo culture caught on with him pretty quick! Wenger's a fruitcake really, when he is calm, he reminds me of Bergy, when he goes mad, he's like Supermann! (lehmann to those who didn't see the sun the day after the night we reached the Champs Lge final lol)

I remeber him saying he don't talk to no-one the day after we lose, and finds it hard to for days! I don't know how he can manage a footie club like that haha just blanking his players the day after.

Either way, Wenger is a great manager, whether he likes re-arranging the away dressing room at the Reebok or not, in football passion is everything.

Fucking hell I do go on.
Nice blog Wrighty, cheers for that.
Gunner #1

Anonymous said...

Wrighty I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and your opinion on the Arsenal way of life. People who are insulting you must have forgotten that this is a blog and a blog about your personal opinion. Thanks for giving me the opinion of another Gooner.

Anonymous said...

great comment wrighty.I also pissed my pants laughing after reading this article same way i peed my pants reading this