Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Everyone owes someone something.......

I must say that I'm gutted that Le Boss hasn't added to the squad but I'm hardly surprised by it. My old man said at about 6pm last night that Mr Wenger wouldn't sign anyone and although I kinda believed him I still had that hope that something would happen.

Hope is the main word here. I really "hoped" we would sign someone but we didn't. I felt somewhat muted at around 12:15am when it began to sink in that we wouldn't actually be signing anybody.

So what now then? I suppose we must just get on with things, but thats hard. I now sort of feel like Le Boss owes us Gooners something. We had the hope of a signing taken away after some good positive vibes coming from Arsene. So I feel that Le Boss owes us a trophy.

He has made his bed and its his head on the chopping block. He believes that the squad he has at his disposal is good enough so at the end of the season if we are again unsuccessful then he must take the most of the blame.

Now Le Boss has shown his faith in the current squad the players owe Arsene Wenger. He believes that they are good enough and they need to repay the faith shown in them. He has chosen to go into the season with this squad so they need to prove Le Boss right.

We Gooners owe nothing. We have waited and been patient for long enough. I actually believe we have been superb to Le Boss and Arsenal over the last few seasons. We haven't really grumbled until recently.

Could you imagine the unrest at Manchester United or Chelsea if they had gone this long without a trophy? The managers head would be called for. We Gooners respect what Le Boss has done for Arsenal but now it's time to deliver.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Well said

He is accountable to the board and most importantly us fans. I hope to god he proves us doubters wrong but I just think we look lightweight in the middle of the park and on the right wing and with his reluctace to do deals in January I just hope Cesc stays fit otherwise the slim chance of silverware will disappear. And also how much longer will Cesc, Kolo, Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy and Sagna stick around if we are not at least challenging for the big trophies

Anonymous said...

Mr Wenger has made his bed - he has chosen not to buy after the Board told the world that the cash was available. If Arsenal do not win something meaningful this season I hope Mr Wenger does the decent thing and stands down. It is a bold gamble he has taken, but he must accept the deal if that is how it pans out. Everyone has their shelf-life and, as many have pointed out, even Brian Clough got Nottingham Forest relegated. Mr Wenger must not be allowed too much more time.

Anonymous said...

Arsene stand down - are you totally pissed, get real

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, you are an idiot.

- "Could you imagine the unrest at Manchester United or Chelsea if they had gone this long without a trophy? The managers head would be called for."

Man U didn't win a damn thing between 2004 and 2006 (3 seasons). They should have gotten rid of SAF right?

- I don't know how old you are Wrighty, but I wonder if you remember the times before Wenger came to Arsenal. Needless to say, he owes us nothing, and we owe him the world. Yes, we need to win trophies, but consider the GIANT strides this club has taken during his tenure. I cannot think of anyone I would want to replace Wenger, can you?

- These days it's harder and harder to separate real Arsenal fans from WUMs and plastics. Wrighty, which one are you?

Wrighty7 said...

I dont agree that Arsene should stand down but I do think he needs to be shaken out of the comfort zone.

Le Boss is a very stubborn man but I would have thought that he would have seen that we a player short in the most important position on the pitch.

Mr Wenger has put a huge amount of pressure on his shouldiers. I just hope he is ready for the bacl-lash of the Gooners if it goes wrong again.

Anonymous said...

i was worried til i remembered we still have rosicky and last season yes he wasa injured but b4 that he wasnt picked so wen he gets bak the midfield ill be fab - rosi

and by the way wrighty i love your blogs but this one you are startin to sound like the caughtoffside guy

we owe wenger the the world

Wrighty7 said...

18:18 anon,

I seem to remember that plenty of Mancs were calling for Fergies head in those trophy barren days.

Mate, I'm 25 so I remember the end of GG's reign and Riochs. Wenger is a genius and I love him for he has done for our club.

But that doesn't mean he is excempt for critism.

Anonymous said...

Thinking outside the box on this one, i wonder what the arsenal players themselves think about this whole transfer scenario?

I wonder whether Cesc realises that the youngster who plays alongside him isnt the best player out there, or just isnt good enough to play alongside him? Good players know good players and they must also be aware of the not so good players. For instance, Cesc must know that in order for him to play his game then he needs a flamini, gilberto type player alongside him. Just like the Sagna and Cliche must realise that the other two in the back line arent and dont put in half the work as they do. Surely adebumbo realises that benty isnt good enough to play alongside him neither. We can all have our own opinions, but i think that its just a matter of time before the best players at arsenal decide to look for pastures green. Yes, they must love the style of football we play, but they are winners and without having a team full of winners then its just a matter of time.

Cesc said after the euros, its all about winning and this season i want to win something with arsenal.

Who would blame ade, cesc, cliche, sagna etc if they were to leave due to us not having the right balance in the team and not having enough quality in all areas of the park to compete for silveware.

Dont get me wrong, AW is a awesome manager and does things no other manager does. But the attitude that spills over to the fans leaves us all deluded. Fair enough, AW sees alot more than what we see. But, everybody knew Senderflop was exactly that, but yet how long did he stay around for? we all say the same about eboue? but yet AW kept his faith in these players.

The proof will be in the pudding at the end of the season. Yes we have a great squad, but i dont think we have enough quality and depth to fight on all levels, in turn we will end up where we did last season and the whole saga will start again.

One more thing. Lets face it, the arsenal scouts and manager knew what players they want from those they didnt.This would have been known way before deadline day. It's not as though on the last day they were running around trying to find players that they knew nothing of. The players AW wanted were not up for sale, had extended their contract or chose to go elsewhere other than the emirates. It wouldnt surprise me if he said no to certain players in the hope of signing other players only for those to fall through too. Even the Olonso saga, Pool valued him at 16 mill or so, AW offered 10mill, then at the last hour he offerde 14 mill. I even saw a quote where AW said that when things get to this stage then 4 or 5 mill is nothing and yet instead of offering the asking price for a player AW offers less. My outlook is this, its like a man having a hole in his water pipe and standing there with his finger over it. He knows he has a leak, but the longer he leaves it the more costly its going to be, and when he finaly does bury his pride and call a plumber, he has to pay what the plumber asks as thats the only man available to do the job...

AW keep the outlook you have regarding football, but be flexible, move with the times, not splashing money, but get the right man when needed, if you dont bend then you will break...

Anonymous said...

And here I thought he tried to sign Alonso???

He said he´d try and that´s what he did but don´t expect him to go for any player. He wanted the spaniard but Liverpool´s evaluation of him was ridiculously high given that he isn´t even first choice for them. It´d be idiotic to buy any old player just to fill numbers and if we can play like we did until january last season, who knows what Wenger will do.

He did what he said he´d do and that was to try to buy someone and £14m for Alonso show us that he wanted to strengthen the midfield.

Only a teenager would suggest that Wenger has betrayed them. Football isn´t like FM where you can buy any player from any team, so don´t expect things to work out perfectly because that wo´t happen, ask Chelsea.

That he tried isd good enough for me and I believe in this team and you´d do well to do the same.

Anonymous said...

You fucking glory hunting cunt, the Mancs and Chavs have spent a vast fortune to win trophies and you whine because it's been four years since we won anything.
You have to be a pup to spout this shit on your post, try supporting the team instead of bitching, just like your fucking namesake you disengage your brain before speaking, just like Wright a cunt who knows fuck all about the game and Arsenal. TWAT...

Anonymous said...

Lots of gonners are moaning wenger didn't buy someone, it is not that easy, if anything wenger is only at fault for leaving it late, alonso's bid was rejected at the eleventh hour say reports, with the price as high as 16mill!!! he tried atleast also the cm will become comgested when diaby, rosicky, bishcoff come back from injury

Anonymous said...

I think there are way too many assumptions being stated as "fact".

For example:
"Wenger is stubborn".

Are you sure about that?

Is it not perhaps that you feel frustrated that he hasn't done what YOU think he should have done?

That doesn't suggest that he's "stubborn", it suggests a rather puerile reaction to "not getting your way".

Wenger is human, and yes, he does make mistakes, but he genuinely DOES want what is best for the club.

This is not some personal crusade of AW's like some posters are trying to make out.

This is all about perceptions.

We seem to have some fans who think that it's a black or white choice whether we buy players or not.

It isn't.

There are tons of factors involved in whether we can or even should get a player.

Not to mention that the board and Wenger have a lot more information at their disposal to determine whether or not a move or transfer is right for the club.

From the various articles appearing in the news, it appears that the new Citeh owners first considered Arsenal, and then The Toon before Citeh.

Considering that, I would assume that AW and the board were therefore aware of this new player entering the market well before any of the rest of us knew about it.

In light of this information, and the likelihood that they realised that we might need to keep our powder dry to defend our position with our current assets (players), I am not surprised that AW didn't want to just splurge it because he had it.

I might suggest that HIS perspective would differ markedly from the fans more simplistic view, and he probably DID want to keep it for any really good purchases that might have cropped up, not to mention to keep a reserve in case we needed to improve players like Cesc's contract.

I just don't think it's as simple as many are trying to make out.

I think we have too little information to be passing the sort of judgements I see being thrown around today.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1852, I agree with some of your points... I'mn especially wary of another trophyless season and the reaction to it from some of our established squad players, particularly Cesc (Ade can bugger off for all I care). I'm not going to call for Arsene's head, but if things go poorly for us in the end, those fine players we've blooded in the side may decide their futures (read: silverware) may lie elsewhere.

I'm not a plastic, but I certainly don't want a return to the dark ages before Wenger or Graham even to prove my loyalty, and to suggest so is asinine. Frankly, Wenger surely knew the depth issues within the midfield for well over a month and did nothing to address them.

Let me ask you, dear reader, would Gilberto be second choice to denilson right now? There's no effing way. So Arsene selling him on without acquiring a suitable substitute seems hubris to me.

Last year we missed out narrowly because of lack of squad depth/injuries. This year, we've got just as many injuries and a thinner squad, but if we fall short of the league/a cup this season, I submit that it was pride that proved our undoing. But I'm sure some of you would say I'm no real supporter for wanting the best for my club. Tossers.

Russ said...

I'm getting a bit pissed off with all these plastics moaning about us not signing anyone. is there a law that says we have to sign new players every season? Thing is, older arsenal fans will realise what a privilege it is to watch this current crop of players and have witnessed dark dark days at Arsenal when we a mid table side playing dreadful football with a team full of has beens. Arsenal fans have bee spoilt in the past 10 years it seems.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:03, I think everyone's frustrated because we've brought Ramsey to replace Gilberto, Diarra and Flamini. Everyone knew that we only needed one or two class signings in addition to what we had last year to go on and win the PL but it's annoying when we lose four midfielders in Hleb, Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto and then buy Nasri to replace all of them.

Anonymous said...

I also think people are discounting the arrivals and development of players who are not "signings", but are coming through from within.

Last season we weren't lookin at Song, Diaby, Denilson, Wilshere, Djourou, Vela and others as bona fide first team squad members.

This season they are.

Yes, we are young, but imo we don't lack quantity OR quality with our current squad.

And like has been recently mentioned, I recall the earlier years and the dross we had to put up with.

We've come a very, very long way since those days.

It's a slow process. I think we have way too much of the "consumer" in our ranks these days rather than the fan.


Anonymous said...


soem of our so called fans are absolute TARTS.......remember the 70's the 80's....WTF did we win on a consistent basis during those years!! We weren't even challenging half the time. WEnger has turned Arsenal into an English super power and also a European heavyweight. For God sake, we have a team that plays the most sublime football at times and a greta stadium. To even think of sacking him.......sacrilege..who we gonna bring in then?????

People say sign a player, well whom then. Nobody seems to put a name on these WANTED/DESIRED players. Name someone or shut up and enjoy soem of the best football around.

Ferguson was at United for MANY yeard b4 he WON ANYTHING. we got it good straight away. Wenger and teh players more than anyone want to win!

So shut up, support the team and enjoy what we have for we are lucky! We could be Newcastle or Spurs supporters!

Anonymous said...

To "Anon - 18:31"

You AKB's are so delusional, nothing good can last forever. The same applies to Wenger.

He has taken us as far as he can.

Time for a change.

bhave said...

agreed all of us aren't the oldest of fans around, and i also agree that winning trophies is as easy and consistent as everyone assumes.. and i am surely not calling for AW's head.. its just that why didn't AW just come out with the truth saying he wasn't going to sign.. everyone supporting arsenal knew that if wanted to challenge for top honors we need more squad depth, and its up to AW to figure how he does it.. if he feels its right i am sure everyone will get behind him.. the main reason most people are complaining is that we have left ourselves a little light.. if all works to AW's plan we will not have too many injuries.. and our fringe players will play their hearts out if it does happen.. but don't you think this is a little hard on those same 'young' players he didn't wanna destroy by bringing in high profile names?? and another reason why most of us were looking forward to a signing was because we know we are the best team when playing well, why not provide a little back up and take ourselves past the stumbling blocks of last season..

Anonymous said...

Arsene will be gone in a few short seasons. It's not about winning anything anymore, his legacy is secure, it's about clearing the decks financially for the next manager. Given our lazy acrimonious board, he likely seriously considered the psg job and is probably next in line there. He's just doing the youth experiment now to see if it works knowing there will be few if any consequences if it doesn't and a beautiful exit if it does.

Marko said...

I was so disappointed. I can only assume that Wenger tried to buy someone but couldn’t agree on a price. Thats what you get when you leave it last at the last minute. In my opinion our real anger and disappointment should be directed at the board. They aren’t of their word it would seem and they’ve never replaced David Dein, who may be correct in saying we need outside investment (whether it’s Kreonke or the Russian). I’m totally convince that if Dein was there this season then we would of signed more players, the evidence is in the fact it took so long to sign Nasri and Wenger himself had to convince Ramsey to join us while he was working at the Euros. He’s one man, a manager and he can’t be expected to do everything. In saying all this I’ve still seen enough to suggest that we can challenge on all fronts this season. We’ve still Fabregas, Van Persie, Adebayor, Nasri to attack teams and Rosicky and Eduardo will be back too. Also we’ve seen Vela, Djourou, Denilson and glimpses of Song and they will be real important for us this season. 90% of teams in the Premiership we can beat with these players and with a bit of luck we can beat the other big 3. Anyway thats how I see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi all - I cant help thinking that leaving it til the last minute doesnt really help anyway...
1. a player comes into the team having missed all of pre-season - thats valuable time that can help avoid games like FUlham.
2. if we save 1-2m does that really make a huge difference to us? we might have some debt but that's hardly going to make us default on the loan.
3. say we do agree a price, terms still need to be agreed with the player (unless you're the chavs/mancs and have tapped the player up 1st).
If we're serious about making signings, we shouldnt be waiting until Dday to see who we can pick up on the cheap but we should be investing for the benefit of the team. I can only think that AW is happy with the team as it is and was looking to strengthen on the off chance he got a bargain.
That still doesnt explain statements like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_Veloso - I dont belive much on wiki but again if AW was serious about signing Veloso surely he would have picked him up before Dday...he was playing for Sporting that night anyway so why wait?

Anonymous said...

I was wishing for only one player: a cover for Fabregas when injured/rotation

Now if Fabregas get's injured, we have to call upon Ramsey/Merida .

(Don't tell me Denilson is a cover for Fabregas he's lazy and has 0 sense of urgency and is not a match winner)

Lee N1 said...

Wrighty i wouldnt take much notice of the AKBERS give you grief, they are that big they use anon, and has for all this "you werent around in to 70's and GG era " so what!!!, i was and like us manu,chavs etc were the same in that period but does that stop them from having ambition now ? liverpool and everton were the teams to beat, you shire horse akber make me laugh take your blnkers off you twats who do u support arsenal or wenger because arsenal will stilll be around long after wengers gone will you !!! and if you got anything thing to say put your name to IT instead of hiding behind anon, keep it up wrighty and dont let pull you down

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Ferguson’s head would be on the block.

But what I do believe is that we [and quite soon] need to be at the very least concerned re the events at Man City.

We've qualified one way or another over the last few seasons for Champions League [Loads 'A Money] Football. Can we maintain that kind of status quo when the Man City bandwagon starts to roll, because "ROLL" it will.

After all city are a "Big Club" in a "Big City" unlike Chelsea [who never previously were] which, allied with more money than Abramovic makes City potentially a future force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that brother!!