Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dont underestimate Hull City or it may bite us on the arse...

On paper a home game against Premiership newbies Hull City should an easy three points. But life isn't paper and the reality is that Hull will not come to the Emirates and lay down.

They have a manager in Phil Brown who is basically a Sam Allardyce clone. He will have seen the problems that Bolton caused us under Fat Sam and will try to replicate them.

Expect a lot of long-balls and in general trying to kick the shit out of the Arsenal players. Hull have nothing to lose and wont expect anything from the game. That makes them dangerous.

That's why I call on Le Boss to play the strongest side available to him and NOT rotate the squad for this game. I'd love Vela and some of the Sheffield United killers to start but points are precious and I believe it will take a record number of points to win the league this season.

We dropped some stupid points last season which cost us the league title. We need to take advantage of the fixture list we have at present and gain some vital points on the board.

It's early in the season so fatigue shouldn't be an issue here, we don't need to rest anyone. I know we have an important game in the Champions League coming up but lets take it a game at a time and not think to far ahead.

I don't want an unexpected result to bite us on the arse at the end of the season. Hopefully it won't come to that and we have the points in the bag by the hour mark. Then it's time to bring on the likes of Vela and co.

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

we will beat them 11-0

Anonymous said...

hull city play a completely different syste to bolton, hey dont play organised long ball like allardyce used to. Poor assumptions really. Try doing your homework, this blogs full of nothing but blinkered opinion and generalisation. poor really

TopGun said...

Brown is like Allardyce junior and WILL try to play the way Bolton used to or they will get hammered.

How many times have you actually seen Hull play this season anon?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I'm a Hull fan and the author hasn't said that Hull play like Bolton but stated Phil Brown will have taken note of the problems Arsenal were caused in the past by Allardyce's tactics.

I too expect us to be compact and play hoofing football. If we go to the Emirates and try to play we will get destroyed.

Arsenal for me are the best team in the league but out of the top four are the most vunerable. So as the author says every point is crucial. The same for you and the same for us.

Anonymous said...

They might try play the long ball but I highly doubt they will see much of the ball.

You're right in saying that we shouldnt underestimate them but our quality will sweep them aside.

Im going for a 6 - 0 on this one.

TITI said...

Interesting view Wrighty.

I believe this is the perfect game to blood Vela and Wilshere into the Premiership.

They are ready and if they can't perform against little Hull then when can they?

Anonymous said...

They are ready and if they can't perform against little Hull then when can they?

After that comment I can see why they call you TITI !!!

Fab 4 said...

I agree. Just look at where Hull are in the table. All of us expected Hull to be the new Derby this season and look at what has instead transpired. Hull can't be taken for granted, and I agree with you Wrighty7 that if our strongest side doesn't play we could be looking at a result like Birmingham in Jan. (1-1 after dominating the game).

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Hull City are a different kettle of fish to Bolton. We are a better footballing side than Bolton and we certainly don't kick lumps out of the opposition. If you watched the Everton game you will see that as a footballing side we are much better that what the likes of Lawrenson and Crooks say about us on MOTD.

Ell said...

Evenin', just wondered if you'd add my link to your blogroll? I've added yours already so if you'd do the same, it'd be much appreciated.

Regards, Ell.

Anonymous said...

RE: We will beat them 11-0!!!


I totally agree with this article. Hull will be tough opposition for us i imagine. We have to play our best team. If we dont then i imagine it will be a close game.


Wrighty7 said...

The links up mate.

Tripster said...

Oh how right you were to have foreseen this tragic result. None of our best players are playing and that's a major fuckin' worry.

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