Monday, 15 September 2008

Lets not go over the top with Theo.........

Theo Walcott has been praised to the high heavens over the past few days-and rightly so.

His performances for England have a nation bubbling and on Saturday he looked good at Blackburn.

I'm sorry to be a damp squid and burst the bubble but I think we need to calm down a little and get things into perspective.

The England supporters will no doubt expect that type of performance from Theo all the time he pulls on an England shirt. That is impossible.

The lad is 19 and to be hailed as England's messiah is very dangerous indeed. He is still learning the game and will be inconsistent.

He has shown what he can do, and it borders on genius, but let's remember not to put anymore pressure on his young shoulders.

Theo is a level-headed guy and I'm sure the euphoria around him at the moment wont affect him. But I worry if he has a poor game in his next England outing the fickle English fans will get on his back. We are after all, notorious for it!

Thats where we Gooners come in. Lets not get carried away by the Theo hype. We know how good he is already.

Lets support him through the good and bad times, because (although I hate too say it) the England faithful won't.

We have had a taste of Theo's potential and he is beginning to show it on a more regular basis. But let's support him (as we do) and not go over the top.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

apart from the goals he didn't do too much anyway

I think fans should look at Rooneys performance and be excited he pulled some strings, he hasn't done that for a while


Wrighty7 said...

Rooney's two-bob.

He is so over-rated it's unbelievable.

He's only rated because he's English.

Had he been born French, Spanish, or Italian we would all see him for what he really is........

An over-rated average work horse.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. You make an accurate and unbiased comment on Theo then talk absolute shite about Rooney.

When he's on form like that he absolutely terrifies defenders, something we haven't seen in an England shirt, even from him, in a while.

Even Heskey's contribution was immeasurable against that bunch of thugs.

Rooney playing deep with Theo running onto balls he wins will be a useful asset to England for a while to come, so your first poster is absolutely right to praise his return to form.

Wrighty7 said...

Thats not me talking shite thats just my opinion on Rooney.

Sorry if you disagree.

We obviously have a difference of opinion.

Anonymous said...

the england team as a whole are over rated though, Theo is over rated

but saying Rooney is just a work horse is saying Theo is all pace and not much else


gazzap said...

I think you are preaching to the converted here a bit. arsenal fans aren't going over board on Theo anyway - England fans maybe but they aint reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I have for a long time believed Rooney to be shite.
However after watching his defensive performance and adaptability against Liverpool where he played almost as a right winger, I was more impressed. He was also impressive against Croatia, but his international record is still incredibly dull reading.
Rooney is a good player, I think he could become great if he was more selfish, scored more goals and was partnered with a player like Walcott where he could use the pace he has from Rooney's passing

The Honey Monster said...

Rooney was immense. Not since Venables played the great Jamie Redknapp in the sweeper role for England have we seen such vision.

Theo's the new Aaron Lennon. Once everyone realises he's a one trick pony from the same mould, that will be his lot.

The Honey Monster

Gooner14 said...

hey wrighty7, check out todays post.

WeGunnerBeKings said...

wrighty7, I enjoy your blog and have agreed with most I've seen but you cannot say rooney is over-rated. I'm sorry this is off topic but I feel it has to be said. I am a gooner all my life and I wasn't one of rooney's biggest fans years ago because of his petulance, but he is a fantastic tallent and the first person to post was right that rooney had a far better game than theo. Theo would not have got two of his goals if it had not been for rooney.

Furthermore, Rooney kept trying to play Theo almost every time he had space. Rooney has a great work ethic but he also has great vision and it this vision that makes him a world class player.

Because he is probably the least greedy striker around, that I've seen, u call him over-rated. Not right mate!!

Anonymous said...

over-rated doesnt mean complete shit - every major england player is over-rated
its clear to see when watchin england not many players can really move the ball elegantly
the best one ive seen for a while in that respect is glen johnson!
rooney is an extremely intelligent footballer and works extremely hard, the difference between him and ppl like rivaldo or zidane or someone is that these players were also technically extremely good - but that seems to be the level most pundits try to put rooney on, or did until recently

Anonymous said...

wrighty7 you chat shit.. you're blog is absolute gash.. you mut be a retard.. pls support another team you're an embarrasment to us gooner