Saturday, 5 January 2008

Beckham training with the Gooners!!

England international David Beckham will spend time training with Arsenal for extra pre-season training to prepare for the MLS season with La Galaxy. Wenger spoke about the training,
"It will not become a circus. We are quite well equipped here to handle that. We have mirrors, doors and everything that is needed.

"He's just come back from a long break and has had injuries, He joined us on Jan 2. He will not be playing in any games and will not be registered. He is just training. He is working to be fit before moving back to Los Angeles in February, so now, in January, we are giving him assistance with his fitness. He doesn't live far away and always loved Arsenal. That's why we help him."

Wenger was asked whether Beckham would be signing and responded with a simple "No". Beckham has been giving a training kit with 23, a number he wears for La Galaxy and the number he wore at Real Madrid. He will train with the reserves, but at times will train with the first team.

I think that Beckham training with the Gunners is great for both parties. It allows Beckham to get fit, and train at the highest level of football around. And having Beckham at the club will help the players, as he can give advice to the young squad. He has won many trophies and the players will take in his advice and this can only be a good thing with the club chasing trophies.

Keep it Goonerish.

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